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can't sleep won't sleep 3

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KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 01:45:36

over hear night owls grin. Unless we are somewhere else grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 01:48:49

Oh dearblush I clearly meant here

Do you love me now cafe? confused

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 02:10:50

I'll post the post I tried to post before it wouldn't let me post anymore posts......grin

Shucks, cafe blush you always make me blush wink

She's improving slowly, thank you for asking. Her temp is reducing and she fettled a prawn linguine earlier grin . She didn't sleep at all today but went off quickly earlier and has just woken for the first time tonight so that's an improvement in itself. Let's see if she goes off again and for how long.

So you are Alicia not House tonight? Do you know much about medical law? <might pick your brains>

I've eaten another Easter egg and a packet of pork scratchings hmm

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 03:36:51

hey.... found you!!
who's around tonight then?

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 03:53:34

<pulls up seat>
hehe cafe, I'm munching snickers tonight too (did that sound a bit wrong or is it my dirty mind?)
pmsl at "ruining Camberwick green"... d'ya reckon there'd be dealers and prostitutes in it if it were on now? <faints> more the point, what character would justin/mr tumble be, cos he's in everything?grin If there's a dealer it would definitely be that Archie dude in Balamory, he's a seedy sort (blimey, now look what you've started wink )

I fell asleep at 10, with dd in my bed, hence had my 4 hrs (a good nighs kip, remember) so that will be me done for the night. Refusing to go and do ironing, load dishwasher, etc. so instead I'm staying in bed with my ipad grin and kicking self for forgetting to take meds this morning. Saturday is the hardest day to remember because it's full of random stuff and no "morning break" to take it at 11 <rambling now> sigh. hope tomorrow /Monday won't be crap as a result. more sighs.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 05:51:29

Oh Mrs you doity snickers muncher grin

Are you still awake? Just you and me in this thread then. Do you think the others will find us? Or are you all now elsewhere? I'm sorry you forgot your meds. I know what you mean about the weekend being none-routine days. I hope it doesn't have a detrimental knock on effect. sad

There would definitely be hoodies and yoofs in Camberwick Green and lots of 'for sale' signs. I haven't got a telly so can't comment on your other speculation but I've heard whisperings about some of the Octonauts and don't get me started on that Pippin grin

<toddler group grapevine>

I bet you've done all your housework by now haven't you? grin Does that mean the day is yours? I need to make an Easter bonnet but don't have the material yet. sad

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 05:53:48

How's your husb by the way? How are you? How old is your daughter?

<fires questions unnecessarily at MrsShrek>

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 07:42:46

Hellloooo - I had lost you all!!

Dr cafe, I thought your law days were behind you?

Kitty, glad mini Kitty is eating.

Jynier, there is always a serpent in Eden (dealers) but it doesn't make it any the less heavenly!

Midwife, sorry your son is stuck sad maybe you can have a nice long chat on the phone to part make up for it?

Waves at mini, stars, dad and mrs!

I'm feeling a bit better today as DS is still in good health - first complete week of being well for over a month - and was finally able to have the jab yesterday he's been long overdue.

With the measles outbreak in Wales I was getting worried I wouldn't get him to the dr before the measles got to him, but we seem to have won the race smile DH came with me for the first time and didn't like watching the needle go in! He is a sympathetic soul and adores DS. Now I'm just hoping he will be one of the lucky ones who doesn't get the rash/fever after the jab!

I'm doing a bit better at making friends too I hope - we've moved somewhere I don't know anyone but have managed to arrange two play dates for DS for next week smile

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 09:42:36

yay grapes has found usgrin

Someone broke mn. I posted then couldn't get back on (site error message) til a bit after 5 so I gave up.

DH is absolutely knackered, has just done 4 weeks full time hours and should never have had to do that angry great intro to the world of work after eight months off with cancer. A colleague of his who has been off with a skivers disease I can't remember whether it is "bad back" or "stress" is getting a proper phased return and he is picking up some of her hours this week shock angry angry ffs. I'm having to ignore the lot of it or I am likely to kill someone.
dd is 7... she has had a rubbish week. she got through most of dhs dx and treatment fairly unscathed, not sure whether it was as she was only 6, but since she has turned 7 it seems to have hit her in a big way hmm sad
going back to read grapes post properly now. If I had been able to get back on mn last night I was more than slightly tempted to inbox the crew a link to this thread.... still might?!

Midwife99 Sun 24-Mar-13 09:54:21

Marking my place!! grin

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:11:16

inboxed some people grin

Midwife99 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:41:22

I stupidly wrote a massive post on the old thread then realised it had reached 1000! Tut!

Hi y'all! Kittybitty - my eldest is pissing it up reading computer science at the University of Manchester. He is coming home today! Snow subsiding!

Jynier - the drug/crime culture is everywhere! Unfortunately DS2 is a drug user who is currently at her majesty's pleasure (again). I can't see at way out for him at the moment -the drugs/crime/eviction/homelessness cycle. sad

I too love the Wye valley - lived there as a child & quite near still. Beautiful. smile

Minimammoth Sun 24-Mar-13 11:49:01

Digs self out of snowdrift, waves

Midwife99 Sun 24-Mar-13 11:53:02

Hello Mini!smile

Minimammoth Sun 24-Mar-13 12:37:02

Thanks for message Mrs. I was adrift. Just catching up. Back later.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 15:01:52

Sorry everyone, my silly thread title obviously wasn't clear. sad

Stupid kitty.

Mini are you cosily snowed in? Hot chocs all round brew

Mrs I can't believe how your husband has been treated at work. It's appalling. Is it not worth complaining/flagging up the effect such shifts will have on him? Surely they have to do something about that. confused It's simply not acceptable thanks

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 15:03:47

themidwife glad your son is coming home. Is that him home for Easter then? Clever boysmile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 15:07:36

Hi grapes thank you. Glad your brave little bundle is on the mend. I hate the jabs sad. I always feel like I've let her down; like she's thinking "Why did you let this happen, mummy?"sad


Hope he gets off Scott free smile

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 15:33:42

Thank you Kitty smile

Midwife I am so sorry about your DS being inside. Some family friends had a son sentenced. He is now 25, out and while not totally settled is living with his dp and much much more sorted. They went through so much with him and I can honestly say they were parents any child would be lucky to have. I don't think you can always prevent some dc getting into dark places sad But their son has come back from all that, which they are relieved about. Hopefully your DS will be the same.

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 15:35:55

Just catching up on other posts, mrs I am so angry that you oh's work are being so rubbish! I presume it was supposed to be a staged return?

Mini I hope you aren't too snowed in, or are cozily drinking hot drinks anyway smile

Minimammoth Sun 24-Mar-13 15:49:00

Had about 6-8 ins of snow here, and it's frozen overnight so have had to chisel it off the windscreen. 6 miles away there is hardly any. Glad people and little ones are mending. Tough number for your DH mrs
We have had a worky morning, but chilled afternoon, watching Grand Prix. No snicker munching here though, we are watching waistlines.

Midwife99 Sun 24-Mar-13 17:13:01

Thanks Grapes. The frustrating thing is that when he is inside & off drugs he's really nice. He phones, writes me lovely letters, draws me lovely pictures & repeatedly says he wants to change his life. He comes out & within a fortnight he's back to square one, demanding money & taking drugs & getting aggressive. I hope he gets there one day hmm

Minimammoth Sun 24-Mar-13 17:56:48

My children still remember having jabs. I had said 'no they won't hurt', etc. the Dr was unskilled and unfeeling, it hurt, ' you lied mummy' < they are in their thirties now- we laugh about it> but I felt so guilty, I'd let them down.

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 18:19:50

Aah Mini - sometimes dc really cut through the bs smile

Midwife, that is good to hear that underneath he cares and is the same lovely person. There is definitely hope and the boy I know is so much more sorted now.

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 19:44:08

Kitty I think your thread title is ace (but I'm weird toogrin )
and anyway I've inboxed everyone a link wink smile

cafecito Sun 24-Mar-13 20:57:33

I love your thread title! well done my pretties grin <peers into locker>

yes kitty twas endearing, that - I got an email the other day from my library muddling the two words up hmm and misplacing all its apostrophes.. MY LIBRARY


yes I used to practice in medical law, so do know stuff - this is what I'm doing my masters in. I AM alicia. I am more alicia than arabella. But alicia, I doubt she could do any decent cardiothoracic surgery. drat.

brain wrecking day of competition law (yes, more law exams, not interesting medical ones) seminars, followed by some medicine - and a quest for pink lined paper (4 ryman stores - none!) I do this when I really start panicking about all the work I need to do, I decide to try and trac down new paper before I begin. It gets more obscure each time.

Someone at my law seminar today recoiled in horror at the concept I had not started the subject yet (and exams start of may) and said 'you had better be good at all nighters' grin and also 'at least if you sit the exam, it's good practice, for when you resit' worryingly, she's right - and she did't even know I am doing medicine, so actually, I have an impossibly impossible task at hand ARGH BRAIN MELT cafe runs away looking for green, squared, paper pads for pharmacology notes

cafecito Sun 24-Mar-13 21:00:05

mrsshrek sorry about DH work- make sure to keep records of all this

PMSL though at 'what character would justin/mr tumble be, cos he's in everything?' I felt a bit ill this week, as I watched ''tiny tumble'' a cartoon miniature justin fletcher, morphed from his being, like a bacterial division

*not a fan

** like good old sesame street instead

Minimammoth Sun 24-Mar-13 21:33:01

Cafecito, my brain is melting just reading your post. Are you hoping to practice medicine or law. Confused. Or maybe you should run a stationery store.grin < might not be spelled right, or is that spelt, or is that flour>

cafecito Sun 24-Mar-13 22:30:01

oh the irony, I meant practi*s*e


and yes it's stationery

how are you today mini?

I have always wanted to do both, which is how this mess came about grin I wanted to be a doctor first and foremost though, and before, I was not, so I am on track a ridiculously long impossible winding never ending track riddled with hellish years of failure eheeem

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 22:52:12

Dr cafe QC then?wink

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 23:05:21

Dr Cafe, I'm impressed by what you are doing! smile

I did a bit of career changing too - used to be a Uni lecturer and now work very pt in the City, when I'm not attending toddler groups and moping fevered toddler brows smile

jynier Sun 24-Mar-13 23:27:15

Oh! Thank goodness that the thread has re-started!!! Feel that I know you all!

Beloved friend of the family died this evening!!! His mother and my ma were best friends same as he and my older brother. They have been together through thick and thin since they were very young. Absolutely horrific for my older bro and his family.

Not really sure why I'm posting. Probably shock.

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 23:29:28

ohh jynier no wonder...another loss is.bound to make you sad sad

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 23:30:14

Oh jynier I am so sorry sad

postmanpatseasterbunny Sun 24-Mar-13 23:31:11

I'm here too, I was in the first one! Except I was a cat then, not a seasonal bunny...

Said something earlier that upset DP mightily and he took himself off to bed very early. I know I won't sleep much so will keep you lot company instead if that's ok.

