Y'know I had a really good look at those Lunchable things advertised incessantly on MN and guess what????

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I don't care what you advertise on Mumsnet. It only gives me an opportunity to be even more smug when I don't buy that sort of thing.

piglit Wed 02-May-07 15:29:09

Bearing in mind the fact that lunchables have more than the rda of salt for children of all ages, does anyone else think it's ironic that there's a dept of health ad popping up at the mo telling us to cut down on salt?

"Food" like this shouldn't be aimed at children. I have complained to the ASA. My complaint is not with MN but with the advert itself.

moondog Tue 01-May-07 13:48:39

Not the point.
Nowt wrong with advertising shit.
It's a free country.
Just don't host ads that pretend that the shit is good food.
Cos it aint.

oliveoil Tue 01-May-07 13:48:18

and what point would that be moondog? Lets all moan at MN again about adverts?

if so, I will ignore it if you don't mind awfully

oliveoil Tue 01-May-07 13:47:41

(dd1 used to have Rubbish Ham. She now only eats Nigella Coca Cola ham made with ickle pigs from our local farm. So every sodding Sunday I am boiling away a chuck of pig. So be warned. Do not raise the Taste Bud Bar.)

moondog Tue 01-May-07 13:46:24

The point has completely eluded you Olive...

oliveoil Tue 01-May-07 13:45:21

Does MN need to make money? I thought they did it out of the goodness of their hearts for my pleasure and entertainment?

God forbid they should take stinky money from those nasty advertiser types...

GiantSquirrelSpotter Tue 01-May-07 13:39:53

D'you know, I haven't even seen that ad. (Don't tell the advertisers)

moondog Tue 01-May-07 13:31:14

Thank you Justine
Thank you Speccy.
I've posted my objections. Only took a minute.

speccy Tue 01-May-07 11:40:28

I actually posted a link to the ASA's complaint form earlier in the thread.

Here it is again.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-May-07 11:36:52

Hi speccy,
Think that complaining to the ASA is a good plan too - feel free to post your letter here as a template for others to use if they so wish.

speccy Tue 01-May-07 11:32:32

Justine - I agree that it's not up to you to vet every ad. I complained to ASA re Lunchables ad as I don't actually believe that they are 'Packed With Good Stuff' and think it's misleading for Dairylea to say they are.

They've emailed me saying they're having trouble finding the ad in question - don't quite know how as I've been having trouble avoiding it for the last few days.

Anyway I've emailed them back with links to the Active Convos page.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-May-07 11:24:55

Sorry about the delay in getting back on this - few bits and bobs going on.

Anyway re the Lunchables ads, thank you for your thoughts and the research. In general our stance is that we'd rather not be the food police and make decisions about what people should and shouldn't be encouraged to feed their kids - think most folk have enough common sense to work out what's good for their kids or not and the odd lunchable/ sausage roll/ cheese string isn't really so bad, I'd imagine .

We agree however that disingenuous advertising is undesirable. From a practical point of view, however, it's fairly impossible for us to vet ads prior to booking as very often they aren't created at the time of booking nor, to be frank, do we have the resources/expertise to take a reliable for every potential ad campaign.

On balance we think the most practical way forward is, as has happened here, for folk to express any doubts on Talk - that way we can explore the arguments for and against. What we certainly will do is to let our agency know that we will not censor discussion of advertisers in any way, so advertisers on MN should be careful not to mislead as it will not go unremarked upon.

We do, as you know, have a list of disallowed advertisers mainly on ethical grounds - formula milk, Nestle, Macdonalds, plastic surgery types, political parties, porn sites and a few red-top newspapers. As always if you feel there are other companies/products that should go on the list, let us know.

