Tell me about level 5C in maths and in what year they should be achieving this level - please!

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Thats it really. Still can't get my head around these levels. DD has told me she's gone up 2 sub levels and is now 5C in maths.

mumblechum Tue 27-Nov-07 16:00:56

Most kids in ds's class got level 5b in their Sats (year 6), so if she's younger than that, she's doing well!

Twiglett Tue 27-Nov-07 16:03:02

standard expectation for year 6 SATs is 4 so most kids getting 5b in SATs is exceptional (on a national scale anyway) I think

mumblechum Tue 27-Nov-07 16:07:05

Yes, luckily there were only 15 in the class (state village primary), most of whom were fairly bright, as coached for 11 plus.

She's in year 7! shock I'm assuming you have a very bright bunch of year 6's and not that dd needs to pull her socks up!

mumblechum Tue 27-Nov-07 16:12:21

No, don't worry!

They do something weird with the SATs levels at secondary (duh, I should have noticed you posted this in secondary).

There is a completely new grading system once they get into Yr 7, so the one I was referring to doesn't apply any more.

Schools are hopeless at explaining all these levels, ime, they just gave me a graph with no explanation at all (for MIDYIS) and I had to ask MN what it all meant.

Her form tutor should be able to explain.

Phew! thanks!

Blandmum Tue 27-Nov-07 16:27:45

First thing, a warning I'm not a maths teach, I teach secondary science.

But this is how it works in science. They are expected to make 2 full veles of progress over the three years of ks3 (so years 7, 8, 9)

Where they 'should' be at the end depends on where they come in.

So a child who comes to us with a level 3, should be on a level 5 at the end of year 9. Level 4 should be on level 6 and a child who comes in with a 5 should get a 7.

However, there are some differences between a KS2 level 5 and a KS3 level 5, and kids make seem t0 'mark time' at the start of year 7 until things shak down.

Can help you with the sublevels, we tend to use 4.5 etc instead

AMerryScot Tue 27-Nov-07 17:45:47

My DD is in Year 6 and is at 5A in Maths, English and Science.

seeker Thu 29-Nov-07 06:12:44

My dd is in year 7 and is at 5c in Maths (she left year 6 with a 4A. She is expected to be a 5a/6c by the end of the year(!) but she is at a high performing grammar school

twinsetandpearls Thu 29-Nov-07 18:25:54

I am a head of year in a so called low performing sink school and would expect exactly the same from the year seven student you describe.

seeker Thu 29-Nov-07 21:36:33

Really, twinsetandpearls - gulp. I must have misunderstood. I was worried that they were putting too much pressure on her expecting 4 sub levels in a year. I'll stop worrying if that's normal. Good!

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Thu 29-Nov-07 21:43:36

my dd is doing her sats a year early (new policy the whole school is) they projected her a 8 which sounds nigh impossible to me and setting her up for disappointment imo

i dont get it

Piffle Thu 29-Nov-07 21:44:14

what year is she paula?

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Thu 29-Nov-07 21:46:51

year 8

AMerryScot Thu 29-Nov-07 21:47:49

It really doesn't matter PY. It has no impact on her GCSEs. The rationale of doing SAT in Y8 is that they will have 3 year to do GCSE courses, so should theoretically do better.

I know as a science teacher who completely disregards SATS, is that I easily do much of the GCSE course in Y9 because that is the natural and appropriate place for the work to be. I don't have the frustration of spinning my wheels in Y9 waiting for time to catch up with my pupils' eagerness to move on.

Piffle Thu 29-Nov-07 21:49:31

level 8 is the highest they can do
ds1 has been on 8 since yr7 as he is maths boff
he is still on 8 and his progress grades are always 1
Your dd sounds very bright paula they must think she is very capable?

Piffle Thu 29-Nov-07 21:50:13

ds1 yr 9
have to say levels means sweet FA to me wink

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Thu 29-Nov-07 21:54:40

i think they think she is good at maths and are pushy as its all girls state and they like good results
i am fearful she will compare herself to her brother who took sats normal age and not fare as well
i dont really care - but school being very forceful

Piffle Thu 29-Nov-07 21:57:58

sats still done in yr9 here
had forgotten about them actually... when are they? <dim>

hope she gets through tme ok paula, lot of pressure on such little shoulders
she should be proud whatever.

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Thu 29-Nov-07 22:00:19

my boys do theirs yr 9
thanks piffle

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Thu 29-Nov-07 22:00:22

my boys do theirs yr 9
thanks piffle

twinsetandpearls Fri 30-Nov-07 22:41:59

they can get an exceptional perfomance which is above level 7 but it gets so waffly at level 7 + I have never given one

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