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 23:34:38

cat to rabbit... grin

we're better company than a grumpy DHgrin

postmanpatseasterbunny Sun 24-Mar-13 23:42:56

He's been away for six weeks, got back last weekend and has had some difficulty in adjusting, I think. It's easier to be the person at home with life going on more or less as normal than the person who has to come home and slot back in. My parents have been married for 48 years this week and Dad still works away, I know they have sometimes had similar issues.

No snow here, but I am so fed up with the cold. Can't even sit here snuggled in my dressing gown as I washed it and it's still damp.

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 23:44:19

Yes, definitely chat to us - sorry to hear about the row. DH and I had one today too but managed to make up in the end.

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 23:44:53

Have you got a slanket? Naff but super cosy!!

postmanpatseasterbunny Sun 24-Mar-13 23:47:18

I got DD a Hello Kitty one but can't go fumbling around her room in the dark. Had better go and check her electric blanket is off though, she has the coldest room in the house.

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 23:53:01

Sounds sensible.

postmanpatseasterbunny Sun 24-Mar-13 23:54:34

Almost the end of term...anyone got any exciting Easter plans? Wish we were heading somewhere sunny!

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 23:58:22

I wish.... but what's that sun thing you mention?confused

Welovegrapes Sun 24-Mar-13 23:58:22

No - we are hosting the whole family at our cramped house delightful cottage.

Eggs though.. Mmm chocolate!! grin

MrsShrek3 Sun 24-Mar-13 23:59:03

oooh Easter = church and chocolate grin

Welovegrapes Mon 25-Mar-13 00:04:09

Our argument earlier was about egg decorating blush don't ask confused

postmanpatseasterbunny Mon 25-Mar-13 00:05:29

I can hardly remember myself...have a vague recollection that it might give out something called heat.

DP's DD is coming to stay for the first week, we are on our own for the second (except he'll go back to work and I'll be off).

postmanpatseasterbunny Mon 25-Mar-13 00:06:53

Ours was equally daft...he just spent the weekend with his DD, first time for 2 months due to business trip, he said she has grown 2 inches, I said they only grow about 6cm a year and apparently I always have to be right and 'condescending doesn't begin to describe it' grin

Welovegrapes Mon 25-Mar-13 00:12:32

Apparently I was over sensitive about the importance of egg decorating on Easter Sunday and he 'was only bantering' grin

Summerdad, we ned someone who speaks man to translate all this!!

postmanpatseasterbunny Mon 25-Mar-13 00:14:18

Why did I do that? Just looked at the ten day forecast and the highest temperature on it is 4 degrees. 4!!! It is my birthday on Friday and on the day I was born it was 25 degrees, the hottest March day on record.

Minimammoth Mon 25-Mar-13 03:21:35

Anyone awake? Nose streaming, not flu, allergies again am guessing. Blurgh.
Should try to sleep but bunged up.

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 03:26:44

Oops, I got all enthusiastic and started another thread here. I'll kill it.

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 03:29:02

Hello mini. Sorry you are feeling grotty.

Midwife99 Mon 25-Mar-13 04:02:30

Uggghhhhh - coughing farting 3 year old now in my bed (the force of the coughs making her fart). confused

Midwife99 Mon 25-Mar-13 05:05:13

And my bloody neighbour now outside revving a big bloody van at 5am!!

MrsShrek3 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:24:02

hi midwife - if yore still here. I woke up (again) an hour ago and have given up thinking any more sleep is on the cards....
happy Monday grin

MrsShrek3 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:26:51

blimey far are you with allergy testing / control?

MrsShrek3 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:28:06

yore????grin you're, obv. clearly i have a medieval edition of the spellchecker hmm

Midwife99 Mon 25-Mar-13 07:44:59

iPhone by any chance?! Mine has some weird spelling correction choices!!!

Minimammoth Mon 25-Mar-13 08:01:11

Just typed a long post, then lost it. Grr., mrs not had any official testing. Only offered nasal spray, anti hystemine. Perhaps I will have to beg at GPs. Trouble is like many others I always feel I don't want to take up time when I am not 'ill'
It's freezing here today. We ran out of heating oil yesterday, so hope some can be delivered soon ( at enormous expense no doubt) our neighbour gave us a few gallons. That was interesting, DH up a ladder trying to pour into tank, in freezing snowy conditions with me holding ladder.

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 08:11:56

Didnt see this one sigh i went on bluelys thread even cleaned it up and got the cake tin out new placement today left at 07:30 as know traffic would br bad now sat in a pubs carpark waiting as got here at just after 8 am told dp and bet he rolled his eyes and thought silly stars flaping as normal had no sleep as flapping as not been to this area beforeand couldnt do a dummy run at weekend. Hope all is well

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 25-Mar-13 09:27:31

Hi stars, good luck today. I'm not sure if I've said this before but I've certainly thought it; I think your work ethic is commendable. It is not easy for you to find work and yet you doggedly keep at it phoning round making a nuisance of yourself drumming up work, day and night, leaving early, getting back late, correct kit, all weathers.... I used to do agency work back in the day and I know how difficult it can be to have to slot into a shift where no-one knows you, no banter, no-one talks at break or they disappear. It can be a hard slog. I take my hat off to you wine

Bluey welcome back! thanks You've been missed. Good luck on Thursday and for the following, fall out days. You'll be in my thoughts. Those t-shirts are something else! grin

minilumps you poor thing. Still suffering. sad

themidwife I hope you are enjoying some big, growed up boy snuggles.

Waves to Mrs and grapessmile

Littlekitty slept for 10.5 hrs straight last night grin. She's so erratic.

Happy Monday to all grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 02:20:22

Is there anybody there? smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 04:52:23

You've all abandoned me.

I'm making an easter bonnet hmm

We've been awake since 1.00 sad

Hope this means you are all sleeping smile

Midwife99 Tue 26-Mar-13 05:47:33

Morning Kitty! Had a dreadful night Sunday so dead last night (until now!) smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 05:58:49

Morning themidwife smile.

Sorry you had a bad one on Sunday but glad you caught up last night. I've just worked out that apart from a tiny snooze for maybe half an hour around midnight I've been awake for 22 hours. shock

I love that 'themidwife' is now logged in my predictive text options grin

Are you off sniffing the little snufflers today?

Minimammoth Tue 26-Mar-13 06:32:48

Mornin. I have slept yes. Kitty how did you manage to be awake all that time? Bet you are sleeping now. Have Good day everyone.

BlueyDragon Tue 26-Mar-13 06:55:21

Morning! Thank you for the flowers, kitty, and sorry you had such a rubbish night's sleep, but at least it was productive! I have one of the chemo brain T-shirts, courtesy of a friend who had breast cancer and went through all this last year; I love it because it makes me chuckle but it really upsets my Dad who, whilst he hasn't got his head in the sand would rather not be reminded of what's going on sad.

And I went to yoga last night, first exercise in ages, which is probably why I slept and DS was full of Calpol. I enjoyed it so much, I'm off to Pilates today plus lunch with DH who's on holiday. I could get used to this grin.

postman, my Mum still tells us how tricky it was when Dad used to come home after working away, usually for months at a time, it took a while for him to settle in and then he would be off again. Hope you and DP have been able to sort it out.

stars, how was your shift?

MrsShrek3 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:09:28

morning all. yes i slept through the 4am bewitching hour too.
bluey, grin at chemobrain t shirt (didn't know there was such a thing or would certainly have got DH one by now) but sad @ your dad. have some morethanks

did littlekitty sleep last night?

hello midwife and co, hope you all have a good day and not get too tired smile

MrsShrek3 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:11:53

kitty, I had to grin at everyone's names being in your predictive text. they have got into mine too wink
mornin mini smile (sorry if I've missed anyone)

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 07:30:18

Morning all new job placement good i got mega excited at there postage meter manchine lol.( sad) did a 5-10 shift at other agency too so was knacked still am need a cattle prod to wake up told a friend ref new jib and she went and told everyone else and so getting silent treatment we are talking grown men in there 40's idots sigh

Thankyou kitty for your kind words smile

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 07:32:27

Though my poor old battered car looked out of place next to loads of audi TT and mercs grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 11:19:59

Oh craps she woke again at 10.30. I feel wretched. Bonnet nowhere near finished and unlikely to get done. I'm a bag of aches. I'm far too old for no sleep. long gone are the free parties of 90s Bristol

bluey gallows humour I believe. grin

Hi to all

Welcome to postman smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 11:22:03

stars your friends aren't talking to you because you got a new job?confused

Some friendshmm

Minimammoth Tue 26-Mar-13 13:18:57

Rant warning. I am exasperated. Spent an hour trying to order a repeat prescription item so I can stop sneezing. Forgot passwords so had to follow all the ID, pin rigmarole, only to fail on personal info, which I swear was right. Am now blocked. Ring surgery, who are supposed to keep these things according to site. No one knows, can't give request stuff by email or over phone any more. Practice manager away till next tues. Arghhhh. Feel pathetic, I could weep.
Rant over. Sorry.

Midwife99 Tue 26-Mar-13 13:21:38

Hi everyone!! My predictive text also knows you all even KittyBitty! grin
I am on annual leave this week! DC1 came home from Uni last night at 945 & went to pub at 1015! That must be a record! Now asleep! I went to DD3's piano performance this morning at school & have done laundry, cleaned all my wood floors & made a lentil bake like a proper mummy! DD4 slept much better last night apart from crying at 530 which woke me up although she went back to sleep until 7am! I didn't! Feel ok though!

How are you all today?

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 14:12:31

Kitty i wouldnt call most of them friends persay i work with them but yeah i got shunned last night. silly people.

I am quite happy to work in silence though just me and thoughts did the food shopping list too grin

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 14:14:10

Nice to see that dc1 is home from uni midwife. Have a good leave

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 15:12:38

erm...themidwife, how many children do you have? I think I've counted 6!

I'm on my knees and not in a good way grin

Even if she goes to sleep Ive still got to make this blasted hat and Ive got her godfather coming for tea. He's vegetarian so I'm doing two seperate Thai green curries from scratch. (don't have enough quorn for us all to have vegetarian)

Why won't she sleep sad


KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 15:23:48

mini that is so crap. Evidently this is progress. Ive had online prescription failure before too. Shoddy. Poor lumpy, sneezy mini (sounds like 3 of the 7 dwarves- hey, we've got doc too grin and I can be bashfulhmm )

Minimammoth Tue 26-Mar-13 15:45:06

Has she gone off yet kitty? 7 dwarves gotta include grumpy. Re hat. Perhaps Rips could send you the kidney, elastic under chin. Job done.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 16:11:00

Oh mini that's the best idea grin.
She went off for a matter of minutes. I picked up my needle and some green felt and started to make a frill and she started sobbing. She's currently dozing on the boob and sobbing slightly. This hat is not going to be finished for tomorrow sad. It's such a shame because she loves hats, I love making things and I know exactly how it would look if only I was able to do it.

I've been trying to do this for the last two weeks and kept getting scuppered.

