Royal Russell School Croydon - anyone know it?

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Schmedz Wed 06-Feb-13 17:14:33

Thank you all for your comments. They seem to support information I have heard from other sources. Always happy to hear more from others, too!

Leeds2 Tue 05-Feb-13 22:17:43

It has a lovely swimming pool!

My friend's DD goes there. She isn't an academic child, but loves music, drama, cheerleading etc and is very, very happy there. Settled into Y6 very quickly, and now enjoying senior school.

FatalFlowerGarden Tue 05-Feb-13 18:22:23

Afaik, it depends what you're looking for. It's always been considered a 'nice' school but results wise never in the same league as the other Croydon independents (eg Whitgift Foundation schools). So probably not your first choice if you have a very academic child, perhaps. But pastoral care has always had a good reputation.

But I don't have personal experience of the school so feel free to ignore!

Asterisk Tue 05-Feb-13 18:21:04

We considered sending DD here a few years ago and went through entrance exam process. I also know one of the teachers. It has a lovely environment -- beautiful buildings and nice 'campus' atmosphere. It's reputation is not very academic -- it's not nearly as competitive as Whitgift or Trinity. We were put off a bit by it being v pricey and a bit pretentious (staff in academic gowns on open day?!). There were spelling mistakes in the prospectus, and the exam day not being what it was cracked up to be (promised interesting creative activity turned out to be making a keyring). These may seem like minor deficiencies, but given that we had lots of other options, they tipped the balance in favour of another school. We also didn't think there were enough MFL options. But for parents working long hours, the after-school provision seems very good and extends into early evening. There is a new head, so hopefully someone will give you a more up-to-date opinion. It seems like a thoroughly nice school, perhaps not as academically pressurised as some of the others -- which might be no bad thing.

Ladymuck Tue 05-Feb-13 18:16:42

Good facilities and good pastoral and afterschool care. But it has a history of being good for those who would struggle in a more academic environment, and it is located in an area within commuting distance of grammar schools as well as very well endowed single sex independent schools with reasonably large bursary/scholarship funds, and therefore is rarely a first choice for an academic child (though siblings of children who would struggle at Whitgift/Trinity often seem to go here). I know that the current head wants to raise academic standards, but it will take time to become more selective. All the parents that I know who are there are very happy with it, and with the new(ish) head.

Schmedz Tue 05-Feb-13 17:43:42

Very interested to hear from people with children in the seniors at RR or know children at RR. Is it as good as it appears to be? If you or fairness have children there, what have you found to be the strengths/weaknesses?

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