Entrance Exams - am in purgatory with waiting!

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Mrshighandmighty Sat 09-Jan-10 20:08:30

Hi there - My eldest son (yr 6) has just sat this week the Hampton, St. Benedicts and KGS entrance exams, with Latymer Upper and Emanuel next week. Does anyone have any experience regarding how long you have to wait to find out after the exam whether your child is going to be offered an interview?

Also - what is an interview like? What should we do to prepare him in the event that he might get an interview?

I have four boys altogether, and I know it will be so much easier next time around - but right now, I'm in a purgatory of ignorance!

Help anyone?

zanzibarmum Sat 09-Jan-10 23:01:17

Interesting mix of schools - why so?

stillfeel18inside Sun 10-Jan-10 16:59:30

Same here - we just took Hampton and KGS - any news anyone???? We haven't had post for the last couple of days, so those nasty rejection letters could be lurking already! How did your DS find those two exams?

wicked Sun 10-Jan-10 17:25:12

Have the schools not told you when to expect an answer? They will know that you are anxious.

My sons did pretests for Common Entrance at 11+ and it was 2-3 weeks for the results. The actual Common Entrance results were the Thursday of the week following the examinations.

Another factor is for the schools to offer you places and so that you can accept a day or two after the local authority allocations. There is also a pecking order for the competing schools with the 'top' ones having their tests first, which means that if you are unsuccessful, you still have time to find somewhere.

Are these schools doing interviews for everyone? That is very unusual, and is typically for when scholarships are offered on the basis of the 11+ rather than a separate scholarship exam.

LetsEscape Sun 10-Jan-10 18:19:57

Poor you...it does seem to go on for ever. Real torture. Been there too recently.
You find out quite quickly actually. Check the websites some are very clear about when the interviews are and they usually give a weeks notice. Some especially if your child is chosen for scholarship (e.g. KG) will ring you within the week to invite back for scholarship exam and interview. I think most of the boys schools offer places on a fixed date in half term...so book yourself a treat soon after. Some schools interview everybody on just a couple of dates such as Latymer Upper. and that date should be in your application form. With so many schools you might need some kind of matrix!

Just checked Hampton website scholarship interviews from 12th to 18th Jan , general interviews 19th to 2nd Feb. So I expect you should get a letter a week before the 19th.

Good luck to everyone in the same boat.

mimsum Sun 10-Jan-10 18:33:44

when ds1 did entrance exams a couple of years back he got phone calls to invite him for an interview - one was the day after the exam, the other was nearly 3 weeks after (we'd given up)

Both schools had an agreeement with several other local schools to send out offer letters on the same day, which was the Thursday of half term (I think - all seems v long ago now)

I'm not sure what happens if your child didn't get an interview, I suspect letter rather than phone call.

The timing of the interview phone call had no bearing on how far ds was up or down their list - the one we had to wait ages for was the one which ended up offering him a scholarship, so don't read too much into timings

good luck for your ds

Mrshighandmighty Sun 10-Jan-10 18:47:31

Good to know we're not alone -stillfeel18inside, ds thought both exams were not too bad - the verbal reasoning paper was nothing like we've been practising at home (all alphabetical codes and finding words within words). He wasn't able to finish the maths or the reasoning papers in the given time. A shame, the last thing we said to him was "get to the end of the paper"! In fact, these exams have shown him for the first time just how fast an hour can pass ...!

Zanzibarmum - we chose these schools because ds isn't so secure in his schooling that we could confidently predict success at any of these schools, so we kept our options open by trying for six. I know its a horrible concept - asking your 10/11 year old to sit this many, but the feedback from those who have trodden this path before me is that they wished they had put a few more irons in the fire at 11 so that the chances of something coming up were higher ... the worst option would be to have to do this all again at 13+. Not that Hampton would allow us to - once you sit the yr 6 exam, you can't do the 13+ ....

Anyway - still no news over the weekend, so I'll be ambushing the postman every day this week (honestly, I'm more tense about this than when I was waiting to see if I was pregnant!!!).

Caoimhe Sun 10-Jan-10 18:57:50

I'll join you!! Ds sat one exam last week and has another next week. He is only doing two - I can't face any more, never mind him!! grin

2010herewego Mon 11-Jan-10 18:19:44

Me too - can't wait to get it all over and done with. My DS has exams this and next week and it can't come soon enough. If I see one more reasoning paper again in my life it will be too soon!

singersgirl Mon 11-Jan-10 19:59:07

Apparently Hampton send out the interview/no interview letters by school, so it's not that no news is bad news. DS did some of these exams last year and waited over 2 weeks to hear from Hampton, but was offered a place after interview. KGS invites them back within a week, I think, if they haven't been asked to do the scholarship exam.

Good luck with the waiting. It's a pretty horrible time. Have it all coming again for DS2 in a couple of years' time.

MittenKitty Tue 12-Jan-10 09:47:42

my daughter did Latymer Upper last year and is now in Yr 7 there and delighted to have the day off tomorrow while the entrance exams take place

I cant remember how long it took but I do recall they gave her a letter at the exam which tells you exactly what happens next. Of the c900 - 1000 who sit the exam I think around 350 are called for interview which from memory was end of Jan/early Feb. Offers were then made I think around 22nd Feb. But they were very good at letting you know what happens when so look out for the letter

Good luck with it all - we did 6 exams too and I dont think it was any more stressful than doing one or two - helped her feel there were lots of options so less pressure on each individual one if you see what I mean

But I do recall it was a very stressful period for me!

Lots of luck to everyone

singersgirl Tue 12-Jan-10 12:59:59

I know DS didn't get his Hampton interview letter until after the general interviews had already started - so not until the Tuesday or Wednesday of the first week. As MittenKitty says, we knew in advance when the Latymer interview would be, though they're not flexible on time, unlike the others. KGS phoned to arrange a convenient time and Hampton gave you the option of rearranging.

It's all coming back to me....

stillfeel18inside Tue 12-Jan-10 14:09:23

Is it true that rejection letters for Hampton are sent out pretty quickly after the exam and interview letters take a little longer? (Trying to find a crumb of comfort in the continuing no-show of a letter!)

singersgirl Tue 12-Jan-10 14:35:08

No - read my post above smile. Last year at least all the results to our school were sent out at the same time, both rejections and interview letters - and 9 or 10 boys sat it, with 4 getting interviews.

Caoimhe Tue 12-Jan-10 20:04:04

Well ds has finished his exams. I'm planning a ceremonial bonfire of Bond papers.............

Now just the anxious wait to find out if he will get any interviews <<gulp>> .

controlfreakery Tue 12-Jan-10 20:10:33

anyone's ds doing the cls exam on monday 18th??

2010herewego Tue 12-Jan-10 23:38:40

Controlfreakery - yes my ds is.
Is yours as well? We don't know anyone one else sitting it, and no real idea what to expect so any insight is gratefully received!

My DS1 is too.

LetsEscape Wed 13-Jan-10 08:02:29

We did CLS last year. It was by far the longest event - all day- not sure why as they do the same number of exams just spread out over the whole day. They offer lunch but my son said it was horrible so probably best to send a snack in. The maths paper is slightly different than other papers in that its not difficult mathematically but more application of maths. I recommend you talk through one of the papers on the website just to know how to approach it. The interview is also a whole afternoon but my son enjoyed it.

controlfreakery Wed 13-Jan-10 10:39:56

well my ds1 did it 2 years ago (now at cls in 2nd form...

what can i say....
you have to bid a fond farewell at the entrance (they take them off and sort them out) which felt a bit brusque so get your good byes in before you're outside!

it is a long day but ds1 enjoyed it.

be prepared fo a LOT of people (not like some grammar schools but there were >500 sitting the 11 entry 2 years ago.

good luck!

stokeytiger Wed 13-Jan-10 10:56:42

many sympathies, my ds did 10+ for KGS last week, I'm praying the post is late because of the snow, but think I'm just deluding myself really.

City of London Boys next week

Oh the horror of it all!!

