End of an era - MP hanging up her... erm... keyboard

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-Apr-10 16:01:34

It is with deep sadness that we must inform you that Morningpaper has, after four glorious years, decided to retire her mouse and cease to produce the Talk round up. Apparently she has a "proper job with benefits". This Friday's round-up will be her last (so do make sure you're preferences are set to receive it.)

Thankfully we have been rescued from the slough of despond into which we at MN Towers had tumbled by the news that none other than Aitch, who currently scribbles the TV round up for our parenting newsletter, has agreed to step into the breach. We're delighted that's she's cheap available and ready to pick up where MP will very soon be leaving off. So more bumsex then.

Alouiseg Wed 21-Apr-10 16:04:02

RIp morningpaper, enjoy your benefits in kind {grin}

Lulumaam Wed 21-Apr-10 16:05:47

the king is dead, long live the king

or summat

thanks MP,for 4 years of hilarity and madness.. and woooo for aitch!

DownyEmerald Wed 21-Apr-10 16:06:06

will miss morningpaper, but Aitch is good too!

Do hope MP will stick around, that SWMNBN thing was so good - especially as I had read the initial comment that kicked the whole thing off, and remember thinking "very funny wish I could think of things like that to say"

Oh no. Yay!

Just about sums it up. grin

SethStarkaddersMum Wed 21-Apr-10 16:06:55

Congratulations on the new job MP! I always looked forward to your round-up - it will be much missed sad

(though Aitch will probably be pretty good too wink)

Did a quick rub down with Big Tech not count as a job "with benefits" at MN then? grin

Good luck MP - and I look forward to reading Aitch's acerbic take on events.

bibbitybobbityhat Wed 21-Apr-10 16:08:42

Oh good on you both.

You've done a grand job MP
<shoves MP off into wings stage left>

<Aitch enters stage right>
Ah, Aitchy my dear.
Have I told you lately how I love you?

OhFuck Wed 21-Apr-10 16:08:50

A rub down with Big Tech? Oooooh the static ...

All the best in your new pastures, MP. And hooray for Aitch, who I am sure will do the round-up justice

MmeLindt Wed 21-Apr-10 16:09:45

I was all set to dig out my store of then read that I also will need some too.

Congratulations on the new job, MP. Make sure you have enough time for MNetting.

Looking forward to the first Aitch Round-up.

cornsilk Wed 21-Apr-10 16:09:52

Well I like Morning paper and I like Aitch. But who is the best?

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 21-Apr-10 16:09:53

Oh no. What a shame.

I remember how excited I was (sad) when was first mentioned in the round up. Nearly as pleased as when I had my first post deleted (oh innocent times).

Good luck MP, and good luck Aitch.

Booboobedoo Wed 21-Apr-10 16:11:11

Is it really four years?

I remember when MP was about to do her first round-up, and asked people to point out interesting threads. I suggested the FLY stuff, and it went in.

I was ridiculously proud.

I've really enjoyed your round-ups MP. Is your new job writing-related? <nosey>

YesYouMust Wed 21-Apr-10 16:12:26

Well i've never been in one by MP so hopefully Aitches era is the one for me! grin

giraffesCANdriveAcar Wed 21-Apr-10 16:12:31

Will there be a leaving party? With alcohol?

Compost Wed 21-Apr-10 16:13:48

She is going to claim benefits???? shock

This will kick orf

queenoftheslatterns Wed 21-Apr-10 16:14:10

oooh i forsee a harry hill moment coming up...

sad for mp (am always ridonkulously proud when i make the round up)

but grin for aitch, im sure you will be fab!!!

AvadaKedavra Wed 21-Apr-10 16:14:26



Good luck to you both for the future, really enjoy reading the round-up even though never been on a thread mentioned on it, never mind name checked! hmm

justaboutkeepingawake Wed 21-Apr-10 16:14:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VinegarTits Wed 21-Apr-10 16:15:27

sad grin for MP

grin grin for Aitch

Flamesparrow Wed 21-Apr-10 16:15:57

FOUR YEARS?!?! Has the roundup seriously been going that long???

Fimbo Wed 21-Apr-10 16:16:11

Well done MP grin hope new job goes well and Aitch good on you for filling MP's shoes.

