Our Lady's Abingdon - Opinions please

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busywalkingmum Mon 03-Oct-16 10:58:49

Looking for some thoughts please, as from what I can tell on the forum there seems to be mixed opinions on Our Lady’s in Abingdon. Currently looking at secondary options for DD. We have a couple of good states nearby – King Alfreds, Wantage and Didcot Girls, which I am keen on. I also have a younger DS so King Alfreds would work for him, but St Birinus in Didcot, not so sure about.

DD is very bright – top of class, but has a quiet side to her, and although we looked at St Helen’s, we felt it definitely wasn’t the right place for her. I am sure she would do well academically there, but we felt it just seemed a bit too pressured, and that we wouldn’t fit in as a family! Which leads me on to thinking about OLA for both DD and DS. Can anyone give me any thoughts on perhaps why it isn’t on many people’s radars? I imagine that with St Helen’s and Abingdon Boys, that the brightest and most competitive go for these, and OLA tends to attract slightly less academic types? I can see that their results aren’t amazing – seems that Didcot Girls’ actually beat them this year! Has anyone any positive or negative experiences at OLA that they could share? Am going to the open morning this weekend.
Do you think that we would be just as well with DGS or KAs?
Cokethorpe also a possibility but it’s quite a trek and makes for a very long day with school busses leaving at 5pm each day- not sure how we’d fit homework in?!


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