Wellington School in Timperley, Trafford

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Ocelotl Tue 19-Mar-13 19:44:05

Does anyone have a child at Wellington School in Timperley? What would it be like for a boy who is very academic/into science?

We paid the price for not playing the tutoring-for-grammars game, so although ds is at the top of his Yr6 he's the only one of his friends not going to Alty Boys in September. We don't know anyone at Wellington, liked the school from the open day, but some shared real-life experience would be really welcome.

It was superb when I worked there which was in 2008 so obviously it may have changed since then. It is something of a private school without the fees grin

However the head is new - that said, I don't imagine they'd appoint someone who didn't have a similar ethos would have been appointed. Loads of extra-curricular, very high standards from the students but also from teachers. There was heavy staff turnover to be honest as they did expect a lot of work: some teachers found it difficult to mix family lives with what the school expected. However again this could have changed. I would happily send my child there and hope your son is happy - am sure he will be. Most of the children were very friendly with the grammar school children and there seemed to e nothing more than a friendly rivalry between the schools (in terms of sporting activities and so on.) smile

Please PM me if I can help you out with anything else.

Ocelotl Wed 20-Mar-13 11:23:53

Thank you, this was a really nice and positive message. I have heard a lot of good things so far and I like what I see. Hope they've found a way to hold on to the good teachers and let them have some work/life balance.

Mandy21 Thu 04-Apr-13 18:11:28

We have friends with children there (3 different families) - 2 in Year 7 and one in Year 8. So early days I suppose but they all rate it very highly.

Gilgage Thu 04-Jul-13 17:36:19

Hi there, my daughter is year 10 and has chosen double science, but several of her friends have taken triple science. We've always been delighted with the school and the change in head teacher seems to have been seem less. Hope you get on ok with your choices :0)

wilpet3555 Fri 19-Jul-13 10:13:17

Only just spotted your question; if you have decided to go with Wellington School I can add that we have found the Secondary School excellent for our 2 teenagers. Like you we didnt want to play the tutoring game as we believe that with good home/school support if your child is bright it will come out. Both our children ended up in the topset (called 0 at Wellington and 16 pupils in the set) the eldest one had all A & A*'s at GCSE 3 years ago and at present we are waiting for the results in August for our youngest. He is also predicted A & A*'s. We found the school very helpfull and Staff very good, there are quite a few out of School activities.
Where ever you have decided to send your son, I am sure he will be happy and will make lots of friends :D

Lainey12 Fri 15-Aug-14 06:23:54

Hi, my daughter is just about to go into Year 9. She narrowly missed out on going to Alty Girls, but we decided not to appeal. I have to say that she has had nothing but a positive experience at Wellington. She is in the top set and is excelling at Science and Maths in particular. The teaching staff are young and enthusiastic, yet professional. The sport is a huge part of school life, which is very important to us. The children she's friendly with are lovely. We couldn't recommend it highly enough.

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