MN win Red Hot Women Award 2009

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MmeGuisingt Tue 03-Nov-09 17:43:04

As tweeted by Sarah Brown.

I am even more convinced that she is a MNetter now.

MmeGuisingt Tue 03-Nov-09 17:45:39


Internet Award went to Mumsnet for their online mums community website, but you can find them here too at @MumsnetTowers #RHW

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 03-Nov-09 18:19:55

Yes, isn't it good? Justine and Carrie were there this afternoon to pick up the silverware/certificate/pat on the back.

MmeGuisingt Tue 03-Nov-09 18:23:41

Well done to all of you. You deserve some champagne recognition for all the good work. Especially after the weekend and all the changes to MN and hysterical vipers wailing at you

Send a bottle down to the shed to the TechyOne

nighbynight Wed 04-Nov-09 21:33:33

Wow, congratulations MNHQ.

serenity Wed 04-Nov-09 21:35:33

Well done! (what's it actually for, if you don't mind me asking?)

Wow congratulations.
Whatever it is.

katsh Wed 04-Nov-09 21:44:51

Hello Helen Mumsnet smile Sorry not to see you in your glad rags picking up the award too.

PestoPyrotechnicsMonster Wed 04-Nov-09 21:46:06

Well done!

Have a biscuit or three grin

supersalstrawberry Wed 04-Nov-09 21:47:50

well done!

MonstrousMerryHenry Wed 04-Nov-09 21:49:16

Hurrah! Well done MNHQ, very well-deserved!

What a powerhouse MN is!

ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow Wed 04-Nov-09 21:49:27

Is it because we are all hot women?

NormaStanleyFletcher Wed 04-Nov-09 21:50:32

Helen are you on out of hours deletion and trouble duty again?

You should have a pay rise

(I never said that justine, DH was typing)

Well done MN though.

VinegarTitsOnFire Wed 04-Nov-09 21:55:18

Oooh how exciting, new biscuit smiley, and an award on the same day, well done grin

Have a plate of biscuits [ biscuit_biscuit_biscuit ]

(i stole that from TMW)

Hulababy Wed 04-Nov-09 22:04:36

Well done MN!

yes, i think SB is mnner

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 23:27:38

Ledodgy - don't be ridiculous! Helen pays us to work here.

MamaG Wed 04-Nov-09 23:30:17

how exciting
you should sticky this

we DESERVE to know we are all seen as hot women <deludes self>

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 23:31:14


JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 23:32:13

Ok MamaG - you probably right.

<<Bit worried at seeming to pleased with ourselves emoticon>>

MamaG Wed 04-Nov-09 23:32:41

Helen you should dock her wages for not being able to type us properly

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 23:33:53


MamaG Wed 04-Nov-09 23:33:58

Justine, if ever a website was about encouragement and support and viperishness its MN. When your our fabulousness is recognised, shout it out! Girlfriiiieeeend

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 23:36:47

Ok Ok but if anyone moans about it, I'm going to blame you. Is that fine?

Mhamai Wed 04-Nov-09 23:37:12

I've been off MN for ages but well if there was ever a reason for legging it back! wink grin

Buda Wed 04-Nov-09 23:37:26

Well done all who sail in her!

What in all that is holy is that new smiley about????????????????????????????????????? It is more like a chicken than any biscuit I have seen.

ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow Wed 04-Nov-09 23:37:29

'Ledodgy - don't be ridiculous! Helen pays us to work here.'

Eh? I only asked if it was because we are all hot women. <confused>

MamaG Wed 04-Nov-09 23:38:04

Do. I'll shoulder the blame if necessary. But I'll also bask in any glory that is thrown your way too/

AitchTwoToTangOh Wed 04-Nov-09 23:41:35

aw, that's great. congratulations! AND you got to meet Jools Oliver. biscuit

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 23:43:12

Oops my apologies Ledodgy - that was meant for NormanStanley. Easily done hmm

supersalstrawberry Thu 05-Nov-09 00:18:58

Justine are you and your pals from MNHQ going to join us at this years xmas do and we can all celebrate together biscuit

LackaDAISYcal Thu 05-Nov-09 01:00:28

Well Done MN smile

Buda Thu 05-Nov-09 05:56:49

Ok so I was slightly under the influence of wine when i posted last night but that new smiley is still not saying 'biscuit' to me. biscuit

Tee2072 Thu 05-Nov-09 06:45:28

Here's the write up!

Congrats ladies!

traceybath Thu 05-Nov-09 06:51:54

Just read Red in the bath as up at silly o'clock.

Carrie - love the dress and Justine love your top and shoes - where are they from?

