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mumslife Fri 23-Aug-13 15:54:09

Am wondering if anyone can help Daughter got a total of 46 points in her english language gcse edexcel exam. Am wondering how close that was to an A as she got a . B. This was totally unexpected teacher was quite surprised
Am beginning to suspect she may be way off. Not sure if she has blipped grade boundary issue or is it worth sending it for a re mark could it have beem marked wrong
Was two marks off a star in the english lit

Thanks any help appreciated

Movingtimes Fri 23-Aug-13 17:21:48

You can find the grade boundaries here. Which unit was it? I am thinking of asking for a remark on DD1's Writer's Voice paper as she got a B on that and A* on every other English exam and CA she did (scored maximum marks in a couple) so ended up with A* for Eng Lit and A for Eng Lang. I'm an English teacher and the feedback she gave me after the exam didn't lead me to suspect there was a problem with her paper. If her teacher was surprised then I think a remark might be a good idea. Ask the teacher what he or she thinks.

mumslife Fri 23-Aug-13 21:48:24

She has said it is up to us same here its the writers voice that is low infact one mark lower and it would have been a c was predicted at least an a. Teacher very surprised a in eng lit two marks off A star whats the writers voice can you remember what it entailed?

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