I would like to nominate Aitch for mumsnetter of the week (SC thread).

BitOfFun Wed 21-Apr-10 16:16:43

Who is the best? There's only one way to find out...


Sorry you're going, MP- you have a genius for comedy, and I'll miss your round-ups sad

<eyes Aitch suspiciously>

<not really>

TheProvincialLady Wed 21-Apr-10 16:16:55

So what you are really saying is that Aitch and MP had a fight, and Aitch was the hardest?

DecorHate Wed 21-Apr-10 16:20:19

Could we have a thread with all the quotes of the week for the last four years in honour of her leaving?

Poledra Wed 21-Apr-10 16:21:01

Oooh, does this mean that we set our scores for 'Number of Times I have Been in the Round-Up' back to 0? Not that I think MamaG needs taking down a peg or two from her 13 hits...

Sorry to lose you, MP, hope the new job goes well.

Welcome, Aitch (who is, according to littlelapin, a Big Trollop, so should be some fun on the Round-up then).

dizzydixies Wed 21-Apr-10 16:22:41

great idea DecorHate - she's been FAB and I'm sure Aitch will do just as fine a job

DroosieCat Wed 21-Apr-10 16:23:45

Smarmies up to Aitch and surreptitiously hands over wadge of cash for honorable mention in round upgrin

LeninGrad Wed 21-Apr-10 16:23:58

Oooh, wotcha up to mp? You did a grand job and will be missed. Welcome aitch!

LadyBlaBlah Wed 21-Apr-10 16:24:20

Despite preferences being set, I never did get a round up in all the 4 years.

Now I will never know the wonder that was the MPRU.

Good luck Aitch. Not too much of a pressure to be hilarious and witty eh? hmm

MadameOvary Wed 21-Apr-10 16:29:50

Congrats on your new job MP
Welcome aitch!

Slubberdegullion Wed 21-Apr-10 16:30:32

aw sad I love MP's roundup. Even when on my mn breaks I still liked to read it to get the funnies low down. Well done and thank you MP for all your hard work.
<whispers - before you delete your spreadsheets how many times did I get in?>

Good Show Aitch for taking over the show. Will look forward to seeing it a week friday.

rubyslippers Wed 21-Apr-10 16:30:40

cor - tis the end of an era <<sucks teeth and shakes head forlornly>>

but yay for Aitch - I think she will do a grand job

AbricotsSecs Wed 21-Apr-10 16:40:04

Boooooooo that mp is hanging up her feathers

Hurrah that it's Aitch that will be stepping in!

YohoAhoy Wed 21-Apr-10 16:56:52

This is a bit like Dr Who.

Sad to see one go, but keen to see how the new one measures up grin

Littlefish Wed 21-Apr-10 16:58:57

Great idea about the "quote of the week" summary.

Sorry you're going MP - will you still hang around mumsnet doing normal chatting stuff?

Welcome to your new job Aitch. grin

ClaireDeLoon Wed 21-Apr-10 17:06:43

MP's round up made me laugh and made me come back to lurk'n'laugh if I hadn't been on for a few days, good luck with your new job MP.

FabIsGoingToGetFit Wed 21-Apr-10 17:10:27

<what's all this about someone being me????confusedgrin.

I used to get the round up. I don't anymore sad

Had 1 mention grin

Sweeedes Wed 21-Apr-10 17:15:32

Morningpaper - The very best of luck with your new job.

brimfull Wed 21-Apr-10 17:17:50

disloyal bitch


EccentricaGallumbits Wed 21-Apr-10 17:18:33

god bless er and all wh0 sail in her.

Congratulations MP! grin You made me larf.

Well done Aitch. Look forward to reading it. grin

cyteen Wed 21-Apr-10 17:19:05

Thanks for the laughs MP, and thanks for my mentions too grin

midnightexpress Wed 21-Apr-10 17:19:47

Thanks for the hoots MP, and good luck with the new job.

And here's to many more hoots (mon) from Aitch.

<sweeeeeeeedes, is that you oh, rooty one? How the heck etc.>

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 21-Apr-10 17:20:07

Thanks MP, for the amount of times you've made me laugh (and also including me in it twice!).

tsk. a real job? in this economic climate? she'll be taking that job away from a MAN who needs it, you know.

