Oh! Oh! My firstborn starts secondary school in September. Surely that warrants a support thread?

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Cadelaide Fri 19-Mar-10 13:45:22

Am I a bit too early for this?

I mean it's months away yet, isn't it?

Spillage21 Fri 19-Mar-10 13:51:58

My PFB DS starts secondary school in September too (sob, he still looks so little when I see him walking down the road), but on top of that he was reported (by dds friends in year 2) as kissing a girl...

...double blow to heart...

LoveMyGirls Fri 19-Mar-10 13:54:59

I'm the same, I'm far too young to be the mother of a child at secondary school! grin

upahill Fri 19-Mar-10 13:56:23

Oh no Cadelaid. I know excatly how you feel. My DS1 is year 9 at the moment but just before he started year 7 I took him to get his uniform. He came out of the dressing
room tucking his shirt into his trousers saying 'how do I look mum?' The answer was tthat he looked so grown up. I cried (honestly!) Two and half years later (he is 13 1/2 now he is 5ft 8 towers over me.
I've got to got through it all over again nxt year!!

Cadelaide Fri 19-Mar-10 13:56:59

Oh, I am not alone.

I'm finding it really rather difficult.

He, I'm pleased to say, is absolutely fine about it!

Cadelaide Fri 19-Mar-10 14:00:06

It's quite a big letting-go, isn't it?

No more walking to school (he chooses to walk with his younger siblings and myself, he has the option to go alone). No more rummaging in his school bag to make sure he's remembered everything. No more book-day dressing up.

bruffin Fri 19-Mar-10 14:26:22

I have a yr7 and yr9 and we still have dressing up days! DD yr7 went as Esme from Twilight to World Book Day last week. Then there was Pinky Purple Day and Silly Hat day.

It does go so fast once they start. DS is choosing his option and at his pathway interview yesterday got asked what job he wanted to do when he leaves schoolshock

bebumba Fri 19-Mar-10 14:59:03

Oh no!! My Ds atarts secondary school in September I don't wont to be thinking about career/job in two years time. Stop the ride I want to get off!!

bebumba Fri 19-Mar-10 14:59:24

Starts not atarts!!

upahill Fri 19-Mar-10 15:18:49

What do you mean no more rumaging in their school bag making susre they haven't forgoten anything!!!!
It get's worse I swear.

Have you got your dance kit?
Have you got your apron?
Have you got your P E kit
Have you got your homework diary?
Have you got your lunch?
Have you got your tie?
Have you got your bus pass
Have you got your homework?

etc etc

I have had texts that go like this ' MUM!! I'm on the bus I've left my bag at the bus stop!Help.

Cadelaide Fri 19-Mar-10 16:35:25

thanks upahill grin

mumblechum Fri 19-Mar-10 18:24:24

DS is in yr 10 and last week I had to go to the school to drop stuff off for him THREE TIMES.

When do they start to grow a brain??

Kbear Fri 19-Mar-10 18:36:38

My DD starts secondary in September too!

Summer's gonna fly by and before we know it we will be on here panicking about their first day..... and they will wander home and it will all be fine and we will be panicking for nothing.

GrimmaTheNome Fri 19-Mar-10 18:40:57

Me too - my one and only DD - only one term plus a week left of primary school. Dunno about her, but I'll miss it. Once she's at secondary (a busride away) there'll be no playground Ma-fia any more, will there?

Cadelaide Fri 19-Mar-10 18:45:17

No Grimma. Although I have younger DCs it's the beginning of the end of an era. My youngest is starting Infant's school this September too.

BigTillyMint Fri 19-Mar-10 18:50:07

grin upahill

After all the panicking whilst waiting to see which school we'd been allocated, it all seems very close.

DD seems to be losing her memory already. She used to be so organised. Is it the hormones?

bruffin Fri 19-Mar-10 19:49:01

Just a warning to mothers of boys, they discover Linx in yr7grin

upahill Fri 19-Mar-10 19:57:42

BigTilly what your DD has is commonly known as'selective memory' I find it very common in teenagers, both my own and the ones I work with. For example they could tell you who is the fittest lad in the year but they have no idea where a consent form handed out in a previous session is. They know all the songs from Glee but can't remember how their lessons went.

Another common ailment is the 'Dunno shrug' This means you ask them a question and they can't be bothered answering so they stare at you vacantly shug their shoulders with as little enthusiam as they can muster and say something along the lines of ' dunno'

There are plenty more of these common complaints but I don't want to scare you too much!!! grin

upahill Fri 19-Mar-10 19:58:56

Bruffin DON'T get me started on Lynx. That warrants a thread of it's own!!

jenduff Fri 19-Mar-10 20:02:29

<<joins the mild panic>>

DS has been wearing lynx for ages grin

MumInBeds Fri 19-Mar-10 20:26:45

I'm in the same boat. My ds is an August baby and still very sweet and easily led and the school he is going to is huge and scary (to me anyway - he seems fine about it).

GrimmaTheNome Fri 19-Mar-10 20:33:45

DD got DH to print out her new school's prospectus yesterday and was solemnly reading the uniform list. And here's me not yet got her (sob) last set of summer frocks to be worn with white ankle socks.

bruffin Fri 19-Mar-10 20:44:08

I couldn't get DD a school dress to fit last summer Grimma! Most of them stop at age 11 and she was over 5 foot by then. I found one in m&s but she wouldn't wear it. Her trousers were about an inch too short, she looked like a real ragamuffin for the whole of the last term as I was reluctant to buy new uniform for just a few weeks wear.

At DC's school only the girls wear the jumpers. I made the mistake of buying DS a jumper as it was listed on the uniform list for boys, it is still hanging in the wardrobe never worn. Don't know why the boys won't wear them as they do in other schools locally.

cat64 Fri 19-Mar-10 20:53:21

Message withdrawn

AnnaSergeyevna Fri 19-Mar-10 21:12:18

Cat64 - what are the top ten most FAQs?!

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