One week and counting till Yr 7

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FedupofTurkey Tue 26-Aug-14 07:58:26

Support thread for those moving up from primary. Nervous for my quirky ds as he doesn't know anyone in class.

whimsy Tue 26-Aug-14 12:29:10

I can't believe the summer has gone so fast. I couldn't sleep last night, worrying about it all. He knows one boy he used to go to cubs with but that's it. Not ready for my baby to go sad

mychildrenarebarmy Tue 26-Aug-14 12:32:27

DD starts on 5th Sept. My DD is also quirky, but very confident in her quirkiness so hoping she will be fine.

Coolas Tue 26-Aug-14 12:35:40

I used to be in charge of transition for several years.
Trust me on the following:
Your child will not be nervous after the first 10 minutes.
They all want to make new friends and staff will be hanging around to make sure they are all ok.
The older ones think year 7 are 'cute' and can't wait to help show them around.

It will all be fine. ��

whimsy Tue 26-Aug-14 12:52:14

Thanks coolas, that's reassuring. I'm sure your right smile

Deecam18 Tue 26-Aug-14 13:32:16

DD starts next Tuesday which is too soon for me, I need at least 2 more weeks to get used to it. DD on the other hand is taking everything in her stride. I'm dreading Tuesday morning arriving.

mychildrenarebarmy Tue 26-Aug-14 13:52:19

Coolas DD isn't nervous at all despite this being her first time at school as she's always been home educated until now. She has no concerns or worries about it. She makes friends at the drop of a hat. She knows some older children in the school too from Guides. She isn't at all phased by the whole thing.There is no transition handling for parents though! I will be a gibbering wreck the moment she leaves the house with her friends on that first day. grin

FedupofTurkey Tue 26-Aug-14 15:40:45

Whimsy, Deecam I know, I'll be a wreck till ds gets home :/
Mychildren.. - your dd sounds great
Coolas - thanks smile

Moid1 Tue 26-Aug-14 16:32:21

Ds2 starts on wed at his small independent. Sure he will be fine but will have to navigate the train.

mychildrenarebarmy Tue 26-Aug-14 17:30:36

I do think she is rather fab Fedup, I just wish she'd stop growing up so darned fast.

Teddingtonmum1 Tue 26-Aug-14 20:41:04

My DS is off next week bit miffed as his a weekly boarder so won't be there to wave him off on his first day as have to drop him off tues evenings. Never mind I bet his glad otherwise he would have his looney mother waving him off at the gate. But am totally fed up labelling things there's so much stuff .... angry

moldingsunbeams Tue 26-Aug-14 20:53:35

holds on to Coolas reassurance for dear life for sen quirky dd grin

moldingsunbeams Tue 26-Aug-14 20:59:34

You are right those, dd was most annoyed year ten and eleven think she is oh so little and cute. she was outraged!

moldingsunbeams Tue 26-Aug-14 20:59:55

though not those

snumpy Tue 26-Aug-14 22:03:05

Ds starts next Tuesday. The only thing I need to do is to collect his blazer. All other uniform is bought, washed and labelled. He had his back to school haircut today. Day before he goes back I'll get his feet measured, but I think he'll still be in the same shoes as he had for year 6.

Only thing not planned for was transport to school. Originally I was going to take him, but I found out at the beginning of this month that the council were putting on a new bus for our area. I've managed to get him a place on it and pre-paid his fare up until Christmas so we are still practising getting to the bus stop on time and what to do if he misses it etc. Ds has Aspergers so I have to have all bases covered iyswim.

Ds seems to be taking it in his stride, but I have told him that any nerves are natural and he won't be the only one. Luckily dh and I will be taking him in on his first day and only the year 7's will be back, the rest of the school start the day after so his first day won't be too overwhelming I hope!

Coolas Tue 26-Aug-14 22:24:50

When you get kids in y7 to write about their first day quite a lot pit "I was really excited but my mum couldn't stop crying!"

I try and ring a few really nervy mums on the first day to tell them how their child has been wolfing down his lunch and is giggling with new friends. One mum I rang burst into tears of relief last year. The thing is, the kids are busy all day long being taken from place to place and learning new routines and new people. Parents are left having their normal day and panicking that their child is lost/upset/friendless/hungry. It's just not the case I promise. They are busy busy busy.

It's easy to say not to worry but I would say actually around the second or third week is when they need more support after the initial shine of the new school has worn off. Nothing to worry about but just lots of early nights needed in that first month.


Coolas Tue 26-Aug-14 22:28:28

Yes molding, I have an assembly with the older kids to tell them to not coo and pat their heads and make comments about how dinky they are - y7 don't feel at all cute, they are often given a lot of responsibility in year 6 and looked up to.

Teachers don't help it either because to us they look like diddy babies when we are used to dealing with big 6 footer kids all day!

losthermind Tue 26-Aug-14 22:33:18

My DD starts next wed, it's an all girls school which she wasn't initially thrilled about but she loved it on her open day, she has a few girls in her form from her junior class so she's not really worried, she is going to be walking with her best friend on her 1st day as they have told us we aren't needed, they've been doin trial runs together..... So yes come next week my daughter will have a new sense of freedom and her own house key confused

Coolas Tue 26-Aug-14 22:40:37

It's a really great idea getting them to go in with a friend - takes away any mum/child separation panic and makes it all am adventure. I'm sure it will all go fine.

Coolas Tue 26-Aug-14 22:41:06

Love the trial runs! How adorable!

clary Wed 27-Aug-14 00:25:45

DS2 is my last (of 3) - my baby at secondary!

One of DD's (yr 9 now) mates, who knows DS2 through being in a play with him earlier this year, realised he was coming up and said to DD "Oh that's great, [DS2] is immense!"

Got visions of him now with an adoring fanclub of 13 yo girls... he is rather cute and smaller than the average 11yo as well grin

I'll be a mess next Thursday, and the worst thing is I am not back at work till the Monday so I have all day to panic, witter, worry...

AtiaoftheJulii Wed 27-Aug-14 09:00:18

Another one with a y7 starter - she's nervous but looking forward to it. She doesn't know anyone that she'll have classes with. Travelling is ok as she will go on the bus with her big sister (who has already told her that they won't be sitting together after the first day as dd3 will make her own bus friends!).

gymboywalton Wed 27-Aug-14 09:11:11

Mine is starting next week too. he is very very excited and doesn't seem to be worried at all. I on the other hand......

he was only 11 last weeksad

however he is VERY confident and has his big brother to look after him. dS1 is going into year 10 and is 6 foot 3-if ds2 gets any grief then ds1 will be a useful ally i think!

sassytheFIRST Wed 27-Aug-14 09:14:11

My 1st to start high school on tues... She will be fine I think. Her two best friends are in the same form as her, which helps, and she loved her transition day. Tues is yr7 and sixth form only so they gave chance to get orientated before the huge yr 11s appear.

She had braces yesterday so those 1st day pics will have a mouthful of metal in them!

moldingsunbeams Wed 27-Aug-14 09:21:09

dd is waiting for braces, I have been told by older kids braces are considered

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