Gina Ford

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-May-07 09:24:45

Dear all,

We're pleased to say we have finally reached a settlement with Gina Ford (see here ). Just so you know, we are not at liberty to discuss the terms of settlement further so we won't be able to respond to any questions about that. We are confident, though, that we can all now draw a line under the affair and can move on.

We will continue to lobby hard for a review of the libel laws in this country with regard to websites, as we believe they haven't caught up with the way folks communicate on the net. We'll keep you posted on that.

Thank you everyone for your fabulous support in what's been an anxious time for us at MN Towers.


blatherskite Wed 09-May-07 09:25:47

That's brilliant news! Congratulations to you and well done Gina as well!

fryalot Wed 09-May-07 09:25:48

glad it's over

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Wed 09-May-07 09:25:59

that's very good. At last!

suejonez Wed 09-May-07 09:26:09

can we still call her SWMNBN? I've kinda got used to it now and it has a certain ring to it.

MaloryTowers Wed 09-May-07 09:26:16

LilRedWG Wed 09-May-07 09:26:19

Well done all at Mumsnet Towers!!!!!!

LIZS Wed 09-May-07 09:26:26

Pleased to hear it has finally reached a resolution.

littlelapin Wed 09-May-07 09:26:51

Come on, own up, who else came on here ready to go "noooooo, you can't say her name?!!!"

DANCESwithaFewExtraPounds Wed 09-May-07 09:26:59

Glad it's all over <restrains self>...MN rules

Saturn74 Wed 09-May-07 09:27:14

Glad it's over for you all.

Kelly1978 Wed 09-May-07 09:27:20

So glad it sorted though can't help but be a bit cross that you had to pay towards her legal costs. Thank god it over anyway.

suejonez Wed 09-May-07 09:28:04

LL - I had the same thought!

Budababe Wed 09-May-07 09:28:09

Me littlelapin!!!!

Well done all at MNHQ. Glad you can relax now.

A real shame it all happened though.

MaureenMLove Wed 09-May-07 09:28:09

I did! I was about to send a message to get it deleted!

BeachBoy Wed 09-May-07 09:28:35

Fantastic news, congratulations.

Flower3554 Wed 09-May-07 09:29:08

Glad it's sorted, it must have been a difficult time for you all at Mumsnet Towers

Hurrah. Hurrah. Good for you MN. Now we don't have to find something useful to do with ourselves in the evenings.

kandi Wed 09-May-07 09:29:48

Phew, glad it's all worked out and over with!

wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe Wed 09-May-07 09:29:48

ll I did!

Mercy Wed 09-May-07 09:30:05

Agree with Kelly's post

Trinityrhino Wed 09-May-07 09:31:17

well done mumsnet
agree with kelly too

PestoMonster Wed 09-May-07 09:32:35


lulumama Wed 09-May-07 09:33:16

woo hoooooooo!!! great news . well done MNHQ!

so glad that we will still have a mumsnet!

how odd we can now discuss SWMNBN!

lulumama Wed 09-May-07 09:33:52

me, LittleLapin, i was ready to hit the 'report' button at some naive newbie saying those words ! PMSL!

Pixiefish Wed 09-May-07 09:33:59

Shame it came to this but am glad its all over for you now- whatever te terms were xxx

Aloha Wed 09-May-07 09:34:18

So pleased! Hope it didn't cost you too much

PandaG Wed 09-May-07 09:34:47

Really pleased to read this. Fantastic news

Whoooosh Wed 09-May-07 09:36:26

LL-had the same thought too!!

Fantastic new Mumsnet Towers and as you didn't get to enjoy your maternity leave-maybe you should have another baby!

SSSandy2 Wed 09-May-07 09:37:18

I missed the whole problem/debate so I'm a bit in the dark but it looks like the powers that be at MN did a fantastic job of dealing with the situation and coming to an amicable solution. Thanks

Pamina Wed 09-May-07 09:38:06

Great news . Hope it wasn't too expensive though.

DrNortherner Wed 09-May-07 09:38:42

Hurrah for MN.