Good luck

stillfeel18inside Wed 13-Jan-10 11:52:50

stokeytiger - haven't heard from KGS yet either (11+) and just assumed it would take at least a week to get them marked, letters out etc. But have you heard that some have got their letters yet? (...new level of panic setting in now).

GrimmaTheNome Wed 13-Jan-10 11:59:38

My DD is doing exams this sat, tues and next sat (goodness knows why DH wanted her to do 3). The letters all state clearly when to expect to hear back, fortunately.

We're still in limbo till March though as DD is high on reserve list for residual place to very good grammar.

Mrshighandmighty Thu 14-Jan-10 12:48:07

Oh the comfort of group pain .... I feel consoled just reading all these posts ...

Still no post (Thursday) - I'm looking at the phone wondering if I should ring the admissions dept of Hampton/St.Bene/KGS and ask straight out when they are sending the letters. But on the other hand, the excrutiating wait is pleasurable in comparison to the crushing disappointment of knowing we haven't got the interview ...

Do let us all know if your ds/dds get the offers won't you? I definately will - you lot are therapy!

stillfeel18inside Thu 14-Jan-10 14:38:55

Let us know if you do call them, won't you? Actually I think that knowing either way would have to be preferable to this horrible waiting...my ears are constantly craned for the post to land on the mat. Go on, give them a ring!!

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jan-10 14:53:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrshighandmighty Thu 14-Jan-10 14:54:06

Oh ok - didn't take much did it?

Right - hot news ... brace yourself ...

Letters go out tonight and tomorrow night! We'll know by Saturday!

Oh god

stillfeel18inside Thu 14-Jan-10 16:31:49

Mrshighandmighty - we're indebted to you, you brave soul. So just to be clear - is it Hampton letters tonight and KGS tomorrow night?
Okay - need to plan a fun event for Sat afternoon in case it's all baaaad news...

chatham Thu 14-Jan-10 17:57:58

some st bens interview letters posted out today

Mrshighandmighty Thu 14-Jan-10 18:39:19

Its Hampton and St. Bens tonight and tomorrow night (2 waves I think). Ratherbeonthepiste has superior knowledge on the KGS angle, so I think we can rely on the news that girls letters will be very soon and boys letters will be next week ...

Cinema I think for ds on saturday - and a stiff g&t for Mum ...

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jan-10 18:44:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stokeytiger Fri 15-Jan-10 10:53:43

mrshighandmighty and stillfeel18inside,
well done for ringing and thanks, I feel you've given me a bit of hope when I thought ds had definetly not got in.

There's still hope, fingers crossed for all of us, don't forget to post any news.

chatham Fri 15-Jan-10 11:25:23

my child got their benedicts interview letter yesterday. anyone heard from hamptons or kgs

stillfeel18inside Fri 15-Jan-10 12:59:55

Yes - still shaking with relief - letter (compliment slip actually so thought it was bad news at first) from KGS to say DS is being invited to interview. Nothing from Hampton today but not so worried now, although I know the interview is another hurdle so it's by no means in the bag yet with KGS. Thanks so much for all your support, everyone - couldn't have got through yesterday without you! Thanks for the interview tips RatherBeonThePiste - love the one about the pencil case, that must have made the interviewer giggle!

Mrshighandmighty Fri 15-Jan-10 13:27:39

We got a interview letter from St. Benedicts today - and a resounding NO from KGS (ds came 448 out of 530 - yikes!) Nothing from Hampton yet ...

Nearly frightened the life out of the postman! Wrenched open the door so quickly, he nearly fell into the hall!!

Congrats stillfeel18inside - wonderful result - I know what you mean about thin letters; I knew KGS was a no the moment I felt the envelope ..

Chatham - how do you feel about St. Bs? I really like the school - DH hasn't seen it yet so still regards it as an also-ran compared with Hampton. Personally I'm just relieved we're in with a shout at a decent school and not thinking about doing all this again for the 13+.

Hasn't anyone heard from Hampton???

stillfeel18inside Fri 15-Jan-10 13:36:42

Mrshighandmighty - Congrats on St Benedicts and commiserations on KGS - they didn't give me the place where DS came but don't think it would have been particularly high so he'll need to sparkle at that interview! St B's is meant to be an excellent school - I considered it but bus journey is just too far for us. Best of luck to your DS.
(No, nothing from Hampton in today's post so maybe tomorrow).

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 15-Jan-10 13:37:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Caoimhe Fri 15-Jan-10 17:21:34

Mrshighandmighty - congrats on the StB's interview for your ds. I've heard good things about it.

Ds has got an interview at his first choice school (astonishingly!). I was beginning to panic as everyone else I knew had already received their letters earlier in the week!!!

chatham Fri 15-Jan-10 18:33:01

caoimhe- which was his first choice school??
mrs high and mighty- heard really good things about benedicts- not sure what we will do- depends on what happens with the other schools

stokeytiger Fri 15-Jan-10 21:04:51

congratulations on all the interviews.

we've still heard nothing, am hoping they deal with 10+ now all you 11+ers have heard.

Well done everyone... let the interview traumas begin... when will it all end??

stillfeel18inside Sat 16-Jan-10 10:36:07

stokeytiger - a friend told me she rang kgs and they were way behind with everything because of the snow, so hang on in there!
Anyone heard from Hampton? Nothing in today's post for us today.

Caoimhe Sat 16-Jan-10 14:33:17

chatham, am in S London so doing different schools to all of you (or rather ds is!!!). You've probably never even heard of them smile.

skybluewinking Sat 16-Jan-10 14:38:49

I remember this time so well, am now nearly finished, one lot of Uni applications and A levels to go.smile
A crumb of comfort: Any school that my dcs did not get in to always, ALWAYS turned out to be for the best.
When my Dd buggered an A level and didn't get her Uni place she was devastated, but retook, went to a 'better' uni, and was very very happy.
Please do not think these results are the be all and end allwink


wolfbrother Sat 16-Jan-10 15:42:55

Wise words from skyblue there

stillfeel18inside Mon 18-Jan-10 13:06:56

skybluewinking - thanks for the comforting words - particularly timely as we've just received a "no" from Hampton. In reality I knew it probably wasn't the right place for DS but still there's always that feeling of "why wouldn't they want my DS?" and I'm guessing they don't like being phoned up and quizzed on how he did on each paper!

Mrshighandmighty Mon 18-Jan-10 13:12:04

We got a no too from Hampton.

Am crushed ...

stillfeel18inside Mon 18-Jan-10 13:32:56

So sorry to hear that. I have heard a lot of boys not getting an interview there, over the years, but getting places at good schools elsewhere, but that's probably no comfort if it's the school you and your DS had your hearts set on. Are you telling him? I'm going to wait until after he's finished his exams because he's feeling confident at the moment and I don't want to spoil that.

skybluewinking Mon 18-Jan-10 14:12:34

It is devastating I know, but TRY not to communicate that to your lovely boys, (girls too, obv, but you all seem to have boys on here).Sure you know, but it is v hard to hide your own disappointment.

I know in my heart that the school that my DS did not go to required huge self confidence (some would say over confidence wink )It would have crushed him. He is now very happy, and got a scholarship (proud)!

One more thing, Do not get caught up in that horrid school gate competition thing, it leads to unhappiness for you, I think it was one of the reasons I moved away from West London!

controlfreakery Mon 18-Jan-10 18:10:03

what did your boys think of the cls exam today?
ds2 said "it was ok... harder than ucs last week" and looked a bit shel shocked when i collected him...
hmmm. hard not to x xamine him for all the details... but he thought the english was hard.

Caoimhe Mon 18-Jan-10 19:31:32

So sorry about Hampton, Mrshighandmighty, but at least your ds has the StB's interview to look forward to and the exams this week may produce a better outcome. Good luck!

stokeytiger Mon 18-Jan-10 19:38:39

bad luck, mrshighandmighty, StB's interview could be very hopeful, I've been presuming that all these schools only give interviews when they've pretty much decided to give a place, they just want to check out that the kid didn't send someone else in disguise to do the exam, anything else would seem cruel.

