Abbotsholme School?

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Thanks, that's really good to hear, PL. Planning to visit next week.

PottyLotty Mon 30-Sep-13 15:13:28

My friends children went there and they really enjoyed it. They did very well while there too. Its not too big and many of the children I met at birthday parties etc were really lovely to talk to and very confident. Its rated very highly in the village and further afield too although most of the children I met lived in the nearby town rather than boarded.

Im sure as you have looked into the school already you will know whether its suitable for your children/child in the main but if theres anything you havent been able to find out make sure you make a note of it and ask when you visit.

Does anyone have personal experience of Abbotsholme School? Considering it for 6th Form boarding. Looks perfect on paper and hoping to visit soon.

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