SPS or CLS boys?

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originalmavis Sat 27-Feb-16 16:44:11

At 13+. DS has offers for these (has to sit CE) and we need to decide.

He, like us, waver between the two. Travel won't be a deal breaker (straight tube trip for one, school bus close by for other).

Fees will be vastly different (scholarship at CLS) but we don't want to decide purely on cost.

Has anyone got boys at either, and can let me know about the school, workloads, social aspects, culture, staff, etc?

Cookingwine Sat 27-Feb-16 19:14:13

To help decide last year we checked the leavers videos on you tube and CLS won easily, the 2010 "we have to leave" one made us go for CLS all the way. We don't regret it one bit. We checked Latymer Upper and SPS also. It gives a feel for the day to day atmosphere of each schools.

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