<<sucks teeth>>

women should stay at home and look after the feral monsters children.

And that Aitch is no better than she should be.


<<cat's bum mouth>>

(sad smile really grin)

morningpaper Wed 21-Apr-10 17:26:18

Aw thank you Justine and all

And thanks to Aitch for being the new Doctor Roundupper

My job is charity sector blah blah blah with pay that would make Xena suck her teeth in horror BUT STILL the smallest is starting school this autumn so I need ot get my teeth into something rather than procrastinating at home all day

I've had a great four years rounding up and you have all been lovely

bobbiewickham Wed 21-Apr-10 17:29:07

Congrats MP, and thanks for all the smiles. I look forward to the roundup....

Oh God, does that mean I should get a job too?

Looking forward to Aitch's tenure...

Hassled Wed 21-Apr-10 17:41:36

Farewell then, Morning Paper
You made us sound much funnier
Than we really are.
And your pink basement will be
Forever in my mind.

E J Hassled (43 and 3/4)

RedBlueRed Wed 21-Apr-10 17:46:04

Well done MorningPaper, I have enjoyed your updates and will no doubt enjoy Aitch's also.

<<standing ovation for both>>

CatIsSleepy Wed 21-Apr-10 17:53:59

aw sad and yay grin
congrats on new job mp

morningpaper, I have really enjoyed reading your roundups to the point where I start snotty threads in chat if it hasn't reached my inbox by mid afternoon - they make my Fridays (yes I need a hobby)

They also allow me to read a bit of MN at work where the site is blocked

So you will be missed - lots.

However, I am looking forward to reading Aitch's roundups, I can't think of a better person to take over

and I thought this was about a member of parliament - and only clicked on to see whether I cared blush

southeastastra Wed 21-Apr-10 18:07:36

aw that's sad

elliemental Wed 21-Apr-10 18:13:18

I always secretly thought that Aitch and MP were one and the same anyway wink

elliemental Wed 21-Apr-10 18:14:48

{pssst MP. Can I have all some of the fivers back which I kept sending you in the hope you might finally mention me in your round-up?)

bran Wed 21-Apr-10 18:23:40

Pah! 4 years of sucking up to MP in order to get mentioned in the roundup wasted!

<elbows MP out of the way to get to Aitch> I wonder if I have ever mentioned how intelligent, insightful and downright funny I have always found your TV thingumys to be Aitch. [arse kiss emoticon]


DelGirl Wed 21-Apr-10 18:34:17

I'm sorry but you cannot convince me that she has done the round-up for 4 years?????? shock I don't believe it.

onebatmother Wed 21-Apr-10 18:41:01

OH NO! Morningpaper bowing out? This is bad news indeed - she and gin have made Fridays worth getting up for.

My grande tristesse could only be leavened by someone of similar calibre stepping into her warm stilettos. Now where could we possibly find such a person? I know.. Aitch is very goo -

Oh. I see you've beaten me to it. [gin]

<snogs them both, with flicky tongues>

LeninGrad Wed 21-Apr-10 18:53:28

Gin on the brain I see.

CoupleofKooks Wed 21-Apr-10 18:54:11

aw mp this is sad news indeed
(partly because you were always willing to believe i was funnier than i actually was )

happy to hear a worthy replacement is lined up well done MNHQ

mustrunmore Wed 21-Apr-10 18:58:47

Its not 4 yrs... I think I can remember her starting it shock

midnightexpress Wed 21-Apr-10 19:06:46

<not sure I like the idea of flicky tongues>

monkeysavingexpertdotcom Wed 21-Apr-10 19:07:12

SOOO glad I got a mensh in her penultimate round-up (preens)

AmpleBosom Wed 21-Apr-10 19:21:51

Thank goodness i made it just in time last week by finally getting a mention in the round up grin

DuelingFanjo Wed 21-Apr-10 19:23:40

aw - farewell.

PuzzleRocks Wed 21-Apr-10 19:24:26

Fare the well MP.

Can we assume the new round-up wont be sponsored by Annabel Karmel? wink

MerlinsBeard Wed 21-Apr-10 19:58:36

Oh phew! I thought MP as leaving mumsnet then.

Glad it's Aitch taking over shooting the rockets wink

Pennies Wed 21-Apr-10 19:58:52

For some reason I never ever get these - got my settings all set up for it and everything.

