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Sherlockholmes221b Mon 24-Feb-14 21:05:23

My son attends LVS and is very happy there. However I am looking to move him to either Charters (where we have a conditional offer) or Ranelagh (interview soon) for 6th form. The teaching at LVS is very variable with some teachers downright poor. There seems to be quite a high turnover of staff as well.

The Head changed when my son was in Year 8 and the consensus seems to be that the school has gone downhill since. Certainly the one time I requested a meeting with the Head, two weeks before the Easter holidays last year, I was told she was 'too busy' to see me until after the Easter holidays and was fobbed off with the Head of Year. Not what I expect as I had a real concern and had never asked to see a member of the SMT before. My son is, I admit, basically lazy but I don't think the school have pushed him much and I am left disappointed with the school considering the not insubstantial fees.

DalmationDots Sun 02-Feb-14 10:39:12

I don't know what direction you are in and whether you'd consider all girls but I believe Priors Field in Godalming does both and boarding. Mix with Charterhouse (next door) and Eton. Friends DD was there and loved it. A very comfortable and supportive environment. Does both ICT and Photography A level I believe.
I haven't heard much positive about LVS, but don't know it well enough to have justified views. I frequently hear from friends in that area that it is good but nothing special which makes it worth the fees in comparison to state schools.

sidneypie Sun 02-Feb-14 09:42:03

what happened to change your views so radically? Back in August you described the school as 'lovely'.

Chee33 Fri 31-Jan-14 11:46:57

We have had a very bad experience at this school. There are MUCH better schools in the area!!

CarrieGee Tue 05-Feb-13 22:50:40

From what I've seen of sixth form, the subjects my DS takes, and end of term letters, there hasn't been a large number of teachers departing at all - just a few, as you would expect in any senior school.

I think it's very refreshing to have a non-selective school - especially if your DC isn't very academic. Having just been through 11+ with my second DC, I'm fed up with listening to schools bang on about A and A* and how many go to Oxbridge etc etc - life isn't like that for everyone so LVS is a refreshing change.

somethingscary Mon 04-Feb-13 19:51:35

When you visit, ask them how many left after GCSEs last year and where they went. My DS has friends there (or did, they all left). Anecdotally a lot left due to "a lot of good teachers leaving". I have no idea if that was the correct reason, but would be interesting to know how many stay on. My understanding is that it does very well bringing students on to GCSE, but not quite so well at A level. Most people I know speak very well of it - there is a lot of snobbishness due to it being non selective.

snorkacksearcher Mon 04-Feb-13 16:54:02

Many thanks for your first hand information. We've been for a visit, unfotunately on a Wed afternoon when everyone was doing sport and so we were unable to speak to any subject teachers. DD is keen so we shall return on the open day in March. Everyone seemed very friendly and positive.

CarrieGee Wed 30-Jan-13 18:24:35

My DS is in year 13 having joined at sixth form. We recently went to a year 7 talk for my DD and I was very impressed - several members of staff spoke, as did pupils, and it was much better than many of the more academic schools we'd visited. Yes, it does cater for mixed abilities but if you're bright, you'll do well anywhere. I know someone in year 12 doing photography who absolutely loves it. They have a wide range of subjects at A level, including BTec. The head of sixth form is very good and the facilities are fantastic (though he doesn't board and can't make full use of them eg pool). I think you'll be fine!

snorkacksearcher Tue 29-Jan-13 13:37:37

We've chosen it because DD has decided on Photography and Computing at A level and it is very hard to find schools which do both. She would have to board. We'll be able to make an informed choice after our visit. We've also left it very late. If anyone knows anywhere else that does both subjects I'm still open minded. Many thanks.

GinandJag Mon 28-Jan-13 18:51:50

I would choose somewhere else in this area.

goinggetstough Mon 28-Jan-13 17:50:30
grovel Mon 28-Jan-13 15:37:47

I don't want to slag off a school I know very little about. I live locally and have never met an LVS parent - which intrigues me. Those going private tend to use St. George's or Wellington. Don't know why.

snorkacksearcher Mon 28-Jan-13 13:18:04

We are due to have a look at this school for our DD next week. I realise it's mixed ability and she is a A*/A pupil but as long as each child reaches their potential that is fine. Does anyone recommend it?

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