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phoebus Mon 30-Apr-12 14:42:33

As ACHICA is a Mumsnet Partner - (and I have nothing but the highest esteem for you, Mumsnet!) - I foolishly trusted them, as they seemed to have lots of great stuff for sale on their site, so I signed up as a 'member' a few weeks ago. - Wish I hadn't now!! - Of my 2 orders, things have gone badly wrong in both cases:

- First order (small) took forever to arrive, and then, when it did, one item was smashed. Lo and behold, I discovered that they have got NO PHONE LINE on which you can ring them to discuss any problems!! - the only way to 'communicate' with them, is laboriously and indirectly, via an 'online helpdesk' and it takes them at least 2 days to get back to you via email. OK, well I did this, and eventually I got a reply promising to send me a replacement. Which never came. So a subsequent laborious 2nd email from me a couple of weeks later, got another slow, emailed reply to say, oh we haven't got that item after all, so now we'll give you a refund. (But they'd never bothered to let me know that! I'd had to chase them up for that info) . And that refund has still not arrived, after a few weeks.

- Second order (much larger, around £500) I thought better of the next day, so I emailed the so-called 'Helpdesk' to cancel it a few hours later, as I was well within my rights, and their given timescale, to do this. Received a reply to say that was fine, they had 'cancelled it and had refunded my credit card in full'. This was two weeks ago. My credit card statement arrived today, and - guess what - it shows the full amount which they HAVE TAKEN, despite their promise not to. I've rung my card provider who assure me that I have not had this refund. Once again, search as I might, I cannot find any phone number for Achica Customer Care or complaints etc! The lack of this vital channel should have warned me at the outset.

Anyone else been taken for a ride by ACHICA? Are they just extremely incompetent, or actually a load of crooks?

jacquih01 Tue 09-Dec-14 14:37:06

I have ordered some items from ACHICA this October 2014 but when I didn't receive them, I started emailing. They said that Yodel can not deliver to my house as there is no access. However I live on a quiet suburban road with loads of parking and no gates etc, so this is a mystery to me. In fact I have since taken in a package for my next door neighbour from Yodel?! I have explained this time and time again with Achica who have said that I can have a full refund - However, I have explained countless times that I do not want a refund but just my order (xmas presents). This has been ignored each time - their emails always end with 'if there's anything else I can help you with......'. They have also thrown in a voucher off, which makes no sense if I place another order and use this voucher if they simply can't deliver to me!

spike3128 Thu 20-Nov-14 18:49:55

I was a customer of Achica from years back, when they had just started out and the website was basic, no mobile version and little in the way of email. Back then, you used to pay for your item and it arrived, beautifully packed, within a few days. Now, they do not give a toss about customer service.

I haven't ordered from them for over a year, and against my better judgement, when some glass lampshades that I'd been after for ages came up on a sale I ordered them and some funky lightbulbs to go with the shades.

Some six weeks after paying for the lampshades, I today came home from work to find a large cardboard box in a puddle outside my house. This was my Achica parcel (thanks Yodel - you make a well-matched business partner to Achica and probably advise each other on customer service).

I opened the soggy box to find one strip of bubble wrap around the two boxes of glass lampshades (the boxes are about 30cm cubed, and weigh about 1kg each). By some miracle only one lampshade was smashed to pieces (I have the cuts and blood on my carpet to prove that the lampshade arrived broken), and I just know what response I will get to my complaint to Achica's "customer disservice" department. They'll say they only order sufficient items from the manufacturer to fulfil the orders they've received. This time, it just isn't good enough for me.

To add to my distress, I opened the funky lightbulb boxes (casuallly thrown in the bottom of the box with the lampshades with no protection except for a tightly fitting cardboard box around the bulb - they were outside the carelessly thrown bubble wrap), only to find that both lightbulbs are covered in greasy fingerprints. They do not look new, they look like some hooky piece of tat from a disreputable market stall, and certainly NOT worth £9 each.

