Customised Talk - a long overdue sticky to explain what the heck is going on!

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CarrieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 10-Nov-07 18:49:48

Thanks for feedback rustybear - will alert tech but it may be Monday before he has time to have a look - we have to give him the (very) occasional day out of the shed you know grin

RustyBear Sat 10-Nov-07 18:15:23

My Threads I started seems a bit random - there's two from November & one from the name auction that was last posted on in April hmm
Not that it really matters, but I know i started one last month about DH being a geek....

gibberish Fri 09-Nov-07 23:14:10

Okay MNHQ, when I was joking a few weeks about being a member of Gransnet in years to come - it was a joke! And now I see there is a Gransnet topic shock

It's all just a cunning plan to keep us addicted until we are 98 hmm

And one which will no doubt work beautifully!

KnockKnockKaloosThere Thu 08-Nov-07 22:38:57

Tis strange to have a sticky that we can all write on, most board sites use then for information and make them read only.

... and did you read the journo who listed a thread straight from MN and wrote an article from it in todays <ssshhh> daily mail

LittleBella Wed 07-Nov-07 22:31:32

oh is this a sticky? is that a thread that a;utomatically gets bumped then?

Well well, i never knew that. wondered why people were finding this thread so interesting

ImaburningHEIFERgy Wed 07-Nov-07 08:17:15

thank you Hunker - unfortunately there are no prizes for Bonfirenight names! will have to try and find a good one for Christmas although think that was my one and only brain wave!...

hunkermunker Tue 06-Nov-07 21:34:47

Oh, Heifer, I love your Bonfire name!

ImaburningHEIFERgy Tue 06-Nov-07 07:30:31

ah all sorted this morning - thanks...

ImaburningHEIFERgy Mon 05-Nov-07 22:29:47

just come to ask about the Remove watch button as I have just read all through the ones I was watching, and see that others have beaten me to it...

I was going to ask the same think mammya

mammya Mon 05-Nov-07 21:52:31

Where are the "remove watch" and "reset watch" options gone in "threads I'm watching"? I can no longer see them.

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 13:25:19

I like the colour scheme of the headings on the customising page - pity we can't have that one as a talk option......

AitchTwoOh Sat 03-Nov-07 13:00:39

<warms hands in the white heat of technology>

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 12:26:05

Tech is playing again! - all the customising is being changed as we type....

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 12:19:17

btw I've just noticed that when I click on Threads I'm on, it says at the top "Threads started by RustyBear in the last x days"
Does anybody else's say this? (well, obviously not started by RustyBear but started by TnOgu or whatever)

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 12:06:26


I knew you knew I knew that you knew....


I understand Aitch.

I have never started one of the threads so am not responsible for the blocks and scrolls, etc, but agree the name is not the best and must be annoying when it appears at the top of ac's the whole time.

I'm just being my usual arsey, angsty self, so press on ignore and I'll disappear.

< Please excuse the horrendous spelling mistakes in previous post - Oh the shame >

AitchTwoOh Sat 03-Nov-07 11:40:08

i KNEW you were a Scuttlebugger, Tnog! grin and i did go in (didn't notice that i could press ignore, though) and saw your name hence my assumption that it would be 'what MN should be etc' cos you're a good lass. but i do want to ignore it cos the name gets right on my tits... not just because of the bugger, also the block caps and *******. they make it more difficult for me to read active convos so i don't want to see it if i don't have to.

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 11:29:19

I understand totally RustyBear.

However I just wonder if we learn a little more about people if we choose not to ignore.

Perhaps become a little enlightened about certain ilnesses, points of view and what make people tick if we click the threads we think we don't want to read rather than erradicating at the push of a button.

I'm being a pain in the arse at the moment. so I'll log off and go and do some gardening.

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 11:17:12

Yes, but the previous system meant that (for example) an emetophobe - and there are several on MN- could just click ignore at the end of a thread whose title was too graphic & it would be gone - now they have to actually open it, find the hide button while averting their eyes from the post, wait for it to register & close the thread...

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 10:59:15

< whatever, even! >

TnOgu Sat 03-Nov-07 10:57:12

Is it not just easier to skim over active convo's and mentally delete any threads you don't wish to contribute to for what ever reason?