Well, at last heard from KGS, and my ds got an interview, big phew, even if it would mean moving to West London.

Controlfreakery - my ds did 10+ City London Boys today.. he thought it was easy (not sure if he's old enough to be a good judge of how well he's done) He did mention lots of boys hadn't had time to finish their maths and verbal reasoning papers, some missing out 2 or more pages of each. I think it's incredibly hard for all of them, I've struggled with answers on previous papers!

Caoimhe Mon 18-Jan-10 19:42:21

Well done to your ds, stokeytiger, on the KGS interview.

Ds has his interview on Thursday - we still haven't heard from the second school - yikes!

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 18-Jan-10 19:46:44

KGS interviews sort out those given actual places from those offered waiting list places - that was the case when DD did the interviews. She was offered a straight place, her friend was a certain number on the waiting list. So it's not a given that they are in, although I would imagine that there is a fair bit of movement on the waiting list.

stillfeel18inside Mon 18-Jan-10 21:44:13

RatherBeOnThePiste - so if they get an interview, does that definitely mean they atleast get a waiting list place? And do you know how far down the waiting list they normally go (ie what placed person is the last one in?)

DS1 said that the CLS Maths paper today was just like the practice one that he did, but that the numbers were different! He thought it went OK.

singersgirl Mon 18-Jan-10 23:20:42

There are 2 types of interview at KGS - a general interview, or an interview focusing on either maths or English; you're told which it is when they call you to arrange it. Apparently (according to SW London lore) no one has been known to not get an offer of a place after a general interview. This is hearsay! DS had a general interview and got an offer.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 19-Jan-10 07:10:08

DD had a general interview but my friends DD had a maths interview, and they went over some questions with a maths teacher. She was offered a straight place too.

My DDs friend was 5 on the waiting list but I have no idea. ( She went elsewhere.) A girl from DDs school was offered a place in about the June before they went, so she must have been considerably lower on the waiting list. I really don't know where though, sorry.

They don't do anything with the waiting list until after the national offers day in March.

2010herewego Tue 19-Jan-10 10:20:09

My DS said the same thing about the CoL Maths paper being very similar to a practice one he had done previously.

I take my hat off to the school, they clearly know how to run these days. DS said it was a great day, that he really enjoyed it and that the year 7 boys he met were very nice.
I had to ask him if he was talking about the exam day or the open day we attended grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 20-Jan-10 07:42:57

Two of DDs friends have younger sisters who had their KGS interviews at the end of last week. But they do organise the girls first.

stillfeel18inside Wed 20-Jan-10 10:10:07

singersgirl - do you know how long KGS normally give you between calling up and interviewing? (Might need a bit of preparation time if DS has a maths/english interview!)

Mrshighandmighty Wed 20-Jan-10 11:41:08

Well - feeling much more positive ... ds is really pleased about St. Bs - interview is on Tuesday - hoping for a positive outcome. We still have Latymer and Emanuel yet to respond.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words - and good luck for any remaining exams still to be taken ... nearly there folks ...

stillfeel18inside Wed 20-Jan-10 12:12:21

Mrshighandmighty - best of luck to your DS at St Bs and with the others. Lucky you having finished the lot - you can build a nice bonfire with those practice papers!

singersgirl Wed 20-Jan-10 14:22:11

Can't remember how long it was before the phone call, but I think we had about a week from then until the interview - though they gave us a choice of times. The woman who called (not sure if she was the registrar or not) told me on the phone that it would just be a general chat.

MrsGuyofGisbourne Wed 20-Jan-10 19:03:50

Came to this a bit late... Ds took 10+ @ KGS and got a letter on Monday offering interview, but they haven't yet called to arrange a time.
He did the 10+ CoL on Monday and had a fantastic time there - especially enjoyed the lunch hmm & playing football on the roof hmm naturally couldn't remember anything about the actual exams...
He liked KGS because the snack they were given was a kellogs square that he had never had before... can't imagine what he might say in an interview - he can be a bit off the wall sometimes, but we assume that the interviewer will be familiar with the ways of 10 year old boys and assess him on his suitability for the school and the school's suitability for him...
Good luck to all!

2010herewego Wed 20-Jan-10 21:25:02

We got a second rejection today. We only have one left to hear from and am terrified that it will be another No.

After the first rejection, DS was very down and hard on himself and so I haven't told him about today's letter yet. I know two of his friends at school got through and so will be asking him tomorrow so although I think I can put it off for one more day, I really can't think of a way to tell him that won't leave him feeling even less confident about himself.

I hate this whole process and it never occurred to me that he wouldn't get through to interviews. I think he underperforms at exams as he is certainly on a par with the friends that got through. The pressure I feel (and I think he will feel) to get an interview from the next school is immense.

Am very sad and worried about the longer term effect this sort of rejection will have on him. Especially if he sees all his friends going through to the other schools.

controlfreakery Wed 20-Jan-10 22:07:55

oh 2010, it's a harsh business for our poor 10 yos isn't it? and pretty stressful for us too. does he have to move schools in september or can he stay on where he is? do you have a plan b? have been through it all once 2 years ago but it's no easier this time. have no idea how ds2 will have done in the exams. do you have any idea when to expect cls i/v letters? fingers crossed.

2010herewego Wed 20-Jan-10 22:28:52

Yes, it feels extremely harsh especially as the rejection from the latest school was supposed to be our "safe" option. I guess we should have applied to 5 or 6 schools but we were always told that he was a good candidate and it seemed wrong to apply for schools we weren't keen on.

If he doesn't get an interview at cls, then he will be going to a local school. It won't be the end of the world, but I know he will feel like an "almost ran" and having to deal with his friends going to the schools that everyone thought he was a dead cert to get into will be very hard.

I think we have to wait another week for cls. Not sure what I will do in the meantime, or how I should prepare him for another potential rejection.

singersgirl Wed 20-Jan-10 22:59:19

How is it going for DS2, Mrs G? I'd forgotten he was doing exams now. I'm so glad to have a year or 2 off smile.

Needmoresleep Thu 21-Jan-10 08:44:54

Good luck to everyone. A year later and it is all over and both kids (11+ and 13+) are happy and settled in their new schools.

London days schools at 11+ are a real lottery, and produce some strange results. Much of it is a numbers game and not getting a place should not imply rejection, though it is hard to feel otherwise.

We were in the same position as MrsHighandMighty in that no school was a given, so DD tried 5. We were lucky in that we had a fall back of staying on the previous school, so were able to take the approach that every school we applied to was a school my daughter wanted to go to. We therefore tried not to think about which one we preferred until we knew what choice we had. The prospectus cannot tell you where you will find the best-friend-for-life or the inspirational teacher, and every school, including the most academically sought after, will have a few amongst its cohort who find it hard to settle.

We did not try St Bens as it is a bit far for us. However we do know a lovely girl who started in September and who is very happy there. My own daughter is enjoying the switch from a very academic prep school to a less hot house environment with lots of sport and is far happier.

In terms of interview, I was told, by an interviewer, that they are really looking for a child who can talk to adults and who has something to say. What they say is less important! It can be obvious which kids have been coached, and they can come across as very dull.

If a child does not get anything when they should have, and it does happen, you might talk to your Head Teacher, assuming they have good experience of the process. (Or firing off some careful letter to schools at which your child got an interview, or others you failed to consider which might be easier to get into.) Year on year schools go in and out of fashion. In the next few weeks schools will find out whether they will have to add an additional class or whether they will be going through their wait list too quickly. (However don't expect the latter to happen to really competitive schools like CLS. Too many parents will be prepared to ditch their previously accepted school and lose a terms fees.) A Head Teacher may be in a position to ask this question, and also confirm that your child would fit in well within the cohort.

If you are writing I would couch it in the form of an enquiry about an occasional place. These do come up, and can be from the start of Y7, and though they cannot make promises, schools may want to encourage good prospective candidates.