I think right now I'd make a perfect 'grumpy'.

Midwife99 Tue 26-Mar-13 16:46:12

Oh ha ha I have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls smile

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 17:54:06

Oh no Kitty poor you ref hat bet she love it anyway
ref Grumpy name could this be interchangeable ( hell that was a big word from me !) grin depending on how ones feels due to non sleep though think you should have it kitty.

Think Summerdad should get sleepy at minute as hes not been on this thread yet smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 20:24:28

oh good one stars grin

cafecito Tue 26-Mar-13 23:23:31

green curry!? oh kitty <swoon>

mrsshrek- QC hahahahaaa hollow laugh, I used to work with some top QCs, alas, I never appreciated the position I was in at the time, I just wanted outta there. Now I look back and think, wow I was lucky. eherm, one day that would be awesome, but I'd be super old by then. I'd need one shedload of botox, but then my advocacy would fail as I would be unable to speak

themidwife I too counted 6 grin

stars, yay for job!

bluey glad you enjoyed yoga. I am usually a bit addicted to ashtanga yoga and extreme upside downy pilates, but I have only been about 4 times since Christmas shock combination of work, work, work, then chocolate overload. I know I would feel better if I went back, but not done this yet

I am, back in the library, with some coke - cocacola- (coffee shop shut before I could get a cappuccino) with the main aim of covering an ENTIRE LAW SYLLABUS in one night

so far, I am on 'slide 33' out of 675 combined powerpoints. I have lost the ability to read books and have a clue what is going on. I also have to start my research project. sigh.

Not a bad thing though, as I have to be awake at night all weekend as working nights again so may as well start readjusting..!

cafecito Tue 26-Mar-13 23:26:50

how goes bonnet? can you make it artfully dishevelled? with holes for the spring if you run out of time?

Don't listen to me. I fail even at sewing on buttons.

I am not very domesticated blush

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 00:01:29

I got to push the post trolley i have named him Tim anyway off to bed up early hope you are well cafe

Hugs to all

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 00:24:09

I hope KittyBitty is asleep and not quacking

Tim the post trolley?! grin goodnight stars!

jynier Wed 27-Mar-13 00:40:40

Is SummerDad fed up with the thread?

BlueyDragon Wed 27-Mar-13 00:51:24

cafe, are you "just" covering the core modules? Tort: snails in ginger beer. Contract: lots of stevedores. Land and trusts: no-one else really understands it either. Crime: shunned by real (for which read actually get paid) lawyers but in reality is the most fun and you can catch almost anything under the Fraud Act. Can't remember the other core modules. Three years of study in four lines grin.

I'm awake not because DS is poorly, although he is proper poorly, but because I have been out gallivanting with some old school friends. Some I hadn't seen for over 20 years, yet no-one seemed to have changed much. It was lovely!

jynier Wed 27-Mar-13 01:47:13

Hi to anyone who is still awake!

Am a night sky enthusiast and have been gazing at the full moon over the village; it's beautiful!

Was thinking about the Super Moon of 2 years ago; my little bro was able to see it from his skyscraper hospital bed - it was reflected in an opposite window.

He laughed so much when I told him of all my efforts to take a good photo; I went down the road, climbed over a 5-barred gate, walked gingerly through a field covered in rabbit shite ... !

It's my darling bro's anniversary today.

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 01:52:24

oh gallivanting is always good Bluey- no not those modules I'm afraid (although a dash of trusts is required). PMSL at snails and stevedores, that's about all I remember - and the guy who climbed in the girl's window for sex and she claimed to not know it wasn't her boyfriend confused Thank goodness I have forgotten don't need to redo those.

In depth stuff of an overly stuffed syllabus. The plan to cover it all in one night has failed, as I have nearly run out of colour coded paper grin I use different colour paper for different things so my brain scrambles them less. pink = international law, green = random statutory provisions yellow = anatomy cream = waffly stuff squared = pharmacology confused

MrsShrek3 Wed 27-Mar-13 01:53:38

hi Jynier smile
still stargazing?

DH is nattering and neither of us are tired.... how are you all doing?

MrsShrek3 Wed 27-Mar-13 01:54:02

hi cafe, x post

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 01:54:05

I remember a crime exam, where I forgot all the case names, and made my handwriting reeeeally scruffy, and kept writing illegibly R v Roberts

that was not a good exam - still managed to pass it though hmm and contract, was not good either- I only answered 2 of 4 compulsory questions. I sat there staring into space for over an hour at the start, and left my pencil case on the tube

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 01:57:12

Oh jynier- just read today is your dbro's anniversary sad thanks [virtual embrace] all these anniversaries one after the other, you must feel like you've been repeatedly hit by an express train. Thinking of you.

Yes I love night skies but can't see very clearly in London. I love nighttime generally. Everything is pretty- I used to go for long walks around London (er about 10 years ago) at around 2am and everything was so prettily lit up, westminster, the RCJ, the riverfront. I also like walking on the beach at night, very relaxing if a little unsafe

Hi mrsshrek!!

jynier Wed 27-Mar-13 02:32:05

Thank you for being so kind.

jynier Wed 27-Mar-13 04:16:39

The full moon is AMAZING now; absolutely beautiful!!!

We have no light pollution here in the village, cafe, so we are blessed with being able to see everything in the night sky. See all the meteor showers, etc.

Equally, I love the lights in London; no longer visit very often but my son lives near the South Bank and am always delighted by the "fairytale" sight of the historic buildings and everything along the Thames at night!

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 04:32:27

Oh wow meteor showers? I love a clear night sky. I can't see the moon from here shock <peers out of window>

I am wide awake, but not being very productive- ditching law due to lack of paper, had a really yucky coffee from the naff machine next to the library, feel a bit ill and need a shower grin nice.. moving on now to some haematology- I have wasted some time downloading new songs so doing a strange dr cafe library dance while writing

jynier Wed 27-Mar-13 04:49:30

cafe - Fear that your studying is not going too well as peeps (me!) are interrupting you!

Just had another long gaze at the moon; it's beautiful! Shame that you can't see it!

Hope that all is well with everyone!

jynier Wed 27-Mar-13 05:02:54

Funny, the things that spring into our minds!

My friend, in central London, took a wonderful photograph (by chance!) of geese flying across the full moon at this time last year!

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 05:20:42

oh no, jynier- I interrupt myself incredibly well grin

I have just drawn a pretty picture of some complicated cellular cycle, and then sploshed my suboptimal machine coffee on it waa

geese, moons, london? really? in my world it might be pigeons, streetlights, a spluttering of cigarette smoke, bus fumes and TB

I have always wanted to see the aurora borealis/northern lights - has anyone seen them? I have also always wanted to go to easter island... <off topic>

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 06:13:14

Oh I don't know, I reckon Easter island is very topical smile

Morning all

Cafe do you know 'black books'? Have you seen Fran dancing? This is how I imagine the Dr Cafe library dance. grin
I heart Fran lots

Well after a lengthy resettle she finally slept from 10-5.30 with just a few little quacks so I feel quite refreshed. Cafe, I know we've been through this before and I know its because you are a spring chicken and I'm a boiling piece, but I honestly don't know how you stay awake all day and night and still function. I was tripping yesterday and my head was banging. shock

This bonnet is now bonnet shaped but I'm wondering if she's even well enough to go to this I hurry to finish decorating it and make a cack job or do we stay home, snuggle and watch sesame street? I've got a crush on Gordon wink She isn't aware of the party, she is only 16 months and ages coughing Luke the aforementioned stevedore. That precis was so funny by the way, bluey grin

bluey, glad you went out on the razz grin. but sorry your son is unwell.

Mrs I hope you two were happily up and chatting but are asleep now. Has MrMrs recovered from his awful shift pattern yet? Rest-wise I mean?

jynier a lovely night to remember your brother by smile thanks

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 06:23:00

Oh yes I used to watch black books!! I am possibly more dylan moran's character though blush I don't remember the fran dance, may have to google <looks over shoulder in library>

I am now really confusing my rbain by listening to PHILOSOPHY PODCASTS, making notes on that, drawing cells, dancing, and thinking about law and childcare and how to avoid all social engagements on Saturday

agree bluey hilarious - you should make law podcasts for the cramming student

yay for sleeptime kitty! I don't know, I seem to get a little hyperactive when I don't sleep. then I become zoned out after 2 days, and then crash. I am okay on that kind of cycle, but when I am on one hour, two hours, no more than that, every night... and having to function (as when DS kept me awake all hours and was working full time) I fare less well, make silly mistakes with things, never fully conscious once it goes on for months.

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 06:24:31

I'm thinking about consequentialism and the paradox of the esoteric morality, AND when does the cafe open so I can get proper coffee... and mainly now thinking about mascara <- so shallow

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 06:27:30

ooh kitty I used to live on the same road that they filmed the book shop in black books!

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 07:56:07

Have you been in the library ALL night cafe? Impressive. Just staying awake, I would be hallucinating--may be you were--.
My cat is v. Poorly has been limping and is now not eating just sleeping. I have to get her to vets. Now.

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 08:06:46

Oh dear poor mini cat

yes still here- I intended to leave about 2 hours ago, but my epic procrastination has meant I still have not completed what I set out to- and now my iproducts batteries have all died, and I have eaten vending machine chocolate for breakfast sigh I seriously need a shower- they have them here... hmm.. I've reached that point where I've lost my grip on time. Yes I think that's what happens to me when I don't sleep, time morphs strangely and can go by really fast, which is not ideal

looks sunny outside!

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 08:26:25

Vets still not answering. Time to eat breakfast before wrestling cat into basket.she is sitting by her feed bowl giving me that look. Oh dear my poor fluffy. sad.
Would love to talk with you about esoteric morality, maybe later!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 08:31:13

Ooh, Dr Bernard Black? Now it's my turn to swoon <crush>

How cool living near black books. Very jealous.

Well the bonnet is finished for what it's worth

I still wish I'd had more time on it, tis not my best work. This is my first occasion of making some item of fancy dress for her and I wanted it to be special confused Sad, perfectionist. She's oblivious of course confused grin

Good luck at the vets, mini sad

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 08:33:11

Moring all poor mini cat. Well done cafe for pulling a library all nighty sunshine you say just driven 45 mins withsnow flakes the big fluffy ones sigh car poorly so dont like driving in town with warning lights let alone rushhour traffic and motorways.

