Thames Christian College - experiences?

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Ineedacoffee4breakfast Tue 30-Sep-14 14:44:10

I am very happy with my experience of Thames and how my son has developed academically and socially. Last year’s GCSE results ranked 6th out of the 17 secondary schools in Wandsworth, with those ranked higher being academically selective independent schools. Last year they had 79% A*-C grades. This year they got 91% A*-C including Maths and English. (See ) There are a couple of teachers whose children go to the school - does this make any difference? These teachers are both well qualified and caring.

ladybird64 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:48:02

I know this school has a very high number of pupils who leave mid year for some reason and that the staff are not that good as some are parents and not qualified. I think that their results were the lowest in Wandsworth.

Labro Tue 16-Jul-13 19:42:25

Busy, thread is 3 yrs old so you may be better off starting a new one.

busymum007 Tue 16-Jul-13 16:09:56

Hi I am sending my son there ( Thames Christian College) this September. On visiting I had a very warm feel about the school and the Headmaster seemed very genuine, a real difference from his previous prep school in West Sussex. Will keep you posted on his progress.

GroveMum Fri 30-Apr-10 07:46:03

Thank you for sharing your experience, it makes such a difference if the staff are genuinely caring.

Iamaworrywart Thu 29-Apr-10 22:09:59


I went to the open day at Thames last October straight after visiting Emmanuel. I much preferred Thames. The location and building was not that impressive, but the warmth from the staff and students more than made up for that. I spoke to all the teachers and a lot of the students, the former seemed genuinely interested in ds although he wasn't with me at the time. DS also has a condition similar to dyslexia which I think the school would cope well with. Also liked that school is very small for a secondary school with just over 100 students. DS's current school only has 80+ students so shouldn't be too much of a culture shock. However I think they may be expanding their Year 10 intake so I don't know how this will affect numbers.

Also spoke to a friend of a friend whose ds is at Alleyns and she sent her dd to Thames in Sept and couldn't be happier with the progress she has made.

My only concern is that they only have 1 form entry (22 children) and although we try to follows a christian ethos in the way we live, we are not practising church goers. We hope that this doesn't go against us.

We will be taking ds to see the school in Sept/Oct and we just hope that he loves school as much as we did.

Hope this has been some help.

GroveMum Sat 17-Apr-10 12:45:40

I posted originally because I was thinking of it as a possible Plan B in case my daughter has problems at her new massive scarey comp where she starts in September. I don't know if I could really afford it but have to do something if she hates it and at £800 pm it is the cheapest option. Also understand they are good with dyslexic kids.

I was acquainted with the Mum of a child who went a couple of years ago and she did not think much of it. BTW we are not Christian but she said they do not push the Christian bit that much.

Needmoresleep Sat 17-Apr-10 12:07:30

Dont know much except we know a lovely and bright girl who went there.

Cheaper than other private schools and the website suggests it is no frills. I like the idea of there being an alternative to the sleek and glossy private schools if you have don't have enough money, but have good reason to want to avoid a failing South London secondary. I would assume some very motivated parents and a wide ethnic and social mix.

I hope someone posts as I would like to hear some good things.

GroveMum Fri 16-Apr-10 10:35:16


Has anyone got any experiences or views about this school - good or bad that they would like to share?


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