Glad you reached an amicable solution.

ceolas Wed 09-May-07 09:38:53

pleased to hear it

geekgrrl Wed 09-May-07 09:39:22

good news and well done

annoying about the legal costs though

Taylormama Wed 09-May-07 09:41:04

hooooooooooge congrats!!! I bet there has been a collective wiping of brows at MN Towers this morning. I am going to spend the fiver i was going to send to the fighting fund on chocolate now!

franca70 Wed 09-May-07 09:41:33

SoapOnARope Wed 09-May-07 09:43:05

does this mean we have to 'nice' about Bono?

cupcakes Wed 09-May-07 09:44:07

littlelapin - me too. We are all very well trained now.

Congratulations, Mumsnet!

MamaMaiasaura Wed 09-May-07 09:44:30

same here littlelapin

glad all sorted now tho. xx

Nemo2007 Wed 09-May-07 09:45:25

Glad its all over for you...

Enid Wed 09-May-07 09:45:30

Glad to hear the case has been put to bed (at 6.45pm obv )

Pruni Wed 09-May-07 09:45:58

Message withdrawn

DragonFaerie Wed 09-May-07 09:46:50

What geekgrrl said.


MrsJohnCusack Wed 09-May-07 09:47:42

excellent news!

MellowMa Wed 09-May-07 09:48:21

Message withdrawn

KerryMum Wed 09-May-07 09:49:18

Great news. Not too thrilled about legal costs (and assume you guys aren't either). I think there's got to be some legislation made to bring us into the 21st century.

NotanOtter Wed 09-May-07 09:49:55


nailpolish Wed 09-May-07 09:52:36

WELL I thought MN was a far better place without her

CuriousSquid Wed 09-May-07 09:53:31

I was about to click on the red exclamation without reading and just noticed that it was justine starting the thread so it was ok lol

Hoorah!! and at paying her costs but its a good outcome.

I have got used to saying SWMNBN i have to say!

As long as pople remember that its her methods we can talk about not her as a person.....

hannahsaunt Wed 09-May-07 09:53:41

Hoorah!! Well done. Congrats to all involved.

Enid Wed 09-May-07 09:53:49

oh god does this mean we are now going to have to put up with loads of 'i dont fancy a bit of toast at 8am help!!!!' type threads

RumBumAndConcertina Wed 09-May-07 09:55:03

Very pleased it is no longer hanging over you MNHQ Wonderful news!

stleger Wed 09-May-07 09:58:26

Well done!

Congrats! thank god it has all been resolved!

Ladymuck Wed 09-May-07 09:59:55

[Sigh} Am I the only one who actually enjoyed the fact that there was a ban? One less thing to be divided on...

Glad it is sorted guys. But being fair and civil is going to take some getting used to. Will this rule be introduced for any other topics?

anorak Wed 09-May-07 10:00:47

Fantastic news! This website is a better and more varied source of information and support for mothers than any book or individual person could ever be

I feel like opening the bubbly, in fact I am quite emotional that our fab website is safe.

I don't care what anybody says about rows etc the basis of this site is caring and a lifeline for mums who are far away from their loved ones in RL. The site is what we make it and I think we do a pretty good job on the whole with the huge loyalty and support from MN Towers.

lucy5 Wed 09-May-07 10:01:40

Glad it is all over for you, hope it didn't cost you too much.

Saturn74 Wed 09-May-07 10:01:44

Good point, Ladymuck!

morningpaper Wed 09-May-07 10:02:39

Yay! Glad that a resolution has been met

I may continue to impose my own personal ban though, to avoid incurring any further costs

suzywong Wed 09-May-07 10:04:49

yes, glad it's all over

Pruni Wed 09-May-07 10:06:34

Message withdrawn

Nbg Wed 09-May-07 10:08:44

I am really pleased and well done for continuing the battle with laws and the internet.

NormaStanleyFletcher Wed 09-May-07 10:13:25

Oh how fab it is over!!

Shame about the legal costs, but I hope the peace of mind for all of you at MNHQ is worth it
You will have plenty of us behind you if we can help in any with a campaign to change libel law

Smaug Wed 09-May-07 10:14:28

Great news!