I am so glad it is over. In the end all my daughter's friends got schools they were pleased with. I hope the same is true for everyone here.

stillfeel18inside Thu 21-Jan-10 16:47:31

2010herewego - I really feel for you. The rejection feels horrible, especially when (as in your case) you know that your DS is clever enough for certain schools but on the day just doesn't happen to quite get the required number of marks. Is he in a state school? In which case, would you consider putting him in the last 2 years of a prep school? (Probably a horrible prospect to go through it all again, but it's a possiblity I've always had at the back of my mind as I know that some prep schools empty out a bit as people leave for grammars at 11). I hope you get good news soon but if not, I'm sure that Needmoresleep is right - at the end of the day, much as schools all like to give the impression that they're full to the brim with huge waiting lists, there will be spaces here and there.

2010herewego Thu 21-Jan-10 17:40:56

Thanks for the kind words and advice Needmoresleep and Stillfeel18.
DS is in a state school and I hadn't thought about putting him into for the last 2 years of a prep. I know a few children locally who are at prep and have also applied for the grammar schools so I imagine that in March when the offers are out there may be places freed up from september.
I will give that some serious thought and perhaps make appointments to talk to the heads of some of them in March.
I don't think DS would mind going to a prep for 2 years and sitting CE, as he knows most of the local preps are very good schools so it wouldn't feel like a failure.
Still harbouring very faint hopes for CoL, but I think I am a little deluded!

Caoimhe Thu 21-Jan-10 18:09:57

2010herewego, what a miserable few days you've had - I really feel for you and your poor ds.

Ds is at a prep school and every year quite a few join Y7 to retake entrance exams they failed first time round. The school is very successful at getting them in at 13+ so that may be a good option for your ds if CoL doesn't come off.

I agree with the others that schools often do have places even if they claim to be full. I think this year has been bizarrely competitive - a few boys at ds's prep haven't made it to interview for one local school and there are some real surprises amongst them.

deadbeatdad Thu 21-Jan-10 20:18:15

OP - May I ask as guidance for next year what sort of NC level your DS was achieving at his state school.

From what I have seen entry to some of the so-called 'academic schools' (which often means to many posh schools) is as much about fine gradations of social class. You can see it in some of the questions in past papers: size of a hockey stick; conversion to Carribbean dollars etc and interview questions.

If your DS is targeted for say a 5b end of year 6 you may have just come up against some of the lingering snobbery that still attached to some parts of our educational system.

deadbeatdad Thu 21-Jan-10 20:18:15

OP - May I ask as guidance for next year what sort of NC level your DS was achieving at his state school.

From what I have seen entry to some of the so-called 'academic schools' (which often means to many posh schools) is as much about fine gradations of social class. You can see it in some of the questions in past papers: size of a hockey stick; conversion to Carribbean dollars etc and interview questions.

If your DS is targeted for say a 5b end of year 6 you may have just come up against some of the lingering snobbery that still attached to some parts of our educational system.

controlfreakery Thu 21-Jan-10 21:04:03

hmm really dbd?
can't speak for schools i know nothing about but certainly at city they are only interested in academic potential at the exam stage... 2/3 of the 11+ entrants come from state primaries... from a very wide range of backgrounds.

MmeBlueberry Thu 21-Jan-10 21:10:08

You move in different worlds to most of us, dbd.

deadbeatdad Thu 21-Jan-10 21:29:53

I think so - haven't you noticed the fine social differences between schools of all kinds - from state to faith to independent. Sure kids from state schools get in but it is not all about the exams at 11 is it. It's about the interview, the school report etc

If the OP DS was high performing in NC terms then maybe there might be another explaination. Just a question really.

MmeBlueberry Thu 21-Jan-10 21:39:16

Most schools at 11+ use ISEB papers, or their own indistinguishable clones of them. These are similar to Sats although more rigourous. They are very politically correct, eg 'Sarah and Himesh were investigating plant growth....'.

Even at 13+ scholarship, they are just trying to identify academic potential. They really don't mind admitting the hoi polloi.

2010herewego Thu 21-Jan-10 22:30:17

Hi dbd, my ds had already achieved level 5s in all areas by the end of year 5 and is on the G&T register so I don't think the school report would have been the issue.

Interestingly, although he had been taught all the
Maths topics that aren't usually taught in year 6 (adding fractions, algebra etc) he said none of them really came up in the exams. These would be the areas where a state NC educated child who hadn't been tutored would typically trip up.

I think it came down to underperforming on the day and unfortunately he wasn't given the chance to show what he is capable of in an interview.

I'm still upset about the latter and no closer to knowing how best to tell him without destroying his confidence. Ho hum.

2010herewego Thu 21-Jan-10 22:30:18

Hi dbd, my ds had already achieved level 5s in all areas by the end of year 5 and is on the G&T register so I don't think the school report would have been the issue.

Interestingly, although he had been taught all the
Maths topics that aren't usually taught in year 6 (adding fractions, algebra etc) he said none of them really came up in the exams. These would be the areas where a state NC educated child who hadn't been tutored would typically trip up.

I think it came down to underperforming on the day and unfortunately he wasn't given the chance to show what he is capable of in an interview.

I'm still upset about the latter and no closer to knowing how best to tell him without destroying his confidence. Ho hum.

deadbeatdad Thu 21-Jan-10 22:33:19

There you go... Hoi poloi indeed

LetsEscape Fri 22-Jan-10 09:11:04

I do feel for you and wish you well in telling your son the news about the interviews. I was also going to suggest the possibility of transferring to a prep school for 2 years and having a go at 13+. Some boys need more time to mature and learn how to perform in exams. It would help him cope with the rejections if you have already some view of the possibility of this. A second plan is necessary. He needs to know that every problem has a solution and you just have to be more creative.

Do also get your headteacher's view. They may be able to help out.

Re 'lingering snobbery' I am sure (know)this is not the case. The best schools are bending over to accept the best young minds irrespective of their background and bursaries at the 'poshest' schools are very generous. Most exam papers are produced by companies for a school.

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 22-Jan-10 09:26:30

When we were young, my brother did exactly this, he transferred into a prep school. He failed the 11+ having been told he was a dead cert, but on the day he was quite literally overwhelmed with nerves. He was able to take the side step into a prep, and although as I fondly remember he had to wear some ludicrous hat and blazer combo, it gave him the confidence and a massive boost. At 13+ he did exceptionally well in CE into some good school on a scholarship.

deadbeatdad Sat 23-Jan-10 00:59:55

I have clearly be visisting different schools to everyone. else. Sutton Trust do show that independent schools take DC who wouldn't otherwise afford basic fees but then do little to facilitate such children from full participation in trips etc. In my part of London there is a clear social hieraracy of schools or rather parents who apply for DC - which is not necessarily linked to academIc performance but the two are conflated in local folklore by aspirant parents. Has no one else noticed in open days etc that the parents plummy accents and the DC uniforms get more elaborate as you move from good local state school, to small independent, to GDST school to the like of LEH, St Paul's and Godolphin.

MmeBlueberry Sat 23-Jan-10 08:34:46

I have found that it is more market economics than social hierarchy.

If anyone has genuine difficulty in affording educational visits, they need to speak privately with the bursar. The school is not going to advertise any kind of hardship fund as that will open the floodgates for both resentment and further claims.

It is usually the condition of a bursary that you speak to absolutely no one about it, or you break your contract with the school, and the same deal with any other help you get.

stillfeel18inside Sat 23-Jan-10 09:32:22

deadbeatdad - I agree that you get certain types of parents at the different "levels" of schools - that's dictated by the fee levels as much as anything. But I don't think the schools themselves discriminate against children from less well-off backgrounds, which was your original point. In fact I've seen the absolute opposite - heads and staff being very welcoming indeed to my state school DS and some, eg Hampton, making a big point of their high state school intake.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 25-Jan-10 19:55:49

Anyone had their interviews yet - just wondering how everyone is getting on?

controlfreakery Mon 25-Jan-10 21:03:03

still waiting for letter re i/v or no i/v here.... aaaaagh!