You both look gorgeous - no mn diy haircuts there!

posieparker Thu 05-Nov-09 09:00:28

Brilliant and so well deserved.smileand have another biscuit.

JulesJules Thu 05-Nov-09 09:04:59

Biscuit? Is it? Is it a comic relief biscuit?
<confused> biscuit

Well Done on the award though!
Did netmums win anything Did you do an Oscar stylee acceptance speech?

Isn't Red Hot Women a porn site?

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Nov-09 09:13:47

I feel compelled to point out that our "friends" at RED switched Carrie and my ages (think they just took one look and assumed I must be the older [sigh] - it's all these late nights you make me keep.)

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Nov-09 09:15:42

Oh and yes we're going to try to put a head in the Xmas do - Rachel is in charge of coralling the troops.

You're not coming just to sell us Christmas cards are you? <suspicious>

Buda Thu 05-Nov-09 10:10:13

You both look great!

I still have some of my Xmas cards from last year. Of course I can't actually remember who i sent them to last year. Only very special people!

Tortington Thu 05-Nov-09 10:23:26

congrats MUMSNET, you very much deserve it, well done

AboardtheAxiom Thu 05-Nov-09 10:32:44

Ooh well done MN. smile

AbricotsSecs Thu 05-Nov-09 10:49:18

biscuit <----------- Why, in heaven's name, why?

Has nobody contemplated the contribution of this new smiley to the Global Electronic Zeitgeist?

AbricotsSecs Thu 05-Nov-09 10:50:22

And yes, congratulations by the way.

Of course, I knew all about it anyway...

<stands up, Spartacus-stylee>

I am Sarah Brown.

Hassled Thu 05-Nov-09 11:20:24

Many congratulations - so well deserved. I'm delighted for you

thell Thu 05-Nov-09 11:27:01

Well done Mumsnet HQ and all the Mumsnetters who waste contribute hours of their lives here,...sharing their experience and support.

Women (and some lovely men too), I salute you.
Have a jammy dodger biscuit

PS: I do love the biscuit, but it looks a bit out of place as all the other faces have a black outline.

I'll get my coat.

<slinks off to Pedants' Corner>

mrsshackleton Thu 05-Nov-09 11:32:19

I want your cardigan, Carrie. Where's it from grin

You both look most gorgeous in the pic. Well done.

whooshspicemonster Thu 05-Nov-09 12:04:37

That is a very nice photo - congrats to you and MN Towers. And nice one Sarah Brown

Boco Thu 05-Nov-09 12:29:10

Congratulations mn!

ok so I googled Red Hot Women and the first link was this one "slightly scary" grin

Boco Thu 05-Nov-09 12:37:09

Maybe that's the MN towers charity calendar?

monkeysavingexpertdotcom Thu 05-Nov-09 12:47:34

Boco you may have an idea there! I'm sure there's an MNer who'd be willing to cover up their bits with a Gregg's sausage roll and a couple of fruit shoots to be Ms January, all in a good cause...

Lotster Thu 05-Nov-09 12:49:59

Oh we should soooo do a WI style calendar!!

Congrats all biscuit

Boco Thu 05-Nov-09 13:00:05

I'm picturing May mumsnetter coyly hiding bits behind a parent and toddler car parking sign! This could really work.

UnquietDad Thu 05-Nov-09 13:07:48

Red Hot Women? Sounds a bit FHM Top 100!

Boco Thu 05-Nov-09 13:09:45

Or a bit 'Menopause Today'.

Curiousmama Thu 05-Nov-09 13:13:03

biscuit just had to try it grin

Well done that's excellent news!!!

carriedababi Thu 05-Nov-09 13:32:57

<high fives all roud>

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 13:35:56


domesticslattern Thu 05-Nov-09 13:59:54

Great shoes!!

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 14:05:42

Did Sarah Brown really tweet this:

"awesome women-fest at Red's Hot Women Awards - everyone thinking everyone else is brilliant!"

Great if she did.

Bambinoloveseggbirds Thu 05-Nov-09 14:08:52

Huge Congratulations Mumsnet!!!! As a first time mum, can I just say that I'd have been bloody lost at times without MN this year. It has been somewhere to seek advice without prejudice, vent, giggle at the deluded really talented x factor line-up, and has made me laugh out loud and cry in equal measure - but the latter is probably the hormones. biscuit I'm going all soppy now.

Thoroughly deserved MN!

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 14:10:34

Just looked at Sarah Brown's Twitter page. I'm very impressed.

Come on MN, she's got nearly 1M followers!

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 05-Nov-09 14:28:44

Good lord, that made me cry.

On that basis, I've just upgraded my cold to flu. <goes back to bed>

Well done HQ.