RustyBear Sat 03-Nov-07 10:52:03

You'll have to go in Aitch.....

You now have to open a thread to ignore it (yes I know that sounds daft, but the Hide button is now at the top of the conversation, along with watch & flip)

AitchTwoOh Sat 03-Nov-07 10:04:37

i think they're a lovely bunch of women who support each other and are lovely, it's what MN should be etc. but they're called scuttlebuggers which makes my toes curl... <shiver>

colditz Fri 02-Nov-07 23:12:05

What the hell is that scuttlebuggles thing?

WitchTwoOh Fri 02-Nov-07 23:02:43

i can see Scuttlebuggers and i can't press ignore! Oh the humanity! <eyes bleed>

colditz Fri 02-Nov-07 23:01:40

where has the ignore thread button gone? I l;ike thatb button.

harman Fri 02-Nov-07 21:41:06

Message withdrawn

MargosBeenPuttingSpellsOnMN Fri 02-Nov-07 21:39:57

Thanks Justine! My active conversations look much better now!

aaaarghhelp Fri 02-Nov-07 21:08:43

Why can't i start a new threa in the pregnancy topic???

MrsWeasley Fri 02-Nov-07 17:51:50

MNHQ : I am not a happy witch : look I've lost my hat

sparklyjen Fri 02-Nov-07 17:08:18

why hasn't mine changed??

Celia2 Fri 02-Nov-07 17:07:13

I've reset myignore options but the topics I ant to ignore are all still there if I go into last 15 minutes option. What have I missed? Thanks and sorry if it is totally obvious!!!

I'm finding that some of the topics I have ignored eg. For Sale, are still appearing in active conversations. It shows in my ignore section as being ignored but quite frequently there are for sale threads showing. Am I doing something wrong ? Many thanks.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 01-Nov-07 20:51:41

You can Margo, you can - just go to this page

MargosBeenPuttingSpellsOnMN Thu 01-Nov-07 20:27:15

I would like to ignore whole topics

welliemum Thu 01-Nov-07 19:40:48


I still can't ignore threads sad

katierocket Thu 01-Nov-07 12:44:42

Ah - thank you HRH mumsnet for the 'mumsnet classic' option.

JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 01-Nov-07 08:32:06

Yes, sorry about that Hunker - was a lovely idea and all but think Tech my have lynched me [hgrin]

BecauseImWereWolfit Wed 31-Oct-07 17:25:06

I miss the ducks!

Perhaps we should be able to customise our sticky pins as well? Surely an easy task for Tech? grin

HunkOLantern Wed 31-Oct-07 14:59:03

I like them, but I'd have preferred a pumpkin. And then a firework tomorrow. Tech's got time on his hands now, surely? wink grin <scarpers>

sKerryMum Wed 31-Oct-07 14:51:03

MNTowers - The stickies look WAY better now. Good one!

jabberwocky Tue 30-Oct-07 03:12:48

I just got back from vacation and I think this is a really great change. I have kept a lot of MN Classic but I love having the ability to ignore a thread and customize active convos.

QuootieSpookypie Mon 29-Oct-07 23:01:49

Dino... you can customise it so you don't have pages... I have 100 active convos and the threads how they used to be, in one long thread.

Dinosaur Mon 29-Oct-07 22:31:02

I hate not being able to find all the posts on a thread that goes onto more than one page. I have tried clicking the arrows backwards and forwards but I still can't really figure it out sad.

QuootieSpookypie Mon 29-Oct-07 17:03:01

Got it! grin

QuootieSpookypie Mon 29-Oct-07 16:57:55

Sorry if this has been asked - how do I get rid of buying/selling now?

TheDullWitch Mon 29-Oct-07 16:44:06

Oh duh, I just saw it, sorry for being fick.xx

TheDullWitch Mon 29-Oct-07 16:43:17

but Dinosaur, that only explains how to ignore a thread, i want to ignore a topic.

Dinosaur Mon 29-Oct-07 16:35:21

Go to Customise Active Conversations, DullWitch.

