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Nearly new items for sale or to give away

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MrsMicawber Thu 19-Apr-12 20:33:08

Not sure if everyone is aware - you can post anything you want to sell on or give away to other MNers on your local page.

There have been several threads where people said they were in need of children clothes/other kiddie paraphanalia and posters offered to post them their pre-loved items.

Let's make use of this valuable resource and help each other out!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 20-Apr-12 09:43:23

Thanks, MrsMicawber - yes, we do hope people use our Nearly New noticeboards on Mumsnet Local. You can upload pics and everything...

Woody320 Tue 17-Jun-14 19:07:15

Not sure what you mean ?

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