Gingerbear Wed 09-May-07 10:16:41

Good news.

Relieved on everyone's behalf that this is over. I think mumsnet hq has been fab thoughout this whole debacle. V much hope you aren't too much out of pocket (that bit doesn't seem fair to me either, but that's compromise for you) I continue to be amazed that you all fought so hard for what you believe in, and to keep mn going, when there was v little to be personally gained for Justine and co, and much to be lost by not throwing the towel in.

Really hope mn hq get time to spend spoiling their children rotten for a while now.

lol at mp's self imposed ban.

batters Wed 09-May-07 10:20:01

very very pleased for MNHQ, Justine.

I am also hoping that the money paid towards the legal costs was minimal.

Boco Wed 09-May-07 10:21:09

Phew! Glad Mn is here to stay. Hope the costs aren't too horrendous.

As a relative newbie i've never ever typed the words ...Gina Ford....

(still feels very naughty)

I think Voldemort is a great name.

RustyBear Wed 09-May-07 10:29:58

Rusty's room service for all at MN Towers

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 10:31:40

I don't think we should complain about certain cheese spread adverts now - MNHQ need the money for legal fees! Advertise away! Do Fruit shoots next!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 09-May-07 10:34:01

Brill news!

feetheart Wed 09-May-07 10:35:12

Fantastic news and a huge WELL DONE to all at Mumsnet Towers. I have been so impressed at the dedication you have shown in sticking up for what you (and most of us) believe. It must have put an enormous strain on you all - if there is anything left in the fighting fund I think a mahoosive bottle of the bubbly stuff is called for

Thank you for fighting so hard to keep this amazing site going.

hunkermunker Wed 09-May-07 10:39:09

Well done, MN Towers.

Am still not talking about her though, since I don't think I can be nice.

Can I say fucknosed fartdonkey with gay abandon now though?

madamenoir Wed 09-May-07 10:39:32

Great news! Seems like a very grown-up decision!

WendyWeber Wed 09-May-07 10:40:19

hunker! where you bin?

hunkermunker Wed 09-May-07 10:42:08

Moving house, no internet connection, came on a bit yesterday, but didn't see anything I wanted to post on. Am Cutting Back.

Bye again

allieBongo Wed 09-May-07 10:42:34

yes hunker, as long as it is not personally related to one person

GiantSquirrelSpotter Wed 09-May-07 10:52:33


Well done mumsnet

BettySpaghetti Wed 09-May-07 10:58:37

Glad its over -I expect you've been through hell whilst this has been going on (and we probably only know the half of it).

Open a bottle, put your feet up and relax

frumpygrumpy Wed 09-May-07 10:59:32


ArcticRoll Wed 09-May-07 10:59:35

Brilliant news!

sockmonkey Wed 09-May-07 10:59:48

Fantastic news MNHQ. Glad it's all over for you.

Piffle Wed 09-May-07 11:01:43

Hmmm would you like a whip round mn towers

apeainapod Wed 09-May-07 11:05:18

Phew that was a close one - I wondered what the hell was going on.

Congratulations - I think a bottle Krug might be in order?????

morningpaper Wed 09-May-07 11:05:46

Yes! Lunchables are on me!

apeainapod Wed 09-May-07 11:07:54

I'll take the Krug you can keep your Lunchables! I think that's a fair swap!

Snaf Wed 09-May-07 11:09:30

Thank god for that. Justice and common sense prevail

FWIW, would be quite happy for the ban to remain in place!

morningpaper Wed 09-May-07 11:10:31

mmm but these are low in salt and errmmrmmmm crunchy

actually I don't know what Lunchables ARE

they should advertise MORE

apeainapod Wed 09-May-07 11:20:07

Bubbles! and more bubbles - maybe a Magnum would do.....!

motherinferior Wed 09-May-07 11:54:33

milge Wed 09-May-07 11:57:58

Well done and thanks MNHQ for keeping Mn going. I think the ban should continue, because we don't want the situation to rear its head again, with unthinking comments.
How much did you have to pay - should we contribute?

tigerschick Wed 09-May-07 11:59:04

glad it's all over.
Well done MNHQ

LaDiDaDi Wed 09-May-07 12:01:56

Fantastic news. I really hope that this hasn't been too costly for you, financially or emotionally.