TheDullWitch Mon 29-Oct-07 16:33:16

How do I ignore certain topics, like Buying and Selling?

sagitta Mon 29-Oct-07 13:26:54

Where's East Anglia on the survey? I had to put Midlands hmm.
Also, no box for being pg.

AnAngelWithin Mon 29-Oct-07 12:10:11

so have i got to flip every thread individually as well now?!?

1dilemma Sun 28-Oct-07 23:13:53

oh wow the thread has just flipped and now I see there is a mumsnet classic button grinsmile.
WHen I find it I shall be clicking it.

1dilemma Sun 28-Oct-07 23:12:43

I don't like it I just don't have time to work out how I can get all the messages on one page HATE HATE HATE having to wait to download anything!
I just can't be bothered to read it to work out why. I'm just too busy.
But I hate change
I'm not best friends with technology, I have no MP3 or whatever that is or an Ipod, my mobile spends its time switched off in my bag or at home! I use it solely for making and receiving calls, I've sent about 10 texts EVER and I barely have anyones numbers stored.

MrsWeasley Sun 28-Oct-07 20:46:19

I knew this would happen grin I am maybe obsessing slightly (not having a new Harry potter to obsess about I need a new obsessionwink ) but now we need a thread explaining the different phases of our moon. and for all those who are growing to love our moon here is an explanation of a Waning Gibbous moon.

The waning gibbous Moon is just past full and illuminated generally from the left. This phase of the Moon is seen to rise a little while after sunset. The gibbous Moon rides across the sky for most of the night and is still above the western horizon at sunrise. The Moon is in this phase for nearly a week between full and third quarter. For a few days or so after Full Moon the waning gibbous Moon appears nearly full and might be mistaken for a full Moon. The Moon in this phase sets just shortly after sunrise and is generally seen by casual observers early in the morning.

<<Mrs Weasley starts searching internet for a telescope>> wink

princessPUMPKINmel Sun 28-Oct-07 20:20:47


just practising the halloween smilie smile

princessPUMPKINmel Sun 28-Oct-07 20:20:12

So how do you do the drawing pin thingys at the top of talk?. Do we change them or is that a mn thing??

gigglewitch Sun 28-Oct-07 19:54:57

love all the new options. grin
After moaning only last week (though i prefer to call it, erm hmm making useful suggestion) that the threads i'm on only lasted three days - wow, can set it for a week. Great!
Must admit i wondered if i'd got the wrong site, had 3 days away with the family for half term and MN had a make-over in my absence!?!
once i'd got over the "WTF" factor i think it is really good work, well done mnet tech people.

HunkOLantern Sun 28-Oct-07 19:39:03

LOL WWW - after your aaaargh posts!

WideWebWitch Sun 28-Oct-07 15:53:25

Tech, I'm sorry I doubted you. I am now ignoring 40 topics I couldn't care less about, very liberating!

BecauseImWereWolfit Sun 28-Oct-07 14:33:32

Goodness! You go away for a week and someone thinks they can change Mumsnet!

What else have you done?

What have I missed?!

Love the Halloween dooberies smile

Sobernow Sun 28-Oct-07 12:50:06

I'm going to set up a new social group called the 'What Was Wrong With How It Was Before?' Club. We will meet in old church halls, lit by 40 watt bulbs, drinking PG Tips with not quite boiled water from a big urn. We will discuss the Youth of Today, the Economy, the Irish situation and What Might Happen if Foreigners Arm Themselves. The vicar will sit in the hall with us, whittling a handcart for us all to go to hell in when anything changes.

SatanGeorge Sat 27-Oct-07 23:41:20

S'alright MaryBleedinShelley. Baby wipes will clean that right up.


gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 23:39:23

Well, he started it <pouts petulantly>


MaryBleedinShelley Sat 27-Oct-07 23:37:23

<Tech's head explodes>

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 23:30:43

Tech - is there any way we could sticky the threads we personally like?

MrsSpoon Sat 27-Oct-07 23:29:15

Book Club warrants sticky status so I don't forget about it and don't have to go looking for it! grin

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 23:25:15

Yes, I want to know that! I think the FLYing threads should be stickied.

So there.