Anyway off to play with datestamps meter manchines and of course take Tim the post trolley for a walk grin

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 08:34:23

Waves to Kitty and mini kitty have a fab day to all

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 08:51:08

Morning stars smile

Hi Tim grin

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 09:07:05

well done on the bonnet! perfectionist indeed kitty! smile yes I am Bernard. I am not Alicia. I am Bernard. <---mask slips - saw him live a couple years ago, was so funny - croissant crumbs and nakedness were a theme IIRC

have good day stars and Tim

mini, hope fluffy is better soon - I know no philosophy I am not clever enough confused in serious need of assistance on that score

I think I am about to leave library, take a caffeine-based detour home, have shower, then NOT go to sleep but instead get on with some work- so much to dooo... aaa

jynier thinking of you and sending much love today

cafecito Wed 27-Mar-13 09:09:53

ergh the pesky ex inlaws are still insisting on visiting on a day when I am doing a nightshift, I replied saying, er, no I can't change my hours, and they replied saying they are coming over no matter what I say. they just want to snoop at my flat. <harumph> Not in the mood right now. It clashes with about 3 other things also. I bought lots of plants when they were meant to come over before, to make myself look ordered and naice. I have killed half of them. I have dried out azaleas and roses in intensive care my kitchen sink blush

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 09:58:32

Taking cat in at 2.15pm. She is copied up by fire now. Glad bonnet crisis is over Kitty.
I am on here largely procrastinating about getting my accounts up to date. Or looking in the "office" < small freezing room at the front of the house where I chuck papers keep files

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 09:59:49

Eyeing up easter eggs bought for dgcs that I will now not see until after Easter.

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 10:00:22

Cosied by fire.

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 14:15:16

Just got home and having a brew found out that i get fri and mon off thought i would need to work fri as mist places finish lunchtime which is the end of my shift but no i get all friday off so on thurs will call orther angency as i can work thur and fri night.

Tim says hello he was a bit off today as one of his wheels was a lilttle wonky grin

So i used his older brother Trevor good job really as lots of post came from office and was very heavy.

Trevor is more outgoing and sporty I think he gets into lots scraps his has a good few chips of paint near his wheels and a few stickers ( as you know post trolley plasters are stickers)

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 14:33:30

Eat the eggs mini grin. Do it!

Littlekittty won first prize with her bonnet smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 14:34:49

oops. crossed post. Hi stars smile

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 15:06:11

Hoorah for little Kitty, well worth the effort Kitty move over Treacy.
Fluffycat at vets having blood tests prior to course of tramadol. How we are going to get that down her, I don't know. Better get the plasters in.
I am attracted to Trevor the post cart, he sounds a bit racy. Getalife emoticon.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 16:06:49

oh poor fluffycat and poor mini's skin

Have you eaten the egg? grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 16:08:47

I imagine stars will fight you for Trevor confused

You pair of loons grin

MrsShrek3 Wed 27-Mar-13 19:40:32

wow you lot can talk a lot grin
<reserves a couple of hours later to catch up>

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 20:09:29

Mini best thing I found to get cats to eat tablets is kneel down sit on your on heels hold cat firmly on floor carpert best move self so most of cat is between your thighs.

Hold cats head get tablet in other hand prize out mouth at back of jaw.

Pop tablet in back of throat close and hold jaws shut rub neck.

Oh and Trevor is mine I tell you all mine

Well done little Kitty grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 20:28:26

Bernard Arabella Cafe your semis sound passive aggressive but with less of the passive. sad So they are coming to see your son but you will have been on a night shift so presumably sleeping hmm yeah right so will your boy even be there? confused Do they have a good relationship with him? Does he at least enjoy their visits?

wine For you, Bernard grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 27-Mar-13 20:30:07

Grrr what happened to my strike throughs? Does anyone know why that happens?

Hi Mrs and MrMrs smile

Minimammoth Wed 27-Mar-13 20:51:24

Cat as to go back for a scan tomorrowsad has a liver prob ( which is not what we took her to vets for- but they find things out) I do nt have insurance so it's going to hit my credit card hard.
I have resisted egg so far. On train northwards tomorrow so mr mini is on cat duty.

MrsShrek3 Wed 27-Mar-13 22:47:04

stars works too hard sad
mini, enjoy your day off cat duty.... cafe, I've got to read that lot again to catch up. must switch my lonely brain cell back on first.
hello kitty and everyone around. did summerdad get kidnapped?sad

shrek is going to his "proper" winkhmm job with new employer this week. full time hours and everyfink... sigh.
I'm on holiday from work by tea time tomorrow. I need it to do my course and catch up with work tbh hmm
Three kids going to get hung on washing line by toes if they give me any bother grin

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 23:27:27

Mrs Shrek i hope the kids will have matching pegs grin

Work is so all over the place for dp and me we take what we can get sigh. No missed calls so far so havent lost out on any work.

We have a chance to go to drinks with friends saturday but we cant confirm yet grrr due to work sigh

starsandunicorns Wed 27-Mar-13 23:28:47

Good luck to Mr Shrek smile

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 03:13:27

Morning all! Made the mistake of drinking most of a bottle of red wine last night so now awake with dehydration & heartburn!!

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 03:16:32

Wow you've all been busy - sexy post trolleys, prize winning Easter bonnets, sick cats sad, all nighters in the library, lots of chocolate all round!

Nocturnal son clanking around Grrr!!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 28-Mar-13 04:17:45

Morning themidwife smile

"that'll lern ya" as they say wink

Well someone , and its not me, has been a sleep refusnik since 1.30. Again. sad

I shouldn't complain because this is basically all I have to do and she is adorable. It's been very entertaining watching her play with her ark not a euphemism grin It's just that o remember sleep being so lovely.

Mini very sorry to hear that fluffycat's so poorly. sad

MrsShrek3 Thu 28-Mar-13 06:43:34

kitty, sympathy on the nocturnal offspring....send her round here, I'm awake anyway grin I really should start that nocturnal creche wink

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 07:57:48

Do you take 20 year old students Mrs?!! He was cooking at 4am!!!!

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 09:55:38

Where is our Dad?!!!!! He started it!! grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 28-Mar-13 10:07:02

Dad doesn't like us anymore sad

So that's what you meant by clattering grin Brilliant. I tell you what, I'll send my sweet babu and her Easter bonnet around to MrsShrek, you send your chef round to me so he can cook me breakfast, but who do you get themidwife? I reckon Tim and Trevor or both off the table. grin

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 10:08:28

Oh no he's asleep now for the day!! I woke him up at 4pm yesterday to help me move done furniture!! He's back from Uni for 2 weeks. Earplugs tonight!!

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 10:09:05

Tim & Trevor? Oh the trolleys grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 28-Mar-13 10:21:15

What was he cooking? Something yummy or student fayre? grin

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 11:55:01

We've run out of oven chips so the evidence suggests it was roast potatoes & grated cheese with mayo & ketchup! wink

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 28-Mar-13 13:10:00

Roasties? That's quite a lot of effort grin I'm impressed

starsandunicorns Thu 28-Mar-13 14:17:44

Well impressed with midwifes ds cooking skills dd1 only can still on cook yellow food
chips noodles pasta and grate cheese

The boss as told my new angency Im am very good smile the floor manager in one of the buildings said she was told that guys like me cos I know what Im doing and she loves Trevor ( I think I have to keep my eye on him he seems like a ladies man) mm
plus heidi the hoover was far to close to today for my likeing

Mary the meter manchine had a cob on today (pmt I think)

Daz the datestamp was knacked this morning ( lots of post) I already have a close realtionship with Daz I get to fiddle with his numbers each morning!! I only known him for 4 days

Plus in the complex there always some stalls from a independent stall selling stuff posh cakes today and flowers etc

my arse will be massive if I get to be longer than 3 weeks grin I do mumnets watch each time I leave the office. I reckon I have seen few.

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 14:21:13

Oh no - they were Aunt Bessie's frozen roast potatoes - basically triangular chunky chips! blush

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 14:21:40

And well done Stars! You're in there!!

MrsShrek3 Thu 28-Mar-13 18:44:39

deal. cutie baby and Easter bonnet in parcel post asap grin

Minimammoth Thu 28-Mar-13 19:06:04

Glum news. Fluffycat has had more tests and is on what is basically palliative care. 6 months ish vet says. sadsad
Am driving home tomorrow. I hope she will not be in pain.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 28-Mar-13 19:33:33

Oh mini I'm so sorry. Poor fluffycat. sad It's so sad when out pets come to the end of their lives. Try to remember what a lovely loved life she's had with you. thanks

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 19:33:57

Oh mini!!! sad

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 28-Mar-13 20:06:45

Mrs she's wending her way to you....they stamped her botty and wrapped her in Brown paper. smile

starsandunicorns Thu 28-Mar-13 20:11:13

Oh Mini so sorry sad

MrsShrek I have Mary the meter manchine on standby grin

Or I have a courrier service for them

Midwife99 Thu 28-Mar-13 20:33:54

I've wrapped DS1 in brown paper - ready when your are Mrs!!

MrsShrek3 Thu 28-Mar-13 21:33:53

poor minicat sad

Looking forward to tomorrow's parcel delivery of cute baby and bonnet.

oi, Midwife, you're not sending yours to me, he's off to do breakfast at Kitty's! Anyway, isn't he a bit big for posting? He'd get his bum stuck in the letterbox an' everythin. Make him walk wink

cafecito Fri 29-Mar-13 01:20:36

poor minifluffycat sad

themidwife your DS sounds like me with 4am cooking hmm

I had a rubbish evening. Was meant to do loads of studying today - did NONE none whatsoever *sigh

went ALL over London, achievning nothing except I bought an -another anatomy book, then saw ex P hmm who reduced me to tears for 2 hours, has written DS out of will, has rewritten history in his booze addled cerebrum, hallucinating and so forth, and was utterly vile vile vile, then sat in a pub by myself (crying a bit, and exasperated) then went home...

l.o.s.e.r. grin

his parents are still insisiting on their visit kitty I have often had a finger-wagging treatment from his dad, I leave feeling like cr*p but they have never been to my place before. they are absolute troublemakers they said I needed a SS referral because I am a medical student ---- and then they went and did it shock I am a perfect parent (insofar as that is possible) but they said it's not suitable to be studying medicine and being a mum and I should prioritise my son (where's their work ethic!). so I said, no, working nights.. and they said, well come first thing in the morning confused so I said no, they replied, we are coming or are you hiding something, so Ireplied saying, not hiding anything jst very very busy - and now they are coming for sat lunch [sobs] and all they will do is have a go at me. nothing I ever do is right (they told me to leave P, then I did, and then they attacked me for being a single parent...etc)

sorry - grumpy cafe

cafecito Fri 29-Mar-13 01:25:42

they are an utterly toxic bunch, the lot of them.. then I bumped into the acounts friend this eve too, and she wants me to work for her next week and this weekend *tears hair out... not enough hours in the day.. feels frazzled... CALM CALM

stars I agree with the others you work super hard I hope your fluffy sock time helps take the edge off it

cafecito Fri 29-Mar-13 01:30:50

I used to want to be a vet, mini. I am now glad I am not too much sticking hands up cows backsides I mean, humans- pretty darn complicated physiologically - but to know all about animals, and do surgery and anaesthesia [brain scramble] just lots of comfy time for fluffycat make the next few months as nice as they can be

starsandunicorns Fri 29-Mar-13 02:00:48

Sending massive vants of wine and a lorry load of pish choclate and many hugs to you cafe. They sound toxic to the extream. I had pil simalar norhing I did was right beacause I was a southern and they were from yorkshire.