Needmoresleep Tue 26-Jan-10 08:09:35

Would disagree with dbd. Each school has its USP. Some really are scary posh. But similarly some Heads, aware that their target market is will be those buying their way out of pool quality (failing) state provision, can sound like used car salesman. Acknowledging that private education was expensive but then explaining what you got and why it was worth the money. There is a huge variety.

I can understand why a school might prefer grounded middle class kids to the super rich, and I think many do. (Or at least try their best to select kids who will benefit most from the education on offer regardless of the car their parent's drive.) The problem obviously is fee levels, which implies a certain level of affluence. A lot of schools make real efforts to provide bursaries, and some make a real effort to keep fees down. This includes GDST schools, but also newer schools and consortia, who have recognised there is a gap in the market.

You suggest that there is a social hierarchy of schools. Yet living not too far away I would suggest that it also works in the opposite direction, with parents preferring Putney or Wimbledon High to the more glittery Hammersmith girls schools, or Emanuel to the Dulwich schools, in part because they appear more grounded. (Lower fees help too obviously!)

stillfeel18inside Tue 26-Jan-10 09:22:22

RatherBeOnThePiste - DS has KGS interview on Friday and it's a "general chat" which I know someone on here said was a good sign so please keep everything crossed for us! And if anyone has any final further interview tips, particularly for KGS, do hand them over!!

Mrshighandmighty Tue 26-Jan-10 18:31:34

Hi all - St. B's interview today. DS strolled through it wondering why his mother was a soggy mess on the carpet by the time he came back to the conference room. "Yeh, it was fine ... anything to eat?"

What I did think of was to get DS to hand over some of his stories that he'd done particularly well as an example of what he meant when he said "I really like writing stories". The interviewer was really pleased to receive them (maybe he was being nice{hmm}), but frankly, seeing the TROOPS of boys flocking in and flocking out of the conference room, you need to do something to rise out of the masses ....

The other thing was to ask if one of the sixth formers can do a quick lap of the school with you just before the interview, so that your ds is full of the wonders of the school and goes into the interview saying that the school is "awesome" for this, this and this reason ....

We got a no from Latymer Upper today (always was a long shot), so our two best candidates are St. Benedicts and Emanuel - both of which are done and dusted now and we can only wait ....

Do you think we'll look back on this one day and laugh? {hmm}

stillfeel18inside Tue 26-Jan-10 19:17:02

Those are some great tips Mrshighandmighty. Sounds as though your DS's interview went really well - well done to him and to you!

Matsikula Tue 26-Jan-10 19:24:34

This is aeons ago, but I think you can try too hard to stand out - it's important for the kids to be themselves. Sometimes a genuine spark does better than a 'conditioned' right answer.

I remember at my school interview being asked what I'd do with a million pounds. I said I'd buy a jumbo jet, turn it into a house and fly around the world in it with my friends and family (then remembered to say I'd give some money to charity too. I got a big scholarship). Another friend's mum told her not to say she liked Enid Blyton. However, she admitted the truth, and the interviewer heartily agreed with her.

stokeytiger Wed 27-Jan-10 11:04:51

Well, my ds has finally got an interview date on Monday for his Kingston Grammar interview, just hope the interviewer likes chess because that's all he'll want to talk about...
No news from C of L yet.
Mrshighandmighty - the six former whizz round the school is a brilliant tip, thanks

Caoimhe Sat 30-Jan-10 18:06:31

Just bumping to find out how everyone is doing. Ds had his last interview yesterday - yet again he didn't exactly cover himself in glory in the exam so I can only hope he did well in the interview.

I have to wait until 19 February for the results - I will be very grey by then!!!! smile

MmeBlueberry Sun 31-Jan-10 00:18:32

My DD has been awarded an academic scholarship for her senior school

Needmoresleep Sun 31-Jan-10 17:59:11

Congratulations! You and DD should be very proud.

Last year my daughter did better than predicted - not a scholarship candidate but some good offers - she was keen to tell me that SHE had done the work and exams and so I was not entitled to congratulate myself. But it was an awful process and I think it might have been easier if I had sat the exams myself!

And good luck to everyone else. There is no point in saying it is not long to wait. It will feel like ages. We were very lucky in that one school gave results a couple of weeks earlier and DD got in, so the pressure was off a little. Otherwise I would have been standing at the street corner waiting for the postman.

Caoimhe Sun 31-Jan-10 18:02:57

Well done to your dd, MmeBlueberry - fantastic news grin.

I know what you mean, needmoresleep - I'm afraid that come 19 Feb I might take to prowling the streets to hunt down the postman. Be afraid, be very afraid!!!! wink

claig Sun 31-Jan-10 18:16:18

congratulations MmeBlueberry, fantastic news smile

stillfeel18inside Mon 01-Feb-10 09:21:37

That's fantastic news MmeBlueberry - you must be so proud! Well done to you both.

Mrshighandmighty Mon 01-Feb-10 11:39:37

Wonderful MmeBlueberry - all your own work ... what a great parent you are! See - no-one ever says that to us do they?

We don't get our results from St.Bs until the 23rd Feb! ARGHH!

MrsGuyofGisbourne Mon 01-Feb-10 12:45:09

Is htere any reliable indication by envelope size - eg large = good news, small = bad news?

stokeytiger Mon 01-Feb-10 14:15:22

MrsGuyofGisbourne - we got the smallest and thinnest of envelopes for an interview appointment, so don't immediatley despair if it's a thin one.

SoupDragon Mon 01-Feb-10 14:19:43

DS1 got interviews for both the private schools he sat for and they were virtually biting my arm off to have him at the schools when they interviewed me (whilst they were interviewing him). He excelled himself [proud] (although I'm still not convinced the English results were his - all the comprehension stuff and essays I marked for him made me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon)

I think the results are out on 18th Feb.

mebaasmum Mon 01-Feb-10 14:50:15

Out of interest. Do people who are applying for selective private schools send in an application for state secondaries in October just in case. (Bearing in mind most of the better ones are over subscibed) Or do they risk ending up with no school if worst comes to the worst. Just curious

GrimmaTheNome Mon 01-Feb-10 14:54:07

meba, I'd reckon that anyone who didn't use belt and braces was foolish - you don't lose anything by stating your LEA preferences (and putting your child in for 11+ if appropriate). Why on earth would anyone not do this?

Of course, some people take it to the limit and attend church for 2 years and move house as well (not sure I'm even joking there!)

thirtysomething Mon 01-Feb-10 15:23:53

mrsguy we went through all of this last year for DS - the much-awaited envelope saying he'd got into the selective school he wanted to go to was very small! It had a single sheet of A4inside basically saying he'd got in and if we accepted we'd get an info pack at a later date....he got into the other school he tried for and they sent a huge A4 pack with offer letter, contract forfees etc and tons of other stuff, so no general rule about envelope sizes!

Good luck to you all and your DCs!

SoupDragon Mon 01-Feb-10 21:44:05

I think you'd have to be seriously dim not to apply for state schools too!

snorkie Tue 02-Feb-10 12:20:13

I must be seriously dim then! Depends on how selective the schools you are applying to are, how bright your children are and what state alternatives you have a realistic chance of. Neither of mine had any serious likelyhood of not passing and if they hadn't there was also no likelyhood of them getting a place at a decent secondary even if we had applied (unless I'd managed to fabricate a baptism certificate & manage some catholic church attendance). The local one always has space available - somehow that 25% 5 A*-C pass rate doesn't encourage many to apply, so not a lot of point really.

SoupDragon Tue 02-Feb-10 16:15:45

It was a tongue in cheek comment really.

Here, it is more a case of how bright everyone else is than how bright your child is. One particular school, 360 "passed" the exam out of 1500 that sat it. The passmark isn't a mark as such, it's the top 360 children. Competition is tough since there are no few very good secondary schools and you are up against privately educated children battling for free state places at the grammars in the neighbouring borough. Then there is the competition at 2 top private schools.... you have to put in an application for a reasonable local secondary or run the risk of ending up with one of many failing schools. You simply can't guarantee that your child is brighter than the necessary % of his/her peers.