MaryBleedinShelley Sat 27-Oct-07 23:24:23

But why MrsSpoon?

Why does it warrant Sticky Status?

MrsSpoon Sat 27-Oct-07 23:23:07

I like the book club stickie, will be keeping it.

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 23:21:01

Yes thanks, I've found it now. Feel like such a numptie grin

MaryBleedinShelley Sat 27-Oct-07 23:17:07

Ahhhh...mine's working now.

gibberish - are you using an old bookmark to get Active Convos? If so you won't be able to see the 'ignore' button which is under each thread. You need to actually click on 'active conversations' at the top of this page.

My ignore stickies is working now that I'm doing that too.


gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 23:16:51

ooooer just seen it... <shuffles off feeling very embarassed and extremely stupid>

Glad I can ignore this thread now. Won't be reminded of my stupidity every time I see it grin

PelvicfloorLotsofGore Sat 27-Oct-07 23:13:48

it is under the threads

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 23:11:45

Sounds so simple. But where is the 'ignore' button? <idiot emoticon>

Think dh has one... hmm

PelvicfloorLotsofGore Sat 27-Oct-07 23:11:30

Can't be bothered to scroll down
Did tech sort out the profiles?

RoyKinnear Sat 27-Oct-07 23:08:00

i love ignore stickies
cant imagine anyone wants them

teeee--ch (whines) i dont want to have to click ignore everytime someone sells something
i dont want buy and sell and never will
please help

MrsSpoon Sat 27-Oct-07 23:06:14

You can get rid of the stickies by clicking the ignore button, then clicking on active convos, although presumably they then won't make their way through active convos as someone posts on them, they truely will be ignored.

MrsSpoon Sat 27-Oct-07 23:00:22

Phew, I'm just back my holidays and thankfully have managed to get my MN to view with a degree of old fashioned normality (thanks MNHQ for the power to put things back to normal for the old codgers that can't cope with too much change grin).

I do have a request (don't know if it is one that can be granted) but would it be possible to be able to put a marker in a thread to indicate where we have finished reading? Then when coming back to it later (particularly if it is a contentious thread that runs and runs) we can pick up where we left off easily? Sort of like a book mark.

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 22:48:53

Didn't work for me either MS. hmm

MaryBleedinShelley Sat 27-Oct-07 22:44:16

We're supposed to be able to get rid of the 'stickies' under 'customise active convos' but it doesn't work. At least it doesn't for me.

PelvicfloorLotsofGore Sat 27-Oct-07 22:41:01

I don't like the stickies ,the board never seems to change.

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 22:35:23

Oooh that's weird. The stickies always stay at top of the screen! Don't like it - are we able to change that?

gibberish Sat 27-Oct-07 22:32:01

Yes, I wondered about the stickies. What is the criteria for a thread to be awarded a stickie? Obviously I want all of mine to have one.

I am loving the changes.

Well done tech grin

Just though someone better say it grin

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Oct-07 22:16:57

I'm sure you mean hmm


MaryBleedinShelley Sat 27-Oct-07 22:15:05

Hate the stickies and want rid of them.

Can understand this thread being one but 'Book of the Month'...

WTF??? hmm

UnquietDad Sat 27-Oct-07 21:50:43

Why doesn't Saddy get a pointy hat, when Smiley, Grinny, Sceppy, Crossy, Blushy, Greenie, Winkie and Shockie all do?

LIZS Sat 27-Oct-07 19:59:16

Quiet tonight thoguh , isn't it hmm

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Oct-07 19:10:08


Dior Sat 27-Oct-07 19:06:02

Message withdrawn

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Oct-07 19:04:41

Thanks Dior, Somedays I just need it said plainly and slowly, today is one of those days wink smile

my smileys love hats smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile
hmmhmmhmm hmm hmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmm
shock shock shockshockshockshockshockshock
angryangryangryangryangryangry angry angry
envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy
blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush
sad sad Now can you guess why these are so sad

Mercy Sat 27-Oct-07 17:57:46

Have just logged on after a week away - I'm confused! Will have to have a good trawl through this thread I think.

NBheebieGeebies Sat 27-Oct-07 16:18:21

What a shock I got this morning!