PollyLogos Wed 09-May-07 12:03:39

Great news.Hope it wasn't too costly for you though.

RTKangaMummy Wed 09-May-07 12:06:44

Deffo brill news that it is over

but not

deffo brill news about the money

joash Wed 09-May-07 12:32:53

Fabulous news - I was wondering what had been happening over this.

tissy Wed 09-May-07 12:36:37

glad it's over, but like Hunker, I will not be discussing her or her methods at all.

Astrophe Wed 09-May-07 12:38:37

Phew! You must be glad thats over. I hope the settlement was a good one for your pockets though

LadyTophamHatt Wed 09-May-07 12:53:03

God, i hate the fact taht MN have had to dish out cash for this.

I'm banning myself too...just on principle.

WigWamBam Wed 09-May-07 13:01:17

Glad it's over, but I also hate the fact that MN have had to pay out.

I shan't be discussing the woman.

MamaG Wed 09-May-07 13:01:17


RTKangaMummy Wed 09-May-07 13:02:04

The thing is I never believed reading a book is going to help with looking after a baby

IMHO and IME you get far better knowledge froma site like Mumsnet where you can ask real mums and get real experience

So IMHO I think MUMSNET is much much much better and will help new mummies much better than reading a book from anyone who isn't a mummy. Whoever they are!!!!

October Wed 09-May-07 13:06:07

Message withdrawn

princessmel Wed 09-May-07 13:08:39

Thats great news.

I'm going to get on my soap box here (hang on, it'll take a minute, I'm older and creakier than I was a year ago)....

...anyone who hasn't, can I urge you to register for the CAT thing - see contact a mumsnetter. It's a small contribution to the site running costs (and cost incurred by supporting our free speech) and at only £5 a year I reckon Mumsnet has to be one of the best value services out there. Where else on the web can you use the word 'fanjo' with inpunity???

It also means you can convert mumsnet friends to RL friends.

<<falls off soapbox>>


<<wanders off>>

UnquietDad Wed 09-May-07 13:14:20

You can talk about her methods now. Get cracking!!

edam Wed 09-May-07 13:16:19

Well done MN. Seems very unfair you've had to shell out for her legal costs, though.

You see UnquietDad, the thing is, we aren't really interested in talking about her methods. You either agree or you don't and there's little point arguing the toss on either side.

(Peace pipe anyone)?

Twiga Wed 09-May-07 13:18:24

Great !

Blu Wed 09-May-07 13:20:25

Congratulations to everyone involved - very pleased to hear that the matter is resolved.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-May-07 13:21:22

Hi all,

Thanks so much for the offers of a whip-round - much appreciated.
We reckon we can swallow the cost just about without it breaking the bank (so long as you don't all stop shopping at Boden - plse Cod don't say we can't) though Tech might have to wait a while before we can buy him a heater for his shed.
But of course if you'd like to help pay the lawyers and finance a shed refurb too then allow me to list a few suggestions ...

1. Don't disable your ads
2. Click on the ads (even David Gest)
3. Buy from our affiliates (here and here )
4. Tell all your friends about MN (heck, even your enemies...)
5. Take out a CAT subscription
6. Fill out some local listings (the more useful that is, the more chance we've got of attracting folk and more members = more revenue) and galvanise others to do the same
7. Sign up to and open (and read of course) the newsletters
8. Keep on posting (that's an easy one)

We'll also shortly be putting up some information about our efforts to get the libel law updated, and any suggestions you have with regard to that would be great. Changing the law will help secure not only Mumsnet's future but will make all UK bulletin boards less vulnerable.

Many thanks for asking,

MN Towers


MrsWho Wed 09-May-07 13:30:16


Great news

Leander Wed 09-May-07 13:32:19


mrsflowerpot Wed 09-May-07 13:36:07

Marvellous news .