I've been messed around so much by this company. About 18 months ago I ordered a terrarium (sort of tiny, indoor greenhouse) from them. This arrived in just the manufacturer's box with an address label stuck on it. There was just no point even opening the box, I could hear the clinking of smashed glass without doing that. I asked for a replacement, but was told I couldn't have one and eventually I got a refund.

Some 3 months later the same offer was on, so I ordered another terrarium thinking, "surely, they'll have learned how to package up something fragile?" But no, same thing again - no packaging, smashed item, painfully slow refund.

I honestly believe that the combined IQ of everyone working at Achica is less than my shoe size (6, by the way). Surely they want to make money, not take customers' money, order and pay for goods from suppliers, and then have to give a refund to the customer? Where is the business sense in that? Are they relying on making a profit from having the use of my money for 6 weeks before having to refund me? REALLY? Is that their business model??

My advice to anyone suckered into a "good deal" from Achica is STEER WELL CLEAR, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF MORONS WHO CAN'T EVEN SEE HOW THEIR BUSINESS MODEL IS A FAILURE.

Should Achica threaten Mnet with action because users are putting up honest reviews of the shoddy service they are receiving from this company, then they should be ashamed of themselves, and actually put the money they would spend on court action into employing people who give a sh*t about their customers.

katimini Sat 15-Nov-14 19:05:51

Same issues here.. ordered 2 chests of drawers on 10 October, one for dd who had none left for her clothes, and one for guests coming to stay.. when I realised they weren't coming as promised, emailed and got the standard "sometimes things take longer to get to them from their suppliers.." to cut a long story short, I got a few more pushes forward with delivery dates, and when I realised they had had my money for almost 6 weeks and still no sign of the chest of drawers, I demanded a refund and cancellation. In the meantime in my frustration of still having no chests of drawers, I googled the name of the products ordered and.. found them in one search on another website, considerably cheaper and with a one day delivery policy!! Ordered them on Thursday lunchtime, they arrived, well wrapped and promptly, on Friday afternoon! unbelievable.. so basically Achica holds and invests people's money for weeks (in sleek website and tv ads, should have been a clue really..) whilst being overwhelmed with orders and too many suppliers most probably, to do a good job. conclusion: neither the 70% discount nore the "luxury goods" advertised (at least not for all their products, by far), just sleek marketing which pushes people into impulse buying!! So I might use them as they used me by browsing their interior designed displays and buying the products elsewhere...

babycat45 Mon 10-Nov-14 13:56:57

On the 31st Oct I spent £97 on 6 rolls of wallpaper with Achica - on the 5th November a package arrived - Ah HA! I opened the suspiously small packet only to find 1 roll of said wallpaper and no delivery note. I emailed their 'help desk' only to be told 48 hours later to check my shed as Hermes has delivered. I had to point out the obvious that I had already been to my shed to collect my 1 lonely roll off wallpaper and that i was not disputing the fact that nothing had been delivered, I was complaining as I was missing 5 of the said rolls of wallpaper. I still have not had a response from them, so have left them a message on Facebook and am just about to pick up the telephone to trading standards, to inform them that this is pretty much theft.

laffan1 Wed 29-Oct-14 21:03:12

I ordered £31 pounds worth of tea towels and other kitchen items and four months later they have still not arrived. Has anyone else struggled to receive goods from Achica?

HoneyDragonMumshnet Fri 17-Oct-14 10:08:02

No I'm thick, we're not able to voice negative opinion about Achica on Mnet grin Achica threaten to sue Mnet

Sorry blush

Member966103 Fri 17-Oct-14 10:05:57

I am not voicing a negative opinion about Mumsnet I am voicing a negative opinion about Achica. Is that a problem?

HoneyDragonMumshnet Fri 17-Oct-14 09:48:05

We're not allowed to voice negative opinions about Mnet on here. They threaten to sue.