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 14:47:44

Glad you put this in the news email, you should take credit. Women are terrible at this. If this were any other site it'd be all over their homepage.

<notices it's all over the homepage now, show offs>

Pinkjenny Thu 05-Nov-09 14:50:48

The shoes are fantastic. I must confess, I have just read Red at my desk (at lunchtime, of course) and flicked past that article. I thought it'd be a load of eco-mums all growing their own veg.


Wow you both look Bodentastic!

Slubberdegullion Thu 05-Nov-09 18:58:22

Congratulations mn, very well deserved.

monkeysavingexpertdotcom Thu 05-Nov-09 19:56:55

Boco - a strategically placed lemon drizzle cake for March, perhaps?
June peeping shyly from behind a hanging school run dress?
April holding two flylady feather dusters in front of her?
(This is my idea for a mumsnet charity calendar, in case everyone thinks I've lost it. Although I probably have grin.)

belgo Thu 05-Nov-09 19:58:01

Congratulations mumsnetsmile

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Nov-09 20:15:21

Not a scrap of Boden on me anywhere.

AitchTwoToTangOh Thu 05-Nov-09 20:21:29

were you all styled to within an inch of your lives? please tell me that you were, the idea that you all swooshed up looking like that is intolerable. grin

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 20:24:18


Carrie normally looks styled hmm but normally Justine wears no make-up and a mini-skirt...

I'd put money on it

AitchTwoToTangOh Thu 05-Nov-09 20:28:04

i know, but what if they just decided to Make An Effort that day and that's what they all grabbed out of their fancy wardrobes? it's too, too much. those HEELS. envy

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 20:28:57

actually maybe Justine does wear make-up and I've given her a terrible insult

she doesn't wear THAT much though

I know she wears mini-skirts because after the last MN drink-up I just had 200 pictures of her thighs on my phone hmm

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 20:29:22

yeah I bet Justine couldn't stand up in those heels

AitchTwoToTangOh Thu 05-Nov-09 20:30:55

i bet if she had have done her head would have been out of shot. grin

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 20:31:56

I have heels like that

they reduce my BMI into the the 'healthy' range

AitchTwoToTangOh Thu 05-Nov-09 20:56:47


scottishmummy Thu 05-Nov-09 21:10:27

is it in newspapers?never heard of red hot women award

InThisSequinBraYesYouOlaJordan Thu 05-Nov-09 21:44:11

Well done Mumsnet - well deserved! Carrie and Justine, you both look fab!

biscuit <-- I came home from Sainsburys with a pack of these in my shopping tonight, and haven't bought them for years - now I know why - subliminal!!!!

AitchTwoToTangOh Thu 05-Nov-09 21:45:42

i don't like the eyes, btw. i think the biscuit would be a great deal more enigmatic without them.

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 21:50:50

I didn't think it needed the eyes either. Love the detailing on the rim and the colour.

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 22:02:23

detailing on the rim sounds obscene

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 22:05:51

Is scalloping any better?

AitchTwoToTangOh Thu 05-Nov-09 22:10:51

ask her about jack russelling, lenin.

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 22:12:10

Daren't Aitch, not sure my constitution is strong enough.

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 22:14:32

DOH I thought that was a reasonably well-know phrase among the ladies

Now my relatives think I'm a pervert

Boco Thu 05-Nov-09 22:24:24

You ARE a pervert MP. Did you keep all the photos of Justine's thighs?

LeninGuido Thu 05-Nov-09 22:26:50

I just googled it thinking it couldn't be as bad as dragonbutter and got an MN thread up!

UnquietDad Thu 05-Nov-09 23:00:00

I imagine J & C as laydees who Make An Effort every day, to be honest.

I think, morningpaper, you have all those pictures of Justine's thighs because you ended up on the floor last year.


Yes sorry it was the wrap dress [or wrap style?] that made me think Boden.

Whatever, you both look very glamourous.

Congratulations, but more importantly where was that white sparkly top from. cheers.

BalloonSlayer Fri 06-Nov-09 17:19:08


Well done!

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Nov-09 22:45:52

Librasbiscuits - I can't remember now - it came from their rack of clothes (we were styled) and it was the first thing I tried. But Carrie might know - was a designer person and think she'd worn something at her wedding by said designer... or summat. Will ask. I liked it too. (Though obviously less keen on it in print!)

Lotster Sat 07-Nov-09 10:25:18

Justine I think Red's Readers will be expecting a mumsnet calendar next year now! wink

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Nov-09 17:43:32

Alberto Feretti diffusion collection. (Or something like that).

Thanks Justine, way out of my league. Looked lovely.

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