Thanks again for the input,
M Towers

monkeytrousers Mon 30-Apr-07 18:29:56

I think so, they were last year anyway, though I'd still not go in to MacDonalds and buy one anyway - and don't know any other veggie who would.

moondog Mon 30-Apr-07 16:20:02

Apart from that.
Do they sell Quorn burgers in Macdonalds or wot?

monkeytrousers Mon 30-Apr-07 08:47:11


moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 21:55:52

Wot's that about then MT??

nappyaddict Sun 29-Apr-07 21:36:09

i must just be a bad mum then!

monkeytrousers Sun 29-Apr-07 21:35:31

I've never noticed them - where are they?

We're veggie anyway so save our ire for quorn setting up their stall in McDonalds.

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 21:34:41

Errr 3 and 8 months lol.

I wouldnt dare. Was only joking

I've had a packet of ready salted crisps with mango chutney instead lol.

Flippin pregnancy cravings.

nappyaddict Sun 29-Apr-07 21:32:47

ds is 10 months btw.

nappyaddict Sun 29-Apr-07 21:32:27

if its only next door its exactly the same as going to the other end of a house if you lived in a mansion. or to the end of your very big garden? btw should ask how old children are before i go condoning this.

i've nipped to my next door neighbours before to borrow flour and left ds at home.

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 20:25:50

Oooooooo the temptation to stick my shoes on.

nappyaddict Sun 29-Apr-07 20:24:03

no. go fot it nbg!

SueW Sun 29-Apr-07 20:22:07

White bread toast and beef dripping. With a generous sprkling of salt. Yummmmmmm

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 20:19:26

Oh god I need white bread toast now.

Would it be soooo bad to leave the kids in bed while I nip next door for a loaf?????

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 20:17:32

(white sliced bread, toasted and covered with melting butter... drool)

gosh, I'm suddenly being a white bread attacker????!!! I LOVE white bread me! Wholemeal actually gives me goosebumps, but it IS nutritionally superiour.

I was just wondering which kind of ham sandwich the lunchable was comparable to.

nappyaddict Sun 29-Apr-07 20:12:04

i try and buy ham that has no added water and is a high percentage of pork.

SueW Sun 29-Apr-07 20:08:32

We do cure our own bacon from time to time (thanks to the River Cottage Family Cook Book).

It's much saltier IMO than shop-bought. DD loves it <sigh>

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 20:08:20

gemmiegoatlegs, that sandwich would be just as packed with salt and saturated fat as the Lunchables.

I'm not a lunchables fan BTW, I just think you're realy getting het up about nothing. There are far worse things to feed your child (things packed with chemical colourings, falvourings and sweeteners for example)

gess Sun 29-Apr-07 20:06:32

oh good god.

speccy Sun 29-Apr-07 20:06:02

See what you're saying FF and I'm by no means a food snob.

Just think the advertising is misleading in saying they're 'Packed With Good Stuff'.

NKF Sun 29-Apr-07 20:06:01

I find the nutritionist's comments funny though Talk about qualifying every sentence.

WideWebWitch Sun 29-Apr-07 20:05:14

I agree, total crap and nothing on earth would induce me to buy this or feed it to my children

FioFio Sun 29-Apr-07 20:04:37

please not the white bread thing again

white bread is FINE

i'm baffled at the concept of a homemade ham and cheese sandwich. If I was going to give dcs ham and cheese sandwiches, it would be thick sliced oak smoked ham. Chunks of cathedral city and (gasp) maybe even a salad portion.

It would not be a floppy cheese slice and some reconstituted meat thing on white bread.

If you want to eat crap or let dcs eat it occassionally, that's fine...everything in moderation , I say. But dressing these snack pack things up as equivalent to proper food is heinous. MN is not so representative of RL IMO. Many mums and dads do not read the packets, question the advertising etc.

FioFio Sun 29-Apr-07 20:02:48

I agree with soupdragon

just ignore the advert, it wont kill you. No-one is going to force you into tesco's to buy it

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 20:02:37

"Making ham at home...

Ham is made by soaking a piece of pork in a salt brine for a period of time...."

Try making low/no added salt ham!!