Thankfully, DS1 proved to be bright enough (with some brightness to spare).

stokeytiger Fri 05-Feb-10 13:07:38

Just received the City Boys interview appointment letter, YAHOO, very happy and proud. If all goes well it means we won't have to move house for Kingston Grammar.

newpup Fri 05-Feb-10 13:58:50

Got the letter this am - DD passed her entrance exam and has a place at our top choice for September. Whoo hoo! blush

Sorry so excited after all the stress , am fit to burst. Just can not wait to tell her after school!

grin grin grin

Metella Fri 05-Feb-10 14:43:26

Fantastic news, stokeytiger & newpup!

MrsGuyofGisbourne Fri 05-Feb-10 15:07:57

Stokeytiger - so did we! (and it was a small thin letter grin)

newpup Fri 05-Feb-10 17:04:38

Thanks Metella!

Good luck to everyone awaiting the envelope! smile

stokeytiger Fri 05-Feb-10 20:19:38

mrsguyofgisbourne - what a great feeling, eh? well done
thanks metella

stillfeel18inside Fri 05-Feb-10 22:37:03

Good luck stokeytiget and mrsguyofgisbourne at City of London - I'm sure your boys will do really well. And congratulations newpup - great to have the result "in the bag" already - good luck to your DD at her new school.
stokeytiger - I'm already thinking ahead for my DS2 and wondering if I might do the 10+ for him at KGS if DS1 does get a place at KGS - I seem to remember your DS was doing 10+ rather than 11+. What sort of level would you say he was at now?

Caoimhe Sat 06-Feb-10 10:16:39

Lucky, lucky you newpup!!! I'm so jealous envy - I still have nearly two weeks to wait!!!

Great news re the interviews for Master Stokeytiger and MasterGisbourne - fingers crossed for both boys.

I will have no nails left by the time I get to the end of this process (either that or I'll have alcohol poisoning grin).

newpup Sat 06-Feb-10 12:37:13

I feel for you Caoimhe!

The wait is awful! I was sure I would have grey hair by the time we heard.

I was physically shaking when I saw the envelope on the mat!

It is so good to be able to relax, I had the first good nights sleep last night for ages. I had to reread the letter this morning just to make sure. Ha Ha!

The best was Dd's face when I met her after school yesterday and gave her the envelope. She was so thrilled! I will treasure that moment forever.

She worked really really hard to get her place and I am very proud of her.

Best of Luck to you, hope you get what you want. smile

newpup Sat 06-Feb-10 12:38:23

Thank you Stillfeel18inside. Fingers crossed for you too!

stokeytiger Sat 06-Feb-10 12:52:40

Stillfeel18inside - We decided to do 10+ because DS is getting bored and frustrated at school, he's quite a studious type and although his primary school is lovely, he is complaining about the amount of time wasted in class.

His English is good (top table for everything) but there are about 30 different languages spoken at his primary so the teachers have there work cut out for them.

His Maths, however, is extraordinary (don't know where he gets it from). He's been doing Kumon for 4 years with Gold Standard for 2 years, basically he's doing gcse level maths and understands very complicated operations. He's also a chess whizz.

We couldn't bare the thought of him getting bored at school.

There are also massive advantages for doing 10+, there's much less competition!

74 entries for 24 places at CofL boys, give you a one in three chance of getting in. Compare that to 11+ entries of 600+ for 60 places, gives them a 1 in 10 chance of getting in.

I don't know what the 11+ entries are for KG,but I'm sure they're very high too, but the 10+ had about 50 entries for 25 places, 1/2 the kids will do it!!

It's such a no brainer I can't believe more people don't do it.

I suppose you have to be confident that you child is mature enough to be in a 'big' school surrounded by teenagers but with an older sibling there it should be no worries.

Another advantage I've found is that you avoid any competative talk in the playground, by the time you get to year 6 it's all anyone talks about. If you do it all in year 5 you can keep it very low key, much less pressure and if it all goes wrong you have another chance the year after.

The only disadvantage I can think of is arranging travelling to and from school a year earlier, but there are lots of ways round that.

I'd say go for it, whatever level your ds is at he stands a much better chance doing it early.

Caoimhe Sat 06-Feb-10 15:17:39

Thanks for the sympathy newpup! grin

Around this way there is also much less competition at 10+ than at 11+ (although I think more people are considering 10+ now so that may change over the next few years).

stillfeel18inside Sun 07-Feb-10 10:55:42

stokeytiger - those are pretty good odds, especially at KGS (and if you add to that the fact that DS2 would already have a sibling there, that couldn't hurt, even though I know they don't have an official sibling policy). Only problem is that I won't have a year off from the tutoring/exams timetable, but at least then it would all be over and done with forever....until GCSEs I suppose!

I'd always shied away from the 10+ because on top of meaning an extra year's fees, I thought it would be a real shame for my DS to miss yr 6 which seemed to be full of exciting things (being the oldest ones at school, good parts in the school play, trips etc) but having now got a child in yr 6 I'm not so sure - the idea of studying interesting new subjects and getting used to big school a year early as opposed to doing endless SATS papers is becoming very appealing!

mimsum Sun 07-Feb-10 12:33:25

10+ entry is fab it meant ds avoided all the secondary school transfer trauma, all the anxiety about exams, all the endless SATS revision, plus he got to know a whole new bunch of friends, tackled new subjects in a much more grown-up way, got used to the way the school worked, felt confident about finding his way around - and by the time y7 came around he was one of the 'old boys' showing the new boys around

pretty much the only downside was an extra year's fees ...

stokeytiger Mon 08-Feb-10 10:56:36

mrsguyofgisbourne - if you have the choice, will you be going for CoL or KG?
I'm currently have an emotional meltdown about city interview, we're not preparing at all for it as recommended by school and tutor, but it's almost impossible to hold back.
Does anyone know how many they ask back for interviews and what percentage get turned away after this stage?
The joy of getting the interview letter is very short lived!!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Mon 08-Feb-10 14:31:24

ST - geographically neither location is very convenient - we have a third possibility @ Colet Court that is closer and we will take if we are offered it (DS going for interview this week), but chances very slim so trying not to think about choices until we see if we have any when the letters arrive.....

singersgirl Mon 08-Feb-10 15:05:24

Good luck to DS2, MrsG!

And good luck to everyone's children with all their interviews etc.

controlfreakery Mon 08-Feb-10 16:42:56

apparently they interview about 80 children for the 10+ places and about 280 for the 11+... by my reckoning about a 1/4 chance of a place although even somewhere as popular as cls must make more offers than places and it won't be everyones 1st choiuce (at least that's what i'm telling myself!).

Yingers74 Wed 17-Feb-10 17:02:37

Can I ask, has colet court sent out offer letters yet?

MumN7 Wed 17-Feb-10 20:12:04

StokeyTiger how did your ds do at the interview and have you heard back? I have a feeling (deciphered from your previous posts) my ds knows your ds and they met at CLS 10+ exam on 18 Jan - they had met previously at swimming!? My ds has been offered a place (phew!) and wishes that your ds has too so that he has a friend at the outset!

Needmoresleep Thu 18-Feb-10 00:11:56


Fingers crossed also for Mrshighandmighty and everyone else waiting for that thin/thick envelope.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 18-Feb-10 11:22:16

Yingers - DS had an offer letter from CC last week - Thurs? Quick work as test was Satr, interview Tues - no time wasted! grin

singersgirl Thu 18-Feb-10 13:46:23

Congrats to DS2, MrsG, and to Mum N7's son! And good luck to everyone else still waiting!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 18-Feb-10 15:32:10

thanks SG - was going to send you you a txt msg last week, but was too shy grin

stokeytiger Thu 18-Feb-10 17:26:20

MumN7 - fantastic, my ds has been talking about your boy at swimming and in the exam. YES he got offered a place too. I don't know if it's you take him swimming, but next time we're there I'll look out for you. Isn't it a relief when they get in!

stokeytiger Thu 18-Feb-10 17:28:55

Well done MrsG!!!