Hope the legal costs were manageable.

mum2sons Wed 09-May-07 14:20:59

Fantastic news!! Well done! Does SWMNBN have to now remain a person WMNBN??!

Lots of Love to you at MN towers! xxxxx

Freckle Wed 09-May-07 14:22:49

So glad a settlement has been reached. It must be a huge weight off your minds.

Can't think I'd be tempted to discuss SWMNBN anyway now.

tortoiseSHELL Wed 09-May-07 15:12:45

GLad it's settled Justine, I hope it was an ok settlement for you.


nickytwotimes Wed 09-May-07 15:16:41

glad to hear it's all over!

hewlettsdaughter Wed 09-May-07 16:33:34

3sEnough Wed 09-May-07 16:36:03


peachygirl Wed 09-May-07 16:37:54

This is great news

JackieNo Wed 09-May-07 16:43:13

Excellent news. Well done you lot. Must be fab not to have that hanging over you.

Califrau Wed 09-May-07 16:49:31


akaJamiesMum Wed 09-May-07 16:52:32

Can I be the first to say I HATE her methods and would never use them..

Califrau Wed 09-May-07 16:54:26

just can't bring myself to engage in discussion tho. She will ever be SWMNBN to me.

Tigana Wed 09-May-07 16:59:33

Weight off shoulders. <<shrugs off shackles>>

ohsmellyjelly Wed 09-May-07 17:02:22

Message withdrawn

Issymum Wed 09-May-07 17:04:11

Well done to Mnet and Gina Ford for reaching a settlement. After so much anger and hurt, on both sides, shaking hands and saying "sorry" (even if through gritted teeth and with your fingers crossed behind your back), must have been tough for everyone to do.

I'm just sorry for all those poor, little, defenceless litigation lawyers and cuddly little barristers cruelly deprived of the humungous fees that would have been incurred taking this to trial.

On a legally geeky note, if it had gone to trial, it might have been a very interesting and possibly ground-breaking judgement at the interface of libel and the relatively new phenomenon of social networking ......... but you don't really care about that do you!

Lizzer Wed 09-May-07 17:04:40

Way hey!! Well done Mumsnet!!!! Excellent news

daisybump Wed 09-May-07 17:17:17

Great News

pointydog Wed 09-May-07 17:19:52


Can we slag her off now?

UnquietDad Wed 09-May-07 17:32:02

Mental image of Justine and GF sharing a hearty joke through gritted teeth like Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness...

bossykate Wed 09-May-07 17:32:56

lololololo uqd! that is hilarious!

Marina Wed 09-May-07 17:36:52

LOLOL Unquietdad
There is capacity to cause offence on so many fronts there I feel!

MarsLady Wed 09-May-07 17:44:24

Glad it's over. Not happy about the costs..... grrrrr....

I also will not be naming her or talking about her.

Well done Justine etc for standing against your Goliath.

CaptainUnderpants Wed 09-May-07 17:47:23

Well done .

We have got through the last few months without mentioning her or her methods so I see no reason to start mentioning her again . Gina who ???

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-May-07 17:51:11

I think might have to sue you Unquietdad for comparing me to Ian Paisley .

littlelapin Wed 09-May-07 17:52:36

Oh UD, I'd make with the PhotoShop if I didn't think it would get me banned!

Tommy Wed 09-May-07 17:52:53

that's great news

NomDePlume Wed 09-May-07 17:53:57


Brilliant news. It must be a huge weight off

pointydog Wed 09-May-07 17:58:01

Trouble is, underpants, she has been unmentionable ever since I started posting on mn.

Didn't know her at first.

But recently found out a distant-ish family member has been bringing his baby up according to CLB book. And I have been DYING to comment.

Look - I'm biting my lip

manictreecreature Wed 09-May-07 17:59:39

I don't want to discuss her or her methods.

I do want to be able to swear and join in with puerile threads without feeling like it's another Black Mark Aganist MN

Congratulations on still being here you lovely, lovely ladies (and Tech!)
I was a little bit worried at one point...

littlelapin Wed 09-May-07 18:08:56

I'm past the age with DS that I would be interested in a discussion... and not having read the books, I can't help anyone else... so I guess I won't be talking about her either!