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 20:01:25

Usually I hand-slaughter my own organically reared pig and cure the ham myself

Quite frankly, I think you're all making a mountain out of a molehill. I bet the ham is no worse than the ham 90% of people buy for their children's sandwiches and is far healthier than the sugar sandwiches I was sent to primary school with on occasion!! There is no way an ad on the homepage of Mumsnet will make people think "oooh, must feed my child that" given the discussions in the Talk section. They make their decisions based mainly on the displays in supermarkets and and pester power coming from TV advertising.

nappyaddict Sun 29-Apr-07 19:55:25

i did think it was a bit bad that MN were advertising these to be honest ... but if it brings money in and lets us use the site then maybe its not so bad?

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 19:55:22


dont people buy ham joints and slice it themselves?

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 19:53:15

Nbg, how many people buy ham that's not that sliced sandwich ham? And anyway, you're talking rubbish because the ingredients on my Tescos Finest Carved By Angels ham begins "British Pork, Salt..."

Moomin Sun 29-Apr-07 19:08:36

I feel for MN too, but Justine did say in a thread about this subject last week that they had thought long and hard about allowing it and were still open to opinions and comments. So I've made my opinions known... I'm not saying that it's child abuse to give kids junk and all that caper, and if you choose to let your kids have something like this every now and then (or even every day for that matter) then that's up to you but I do think it's irresponsible to allow consumers (or "Mums!" as the TV advert for this product addresses us) to think this stuff is in any way healthy. If you know it's shit and you still want to give it to your kids, than that's your look-out and your choice. But many people won't realise how shit it actually is and will have been tricked by the fairly sophisicated advertising ploys into thinking it's actually ok.

I don't consider myself stupid; in fact I'll be brave and say I know I'm not stupid, but I can be naive and I have been ignorant to things like this in the past. When I first had dd1 I genuinely remember walking past all the nuggets and giblets in the supermarket and thinking "oo I'll be having to buy all that soon for dd" even though I wouldn't have dreamt of buying stuiff like that for myself!!! How mad's that??!! Soon after I discovered mumsnet and then I discovered there was a perfectly sane way of feeding your children with <drumroll>... the food you eat yourself, cooked from scratch (as I'd always done) and balanced with the occasional treat. I'm embarrassed to think how naive I was back then. But if I'd seen a diarylea ad on MN at that time I really wouldn't have thought there was anything wrong with them to give my kids on a regular basis.

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 18:51:55

Theres a massive difference in fresh cut off the joint ham and mechanically made ham.

Mechanically made ham has salt put in it.
The salt in fresh meat is natural salt.

wheresthehamster Sun 29-Apr-07 18:50:00

The ad is clever in a way because Jane Griffin actually says "Lunchables....along with fruit/veg and a drink make a balanced lunch and a convenient alternative to a sandwich every now and again" whereas the headline implies it's a suitable alternative full stop.

The thought of them makes me shudder.

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 18:46:34

The ham I have (and it's Tesco's finest hand carved by angels ham) has 1g of salt per slice.

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 18:44:57

How much salt and saturated fat is in a home made ham and cheese sandwich though?

kiskidee Sun 29-Apr-07 17:50:39

but it comes in such lovely packaging moony!

speccy Sun 29-Apr-07 17:27:26
Boco Sun 29-Apr-07 17:26:23

If dairylea are going to pay lots of money to advertise, it might as well be on a site where the discussion will turn to mechanically recovered meat and how revolting their products are - i don't think too many people on mn are going to suddenly develop a taste for their procuct, precisely because of the nature of this site, so i don't mind really. I'd complain if it was on cbeebies site or something aimed at children.

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 17:23:26

I feel sorry for MN.
They cant win with their advertising

Twiglett Sun 29-Apr-07 17:21:21

I think its the ASA you should complain to not MNHQ

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 17:02:47

Thats it Moondog "mechanically recovered meat".