Was a sahm not bringing wage in =bad mum get to work = bad mum as not staying at home

I stopped going to their house once when they visted they started having a go at me I said fuck off out of MY house you have no right to speak to me like that in my house. Leave now !! within one minute they were out the door I never saw them again now exh would vist them with the dc but I stayed away.

Best thing I ever did. Sending you strength vibes cafe

jynier Fri 29-Mar-13 02:02:48

Hi! Lost you all for a couple of days; no idea why or how!

jynier Fri 29-Mar-13 05:11:10

The advantage of being an insomniac is that I have been listening to the incredible dawn chorus since it started 10 mins ago! It's wonderful!!!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 06:47:45

How lovely jynier smile

Camberwick Green redeems itself grin

Midwife99 Fri 29-Mar-13 07:01:46

Lovely in laws Cafe - sound exactly like mine! They were also thrown out of the house last year for ranting at me & no contact since!

Of course you're a good parent - you're working your socks off to make a future for your son!!

Kitty - I'm afraid DS is asleep again so no brekkie!

I heard from our Dad - he's away but will be back next week & he misses us all! smile

MrsShrek3 Fri 29-Mar-13 07:30:03

cafe, bollocks to the ex and the insane inlaws. ignore ignore ignore, you're awesome and they probably feel inadequate in comparison as they probably are Set us lot on them. grr. btw you might also be able to learn the hardest word in the English language, it's "n-o". wink I only learned it at 38. Look after yourself, because (in the nicest possible way) nobody else is likely to smile

camberwick green sounding lovely this morning, jynierare there any hills there wink ?

It's the holidays and I am hardwired to wake up at 6.45 school time (if I've been asleep, obv). groan..... lovely day tho. got my 7am brew.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 14:12:32

<stands behind MrsShrek with arms folded nodding>

<tries "you go girlfriend" doesn't pull it off>

themidwife please tell your lovely son that my stomach thinks my throat's been cutsad grin

hotline to our dad eh?

Midwife99 Fri 29-Mar-13 14:21:33

Kitty he's still asleep!! Given up & gone to cinema & Nandos!! grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 14:33:21

Ooh what are you seeing? I hear Nando's herby chicken is amazing.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 15:04:53

Hey look at this

grin anybody seen Donny Darko? Tis Frank



KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 15:06:18


jynier Fri 29-Mar-13 15:33:59

Kitty and MrsShrek - it is indeed beautiful here; not very hilly. We have the most awesome sunrises and sunsets!!!

cafe - Sorry that you're having such a hard time. Things are tough enough for you with the awful anniversary coming up without these toxic people in your life!!! Can't you invent an emergency or something to put off their visit? Best wishes, x

Minimammoth Fri 29-Mar-13 16:14:05

I am back home, and have calmed down. Fluffycat is sleeping in her favourite place, and her appetite is back. I decided that the vet gives worst case scenario and that we will look after her really well and she will last a couple of years. As long as she is comfortable and happy. ( Possibly denial but dont care) We have steroids and painkillers for her.
DH has new 'looking in tiny places' camera thingy, we have just spent a happy 10 minutes looking in our earsgrin
Cafe, commiserate, I reckon your ex ILs know their son is really crap, so making you wrong will make them feel better. Can you just take DS and go out for the day, so you are not in when they call. Or would all hell break loose? Does DS enjoy time with his grandparents?

MrsShrek3 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:28:26

wondering where mini is going to look next with her tiny places camera wink shock This is gonna be like a soap opera.

Minimammoth Fri 29-Mar-13 16:37:04

Now now Mrs Shrek. It is a Holy day. The camera has been put away before we end up in A&Egrin

MrsShrek3 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:37:35

grin grin wink

Midwife99 Fri 29-Mar-13 17:08:26

I thought that too - phnarrrr!!! grin
Trouble is I really do know what it looks like up there & there & there!! blush

KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 18:16:14

Mini Oh my! I simply need a tiny places camera right nowgrin That is the coolest thing I've heard this year no backchatwink

Is this piece of kit required for work or merely a hobby? hmm

themidwife exactly how many downstairs mixups have you peered into/up ? Professional estimate I mean? Ballpark? confused

Midwife99 Fri 29-Mar-13 18:20:07

Luckily I'm only used to foraging for cervixes & babies heads & misplaced suppositories!! grin

Minimammoth Fri 29-Mar-13 18:30:59

Just to get the story straight. DH uses this to look into pipes, the plumbing variety, to find faults etc. I bought him one a bit ago called a sneakoscope. Thought it would be handy for looking into awkward places, like car engines. He found it useful, broke it, so this is a replacement. Many happy times can be had, peering under the sofa, into mole holes, beehives and the like. Have a look on iwantoneofthose.

Midwife99 Fri 29-Mar-13 18:43:56

Don't worry mini we believe you wink

MrsShrek3 Fri 29-Mar-13 18:54:43

hmm. but what other small places have you checked out, just to make sure it works? wink

SummerDad Fri 29-Mar-13 20:10:19

Hi all :-)
The token male steps on the new thread scratching his head in confusion grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Fri 29-Mar-13 20:20:46

Where've ya been dad?wink

Minimammoth Fri 29-Mar-13 20:20:46

Sorry snakescope. Too much Harry Potter. Nevermind summerdad, it's been a long week. Nice to see you though.

SummerDad Fri 29-Mar-13 21:01:31

I am away for work somewhere I had no internet connection, even now I an away though I an fortunate enough to be connected to you all through my phone, it has been a scorching week.

SummerDad Fri 29-Mar-13 21:04:21

Hi midwife yes I do miss you all wink

jynier Fri 29-Mar-13 22:03:47

Update from Camberwick Green! Walked up to next village this avo; thoroughly enjoyed it! Birds were singing, sun was out, people riding their horses, saw a 7-m-o labrador being trained to be a guide dog (wonderful! We're not supposed to make any fuss of these darling puppies and she wanted to be very friendly!!!) Next village is very posh and on a hill; ordinary folks can't afford to live there ... people were playing tennis, little girl was riding her pony ...! Saw the most amazing sunset with thousands of geese and black-headed gulls overhead (all returning to the estuary) and found, after reading the paper, that our area was in the top 5 of best places to live.

Downside is that our local paper reported on the front page this week that we have 11 "dogging" websites in the district which have been publicised on the 'net.

Also, a Rottweiler is running loose outside; I'm scared to go out!

MrsShrek3 Fri 29-Mar-13 23:31:00

SD had had a scorching week? not in the UK then confused

picture postcard village sounds lovely, jynier apart from the dogs and dogging

jynier Fri 29-Mar-13 23:40:50

MrsShrek - You're funny!

Won't be joining you guys during the night as the BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD is coming here tomorrow morning!!!

Don't usually indulge but am going to take a couple of sleeping tablets soon and will be setting three alarm clocks to make sure that I am up early, showered and dressed to await the arrival of the VIP!

cafe - hope that tomorrow is not too awful for you! Be strong and don't let them grind you down! x

jynier Sat 30-Mar-13 00:04:25

Grrrr! Switched to a different IP recently; took effect 3 days ago. Have only just noticed, while I was setting alarms, that there were voicemail messages. Missed a message from my beloved older brother telling me that the date of our friend's funeral has changed! Seems that my ordinary answerphone does not kick in any more!

Another Grrrr!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sat 30-Mar-13 03:16:13

Certainly a doggie-heavy newsflash from Camberwick Green grin

Hope you are sleeping well, jynier ready for your special visitor. Who the blazes is it? I'm so intriguedgrin

Littlekitty went on a swing for the first time today.. She's always resisted so far. Momentous occasion for me; she seemed nonplussed. Much more interested in watching the big girls and boys grin

BlueyDragon Sat 30-Mar-13 03:57:05

cafe, my criminal law podcast would be too norty - I can only remember the gross out cases and the ones involving real idiots (that'll be crim in a nutshell then grin. Hope your exILs weren't too traumatic, they sound like a right 'mare; and grrrrr at your exP too, how dare he be such an arse? Did you dob him in to your exILs as you were booting them out the door having accidentally served them undercooked chicken and poorly reheated rice for lunch?

[buthanks] to jynier for her sad anniversary and mini for poorly minikat.

stars, you make me smile with your trolley craziness.

kitty, good bonnet skills. Hope the parcel post worked out for you and MrsShrek.

It's all good news here though - last chemo currently going in via my Borg port and that finishes later today. The onco took out the nastier of the two drugs because the side effects were getting too close to being permanent potentially, but I had a massive blast at the start so neither she nor I are bothered. I feel like the sun has come out and I'm a bit scared of the future, all at the same time, because I don't know how to handle the uncertainty of it coming back. But my (fortunately lovely) ILs are here, I've just bought myself a new bike as a post chemo pressie, DS is seemingly on the mend (chest and ear infection, poor baby boy) and I'm trying very hard to ignore the fact that my house has a massive water leak that means we are going through about 10 litres an hour more than we should and it won't get fixed until at least Wednesday because the part's not in so we keep having to turn the water on and off. On the plus side, we are topping up the water butt nicely from the leak in anticipation of the extremely hot and glorious summer we are going to have <stamps foot>.

Long blitherey post, sorry - I blame the drugs (whilst I still can).

BlueyDragon Sat 30-Mar-13 03:58:01

That was meant to be thanks. Why are there no bunny flowers, or at least a bunny with an egg?

Minimammoth Sat 30-Mar-13 04:08:20

Hello Bluey, here's hoping you go from strength to strength when you get off the chemo. I am awake, I know not why. Apart from it being flippin' cold. So have had tea, toast and paracetamol. Trying to settle now.

jynier Sat 30-Mar-13 04:38:43

Oh, Bluey! - You're going through so much! Best wishes!

My plan failed; didn't take the sleeping tablets.

Kitty - it's my little grandson! Light of my life! There is a park across the road and GS went on the zip wire on his own last week for the first time!

Mini - my son has one of those cameras; asked me if I wanted to see his earwax!

jynier Sat 30-Mar-13 05:21:24

Listening to the dawn chorus again; it's wonderful! We have lots of wildlife in our garden - several young pheasants outside atm and we are occasionally visited by a little muntjak deer. He/she comes in for a rest and curls up under a bush to sleep. It's a bit like being in a Disney film!!! Just need birds flying around with ribbons in their beaks ... !

jynier Sat 30-Mar-13 06:34:56

Am putting on such a front, pretending that all is well! It's not!

I truly appreciate everything around me (beautiful countryside; my DD2 and her children; good kind friends) but just can't come to terms with all the losses!

I want them all back:- my darling little bro, my treasured best friend, our beloved family friend who died last week (our mothers were 2 feisty Irish ladies and the best of friends).

I wish that I was still with my partner; love him so much and he doesn't give a toss about me!