Idreamofdaleks Wed 09-May-07 18:09:10

The law is an ass

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 09-May-07 18:44:56

I am so pleased this is over for you

You can breathe a huge sigh of relief finally. Very sad that you have had to contribute to costs which in fact caused you to lose your maternity leave.

I certainly wont be affected by any lifting of bans. I have no desire to discuss anything related.

Thanks for sticking to your guns x

FrannyandZooey Wed 09-May-07 18:47:09

Oh how wonderful

I am so delighted and relieved for you

Lio Wed 09-May-07 18:49:52

So delighted, your are all very starry.

A reminder to everyone to check out Justine's post of Wed 09-May-07 13:21:22 if they want to help out with the money bit.

WideWebWitch Wed 09-May-07 19:50:23

Oh brilliant Justine and all the rest of you. Agree with vvv but I'm glad this is all over.

<<Er, did Gina confirm that she wouldn't be taking action against individual posters? it would be nice to not have to use the lawyer I had on speed dial >>> Whether she did or not, I'm with Morningpaper on self censoring, I have no wish to discuss her now or ever.

WideWebWitch Wed 09-May-07 19:52:24

Ooh err, so the red box has gone!

Hmm, I wonder if anyone will ever disuss her books again here...

lapsedrunner Wed 09-May-07 19:54:03

Well done Mumsnet

contentiouscat Wed 09-May-07 19:59:39

Congrats you must be so glad thats over, it must have been very stressful.

Another vote here to still call her SWMNBN though!

Her system worked a treat for DC1 but not at all for DC2!

Seems a bit unfair you were being held responsible for what posters on here said though

TheArmadillo Wed 09-May-07 20:20:16


That must have been a weight off your minds.

Hope all at MNHQ are going to celebrate.

Beauregard Wed 09-May-07 20:26:43

Woo Hoo!
So pleased

franke Wed 09-May-07 20:28:33


TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 09-May-07 21:12:40

Result! MN Towers can now concentrate on other, more exciting, things! Like earning money

Fubsy Wed 09-May-07 21:23:44

great news! didnt know you could disable the ads though, so i must be earning loads of money esp from the invisible ad that i somehow seem to click on a lot!

MaPickle Wed 09-May-07 21:34:21

Glad to hear it ... only joined recently and found out about MN through a link on ... GINA FORD's WEBSITE!! Ha ha! So was somewhat perturbed to see what was going on. V V V V V V pleased for you that its sorted

fransmom Wed 09-May-07 21:41:11
MamaG Wed 09-May-07 21:53:05

lol justine, haven't you had enough of lawyers for a while

<<<<<Cracks open a bottle of Champers>>>

this one is on me!!!!!!

fransmom Wed 09-May-07 21:57:28

get you bom! <<,have you nicked them from the barrrrrrrrr?>>>>

morocco Wed 09-May-07 22:02:49

cheers everyone

adamadamum Wed 09-May-07 22:03:23

CONGRATULATIONS MUMSNET! I THINK THIS CALLS FOR UPPER CASE! LET'S SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY! You are the best of mums websites by far, I am so, so happy that this is over. So can we now say what we really think of GINA FORD? I am sure I am not alone in having a much lower opinion of her than before her silly lawsuit.

And an even higher opinion of Mumsnet!

DontlookatmeImanervouswreck Wed 09-May-07 22:07:49

Hurray for Mumsnet

So glad it's finally sorted out.

adamadamum Wed 09-May-07 22:39:29

Ah, My congratulations agin to the best mums website, I posted earlier, but before I read the statement - much as I would like to say what I think of gina ford, after reading the Mumsnet statement about the settlement, I like the idea of a self imposed ban on discussing her at all. Not so it doesn't contravene the settlement inadvertently (sp?) but because we are allowed to discuss her as long as we don't say how we really feel if we don't agree...I don't think anyone should have the power to censor discussions in this way, and as ms ford has undoubtably made profit from mention of her books/methods from Mumsnet in the past, with free speech, I personally would not be happy for her to continue profiting from a site she tried to shut down.