Anyway I've re arranged it back to ye olde mn stylee grin
Cant be doing wiht reading top to bottom and new colours.
Doesnt do well for my already addled brain.

No problems with it though. Quite self explanitory.

Can I just ask though, what are these pin things/sticky subject bits all about?
Are they not a bit dare I say, netmums ish? grin

Dior Sat 27-Oct-07 15:31:40

Message withdrawn

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Oct-07 12:39:51

I should add it logged on yesterday saw the changes and ran away grin

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Oct-07 12:33:37

the moon is worrying me an awful lot. Why do we need it? Whats wrong with sticking our heads near a window?

Not saying i dont like it, I have a feeling it will grow on me and soon I wont be able to live without it just a bit worried about why we need it smile

Miaou Sat 27-Oct-07 09:26:12

Ooooh I so like this new look. I lurve reading from the top down. And I like the new colours too. The only thing I don't like about the muted thing is that the links are just underlined and not a different colour, so unless you mouse over an underlined word you wouldn't know if it was actually a link or just underlined. So I went back to Classic for about ten minutes, but then decided I would put up with it as I prefer muted!

Are you planning any alteration to the Active Convo's page? Eg more space between thread titles (tis a bit hard to read sometimes, especially when titles go over more than one line)? I was wondering if it could have more of a "table" appearance (but without the lines!) so that all the times appear in one column, the last poster in another, etc etc ... Just a thought. But I like it anyway smile

cazboldy Sat 27-Oct-07 06:52:46

I agree with showofhands.....East Anglia!

Sobernow Sat 27-Oct-07 00:19:32

Scratch that! Have worked out what to do! No help needed, now!

Sobernow Sat 27-Oct-07 00:07:48

I need help here, too. I cannot fathom how to get to the OP on a 'this is page 2 of 3' directional arrows. I am sorry, but I've tried and I now find myself only opening threads with fewer than 25 posts. That is not good. Please advise.

hatwoman Fri 26-Oct-07 23:43:36

am I being a bit thick - I clicked on the mn classic button and my threads were still top down and (worse) on several pages. what am i doing wrong?

MaryBleedinShelley Fri 26-Oct-07 22:50:47

Tech - I've gone through on the link to ignore stickies but they're still there, bold as brass, at the top of Active Convos.

How do I get shot of them please?

Lawrene8 Fri 26-Oct-07 21:54:53

I can't seem to get the topic list - is this happeneing to everyone or is it just me?

PeachesMcScream Fri 26-Oct-07 21:46:57

Hiya Tech, a sticky problem for me too. I do the thing in customise active convos then if I go out of MN (I know I shouldn't wink) eg to Google, and then back into MN afterwards, ie, without logging out, it reverts back to stickies at the top.

DeathByPruners Fri 26-Oct-07 20:52:27

I like it very much.
I know you don't need my approval
It's great, though
Think how many threads this is going to save
"AIBU to hate AIBU?"
Poof! Now with a click it is erased from the board.
(I kind of like it now though)

foulmoonfiend Fri 26-Oct-07 18:21:17

changed colours which is bit better....

DarthVader Fri 26-Oct-07 18:21:12

How do I use the ignore thing - I can't find it...
[durr emoticon]

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 18:11:42

Are you using an old bookmark to access stuff?

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 18:11:05

I meant what isn't normal

Have you pressed f5 to see if that clears it?

foulmoonfiend Fri 26-Oct-07 18:10:28

Pressing the mumsnet classic thingy to get it back to normal.

Make it Go Back!!!

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 18:09:33

What's not working, Fiend?

foulmoonfiend Fri 26-Oct-07 18:07:35

mumsnet classic is Not Working for me,
Look I'm giving you fair warning. It's Full Moon today and I am a teeny bit rabid tetchy frickingunhinged sensitive to stuff. Hellllp meeeee.....

Snaf Fri 26-Oct-07 17:55:44

I took out 42 topics.

Maybe I shoudn't be here blush

RustyBear Fri 26-Oct-07 17:23:37
sparkybabe Fri 26-Oct-07 16:28:54

I want to know what it says in latin - is it something profound?

