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Dreamgirls234 Wed 12-Mar-14 18:56:03

Hi all
Long story...sorry!x

My daughter has finding from buttle and RNCT to send her to private school. I've decided to send her to ackworth I've visited the school and it's such a lovely school with a tremendous atmosphere! Really lovely. Currently she is in year10 doing gcses being bullied really badly. She's G&T and the school don't help. The school have decided they would like her to be put in year9 as she hasn't experienced a child's life at school and has missed out on lots. She doesn't have a life of a teen her age and hasn't done all the typical fun things you do with friends etc.. They have assured me she'll be challenged Etc and I'm totally fine with her been in year9

Now MN's I need advice on entrance exams and what would be in what for a year9 maths paper as her school did maths gcse from September of her time in year9 so has not done any year9 maths. They have said this is fine and they will level her from what she can do. However to maximise her chance of getting a average level I would like some advice on what topics may come up and what year9s cover

Any advice I would be very grateful for

Dreamgirls234 Sat 15-Mar-14 11:16:18


ZeroSomeGameThingy Sun 16-Mar-14 07:26:38

OP I imagine you have had no replies because your post is somewhat confusing.

It would be hard for anyone to offer interview advice without first understanding why a child apparently studying for GCSEs this year will be entering a new school in a lower form. What happens with regards to the work she has already done?

I am sorry to be so unhelpful.....

Theas18 Sun 16-Mar-14 09:24:18

Yup the lack of replies hinges around confusion as you state she's year 10 and g&t, but you seem to imply won't be able to sit a year 9 standard paper? Do you think her current school has left with huge gaps in knowledge or something?
Why is she going down a year? It doesn't make sense.

Dreamgirls234 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:53:57


She's moving down a year due to bullying and she hasn't had a chance to have a life really. She never goes out because of bullying and she's missed on school trips eft and she hasn't really been able to enjoy been a teen. The school are moving her down a year to give her a fresh start and to enable her to have a life of a teen and to go on trips she's missed out on all the fun and joys of been a teen. The school isn't moving her down because she's not academically bright there fully aware of how academically able she is and how she is gifted and things.She has only completed a French speaking and some English assessments and she'll simply redo all these. I'm fine with her going down a year as I think it's a good idea too as she hasn't had a life and she'll be given a extra year to be a teen. She's defiently able of sitting a year9 entrance exam what I'm saying is she's never done any year9 maths it's been total gcse work so I'm just wondering if there's any work that she won't have covered from gcse level in year9

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