Member966103 Fri 17-Oct-14 09:44:49

Also an Achica victim. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM AS I THINK THEY HAVE MONEY ISSUES. I have requested a refund and they replied within their 48 hour SLA (Service Level Agreement) that the refund would take 3 working days. This was last Saturday 10 October 2014. Yesterday on the fourth working day refund not received so I chased. Reply today again within their 48 hour SLA that the payment had not yet settled and that the IT department have been informed and that I would be notified once the refund had been done. No estimate of time to resolve this given. However this is utter flim flam, footle and flummery. I think they are deliverately holding onto my cash as they don't have enougth and I have told them that I dont believe their cock and bull story. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA.

Mashandpeas Thu 16-Oct-14 08:11:18

Have just read this thread - and checked reviews on Trustpilot - and will now NOT be placing my order with Achica. Phew.

Astazee Wed 15-Oct-14 09:37:52

I have had the worst experience with Achica. They simply ignore all emails to "" and will not reply in relation to a faulty product. They originally said they will collect them and then I will get a refund "eventually" when they decide after they take back the items but now that I said yes please collect the items they have been ignoring me for weeks!

slrc Tue 07-Oct-14 11:41:41

I had ordered a coffee table on March 12 and it still had not arrived by July. I cancelled the order but stupidly gave them another chance. I ordered several items on July 9, all with estimated deliveries no later than August 10. It is now October with most of the items not delivered. Every time I contacted them, they could not tell me 1) where my order was or 2) when it would be delivered. I was out over �1,400 for nearly 3 months when I lost all patience and cancelled that order too. I have separately searched for items on the site and found them cheaper or at the same price direct from the suppliers (who deliver within days, not months). Don't waste your time and money. Go somewhere else.

joeyG1 Fri 03-Oct-14 08:21:02

I recently placed an order on Achica for over £100 and I received only part of my order, after 5weeks of waiting for the deadline delivery date I contacted Achica to find out where my order was. I was told that it would be a further two weeks before my order would be dispatched after two weeks and still no order I contacted Achica again only to be told that I would have to wait a further four weeks for my order to be dispatched. It was at this point that I told them I wanted to cancel my order and get a full refund, but that I also wanted to be compensated, they offered me a £10 Achica voucher and refused this as I felt that this was insufficient, they then offered me a £15 Achica voucher which I accepted, however, I would still have to pay for the postage and packing for any order that I placed which I felt was a complete con. I also asked them for £15 compensation in cash as I did not want to deal with Achica again and I was told that this was not part of their policy and it could not be done. What really got to me was that once I used my £15 Achica voucher I still had to pay £4.99 postage and packing so I argued the point about the P&P being an unfair cost to me as I was the one who had been put out to that I was told that Achica felt that this was suffice compensation for not receiving my goods that I had paid for immediately after purchase. Achica should not take money from anyone's account until they are about to dispatch the order. I am not saying they are con people but I would suggest that they are posh con people..............

Jeanettejeanette Thu 25-Sep-14 21:17:44

I have been chasing a refund from Achica since I placed the order and cancelled it on 12 th September and I believe if it wasn't for PayPal I would still be chasing my payment of £907.99 I don't have it to hand yet but it is in my PayPal account after many replies all telling me different things. I have bought some things in the past but I have had problems getting refunds from them before. Why no telephone number? I am sure they used to have a number. I feel that the way my money has been held on to that this company are actinging very shady and they don't recognise the Distance Selling regulations. Just my opinion. Or is it just mine?
The person who gave me varying accounts of where my money was called himself Craig.

PigletJohn Mon 01-Sep-14 15:41:39

I found it difficult to believe that there is seriously a trading company which will not divulge its telephone number and mailing address.

I checked their website and it is true.

That's awful.