TwigorTreat Fri 26-Oct-07 16:06:36

by which i mean all 3 come and go together en masse .. and not one gets bumped to the top of the list by new message ..

TwigorTreat Fri 26-Oct-07 16:05:45

thanks tech .. but ignore stickies is still glitching .. they come, they go, they come, they go .. I'm getting rather dizzy

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 15:16:20

oh i love the sue ellen ref
she is my all-time favourite babe

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 15:12:09

This (ignore stickies) should be alright now. If you set ignore stickies on customise active conversations they should go un-sticky and just show up in their normal spots as and when there are new messages.

And spelling: JR (as I like to call her) agreed with the customise argument so now we gone all -ise rather than -ize.

"JR, you are not gonna put me back in that sanitarium."

And before you start, I know we say sanatorium in the uk not sanitarium, but I was being Sue Ellen innit wink

ScaremyVile Fri 26-Oct-07 15:10:44

Mine are unstuck now!

bonkerz Fri 26-Oct-07 15:09:48

agh i go away for 4 days and i come back to this!!! I fear i will now be lost in mumsnet and that DHs prediction of 4 hours on computer may come true!!!!

tissy Fri 26-Oct-07 15:02:57

I can't unstick the stickies, either

brandnewpumpkin Fri 26-Oct-07 14:57:46

And I logged out after customising (note: spelt properlygrin) and logged back in, and refreshed and everything and they are still there and I don't like them.

RustyBear Fri 26-Oct-07 14:56:38

They do go away if you click the ignore at the end of the thread title - but they just go right away, they don't revert to normal.

ScaremyVile Fri 26-Oct-07 14:55:44

I'm logged in but my 'ignore stickies' option doesn't work either, not moaning but just so you you know that its crappy theres a glitch.

Sherbert37 Fri 26-Oct-07 14:53:07

Well I took out 35 topics - any advance on that!

brandnewpumpkin Fri 26-Oct-07 14:51:02

Ignore stickies not working for me either, and now there are THREE angry -make them go, pleeeeese.

NomDeBroomstick Fri 26-Oct-07 14:44:31

I have remember me ticked and it still doesn't work

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 14:43:53

Hi Twigortreat, The customise options only work when you are logged in. If you don't have "remember me" set and then you shut down mn and come back, we don't know who you are until you log in, so we can't do any of your options.

AitchTwoOh Fri 26-Oct-07 14:40:11

i MUST have ignore stickies, the Book of the Mnth is pissing me off. if i had time to read i wouldn't be on here. hmm

NomDeBroomstick Fri 26-Oct-07 14:20:49

ignore stickies doesn;t work for me either. 'tis poo

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 14:16:22

that didnt happen to me, twig

TwigorTreat Fri 26-Oct-07 14:13:55

yabbut when you close the MN window and open it up again later (you know when RL beckons in those odd moments) ... it PINGS back up

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 14:12:57

clcik refresh after ignore

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 14:12:38

yes it does twig

i ignored one and its gone

TwigorTreat Fri 26-Oct-07 14:11:48

as an aside the ignoring stickies feature doesn't work

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 14:11:15

what the moon for?

im not having agood day today...very confused...

JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 14:09:54

Yes - if only we'd had moonwatch - we'd have known not to be so foolish wink.

MegaLegs Fri 26-Oct-07 13:48:39

You are very brave making all these changes at a full moon <<only just noticed the moon thing>>.

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead Fri 26-Oct-07 13:46:05

just noticed the '(from MNCoven)' instead of MNHQ - very nice grin

LilBloodRedWantsGore Fri 26-Oct-07 13:45:26


JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 13:43:11

Oooh Blimey, yes, you're right - don't know how that slipped in!

LilBloodRedWantsGore Fri 26-Oct-07 13:41:53

Have done justine. Suprised you've not been yelled at for text speak yet wink

AeFangedKiss Fri 26-Oct-07 13:36:35

what am I going to win now that I filled in you survey?