Sorry, all, this is a completely self-indulgent rant! Am so looking forward to seeing my GS today - he makes me laugh!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sat 30-Mar-13 12:28:15

Hi bluey lovely to hear from you and thanks for the update. How exciting to be having your last. You are in my thoughts on this hopeful, spring, Easter Saturday. What a perfect time to end that phase; a time which signifies new life. smile thanks

I hope you don't think I'm glossing over your apprehension for the future, I can't imagine what that must be like. sad

I'm looking forward to hearing about your huge nosh-up grin

Midwife99 Sat 30-Mar-13 15:00:29

Congratulations Bluey! It must be great to finish the chemo!! I can imagine you must be nervous about what the future may bring but you sound really positive!!thanks

MrsShrek3 Sat 30-Mar-13 19:59:00

ditto what the others have said to bluey . It's quite scary this side of chemo, with no treatment plan and much of the "fuss" gone iyswim, but after a few weeks being terrified we have managed to create yet another new version of normal(ish). hope you can too. do NOT rush anything, you need a double cycle length to feel better if you're anything like DH. it is every bit as worrying so unless one of this lovely lot has a magic wand under the bed to disappear the worry gene, just be kind to yourself instead.

jynier Sun 31-Mar-13 03:10:32

Hi Bluey, - How are you feeling now? (May be a silly question!) Sending best wishes, x

Cafe - Thinking of you; did you manage to dodge the dreaded out-laws? x

BlueyDragon Sun 31-Mar-13 09:19:06

I'm feeling really well in a kind of mildly toxic way, nothing like as bad as I would do if both drugs were in. Thank you all for being around in the wee dark hours and keeping me cheery. MrsShrek, the double cycle is pretty much what the onco said to us on Thursday and we're getting some help from a couple of sources for support going forward - it's interesting that the media picked up on this just last weekend. But I will also be kind to myself this is not in my core skill set so may take work.

The sun is out, DD and I are off to church then Easter Egg hunt at home plus roast lunch with PILs. I can't even describe how happy this simple stuff makes me feel. Wish I could share it with those of you who are feeling low.

Massive (((hugs))) and flowers for all of you.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 13:53:33

Hi everyone. Happy Easter to allsmile

bluey your day sounds lovely. I agree; the simple things are like gold.

I'm just back from Mass too, sunny day here, all is well. Littlekitty wore her Easter bonnet to Mass (I will shut up about this blasted hat after today grin)

Someone asked if she was my granddaughter sad

Off to hit the chocolate wink

Midwife99 Sun 31-Mar-13 15:15:31

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Kitty nooooo!!!! sad

SummerDad Sun 31-Mar-13 16:55:36

Happy Easter every one, I am back home now lying in my bed typing these lines on my lappy what a bliss it is to be at home and to type on your own laptop rather than the tiny touch screen with fat fingers smile

Kitty I was somewhere in the deserts of Middle East at an average temperature of 40 and yes midwife does have a hot line with dad wink so did jynier smile

Jynier how are things at your end now, have been reading your post re your village, the way you describe this is marvelous.

cafecito Sun 31-Mar-13 21:32:20

Gosh bluey well done you! Yes that does sum up criminal law grin

Jynier, yay for GS! Camberwick green sounds better with each post! Deer!? The closest thing to wildlife I see is the furry man with the hacking cough and pompon hat sat opposite me now in pret a manger...

cafecito Sun 31-Mar-13 21:35:21

Bluey which one did they stop? (Nosy academic medical questioning)

Hope everyone is well

I slept..... all day....

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 21:53:38

Wow dad that's exotic. What do you do for a living?

<waves at sleepy cafe chops>

I've been trying to get littlekitty to sleep since 20.00 but it's still not happening. sad. I'm knackered. She walked for ages earlier too so should be exhausted. It was the same last night too.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 22:00:39

themidwife yeeeeeesssss sad it is true.

Unfortunately it has happened before but that was a bloke who was stood outside a pub so I convinced my he was lashed grin

cafecito Sun 31-Mar-13 22:29:19

littlekitty in an Easter bonnet AND walking that's so adorable smile I'm still in pret, off to walk home.

The outlaws came hmm it was traumatising, they arrived an hour early....opened every cupboard etc etc. proclaimed well theres no way you should have DS and do medicine its just not responsible. Its ridiculous. you should not have him you should stay at home and get yout priorities straight. tried really hard not to murder them smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 22:38:51

Oh cafe that's so anger-makingangry angry angry angry Hopefully that's it for a while now. How often do you endure see them? Does he see his dad too?

What ridiculous attitudes. You did very well to not be bricking them into a wall cavity right now. grin

Littlekitty walked our streets in her bonnet and mittens- it was too too adorable. We really need a 'I might die from too much cute' emoticon.

She's just gone off to sleep shock

MrsShrek3 Sun 31-Mar-13 22:41:19

hope littlekitty sleeps tonight and if not seriously consider spiking her milk toddling in an Easter bonnet... awww cuteness smile

hope we're not all on the wide awake team tonight. how's everyone doing?

I do hope cafe's outlaws have effed off and won't be seen for a long time. arseholes.

MrsShrek3 Sun 31-Mar-13 22:43:09

x-posted kittysmile

Midwife99 Sun 31-Mar-13 22:54:54

Ohhhhh little bittykitty in an Easter bonnet & mittens toddling about!! Devastatingly cute! Awake until 10pm though! Less cute! I bet you don't really look like her granny - we all fancy you as you know! wink

Glad you're home Dad - you must be delighted to get back to the cold wet snowy grim UK!! Also wondering what you were doing in the Middle East?!! Stroking sheiks' palms with gold for their oil?!!

Cafe - your in laws are entitled twunts aren't they? How very dare they?!!

Midwife99 Sun 31-Mar-13 22:56:31

How are you feeling now Jynier? You sounded quite sad in your last post sad

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 23:36:13

blush thanks themidwife grin

I finally managed to leave her room at 23.00 and um back in again nowsad She's awake again. Sob

Got any recipes for Mickey Finns Mrs? Though is have to spike my boobies grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 23:41:09

Must proofread before posting confused
I'm sure this must be flouting the European working time directive or something hmm biscuit

cafecito Sun 31-Mar-13 23:49:31

grin at spiking boobies. well, I am home. Lots of nutters on the streets tonight! my goodness

oh, the outlaws won't be coming back grin <says menacingly>

KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 31-Mar-13 23:56:28

ooh scary cafe, I like it grin

Where did that biscuit come from in my last post? confused

MrsShrek3 Sun 31-Mar-13 23:57:18

no nutters in here, oh no. not us grin The nutters are all outside, being, erm nutty wink

as for spiking boobies grin well can't you drink alcoholic beverage of choice to excess and she'll get the effect? wink (I drank red vino sometimes whilst bfing... my children all sleep well grin grin just sayin')

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 00:04:00

<thanks kitty> tastybiscuit

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 00:06:21

Well I do allow myself an inch of wine every night from time to time grin My breast feeding nurse told me it was fine blush

<reaches for bottle>

She's got 4 teeth coming at once so I think that's the problem. The weird thing is though that she doesn't cry, she just wants to be awake and play or suckle all night. She tweaks one nipple while suckling the other booby so after a heavy session like tonight they are battering. sad

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 00:07:52
cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 00:08:28

I did the wine thing with DS - !

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 00:15:59

aww littlekitty and her teething and nippletweaking

honestly, I walked back from Trafalgar square/Leicester square way it was just awful, usually not a problem, 3 people grabbed me hmm

I just paid my rent online so I'ma bit grumpy. sad ouch

I need to now do a postdated lent, seeing as I did some kind of reverse lent before easter and lived only on chocolate.

yes, the outlaws.. where to start. My god. The hour early thing wa sbad enough, not to mention the double night shift effect - and the judgey entitled twunty commentary, and the hatefulness of my street, and deliberately poing my washing up that I would have had done had they turned up on time.. and and and.. aagh.. had to lie in the end and fake a training session just to get them to go away 'but how can you be doing a training session if you are working nights...are you taking pills how on earth do you stay awake' 'I was supposed to be sleeping now, but you are here'

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 01:51:38

Eveing all just popping in seem to be permantly knacked with no get up and go. Went to see friends on sat which was nice but really just wanted to cuddle up to dp and hide from the world.

Got to be up early tommorrow as we are going to same friends and a arty type place. Its a nice day out but so cant be arsed just want to hide under the duvet.

Tues will be busy with work at new place and a 5-10 shift at other so really want to just pj day on monday.

But will put on best " postive smile fake get up and go bouncing stars face" cos it going to be totaly awesome wow yeah fab idea wow yeah ohhh look sooo totaly cool far out man."

I just want to hide

Hugs to you cafe gives cafe a medal for not hitting pils with large frying pan

Waves to all

poor mini kitty (shes defo sounds like shes trying to radio caroline) stick a tin hat on kitty she might find it

Runs under duvet

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 01:51:56

these are the same outlaws who changed their will, when I had DD, to exclude 'iilegitimate grandchildren'

<end rant>

how are the holidays going with nocturnal offspring, themidwife? and how are you MrsShrek?

SummerDad I'm quite jealous of your fat fingers being somewhere hot and sunny under the guise of work

pollypandemonium Mon 01-Apr-13 01:54:14
cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 01:55:54

oh stars, I am in one of those hiding from the world moods too. I was meant to go to a party tonight but I slept through it shock and then had a *cough friend ask me over... who I have been avoiding since ... er.... December... which is a long time, and I totally lied just so I could come home by myself smile

I have to be on my best sociable behaviour tomorrow too, working for friend, really dreading the small talk and permasmiling...

I'm not this grouchy in RL honest grin

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 01:58:19

2 shifts on same day stars! in words of outlaw do you take pills [snigger]

my 4od is broken somehow, frozen on adverts- will that send me to sleep? hypnosis? <hopeful>

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 02:03:19

Oh cafe the small talk is a killer. Think beacause we dont soicalise much you get used to chilling in the same company and my dp is fab company if it was my ex and me i would of climbed the walls way before now.

We havent gone and seen anyone for 5weeks. We work sleep watch telly have sexy time and i watch dp blow shit up on his fb game. We are simple folk

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 02:12:26

Yes cafe on tues doing 9-1 but have leave at 7:30 get home 1:45pm have a bath food then leave at 4:15pm to work 5-10 home by 10:20 then bath bed then up at 06:45.

No pills but if staying awake after night shift i have one of those engry drinks. With lots of postive thinking

^ i am on of those mad anouyying people on a night shift at around 5am that acts like she has tons of engry it has been known that i have skipped across a warehouse before singing loudly to whatever smooth radio is dishing it ^

its amuses the managers no end

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 02:24:56

I get hyper on nights too... but daren't go near the energy drinks. I once had an addiction to red bull. 8 x day (my freshers days circa 2004) - sugarfree- +++ palpitations. I lived for a while near a 24 hour Tesco where I bought masses of red bull and krispy kreme donuts, and nothing else ever, except rum

I'm really very bad at combining nights/days though - hat off to stars! I need to master the art.

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 02:25:44

I'm not painting myself in the best light at the minute am I- classy !