PThomas Mon 01-Sep-14 15:06:17

DO NOT USE ACHICA unless you wish to lose money and the goods you order.
I ordered 2 bar stools in April due for delivery in mid-June. The date came and went and the company never contacted me regarding delivery. When I contacted them (and you can only do so by email) they eventually said they could deliver the items I wanted and promised a full refund. Two and a half months later, they are still promising a full refund and have failed to do so each and every time. I have now contacted my credit card company

RenaeFW Tue 15-Jul-14 17:40:06

Have now had to go the Trading Standards route because an �89 item (plus P&P! - my Mother's Day gift from my children) not delivered and usual "customer support" was polite but ineffectual in resolving the mystery of my missing item. Tried contacting Hermes (delivery agent), but because they are contractually obligated to ACHICA (not me), referred me back there. Never had anything go missing from them before, but very slow deliveries and I don't know how many technical issues with the site (which I have tolerated up until now). They tried to tell me that I had a 20-day limit from date of despatch from their warehouse. I've waited much longer than that for items from them! And exactly how closely is a busy working Mum meant to track delivery of items to ensure they don't go over this limit? Extremely disappointing complaint resolution. Now 12 days from last corro with them and no satisfactory response, even after warning them I would follow this route if issue not dealt with promptly. Now sharing this experience with all on social media because they didn't take the issue seriously. Was a frequent user of their site. What a shame- won't be shopping with them again.

laansa Mon 02-Jun-14 15:26:50

I too cannot say anything positive about ACHICA. My credit card has been debited with over five hundred pounds but I have not received the furniture, no one responds to my emails (via their contact site) & I cannot find a valid phone number to use. It is a sham. My advice: do not go anywhere near Achica.

Topmarks67 Tue 27-May-14 17:48:41

Right so I've signed up to Mumsnet especially to comment on this thread. I was given two £10 Achica vouchers for Christmas. Signed up and found some things I wanted to buy. They came to over £50 so wanted to use the introductory discount I had been emailed and my Gift Cards. When I got to the checkout the system wouldn't recognise my GC codes. My sister had also had this problem with hers. It was also saying that you could only use one code per order which would mean splitting the order so I couldn't use the introductory discount and I would have to pay the £4.99 P&P charge twice. This would basically use up £10 of my £20 gift on delivery. Stressed and distressed I Googled Achica and came across this topic. Other people's terrible experiences made me even more angry with Achica. I contacted their Customer Services through the website (yes the lack of a telephone number is hugely frustrating) and waited 3 days for a reply. I am pleased to say that although the process took ages and I missed out on a number of offers in the meantime, the outcome was excellent. I placed the order and got my newcomer discount. Then Customer Services refunded the value of my Gift Cards from my payment. I have to say that although their systems leave an awful lot to be desired I was ultimately happy with their Customer Service. My sister unfortunately split her order and had to pay two lots of postage. Robbery I would suggest. However even she was ultimately happy with the Customer Service and with her products.

Domino51 Sat 24-May-14 10:25:15

I've been using Achica since June '12. I've placed 24 orders in that time totaling over £1400, the cheapest was less than £10, most expensive was over £300. Allow at least two weeks for delivery if not longer, but they usually tell you when you place the order roughly when it will arrive and you can also track it. It does pay sometimes to check the prices elsewhere, but I have NEVER had a problem with Achica or the condition that my orders have arrived in. I check their emails daily and would whole heartedly recommend them.

LynniieC Tue 13-May-14 09:42:24

Can anyone help with a way of contacting ACHICA. I have a problem ..,£100s worth and absolutely NO WAY of getting in touch! How ludicrous is THIS.

Procrastinating Sat 22-Feb-14 18:43:05

I took myself off Achica's mailing list too. I have had half orders and orders just not turning up at all. It all takes forever. I give up.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 22-Feb-14 18:26:19

I no longer am on Achica's maiing list because I heard they have s**t customer service from Mumsnetters.
I am not prepared to risk ordering from them

lizward123 Fri 21-Feb-14 18:35:20

Achica sell nice things and the concept is alluring but the reality is poor - why do business with a luxury goods shop that places such low value on customer care that it doesn't consider a customer support line important.

asfish Wed 19-Feb-14 16:50:23

The delivery takes a good while most of the time as I think they offer the goods first then when the sale is over they order them from the suppliers, then deliver them to you. Guess this keeps prices down.

Its not exactly Amazon Prime, but I have never had an issue with quality of goods, I've placed 15 orders with them since 2011, max value was £100 though.

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