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Anyone been to Ile d Re or Ile d'Oleron (or environs), South France- you help/advice/recommendations needed please!

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herewegoloopyloo Sun 13-Jan-13 21:18:11

We are looking to go to probably Ile D'Oleron or Ile de Re for 4 nights in August en-route elsewhere but am feeling completley bamboozled by the websites. Don't know where is go, where to stay... We have 2 DC who are both under 6yrs so will need a family room or the like. Want to be able to just play on the beach with the children, eat out at lovely places and generally relax. Anyone out there with some suggestions? Much appreciated

herewegoloopyloo Wed 16-Jan-13 21:06:16

Thanks CestTout. Have replied by PM (I hope!). Really helpful suggestions and tips. Hotel booked and have looked at webcam- getting v excited and must remember is still 7 months away! Having to type this on phone as no computer access at present but might come back to you. Thanks again, and for everyone's help.

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