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 02:36:46

Nothing wrong with doughnuts and engry drinks cafe but dont do what i did a month or so back not much food in house only had toast all weekend suppose to do a 5-10 got called in at 4 so rushed around had a codine and a engry drink dp drove in me good job as i got to the gates puked up began shaking lost my balance dp bunged me back in car had to phone in sick got home flakked out on the sofa for rest of night

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 02:57:33

The best one I have done since post dc was the dc were going to gps for a week.

Wasnt to get to dm till sat morning 8am at ealirest

So up fri morning sorting out packing etc dd1 complaining not wanting to go etc me getting stressed by the hour. Dd2 said at 22:00 we might as well go now cos she dd1 will be worst in morning. So packed car dragged dd2 downstairs who was hanging onto the bannister having a mega meltdown at 15 got in car by giving her a wegdey had to put child car locks on ffs. So drove at 55mph so it took longer got to home town at 2am then realised clocks were going back. Due to my dm intrustions we sat in car in there drive till 7:45am i didnt get any sleep had to keep turning engine on for warmth.

Dm opened front door dd2 proudly says we got here at 1am but cos you didnt want to be distrubed we sat in the car ALL night!!

Dm promtly bursts into tears ( no idea why she didnt have a teenager yapping at her all night)

I left 20 mins later drove home 3 1/2 hour journey. Speak to friend to say i need to get away now!! Says lets get the overnight ferry at 5pm which we did drank beer pissed as a fart but slept well so up fri 8am till sat 10pm

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 03:28:07

anybody home ? just woke up now catching up on all the posts. You lot has been too chatty lately smile

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 04:08:11

I'm up... no good reason but having a rubbish night for sleep hmm

jynier Mon 01-Apr-13 04:19:43

Hi Dad! Problems with my laptop! Read all the posts now; feeling a bit uncomfortable as my feet have inexplicably decided to swell up! Feels very peculiar ... !

cafe - best wishes!

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 04:30:44

Eyes terribly wide open grin have slept around 12 hours and cant sleep any more, so what are you guys up to at this hour smile.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 04:32:43

ahh well, I'm talking to myself then grin
stars allnighter plus.... shock
kitty, that ddi of yours.needs a bfing necklace (or something) to keep her tweaky little hands busy! handcuffs or parcel tape would do nicely wink

ta for pm sd smile (wherever have you gone?)

I wanna do that duvet thing too. but no we have to have our smiley lets-go-out face (like the Everything's Fine Face) - is everyone really like this or are we particularly screwed up analytical?
We have two weeks off. I have so much work to do in the time we are "off" that I'll be lucky to get anywhere near it. revision for one (OU) course, start another one (naff and easy but still time-consuming) and a new project at work which comes with heaps of planning and that's what wakes me up atm. just had another crazy dream about it. hmm I need my brew and toast but not sure if I can get it because I'm staying at the parents' place for the weekend. dc and I here for a holiday, only 3 days, DH working from this morning til Tuesday night, bar going home 10pm Sun til 8am Mon.
I need brew ....may well risk missing dm off (she has hearing like a feckin meerkat for someone who's unable to hear the telly hmm ) and going to get one.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 04:33:38

wooo you've all turned up and cross posted... yay chatting time grin grin

jynier Mon 01-Apr-13 04:52:37

... still wondering why I have two swollen feet??? Really uncomfortable! Is there a doctor in the house???

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 04:56:01

Kitty I work as an IT engineer and have been in the middle east last week. God UK seems soooooooooooo expensive as compared to the middle east, I can't believe sometimes but then UK is all about freedom and all that grin

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 04:58:31

jynier did you walk a lot today, try keeping them in luke warm water for a while might be helpful. I am a doctor but not the medical one so won't be much of help, I am afraid grin

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 05:01:46

wow... impressive stuff SD. I had no idea the middle east was cheap for cost of living either. Had friends whose families moved there for work, some were military and some engineering. UAE and thereabouts. (hoping my geography is right grin )

no clue about swollen up feet, jynier... have you been walking a lot or anything?

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 05:06:23

depends MrsShrek3 really if you are talking about Dubai, it is probably not cheap but the rest of Middle east is quite cheap I would say in terms of higher salaries, almost nil taxes, almost nil price inflation and dirt cheap petrol prices.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 05:15:55

bargain petrol would be good (except women aren't allowed to drive are they lol)
so are you awake for the day now SDshock

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 05:24:05

yes MrsShrek3, you are right thats why I love to be in the free land named UK smile

I guess I am awake for the day now though I would like to bring my sleep pattern a bit in shape before I go for work on Tuesday <sigh> what about you MrsShrek?

BlueyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 05:36:22

I hear Dubai is pricey too, especially for booze.

Cafe, it's the Oxaliplatin they've stopped; 5FU (metabolised Capcitabine) has gone in but now I have all the toxins coming out via feet and hands and face, which is quite uncomfy, hence I'm awake. Btw, what century were your outlaws born in? "Illegitimate grandchildren" - seriously? Grrrrrrrr on your behalf. It must be so frustrating that they want to be so separate but so involved.

Can't help on the mini kitty sleeping or the swollen feet, sorry folks. But smile at mini kitty's bonnet/walking cuteness.

stars, I can't work out if you are bonkers, amazing, or both! I'd be in a puddle by now doing yours/Cafe's hours. I know what you mean about the duvet day...

Hugs for MrsShrek, some "holiday" for you. What's your OU course btw? I keep thinking about doing some more qualifications, but I'm wondering what's out there.

Just to amuse you all, DS took ages to go to sleep tonight. When he did finally drop off, I had to go back in and replace his pyjama trousers whilst he slumbered on. Not sure why being half-dressed was necessary but it did make me chuckle.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 05:40:16

hmm. I like the idea of sleep. the reality is not quite the same unluckily hmm I'm now mning in the darkwink to try to make myself go to sleep. being away from home means at least I can't get up to do ironing!!

more sleep... asif grin I kid myself. sigh.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 05:42:03

ello bluey smile
sorry to hear you've got the chemo crawlies as DH calls em. hugs. hope it buggers off soon smile

BlueyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 05:43:10

I read somewhere that electronic devices screw up your seratonin levels, so making it harder to sleep. We can't win...

BlueyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 05:45:14

Chemo crawlies is spot on! I'm trying to see it as positive - the drugs doing their stuff - but I find it hard to keep my fluid levels up enough to flush it all through.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 05:47:02

I've done postgraduate psychology conversion. Always intended to do it, necessary for career - Will get there before retirement age grin next stop doctorate - eek. i don't feel clever enough tbh. not doing it yet, Im a year behind as I've taken time out because of DH getting ill. I need a working brain before doing any more.

BlueyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 05:54:24

It sounds really interesting though, and doctorate as well, wow! This is a very brainy thread - I think SD has a doctorate? I realise now how little I appreciated the luxury of hours available to spend in the library at uni, I'd love to sit immersed in research now for all of 30 seconds before someone wanted me.

How is your DH doing with work?

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 06:07:19

BlueyDragon I am not sure how to praise your courage going through all the treatment and still having a lovely chat here but that's something really remarkable. My best wishes are with you.

Yes, I was lucky enough to complete my doctorate straight through before jumping into the industry which was good in a way that I don't crave for my academics now neither any of my employers expected me to do so grin

welovegrapes mentioned she was also a uni lecturer so she would be a doctor too, I guess.

BlueyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 06:18:19

Thanks SD. I'm having a bit of a wry smile at "craving academics", thinking back on the average law lecturer grin. But I do know what you mean, there's a bit of my brain that is still in want of exercise.

I'm going to try for some more kip. Hope everyone else managed a little and that your body clock is resetting, SD.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 08:15:14

Well I don't have a doctorate but two of my exboyfriends did but I have two Bsc (Hons) and a teaching qual.

Crappy night here. sad

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 08:20:37

what technical qualification do you have kitty if you don't mind me asking wink, sorry for being nosy grin I prefer not to tell people about the doctorate stuff as it falsely raises the expectations. Doctorate has nothing to do with being brainy as opposed to common misbelief grin apologies in advance if that might offend somone hehehe.

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 08:29:17

Jynier don't know what the cause of your swollen feet is but you need to elevate them above heart level & drink plenty of fluids. thanks

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 08:31:28

Hi dad I did Chemistry and plant biology and British Sign Language

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 08:31:48

You are a brainy lot! My degree in midwifery is merely vocational! blush

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 08:32:48

Hi themidwife smile Is that boy awake yet? Did he get his mum an egg? grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 08:35:59

Vocational baba sniffing grin.

It must be heavy on the science though themidwife? Anatomy and the like disco basement arrangements

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 08:50:51

Does a vajazzling course count as a qual? Who's with me?

What exactly is it? It makes me picture a jewel encrusted yoni hmm

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 08:51:23

Morning everyone. Probably talking to self now as you lot are asleep. I do not have a doctorate or a degree< lowers tone>. Mine has been a more vocational path, though I do do some teaching.
Glad you survived the in laws cafe and Easter waving to everyone. Hope you get de toxed quickly Bluey.
Fluffycat is doing ok, back to enjoying food but still limping, she is not noticing the ground up steroids in her food....yet. Me and DH are waiting for her to take up weight training. Then we'll be in trouble.
I have managed to stay lump free over Easter. But am having an austerity day today in an effort to lose weight. ( DS getting married in Oct. need to have a non lardy look).
Am missing seeing my family over the hols though. But there will be a meet up soon. Am rambling now...

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 08:54:08

Sorry missed loads of posts there in my self indulgent long ramble.

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 08:55:57

Wow Kitty, that's brilliant. I loved chemistry when I was in college but ironically I never got a chance to pursue my passion, not everyone is as brave as arabella cafe is smile.

Midwife count me out of the brainy ones here and by the way all I studied at the uni was vocational too smile.

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 09:01:47

I wish I would have chosen a more vocational path rather than staying at the Uni for so long smile ahhhhhhhh why does the grass always look green on the other side.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Did I really read what I read. I never knew any such thing ever existed blush.

BlueyDragon Mon 01-Apr-13 09:07:28

Morning mini!

SD, never let it be said this place isn't an education. Or a vocation (my professional qualification used to be described as vocational --because it doesn't pay as well as one might think--).

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:08:25

Vajazzling is very much real in Essex according to TOWIE. Sticking sequins on a shaved lady garden - weird if you ask me!!grin

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:10:04

My boy stumbled out of bed to eat a roast dinner at 6pm last night with his parents & sisters & haven't seen him since. I bought him an Easter egg!! smile

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 09:21:21

welcome back bluey, hope you managed to get some kip smile

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 09:26:39

I don't see how vajazzling could be appealing, may be time for me to shut up, as they say something about too much curiosity and the cat grin

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:33:28

Tee hee! Each to their own eh Dad?! wink

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:34:17

Glad to hear you're feeling ok Bluey & Mini you are bump free!! smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 09:34:33

So I was right then re vajazzles shock Cripes.

jynier your camberwick green is in Essex isn't it? What do you know of such things? wink

dad did you use my full name because I'd been naughty? wink. It's nothing to do with me, I've no telly here so I'm in the dark smile -- its amazing what you can pick up on radio 4--

mini that's good news about fluffycat. Eating is a great sign.