Have heard about the drum thing before too.

edam Sun 29-Apr-07 17:00:44

MRM not nice but I do get tired of the insistence that anyone who feeds their offspring the odd chicken nugget is a child abuser.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:37:23

Yes Orm.
The majority of kids parties my lot have been to recently have had food served up in completely unnecessary boxes,'because the kids like it,it reminds them of Macdonalds.'

OrmIrian Sun 29-Apr-07 16:29:54

But it's not just the food itself. It's all the packaging that goes round it that irritates me. Not neccessary.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:27:48

It is what is known in the trade as 'mechanically recovered meat'I believe.

They also spin carcasses of tortured animals really fast in a drum and the g force (?) causes any residual meat to splat against the sides of the drum from whence it is scraped off and formed into shit products.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:26:10

Of course

(She can be relied on to lower lofty tone.)

Nbg...'Blasting off waste products and collecting off floor'....... thats sooooo disgusting, Jesus do people actually give that stuff to their kids and not get done for child cruelty??
<<wretching into bucket>>

Boco Sun 29-Apr-07 16:25:36

It was WelshBoris miss, not me, i never said it, she said dairylea was made under foreskins miss.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:22:59

(Whi is WB?)

Boco Sun 29-Apr-07 16:20:54

But the psuedomeat is so pretty and luminous pink! And the processed cheese keeps you buzzing all through the day!

Decided out on another thread recently that the cheese strings could well be formed totally naturally out of the solidified sweat from chaffing cleavages (WB suggested something even more disgusting than cleavages, but i will not repeat it). So, not all bad eh!

Moomin Sun 29-Apr-07 16:20:13

Yes it's making me very all this. I've sent a copy of my post to MN towers and asked if they could reconsider running the ads, or at least make them take off the claims that they are 'healthy' and 'full of good stuff', which is a blatent lie.

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 16:19:29

I have been watching that River Cottage thing on More4 where they send a group of "non cooks" to River Cottage.

The last one I watched was where they sent a group who lived off ready meals and take aways. Later in the programme HFW was explaining where the meat came from in these "meals".
Basically its waste product that is blasted off a carcus with one of those power washer things and collected off the floor, then pressed together.

I can take a good guess that this is whats in the lunchables "meat".

Also when products say 100% meat, its not all meat. Going on gvt guidelines it only has to be something like 30/40% and the rest can be any other part of the animal.

Fillyjonk Sun 29-Apr-07 16:19:11


it is very nice to have a parenting site and chat on it and all but

not at the expense of this crap being shoved at kids

would rather have membership fees than that, tbh

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:17:42

Exactly Moomin.
Nowt wrong with making a choice to eat crap as long as you know its crap.But marketing crap as a nutritionally sound choice is bloody irresponsible and it does look as if it is endorsed by MN which is very bloody weird indeed,considering their mantra of providing support.

It is very misleading.

Moomin Sun 29-Apr-07 16:17:01

FFS! the feckin ads are playing right next to my post saying 'they're full of good stuff'!!! How the fkg hell do they work that out?

Moomin Sun 29-Apr-07 16:14:32

JUst been doing a bit of research about these horrible things and have found out the following:

A typical Lunchable meal thingy (I looked at the ham and cheese sandwich-type one) contains what the Govt. define as HIGH in salt. They recommend that a heathly munch for a 5-8 yo child should conatin NO MORE than 1.2g of salt; a child of 9-12 yo should have NO MORE than 1.65g salt. These Lunchables contain 1.8g salt in one pack.

The level of saturated fat in each one, again, is classed as HIGH by the Govt. Food Standards Agency

And the 'meat' in this particular type is actually "Cured ham slices formed from pork leg pieces with starch"

Which is pretty much what you'd expect from this type of crap EXCEPT it is being marketed as healthy, just because it has less crap than it used to have (so God only knows what the old ones were like). Last week when I first saw the ads for this on MN I was just but I thought that MN needs the revenue and we are all grown-ups able to make our own minds up. However, I think that these ads are misleading at the very least - it's taken me well over 20mins to research what the nutritional claims on the packet and the accompanying info actually mean. I think it would be fine to advertise on MN if they were saying 'this is cheap, processed crap but your kids might like the taste' but they're NOT.