Yingers74 Thu 18-Feb-10 17:29:49

was just wondering as friend's son was on reserve list for another school where my dd will be going, and I was hoping some boys will choose cc over this school hence open up some more spaces! Do parents accept places for several schools and drop them later despite the financial penalties?

Congrats on ds's cc place!

deadbeatdad Thu 18-Feb-10 18:20:43

Mrs Guy and N7 Mum what did it take to get the Colet Court places? Well done!!

Were DC at prep school, did you need additional tuition; if so how much.

What was your experience like? Advice appreciated

Caoimhe Thu 18-Feb-10 18:22:08

Well done to your ds, MrsGuy - CC, eh? I'm sure he will have a fantastic time!

I hear about ds's results tomorrow - argh! shock

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 19-Feb-10 08:00:30

Thanx! He is pleased as his first choice. The the letters will arrive today but mercifully won't be anxious about opening them - vey much feel for you guys awaitng the postie today I totally know how it feels! At least after today the wait is over - bet the cinemas this afternoon will be full of kids in for their Percy Jackson treat!
DBD - Not prep, 10+ is only for state schools. Went to a local tutor to build up speed and practice and did a few 11+ papers she has got from other indies as rhey don't publish past papers.
No magic formula (tho' we told DS that going to bed early and eating green vegetables would give him the best possible prep grin)Very Best Of luck to everyone today - hope we hear lots of happy squeals on this thread later grin

Caoimhe Fri 19-Feb-10 09:03:57

Thanks, MrsGuyOfGisbourne - I'm feeling slightly ill now!! blush

It's so horrible - poor ds has said he doesn't want the post to come in case it is bad news - poor thing. sad

You read my mind about the cinema!!! Fingers crossed ds and I will be off there this afternoon celebrating. smile

Good luck to everyone waiting for the post (and no stalking the postman around the streets, please grin).

Caoimhe Fri 19-Feb-10 12:35:57

OMG - ds has had an offer (only one, mind you smile) - at least we don't have to worry about doing anything difficult like choosing grin!!!!

claig Fri 19-Feb-10 12:43:00

fantastic news Caoimhe, I am so pleased for you and your son smile. In the end all that agony of waiting was worthwhile. Enjoy the cinema today !!

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 12:46:54


DS1 got offers from both the private secondaries he sat/interviewed for. One offered him a 30% scholarship and thankfully it was the one I wanted him to go to

claig Fri 19-Feb-10 13:04:59

congratulations SoupDragon, Fantastic scholarship. This is turning out to be a great day. smile

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 13:23:55

It is indeed. I haven't stopped bouncing round the house yet - I had to make myself go out so I wasn't stalking the postman this morning.

Ladymuck Fri 19-Feb-10 14:18:52

Congrats Soupy - must be a relief! Are you going to go private or opt for one of the Sutton schools?

Now to do it all again in 2 years time?!

We are also squealing with delight here. DS1 received two offers today, including a 25% scholarship to our favourite school. He keeps wandering round the house muttering 'I'm so happy'.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 15:53:37

LOL - despite getting a good scholarship % to the private school, he didn't get a place at the Sutton ones at all Clearly they didn't recognise his potential wink [arf] He'll go to T.

I'm not at all worried about DS2 - if DS1 can do it, DS2 should breeze it.

Congrats, Cheese. Is your DS actually sounding happy? DS1 didn't sound overly excited, bless him.
Me: "are you excited?".
DS1: (monotone) "Yes."

I want to squeeeeeze him and I can't as he's on a skiing holiday. Bah!

He's saying it in a voice that sounds like he thinks a happy voice should sound! If that makes sense. I think he is happy - but it's often hard to tell - he has given me several unexpected hugs though.

Congratulations to your DS.

chatham Fri 19-Feb-10 16:33:11

cheese alarm- did your son apply to hampton

No - we're in East London. He has offers from Forest and Bancroft's.

Caoimhe Fri 19-Feb-10 17:48:09

SoupDragon, thinking of where you are it would appear that your ds and my ds will be going to the same school!!! grin

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 18:36:17

Ooooh. How scarey stalkerish exciting

He sat T, W and the 2 W grammars in Sutton (which he clearly managed to fail spectacularly!)

LIZS Fri 19-Feb-10 18:42:08

Well done to your ds1 Soup . Can I ask why you preferred T to W (friends are aimign fro W, seems more do firm ours than T, although very similar distance) - presumably not just cos of the scholarship ? We've looked at T for ds but he was already stressed by the journey into a more urban environment !

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 18:54:28

My heart was with W (what's not to love?) and the journey would basically involve a bus down the hill but I decided that T would be better for DS2 as he would rub against the traditional nature of W more. DS1 would fly in either of them as he is that kind of boy.

Then I decided that, as DS1 is a keen sportsman but not gifted, he would have better sporting opportunities at T as they said they cater for however many boys want to do a sport rather than just concentrating on the best.

T came across as far friendlier and inclusive when we went to the exams and later for interview. Results wise, there's nothing to choose between them.

Also, I quite like the idea that T are admitting girls into the 6th Form which shows a willingness to progress/change from tradition.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 19:05:56

I would say W is far more urban than T though.

Caoimhe Fri 19-Feb-10 19:15:48

Sorry SoupDragon - I realise now that sounded a bit stalkerish. blush

I don't know where you are but when the Sutton Grammars and a school beginning with T were mentioned I assumed you may be in the same borough as me!!!

Absolutely agree with your comparison of T and W - not that ds had a choice as W gave him a big fat "no"!!!! grin

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 19-Feb-10 20:38:58

When I saw thru' the big window on the Hampton letter that you could clearly see 'Offer for advance place' I let DS open them. He was very pleased, also offered exhibition @ Emmanuel, so his hard work which occationally required breaking off early from the playstation grin was worth it...
Well done everyone - looks like we've had a good crop on here! grin

SoupDragon Fri 19-Feb-10 21:01:00

I was joking about the stalkerish behaviour it's a small world. I will be the tall,thin, glamourous one with the devastatingly handsome son at all the events. [arf]

"his hard work which occationally required breaking off early from the playstation"

I'm sure that was cruel and unnecessary! I can imagine the complaints.

clearly mumsnet children are exceptionally bright children.

DadonMN Sat 20-Feb-10 05:00:47

My son received a place at Latymer Upper today (technically yesterday), but we had applied for a bursary because of my long term ill health. Son did not get that and I cannot really afford to send him there without selling my flat (we live with my parents and flat is rented out). Son says it is THE school he wants to go to, am awaiting St Benedicts', John Lyon, Tiffin's and QE Barnet results. Son & I feel quite down, he passed exams for the school he wants to go to, but may not be able to go there! Latymer say 18 children applied for bursaries with only 9 available. I will be utterley penniless if I send him there, but he is only child. Am still awake thinking of way around this, will try to see head next week, doubt if much will come of it though. What a mess. Any mums able to guide a confused dad (and heartbroken child).

Caoimhe Sat 20-Feb-10 08:41:53

LOL SoupDragon. smile Surely I will be the tall, thin, glamorous one with the devastatingly handsome son. grin

Actually I will be the perpetually late, totally harassed looking one with the lazy child!!! wink

ChewedNails Sat 20-Feb-10 16:30:42

DadonMN. Don't be too downcast. I know someone who had a DS at Latymer Upper and there was some mix-up with the second DS so he went to St Benedict's instead. They were so pleased with St B that they moved the first DS there. All the schools in your list are great schools and I bet your DS will have times when he wishes he'd gone somewhere else and times when he's glad he didn't, wherever he goes.

Needmoresleep Sat 20-Feb-10 17:19:10

Agreed. Latymer is a lovely school but I dont think there is so much difference in the schools that it is worth stretching too far financially.