I've missed 4 years of MP glory.

MN Towers - can you solve this for me as we enter a new era?

MerlinsBeard Wed 21-Apr-10 20:00:23

Is it really 4 years since SYMNBNshock

<needs a life>

pointydog Wed 21-Apr-10 20:03:01

well done, mp, for doing it for so long. And good luck with proper job.

pointydog Wed 21-Apr-10 20:04:34

well done to aitch, too, for taking over

bronze Wed 21-Apr-10 20:11:02

well I've had it set to send me for the lat donkeys years and yet it never comes <sighs>
I do read it occasionally

perhaps aitches will get through

Hurrah I can look forward to never being in talk roundups then grin

Well done Aitch, writing about crudity is a promotion from writing about crudites for BLWers IMHO wink

Habbibu Wed 21-Apr-10 20:24:42

<predicts A Rash of Title Case. Oh Yes>

Thanks, mp, and good luck with earning an honest crust.

Well done, Aitch. Big shoes to step into. I do hope she cleans them first. Possibly with onebat's flicky tongue.

theyoungvisiter Wed 21-Apr-10 20:26:01

I hope MP is getting some kind of memento after all these years of service to the cause - I suggest a commemorative leatherbound copy of the Contented Little Baby Book with her initials embossed in gold letters.

nickytwotimes Wed 21-Apr-10 20:27:30

Thank you for the 4 years of fab round-ups MP. sad What is this 'proper job' thing of which Justine speaks? confused wink

Congratulations Aitch - you will be super! grin

(apologies for over-proliferation of smileys there)

nickytwotimes Wed 21-Apr-10 20:29:31

This is the traditional retirement gift, innit? Sorry - a bit bling. here

nickytwotimes Wed 21-Apr-10 20:30:09

actually, theyoungvisitor's suggestion is far more imaginative.

lol at CLBB for morningpaper
and maybe the Lonely Planet guide to Lebanon?

theyoungvisiter Wed 21-Apr-10 20:35:23

grin stealth.

I thought MNHQ could inscribe it "MP - we'll always have Lebanon".

Hassled Wed 21-Apr-10 20:44:25
Lionstar Wed 21-Apr-10 20:44:49

Best of luck in Pastures New MP. I never got a mention (not funny enough by half), but I did win a MN prize for signing up to the Roundup so I guess I you to thank for that - ta!

Aitch, I swear not to compare you to MP, but then I'm already a devotee from BLW site <lick-arsey>. Good Luck!

A "proper job with benefits"??? Well done MP!

And welcome Aitch!

Dumbledoresgirl Wed 21-Apr-10 20:51:59

Sorry to see MPs round ups going. But I thought for a moment MP was leaving MN and it seems she isn't, so phew for that!

I am proud to have been in the round ups twice, once in my name, and once with a pseudonym before anyone consults the spreadsheet. I will have to alter my Standing Order in favour of Aitch now. wink

Aitch, well done for stepping into the breach. A brave thing to do, akin to tha boy stepping into David Tennant's shoes on Dr Who. Good luck with it <first cheque is in the post>

Clarissimo Wed 21-Apr-10 20:59:48

Yeah, wot BIMI said

glad rthe job is going well MP, enjoy it Aitch

Sweeedes Wed 21-Apr-10 21:01:19

Has MP left under a cloud? Justine, did she use your Dr Hauschka Rose Creme that time she stayed in your attic and come down smelling of Jo Malone's Amber and Lavender eau de?

Presumably MP will continue to receive royalties from the Mumsnet books, along with all the contributors? grin

Why isn't MP here? Telling us this herself?

LadyBiscuit Wed 21-Apr-10 21:02:34

I don't seem to get the talk round up for some reason very often but it's always welcome when it arrives (and I did get a mention in a prior incarnation I believe wink.

