Spammy McSpammerson and her flotilla of sockpuppets

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Please hq, can you please please please delete this lovely thread ?

It is seriously getting on my tits. Ta muchly.

(P.s. seriously I reported it at 9.50am)

Littlefish Wed 08-May-13 13:12:19

I reported it earlier too.

Sparklingbrook Wed 08-May-13 13:23:50

It has a sister thread too.

DorisShutt Wed 08-May-13 13:30:34

Is it worrying that both threads are making me grin - and not necessarily in a good way? grin

Sparklingbrook Wed 08-May-13 13:38:16

I don't properly understand them Doris, but they are annoying me too.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 08-May-13 13:48:54

Hello. We think you may find those threads are actually toast. smile

Hurray! Thanks Helen.

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