What's the chance of a message on the home page saying as much? Mind you after the initial honeymoon period of being able to say GINA FORD again for the fun of it (!) I bet most Mumsnetters won't want to waste their fingers typing the name!

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-May-07 23:01:43

Thanks for your bubbly everyone - have got a nice bottle of Rioja Reserva on the go as it happens.

WWW you asked about the situation as regards action against individual posters. As you know we can't discuss the settlement terms, but we can say that during the course of negotiations we did secure an undertaking that Gina ford would not at any time institute proceedings against any Mumsnet members for postings made during the period of dispute.

M Towers

morningpaper Wed 09-May-07 23:04:27

<eats a celebratory Lunchable>

gess Wed 09-May-07 23:06:11

Glad its over. I'm in agreement with anyone who doesn't want to talk about her.

Fab news - well done MN HQ
<<snaffles glass of champers. Passes on lunchables>>

morningpaper Wed 09-May-07 23:07:26

<lights up a Fruit Shoot and inhales>

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:09:01

<passes around Greggs sausage rolls>

morningpaper Wed 09-May-07 23:14:19

<lights up celebratory sausage roll>

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 09-May-07 23:24:35

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:25:57

We forgot cheese strings!!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 09-May-07 23:29:25

<lobs pepperami into the crowd, slips on spilt Fruit Shoot and falls on arse>

champs Thu 10-May-07 02:29:51

glad you can finally say bye to this part of everything!! what a stressful time for you all.

glad MN is here to stay xxx

Really pleased it's all over at last! Thank you to everyone at MN Towers for fighting on behalf of us all, you did a wonderful job and (unlike some people) remained very dignified throughout. You're all brilliant. Sorry you have to pay money but at least it's over and done with now and you can get on with your lives.

I didn't know who she was until all this kicked off, now I do and am not impressed. I'm all for keeping the ban on mentioning her.

satine Thu 10-May-07 05:49:18

Well done, MNHQ - you were very grown up and reasonable throughout what must have been a stressful and worrying time.

But I'm adding myself to the list of those who will never now discuss or recommend Her methods - and I was once a fan and defender.

Bienchen Thu 10-May-07 06:09:07

Well done and so glad for you it's over. Worthwhile sticking to your guns!!!

earlgrey Thu 10-May-07 06:10:46

Fab news - though like others a bit miffed about MN having to pay some of her legal costs. Hope this gets as much coverage in the media as the original handbags at dawn .....

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 07:28:41

Oh fantastic, that's good to hear Justine, thanks for that.

toomuchtodo Thu 10-May-07 07:49:32

great news!

earlgrey Thu 10-May-07 08:02:28

Yay! It's all over page 3 of The Telegraph!!!!

FlossALump Thu 10-May-07 09:01:36

Congratulations MN. You are more than reasonable. Thank you for all the time you have taken and sorry for all the stress you have been caused.

feelinbloo Thu 10-May-07 09:08:30

thats gaood news that it was settled out of court, i think mumsnet has done okay to just contribute toward court costs, it could have been a hell of a lot more had this gone to court, gina fords case was on a no win, no fee basis, thats how sure they were about winning, so i have to say well done gina for letting it go, it was extreme yes and not nice but at least its all done with.

Flamesparrow Thu 10-May-07 09:10:21


suedonim Thu 10-May-07 13:05:14

Hurrah, hurrah! It was dh who brought the breaking news to me - I guess that means he's sussed my MN habit.

Hulababy Thu 10-May-07 16:25:47

It is in The Times too.

Judy1234 Thu 10-May-07 17:40:21

It would have been helpful to me to have some sort of precedent of whether a bulletin board where you don't check postings in advance is liable for content which is removed quickly once they are told it's illegal. But it is very wise that no one decided to throw over £1m a lawyers to get the law clarified.

Also everyone who posts should know that if they do libel anyone they always risk being personally liable even though you're posting under a user name.