Hurrah for both morningpaper and aitch, both of whom are often a voice of sanity in a sea of sickly platitude. They are often equally good good at acting in a Simon and Garfunkel way over troubled waters. I am hoping we get a pic of aitch - I did like the one of mp

MamaG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:03:45

bloody well done for hte last 4 years MP

Hurrah for Aitch <secret NTAGABSF handshake>

norksinmywaistband Wed 21-Apr-10 21:07:35

I think we should have one last round up before the baton is handed over - A summary of the last 4 years... would be interesting to see what makes it in grin

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:13:42

hahahaha 'we'll always have lebanon'. DO IT.

tish and pish on the comparison front, my candidacy for prime minister of the mn round up is based on a fresh approach, a new broom if you like, sweeping out the stale biscuit crumbs of MP's depraved tenure and filling in the expenses-built duck moats of roundups past...

which is my way of saying that i suspect mine will be boring-er but i'll do my best. and christ knows CAT me if you see something funny or i'll just be reporting live from the fish's diet thread. ('day 23 on the anorexic-titled thread - susylvester shouted 'OYU FAT BIFFA, PUT ODWN HTOSE PIRNGLES!' at MamaG for the third time.') hmm so CAT me, loves. but no bumsex.

Habbibu Wed 21-Apr-10 21:15:46

Are you going to fix Broken MN (or perhaps Mangled MN) for Hard Working Families, Aitch?

MamaG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:18:06

PLEASE no bumsex

MamaG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:19:42

Poledra grin

midnightexpress Wed 21-Apr-10 21:22:17

And what about 'efficiency savings' as part of the changeover?

KerryMumbles Wed 21-Apr-10 21:24:37


i was just wondering today where the hell that woman has been.

i thought she flounced ages ago?

mp has always hated me but i have nothing but fondness for her.... [she is dead ain't she?]

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:25:05

it will be change that works for you, Habs, building a fairer round-up, indeed a future fair for all and a year for change (to boring-er). we can't go on like this.

KerryMumbles Wed 21-Apr-10 21:26:56

ah there you are....

i thought you flounced?

theyoungvisiter Wed 21-Apr-10 21:27:33

Aitch, I'm already larfing at your fishalike lard-hate commentary grin

Will you have a madly airbrushed pic of yourself on the new roundup? Preferably alongside a bunch of platitudes about Fairness for Change.

theyoungvisiter Wed 21-Apr-10 21:28:39

cross posted with your last - you are spookily ahead of me! Though I still want the airbrushed botox-Aitch.

FrogmellaMoonbeam Wed 21-Apr-10 21:29:50

Im still all set up to receive these but they stopped coming about a year ago. Would be really good if it could be sorted since a few of us seem to be having this problem.

Good Look to both of you hope you both do well in your new jobs!

Habbibu Wed 21-Apr-10 21:30:48

<sends bottles of San Tropez Aitch's way>

MayorNaze Wed 21-Apr-10 21:38:05

4 years??!! shock

gracious me. well done and best of luck MP

and well done and best of luck Aitch

MamaG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:41:30

can i do the TV roundup if Aitch is giong to be busy searching my name looking for funny posters?

can I can i can I

I watch a lorra telly!

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:43:37

you need to watch it psychically, in advance, mamag.

and i've never flounced In My Life, kerry. grin not a flouncer. too nosey. wink

MamaG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:45:13

that's ok, I'll just my LCBD telly (didya see what i did there)

Aitch, put ina good word for me, there's a dear grin

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:45:20

where is MP btw? i wish to anoint her with unguents or somesuch.

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:46:26

and do myself out of a gig? no chance. wink

MamaG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:47:55


Habbibu Wed 21-Apr-10 21:48:25

You intend to embalm MP, Aitch?

morningpaper goes
who will do the round up now?
all bribes go to Aitch

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:51:20

is that not what happens, habs? <confused>

and <strikes MamaG off roundup list forever>

cocolepew Wed 21-Apr-10 21:53:27

Aitch never flounced she just got so thin she's hard to se when she turns sideways.[sucks up][shoves mamag out of the way]

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 22:20:52

hah! i ate practically a bucket-load of french fries today... mix-up at a restaurant. su's going to kick my arse. [wrong thread]

Kewcumber Wed 21-Apr-10 22:20:53

I will miss you MP (especially as you quoted me once or twice) but if I'm honest Aitch has always been my favorite letter...

