Moving to Woking - advice pls

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refizade Mon 11-Nov-13 11:23:35

Hi there
I already posted this under primary education but thought i'd try here too.
We are thinking of moving (from Dubai) to Woking and need advice on schools and areas to live.
We will consider state and independent but may not be able to afford independent for more than 2 years...
We have boys who will be going into year 10, year 5 and year 4.
I havent had much luck finding good secondary schools in Woking and other than RGS no recommendations for Guildford either. Someone did mention Winston Churchilll tho...any others? Fullbrook? What is Freemantles? is Philip Southcote any good?
so much to consider!
many thanks in advance!

refizade Tue 26-Nov-13 08:57:50

Thanks again cece and springrain smile

DS1 is now registered for 3 schools and will prob register him for 2 or 3 more...assessments can be anytime for the schools who have agreed to send the papers to his current school. For the school which is insisting on him being on site, it will be 2nd week of Jan...fingers crossed!

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