Twiglett Thu 10-May-07 17:45:49

I am pleased this is finally settled to everyone's satisfaction

Although I actually have no intention of ever discussing Gina Ford's methods again because I think we've all grown beyond that and it was actually rather lovely not having to talk about methods which we may not be aligned with morally, ethically or developmentally

Judy1234 Thu 10-May-07 17:48:40

The general point is don't as posters ever libel anyone or you might get sued, never mind the bulletin board. In theory if MN were held liable they could have gone against those posters who posted the "libels" to recover the damages from them and those posters might have lost their homes etc.

Hellcats Thu 10-May-07 19:13:48

I am glad it is finally sorted and we can face the future without this hanging over the board. We all have better things to talk about, haven't we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 20:20:09


DrDaddy Thu 10-May-07 20:20:56

Who's Gina Ford?

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 20:23:29

How very reasonable!

marthamoo Thu 10-May-07 20:26:23

Glad it's over - it must be a relief.

As for me, personally - didn't want to talk about her before; don't want to talk about her now. Until MN she barely blipped on my parenting radar...I have views about her now of course, but, as I said, I do not wish to talk about them

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 20:28:42

I like your quote in the Guardian Justine, perfect.

And I LIKE the look of the Silverjet ads on that page too, wow, I want a private jet!

Fantastic, what a relief!

CorrieDale Thu 10-May-07 20:34:45

Great news. It's a bugger about the costs though. And about the lifting of the ban in a way! All that non-publicity....

Bibis Thu 10-May-07 23:06:39

What a shame that the comments on the Daily Telegraph article from mumsnetters are so basic and the comments from the pro contented babyers are so articulate, it doesn't enhance Mumsnet's reputation at all to have comments like this or not so much the comments as the poster's name

"Mumsnet is THE best for parenting advice - if you need help raising your children, who better to ask than thousands of other mums who've actually been there?
Posted by Gina Volvo on May 10, 2007 6:53 PM"

or this

"Musmnet is keeping me sane!

Posted by Gina Vauxhall on May 10, 2007 12:39 PM"

telegraph link

mumsnet is deff brill

MrsSpoon Thu 10-May-07 23:14:46

Glad that this is finally sorted out!

I am still all for the ban.

Califrau Thu 10-May-07 23:21:40

lest we forget, without this debarcle,my fanjo would have remained in anonymity.

skinnymawhinny Fri 11-May-07 00:01:00

Congrats from BMC too

Soo glad for you that's it's all over, and best of luck for the legal challengey lobbying thing

peacemama Fri 11-May-07 04:04:22

I love mumsnet - thank you and well done! This gives me warm fuzzys...

prettybird Fri 11-May-07 10:50:58

Feature in today's Herald about Mumsnet and Gina Ford "Baby steps: the great parenting debate that’s dividing the nation"

Manictigger Fri 11-May-07 11:08:30

Oooh manictreecreature, I love your name. I briefly considered manicpeashooter but wasn't sure if I'd remember to spell it correctly every time (didn't know about saving details in those days) Are you a fan? Do you like the new album?

sorry everybody for hijack *runs back to aibu topic*

Highlander Fri 11-May-07 15:12:23

are we allowed to say what we like about her? Ooh, the gleefull anticipation

So she's gone from SWMNBN to SWMNBM (she who must not be maligned)

SherlockLGJ Mon 14-May-07 11:17:00

I was in Dublin for a funeral and missed this. Jolly Well done.

Oblomov Tue 05-Jun-07 13:39:28

So glad this is over.
Have the posters who were on the so called 'offending thread' been contacted by Mumsnett Towers, just to ask them to be careful in the future? I think we can all get carried away with our comments. I am not suggesting that this 'ordeal' has been good for Mumsnett, in any way, but we don't want to get ourselves in this kind of situation again, do we ?

Rochwen Sat 23-Jun-07 23:23:42

I'm glad this is all over now.

Well done, everyone.

JayneF Thu 21-Aug-08 21:30:54

Did I miss something? I just wanted practical advice on anyone doing GF Potty Training in a Week....will I be excommunicated?

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