KerryMumbles Wed 21-Apr-10 22:27:21

hoe does one get that thin.

need tips....

morningpaper Wed 21-Apr-10 22:28:08

stop praising aitch

go back to praising me again

<shoves Aitch of the way>

I haven't regenerated yet

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 22:39:01

c'mere, i've got orders to embalm you... the queen is dead, long live the queen. grin

(MP i'm shitting it, i genuinely always read your round ups and think 'ho ho i'd be SHIT at that by comparison'. i didn't mention this to Justine though).

theyoungvisiter Wed 21-Apr-10 22:40:54

oh you two, get a room. Ew.

[embalms both and locks in tardis]

AitchTwoZone Wed 21-Apr-10 22:45:43

<achieves warp speed>

no, hang on, that's star trek, innit?

LadyBiscuit Wed 21-Apr-10 23:07:19

I can't imagine the pressure aitch - you've got to be witty and urbane on a consistent basis shock

Rather you than me

solo Thu 22-Apr-10 01:21:06

My preferencesare set, but I haven't receive the MorningPaper into my box for about a year

tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 22-Apr-10 01:29:02

Maybe check your spam filters, those of you with difficulty - those sorts of mass emails tend to get caught quite often.

MP, it's been wonderful, I think we've made quite a team; you, diligently recording my words of wisdom, I, casting pearls before swine ...erm, I haven't really thought this through, have I?

sophable Thu 22-Apr-10 01:31:55

sayonara woman. i hope this means MORE not less mn-ing!!!

good luck aitch!

ooo two of my fave mners!

solo Thu 22-Apr-10 02:00:57

I used to get them tortoise, but they don't go into my junk mail, so I don't know why I don't get them...never mind.
Shame! I used to really belly laugh...will miss your musings MP.

Furball Thu 22-Apr-10 07:04:40

I stopped getting them too! it was a while back - I assumed they had stopped being sent.

I've also checked my settings and it says I should received them?

JJ Thu 22-Apr-10 07:26:30

You are leaving! I will miss your roundups and my husband will especially.

Aitch, am looking forward to yours. Might take a bit longer for my husband to come around, he's fiercely loyal, but I'm sure you'll win him over.

Bucharest Thu 22-Apr-10 08:06:10

Mine haven't been arriving either for about a year, but I cannot go to work on a Friday (I work in the afternoon) if I haven't found Roundup in the little box!)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou MP for brightening my Fridays! (and for mentioning me twice! grin)

Hurrah for Aitch!

QuintessentialShadow Thu 22-Apr-10 08:46:50

Yay! To Aitch!

I look forward to seeing your roundups! smile

Good Look in your new role, MP!

morningpaper Thu 22-Apr-10 08:54:49

Anyone's husband is welcome to contact me for private roundups

Bucharest Thu 22-Apr-10 08:56:29

You can have mine, absolutely no problem, I'll have him DHL'd over tout-de-suite grin

Good luck MP - I have really enjoyed your round-ups! You are hilarious, and really talented x

happystory Thu 22-Apr-10 09:10:13

Awww bye bye MP, good luck with the job. Your round ups always brighten my Fridays ( I get quite narky when you DARE to go on holiday!)

I was thrilled beyond measure when I got mentioned one Christmas....new computer now and all my saved emails disappeared but I did feature once I DID!!

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Thu 22-Apr-10 09:22:53

I only clicked on this as I was mildly curious as to which MP had resigned - imagine my surprise and distress!
Erm so long and thanks for all the fish - can't wait for the delights of Aitches' RU.

littlelapin Thu 22-Apr-10 09:28:55

Is "a proper job with benefits" a euphemism for "she managed to pick the lock of her cell at MNTowers with a pick made from shards of FruitShoot bottle and shimmied down a drainpipe to freedom"? wink

Good luck with your new job! smile

justaboutkeepingawake Thu 22-Apr-10 11:03:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fillybuster Thu 22-Apr-10 11:09:41

Thanks for the weekly giggles MP...somehow I always manage to miss the funniest threads until the roundup hmm so am v dependent on it! Good luck with the new job and enjoy the bens

Hurrah for Aitch picking up the mantle...

KerryMumbles Thu 22-Apr-10 11:12:33

hahahahaha mp.

you slag hussy.

have always been rather impressed with the upfrontedness of your wanton nature.

KerryMumbles Thu 22-Apr-10 11:13:19

ffs it's a justine thread that post will last all of 10 seconds....