I wouldn't have fed my kids this kind of thing anyway, but I think, at a glance, the fact that the ads are on MN might make other people think it was somehow 'ok' to give these to their kids, when in fact the levels of salt and saturated fats are FAR from ok.

OrmIrian Sun 29-Apr-07 16:07:47

Agree. No need for them whatsoever.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry Sun 29-Apr-07 16:06:28

oi! moony ger over to my dinner time thread and tell what your avin!

everyones ignoring me [sniff]

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 16:05:04

The dietician who is endorsing these should be struck of the Health Professionals Council.
Furthermore,who in God's name is stupid enough to pay through the nose for some bread,meat and cheese?

I get ready prepared hot meals in that there is preparation involved,but dear God,how much preparation is involving in putting a bit of bread and cheese in a roll?

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 15:55:14

I suspect that's not quite what they mean...

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:52:49

homemade ham?

unless you live on a pig farm would be pretty difficult

SoupDragon Sun 29-Apr-07 15:51:09

So, how about the claim "Nutritionally comparable to a homemade ham and cheese sandwich"?

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 15:49:19


the majority of parents that use this site know what crap they are so wont be rushing out to buy them because of an ad on here.

Saturn74 Sun 29-Apr-07 15:48:37

Looks like plastic food.

hatrick Sun 29-Apr-07 15:47:50

Sadly i saw lots of these given to children as lunch in my last school. Tbh I think the children left more than they ate.....they have a mini dime bar in them for 'pudding'

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:45:10

btw I don't actually see the ads on my screen thank goodness but I've seen the tv ad - bleurgh!

Saturn74 Sun 29-Apr-07 15:44:31

Lunchables are foul.
I'm surprised MN decided to let them advertise here.

NadineBaggott Sun 29-Apr-07 15:43:19

for once moondog I fully agree.

it just doesn't look like real food and probably isn't!

deeskies Sun 29-Apr-07 15:42:32

they are foul
and i am fairly relaxed about food

Tamum Sun 29-Apr-07 15:41:45

I'm fairly relaxed/hopeless about food depending on how you look at it, but boy, I would draw the line at blooming lunchables.

Troutpout Sun 29-Apr-07 15:26:39

oh Home page...i don't do home page

Troutpout Sun 29-Apr-07 15:26:23

Where ? Where?

Incodnito Sun 29-Apr-07 15:14:04

The saddest thing about it, some people actually give them to their child for lunch and thats all they get, mmmmm healthy and appetising I'm sure!

Nbg Sun 29-Apr-07 15:12:36

I was shocked that is has been advertised on here tbh.

It isnt proper meat at all and how they can say its "goodness" or whatever they describe it as is a blatent lie.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:10:52


How anyone could consider them to be a 'treat' is beyond my realm of understanding.

Chips Yep
Hamburgers Yep
Ice cream Yep
Chocolate Yep

But 'Lunchables'????

Jesus Christ........

mytwopenceworth Sun 29-Apr-07 15:10:18

don't you put those '''' round the word meat. it is meat.

rat meat, fresh from the sewer. none finer.

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:09:20

The 'meat' looks like guano.

mytwopenceworth Sun 29-Apr-07 15:09:09

hey moondog, this is a safe place to express your feelings, dont you hold back now, be honest....

suzywong Sun 29-Apr-07 15:08:29

has this thing kicked off yet?

moondog Sun 29-Apr-07 15:07:55

They look about a million times worse than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams.
I'm afraid I've changed my mind.You people that run the show here should be ashamed of yourselves.

They are absolute SHIT I tell you.

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