If you can get a chance to see the Head, do go. It may be that not all those offered bursaries will choose the school as they may have other similar offers. And if you get the Tiffin place do consider it seriously. In the longer term less pressure on you will be less pressure on your son.

If you already have health issues you really dont want excessive stress over 7 years and then University.

Your son is a lucky boy to have a dad who wants to put him first in this way.

LIZS Sat 20-Feb-10 20:23:21

DadonMN . At 11 I had my heart set on one particular school (it had an indoor pool and they played lacrosse) but didn't get the required scholarship so went to the cheaper one. It was fine and I really did get over it. I'm sure your ds will be fine too, however it turns out.

SoupDragon Sat 20-Feb-10 20:53:57

Make a mental note of what the positives are of the other schools over his favoured one. Be prepared to sell your favoured offered school to him as being the better choice and a great result.

DS1 wanted one school, I knew the other would actually be a better all round school for him. I put forward my arguments, explained why and did point out that, at the end of the day, it would be my decision to choose the best school for him. he came round to my way of thinking and is delighted with the results of the offer letters (although heaven knows what I would have done had the offers been the other way round!)

SoupDragon Sat 20-Feb-10 20:58:10

Caoimhe, we can both be slightly dishevelled tall and glamorous together wink

However, DS1 already has several marriage proposals on the table (along with a few mothers who wish to marry their daughters off to him) and £4k of orthotropic treatment will ensure he is kissable in his teens when everyone else has braces Although I admit that may not be a good thing...

stillfeel18inside Sat 20-Feb-10 23:23:19

Yay! Away until today but just found out DS got place at his KGS. Dying to know what happened to Mrshighandmighty and the other early posters....are you out there?

Caoimhe Sun 21-Feb-10 11:13:14

LOL SoupDragon - so your ds will be the one with the beautiful teeth and the tribe of groupies following him wherever he goes? grin My ds will be the one hiding during rugby matches!!

Congratulations stillfeel18inside!! [smile)

I hope Mrshighandmighty and others have also had good news.

LovelyDear Mon 22-Feb-10 00:28:43

anyone know what % scholarships are available at hampton?

stokeytiger Mon 22-Feb-10 10:42:19

Well done stillfeel18inside. I'm just about to ring KGS and turn the place down (ds going to CofL Boys) I feel really guilty about this and keep putting it off, we wanted the YES letter so much, it now seems very wierd to be saying NO.

stillfeel18inside Mon 22-Feb-10 11:24:49

well done to your ds stokeytiger - CofL Boys is meant to be fantastic and I seem to remember it's easier for you to get to? I know what you mean about turning things down - just been composing two nicely-worded letters for offers we're not taking (think we overdid the applications in retrospect!) but since I have a slightly less academic DS2 coming up behind (yr 4 at the moment) I want to leave that door nice and open with these two schools!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Mon 22-Feb-10 14:05:34

SF18inside - that is exactly what we did after DS1 !!!!!

Yingers74 Mon 22-Feb-10 16:59:26

DadonMN - Good luck with whatever you decide.

dinosaur Wed 24-Feb-10 10:33:26

CheeseAlarm - congrats to your DS1!

DS1 hasn't got into CLSB sad.

creditcrunched Wed 24-Feb-10 12:31:16

So sorry Dinosaur.

Caoimhe Wed 24-Feb-10 15:55:51

So sorry , dinosaur - is there a Plan B?

dinosaur Wed 24-Feb-10 16:27:27

Not really, just waiting on the state secondary school letters next week now.

Caoimhe Wed 24-Feb-10 18:28:46

Fingers crossed you get good news next week, dinosaur.

dinosaur Wed 24-Feb-10 19:55:01

Thank you smile.

Mrshighandmighty Thu 25-Feb-10 17:07:48

Hi folks! Been off-line for two weeks - been torture!! What did we do before the internet ...?

DS got an offer from Emanuel (thank god!) and a place on the waiting list of St. Benedicts (he's in the first 15 of the list so with all those awfully polite letters winging their way to the schools turning their places down, I have great hopes!).

DadoMN - what other results have you received ... been thinking of you and your situation ....

claig Thu 25-Feb-10 17:53:15

congratulations, MrsHighandmighty!! Well done to your son smile

Caoimhe Thu 25-Feb-10 18:13:00

Congratulations to your ds, Mrshighand mighty!! smile

stillfeel18inside Thu 25-Feb-10 19:01:45

Hey congratulations Mrshighandmighty - that's great news! Emanuel is a lovely school - just too far for us to travel to, otherwise I thought it seemed perfect. And I'm sure you'll get a place at St B's too if you're so close to the top - there's always loads of movement.

Dinosaur - sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for and I hope you do get good news next week - fingers crossed.

dinosaur Thu 25-Feb-10 23:29:46

That's very kind of you - thanks! I am trying to be philosophical about it.

stokeytiger Fri 26-Feb-10 10:25:36

Congratulations MrsHighandMighty, I'm really pleased for you both. And thanks for starting this thread. It's been my first time on mumsnet, and it's been really great to talk to others going through the same thing. Through this I've even met someone who has ds starting school with mine. Fantastic!

stillfeel18inside Fri 26-Feb-10 12:11:11

I'll second that! This thread was a real lifeline throughout that horrible waiting period when my ears were constantly craned for the postman - so nice to be able to "meet" people in the same boat. Good luck to everyone's DCs with their new schools in the Autumn!

Needmoresleep Fri 26-Feb-10 21:18:29

That is lovely news.

We know a number of children at Emanuel and it is a lovely school and one whose reputation and results are improving fast. And with good music and sport. Getting a place is not a foregone conclusion and your son should be pleased.

My guess would be that St Bens is close enough to Tiffin for there to be some real movement when the state school results come out setting off a general shuffling around of those on wait lists. A bit more waiting....though generally schools should be helpful if they know you want the place and if there is a good to fair chance of a place coming available.

My guess based on last year's experience is that there is further movement at the end of the Easter holidays when people may become liable for a terms fees in lieu of a terms notice. If you are still holding on for a St Bens place it may be worth ensuring that they can get hold of you easily, and also clarifying what commitments are made to Emanuel and when.

I have even heard of schools coming up with late art or sport exhibitions if they know you will have a financial penalty elsewhere. Certainly there may be an incentive if things drag on into the summer holidays. After all they will have penalised the person who accepted the place in the first instance.

Again great news.

And next year you will be in the much nicer position of knowing it is all over.

Oh Dinosaur I'm sorry about DS1 - I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for him on Tuesday.

dinosaur Mon 01-Mar-10 11:12:47

Thank you! I told him that at least he had done very well to get an interview. Felt a bit sad for him though sad.

chatham Mon 01-Mar-10 13:30:26

trying to decide between Hampton and Latymer Upper for ds. Any thoughts. would prefer co-ed which ticks latymer box but hampton has a nicer feel.

wennnnna10 Wed 08-Aug-12 20:44:16

hello everyone, I'm applying to westminster school for the 2013-2014 school year. i live overseas, and will only be able to do one year of GCSEs. I'm going to the open day in September, and would like to take Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I'd appreciate it if anyone who's come across the entrance exam papers in these subjects could share their experience with me, and tell me about the subject and general interviews.

many thanks

mimbleandlittlemy Thu 09-Aug-12 10:59:53

wennnnna10 - I think you'd be better off starting a new thread with a clear title, rather than going on the back of this very, very old one.

glenellyn Sat 17-Nov-12 20:49:26

We are an UK family currently living in the USA (3yrs here so far) with a possibility of returning to our home in Surbiton summer 2013. DS would start Yr 7 and DD yr5. From the research I can do here I am looking at Shrewsbury House for DS to give him a chance to catch up and prep for 13+ entry and Rowan for DD. After that KGS looks interesting but I also have friends with kids at Claremont who love it. So my first question is does anyone have experience of entry into Shrewsbury House in a non-conventional year? And any other feedback, advice would be welcome. Thx.

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