Spoof Thu 22-Apr-10 11:18:56

Ah, so she's out on parole, with electronic tag? I assume this is what she meant by "benefits"?

Well done aitch. You are fabulously witty and clever, so you'll do a sterling job.

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 22-Apr-10 11:29:01

Congrats on the proper job MP (what are the benefits???)

Aitch sure you'll be grand

Best of luck MP. It's all your falut that I am on MN in the first place as I joined after reading an article you wrote on the SWMNBN business.
And best of luck Aitch.

elkiedee Thu 22-Apr-10 13:27:46

Congratulations MP on the real job and Aitch on the new role.

elkiedee Thu 22-Apr-10 13:29:34

littlelapin, nice to see your name again!

Nyx Thu 22-Apr-10 13:51:54

Good luck in your new job, MP, hope you enjoy it grin You've done a great job with the roundup.

And good luck with the roundup and thanks for taking it on, Aitch - I enjoy reading through it and catching up!

dinkystinky Thu 22-Apr-10 14:15:07

Thanks for all your briliant summations in the roundup Morningpaper - enjoy your job with benefits instead...

morningpaper Thu 22-Apr-10 14:20:04

I should say that the only real benefits are that I'm allowed out of the house to talk to ACTUAL GROWN UPS and sometimes even grown-ups who are not women!!!

Justine is just jealous

FioFio Thu 22-Apr-10 15:55:26

what is the new job mp?

FioFio Thu 22-Apr-10 15:57:18

sorry it was on page system before and i didn't see your post about the job! Good luck, i cannot believe it has been for 4 years

theyoungvisiter Thu 22-Apr-10 16:37:06

"even grownups who are not women"

Sorry - what are these people you speak of? No, wait, I've got - "husbands". Is that the word I'm looking for? I have a vague memory of something else though - it's on the tip of my tongue...

bran Thu 22-Apr-10 17:46:22

I'm a bit envy, I bet you'll be drinking your tea hot and weeing in private MP. (I'm sipping room temperature green tea before going off to supervise bum-wiping.)

morningpaper Thu 22-Apr-10 18:11:10


The other day I had a MEETING IN A CAFE WITH LASAGNE WITH A VIEW OF THE SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I nearly died from pleasure

BuzzingNoise Thu 22-Apr-10 18:55:29

MorningPaper, I shall miss your witty lines.

Hope you are enjoying your real life.

(and I forgive you for calling me scary)

Lasagna with a view of the sea? Wow. Can you order that in a crappy industrial estate in the Midlands and still get the view?

That's progress, that is. grin

TheArsenicCupCake Thu 22-Apr-10 20:35:49

Good luck with your benefits MP has been a pleasure Reading the roundup.. Cracking job done..

And looking forward to aitchs round up.. Good luck x

NorbertDentressangle Thu 22-Apr-10 20:57:07

Good luck MP!

(and good luck Aitch!)

Katisha Thu 22-Apr-10 21:20:17

Norbert - on a recent trip up the M1 we saw 34 Eddies and only 24 Norberts. How's that then?

Wigeon Thu 22-Apr-10 21:39:05

I enjoyed the round ups too, so thank you MP. Especially her penultimate one as I got my first ever name-check!

coveredinfelttip Fri 23-Apr-10 13:20:41

Many thanks to you Morningpaper for your very enjoyable GBADU emails. I have laughed out loud many a time and even wept some tears of mirth reading your collections. Good luck with the job.

Rockbird Fri 23-Apr-10 14:03:27

I made the last round up! That brings my total to 2! <skippety skip>

<snogs MP with gusto and pathetic gratitude>

RunawayWife Fri 23-Apr-10 19:43:43

Thank you morningpaper, I only found the round up recently but I love it.

Good luck aitch, look forward to reading next weeks

GodzillasBumcheek Fri 23-Apr-10 21:10:20

Has it only been four years? I can't remember when MP was not doing the round-up. Possibly i wasn't born yet or something hmm

Good luck in your new job, and good to luck to Aitch too.

onebatmother Sat 24-Apr-10 14:37:51

benefits is a euphemism for sex you know. She told me.

AitchTwoZone Sat 24-Apr-10 21:21:30

so, no CATS about hilarious threads? does this mean that there aren't any funny ones at the mo?

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