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 13:27:25

I couldn't see the duck either but now, when I'm reading something else I catch it out of the corner of my eye and it is a duck! Not when I look at it directly though. Bizarre.

harman Fri 26-Oct-07 13:27:15

Message withdrawn

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead Fri 26-Oct-07 13:24:28

Thank you for changing the spelling of customise. I love the moon.

Only comment I would make is that perhaps a banner at the top of talk the day before the changes were made might have helped reduce panic of all of the old codgers regular posters who need time to adapt to changes like this grin

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 13:20:37

i am squinting but i cant see the duck resemblence

at least i know what youre on about now smile

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 13:19:55

oh blush


ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 13:19:14

Active conversations. Look at the top. There are 3 threads woth a yellow postit with a pin in it. They're stuck to the top of Active convos. They are stickies. If you look out of the corner of your eye, the pin/post it looks like a duck.

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 13:15:51

still in the dark

ShowOfHands Fri 26-Oct-07 13:13:35

I object to the 'where do you live' part of the survey. I live in East Anglia. This is neither the Midlands, nor the South East. I begrudgingly put South East but this will prey on my mind for the rest of the day.


ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 13:11:20

Except my non-sticky stickies option doesn't work hmm

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 26-Oct-07 13:10:59

It's a duck, Nailpolish.

TwigorTreat Fri 26-Oct-07 13:10:45

I particularly love the fact that you can set it to not allow stickies grin

AitchTwoOh Fri 26-Oct-07 13:08:02

don't tell 'er, Pike!

nailpolish Fri 26-Oct-07 13:04:14

oh please can someone tell me what a stickie is

im going out of my mind not knowing

AitchTwoOh Fri 26-Oct-07 13:01:29

i noticed that,twig, was it you who alerted him? thank you.

AitchTwoOh Fri 26-Oct-07 13:00:54

(i bet it's just a question of pressing 'make this thread a sticky', you know. that JJ's just trying to keep him/herself in a job by making it all seem like magic).

TwigorTreat Fri 26-Oct-07 13:00:19

I think it's all fabulous dahlink.

I am particularly enamoured of the new spelling of 'customise' ... and would like to thank you for that particular change from the bottom of my pedantic heart (I could of course hear Tech swearing at me from his shed, but it had to be done)

JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 12:56:22

Wish I could Aitch sad - all JJ's work. Thanks for your thanks though smile.

AitchTwoOh Fri 26-Oct-07 12:47:12

oh look, Justine can do stickies... <pats J's head>

Justine, Tech, it's all great! well done, must have been a power of work. grin

I like the from MN Coven part.

TheMassacredPoster Fri 26-Oct-07 12:33:09

yes - very seasonal Justine

JoBangles Fri 26-Oct-07 12:30:06

Like the new name Justine grin

sKerryMum Fri 26-Oct-07 12:23:29


[claps hands vigorously]


JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 12:19:52

ps I know this is a sticky quite yet but it will be shortly if JJ can figure out how to do it, and a little bit less shortly (i.e. when Tech wakes up) if she can't.

Wish I could do stickies [wistful emoticon]

JustscreamMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Oct-07 12:16:25

Dear Mumsnetters,

We have made a few enhancements to our humble offering, which will allow you to customise Mumsnet Talk and (God willing) get it just the way you like it by using the Active conversations links at the top of Talk pages. You can choose to read threads in different order, how many posts appear on your page (if you limit the posts per page it can make the page load more quickly), fiddle with the colours, choose how many posts in active conversations, select how many days your threads I'm watching lasts for, plus you can opt to ignore specific posts or topics willy nilly. Oh and there's a moonwatch too.

Our default look is slightly changed from old Mumsnet (or Mumsnet classic as we like to call it) but before anyone starts panicking, there is a Mumsnet Classic button just a click away for all you conservative, dyed in the wool MNetters who like it like it is and can't think why we wanted to mess with it anyway. (ie A "Change it back!" option, which given bitter experience we thought we'd introduce at the same time as change wink)

So do have a fiddle (ideally for at least ten minutes before you start wailing "Who, what, why, when") and if you have any problems/ishoos/suggestions then please do post them here and we promise to look at them.

Hope you like it - if you do - twas my idea - if you hate it look no further than the shed.

ps plse can you fill in our survey grin

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