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 10:10:24

Going back to the vocational midwifery degree - actually yes it was blooming hard. Internal diameters of the pelvis anyone? Names of the pelvic muscles?!! Arrggh!!

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 10:10:34

Midwife was just trying to understand the rationale grin

Kitty I did not realise I wrote your full name, might be something done subsconsciously MrShrek might be able to explain it better. May be we need to wait for jynier for more info wink

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 10:13:47

so who's forgotten it's April fools day.... tsk grin are you all doing that vajazzling for beginners course wink

very pleased to hear SD say brains aren't a prerequisite for doing a phd. most encouraging as mine turned to custard some time ago. I blame having babies.

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 10:14:08

Do you still remember that stuff Midwife, did you ever need to apply that in real grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 10:20:35

themidwife I don't doubt it. Please don't do yourself down. grin

I had an Easter egg before breakfast. I needed the energy rush hmm

dad I feel like I've had a true dressing down wink grin

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 10:20:56

MrsShrek raising a baby is far tougher than getting a Phd IME, can't say anything about having a baby grin. Not a bad idea to have a beginners course, wonder what would be the more advanced ones though, need that info eheeeeeeeeem.

I realised it is April Fools day when I read this BBC could not choose a better day for this article smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 10:22:18

Ah perhaps my daughter was doing an April fool one me confused

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 10:23:39

Kitty dressing down ?? why how smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 10:28:41

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

<wipes eye>


dad that's a classic sad

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 10:30:35

oops cross posts.

I'm joking dad. Just because you used my full name. Ignore me smile

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 10:32:43

KittyAndTheFontanelles ok I did wink

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 10:38:35

Piriformis and Obturator. Is all I've got to say. < prbbly spelt rong>

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 10:59:39

Prbbly spelt rong grin

Brilliant grin

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 11:00:59

grin grin
and otherwise confusedconfused

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 11:09:18

It was my feeble attempt to name some muscles of the pelvis. They are down there somewhere. Ileopsoas.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 11:12:40

Are they the ones that we squeeze? wink

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 11:19:39

No, although bits of ileopsoas might join in. You are really testing my A&P. shall have to go and look it up now, on a need to know basis, as midwife who will have this knowledge at her fingertips ( literally) grin has gorn.

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 11:22:31

Well the internal diameters of the pelvis & how they relate to the diameters of the fetal head are useful to know so you know why they might not fit in certain positions & the mechanism of childbirth as a result. My favourite pelvic floor muscle is the bulbocavernosus! grin

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 11:30:30

I love muscle names, that sounds like something you'd find in a garden centre.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 11:49:31

oh wow what a great name!

mini I knew what you were going and was very impressed!
Can either of you enlighten me as to where/what the vaginal vault is? They always mention it on CSI and I thunk its a great name. I reckon it must just be the main batcave part.

When my husband asks if I know where such -a-thing is

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 11:50:56

I often say its in my vaginal vault grin

<littlekitty pressed the button too soon>

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 12:04:09

Taking a back seat now hehehe

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 12:17:29

A vaginal vault is what's left after a hysterectomy. Americans may use the term to describe the top portion of the vagina near the cervix but we call is a canal. smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 12:29:21

Oh dear, sorry. Not something to be flippant about. Yes I think they mean the canal.

Hi dad, make yourself comfy! grin

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 12:41:43

You weren't to know Kitty!! grin

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 12:58:29

thanks kitty it is quite warm in here though never mind grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 13:09:47

Are you re-enacting Hable Con Ella dad? confused

ewww blush

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 13:26:58

kitty I must admit that was probably too subtle for me grin I haven't watched Hable Con Ella hehehe.

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 13:37:18


Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 13:43:49

Well how very educational we are being today. I have just attempted to go in the garden, started a small bonfire, you can probably see it from yours Kitty.
This in an effort to get some exercise. Pah. Fingers frozen, no eyebrows and smell kippered, a good afternoon's 5mins work that.

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 13:53:23

Tee hee Mini!!

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 15:32:46

Is back home in pjs it was ok dp gone back to bed im running around doing chours. You all so clever i just play with stamps grin will make mental note that kitty knows chemistary.

Dd2 is doing the 3 sciences and comes here will course work i just give her this face confused she wants to crunch bones when shes older ( be a phyisotherapist)

Summerdad i have a old school friend living in Dubai he builds skyscrappers

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 15:43:03

But stars - you have special trolleys! grin

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 15:52:38

That I do Midwife. Wonder if they have missed me hope Heidi the hoover hasnt being bothering them either she was rather too close to them the other day.

Pulls up judgy pants on a over friendly hoover next to Trevor and Tim

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 16:46:05

Mini so that's you I can see? Digging the smoke signals! Can I pop over with some chestnuts and sausages? smile

Dad It's a film by Almodovar in which a man shrinks down to a few inches in height and climbs inside a lady's hootchiecootchie. shock grin

Stars that Heidi is notorious throughout the northwest wink

Littlekitty hasn't slept all day and so I was trying to keep her awake till bedtime but she's just fallen asleep on me...grrr....sob sad Little babu

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 17:49:13

Hey Kitty thanks a lot for the info, movie for tonight sorted out <fill in a smiley for a devilish grin with a naughty gleam in eyes hehe>

Whats that with you ladies, someone earlier saw me as a chuckling little gnome wandering over hills and now this Hable Con Ella stuff, seems like short stuff is quite in demand these days wink. I cant wait to watch this movie tonight.

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 17:54:05

Need to get some air I guess grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 17:55:51

Really dad will you watch it tonight? Do report back won't you? grin Long time since I watched it but I remember enjoying it. Saw it at the Phil in Liverpool with some Catalan and Brasilian friends. They explained all about Almodovar's women.

I don't picture you as a short stackgrin

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 18:02:38

it must be a classy film if it was on at the Phil and there was me thinking it was nearly porn shock wink

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 18:11:47

Amoldovar films are usually a bit norty aren't they?!! Usually Penelope Cruz gets her baps out anyway!!

Talking of norty - a song on the new Depeche Mode album is rather inspiring!! "Slow" - oooh!! wink

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 18:15:12

Oh no Mrs shock I'm a good girl I am. grin <channels the real Eliza Doolittle>

It's a weird vignette in the middle of a story about a women in a coma hence Hable Con Ella - Talk to her. He's a queer old fish though that Almodovar. wink

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 18:18:59

Exactly themidwife grin.

Mrs have you ever been to a showing of a silent movie at the Phil with the organist playing accompaniment?

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 18:24:40

pmsl@ channeling Eliza Doolitle grin
yes been to a few of the orchestrated silent movies, mostly Carl Davies. good stuff smile
so for those of us who aren't edificated what's the film about? or am I waiting for SDs report?

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 19:22:49

It's about two men looking after two women who are both in a coma; obsession, rape, suicide, bull fighting. Quite the cheerfest hmm

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 19:32:33

crikey shock all that?! gladiators too? grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 19:34:54

Gladiators? confused No, no gladiators. Nor alligators grin

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 19:48:55

hmm. too far a leap from the bull fighting there grin

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 19:55:41

You've all gone a bit high brow for me. DH is watching gadget show, I am trying to block it out. Passes round popcorn.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 20:03:54

ok, littlekitty hasn't slept for 13 hrs and is refusing still. I'm exhausted as we have both only had 4 hrs last night too. Any suggestions before I cry? She's had calpol, refused her tea and bites me everytime I try to breastfeed her. She just wants to wear my bowler hat and run around with intermittent wailing sad sad sad sad

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 20:04:41

I could very easily lower the time if it helps!!

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 20:05:14

Sorry kitty x posted!!

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 20:16:55

Poor Kitty. Only idea I've got is - Go through bedtime ritual whatever that is for you. Make room nice and dark, put her to bed, sing lullabies. Creep out. My DD tried the pick up put down method with her little one. Although she said it did require patience. I will send calming sleepy vibes.

Midwife99 Mon 01-Apr-13 20:20:34

TONE not time!!

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 21:11:12

Oh dear. Having a simple beer and popcorn, and I have got 'The Lip' and the forehead lump, and various others. Antihystemine cocktail here I come.

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 21:15:00

Oh no mini [sad:]

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 21:17:18

Oh and mini i see you the gadet show and rise you back to back esps of burn notice on the 5 th one at min

Poor mini kitty sending good sleep vibes too

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 21:31:29

Sympathies stars back to back anything bodes ill.

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 21:31:37

oops lumpymini again sad is it wheat? hops? sigh. allergies are such a pain. ds1 allergic to all things cowhmm and dd allergic to feckin grass...
i need wine just thinking about it

littlekitty is definitely on duracell gold hmm can't you take her batteries out? ds2 was one of those, energiser bunny kid. we used to have to go badass robot parent on him and do routine with no regard for cute grins, attempts to play, squeals, distraction and all the tricks they learn at babyschool.

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 21:39:26

kitty, might sound stupid but have you tried to drive around in your car with little kitty in the car seat, this works a treat for a lot of lousy sleepers, might be worth a try if you havent tried it earlier make sure you drive around on some long stretch of roads with no or little street lights on.

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 21:43:12

My suspicion mrsshrek is that my DH cooked stir fry and used soy sauce. I have suspected soy sauce before, and I was doing so well. Lets hope baby kitty has gone off..

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 21:45:19

I remember doing that too sd. And the other trick was putting norty baby in pram in the living room, nice and warm, fire on, telly on... after a few mins of complaint, then baby (and me) asleep

MrsShrek3 Mon 01-Apr-13 21:46:35

ooh, soy allergy quite well researched, as I'm sure you know. link to peanuts and pulses iirc?

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 21:49:47

kitty I will do my best to watch this tonight but might doze off , been up since 3 this morning grin.

Thank goodness at least someone does not picture me as a gnome on this thread what is it then wink

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 21:52:30

yes mrs shrek, my little one sleeps when I start talking on the phone to some friend. After a few minutes of ignore and being bored he sleeps if he is already tired enough. I guess it is the boredom which leads them to sleep.

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 21:53:20

where is jynier, havent seen her for a while.

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 21:59:48

Oh dear totaly having a michael weston overload dp just put another esp on though guess its better than a eveing of esps of moonshinners ( which we had a few nights ago )

Minimammoth Mon 01-Apr-13 22:01:14

Sorry summerdad. I will try to over ride gnome picture. Grovelly emoticon.

starsandunicorns Mon 01-Apr-13 22:03:35

Did i need to override the image of sd as flowerpot man sitting on a bright red metal bike next to the rose bushes hehe

SummerDad Mon 01-Apr-13 22:12:40

I don't mind gnomes or dwarfs as long as the locations are erm ... exotic smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 01-Apr-13 22:16:50

Hi all and thanks. She finally went off at nine but woke ten minutes later. sad She's off again now but for how long? I've just realised she did this last Monday too confused

Thank you for your suggestions, I don't want to knock them all back but unfortunately the only way she will go off is by feeding to sleep. She will sometimes go off in the car but her snooze won't survive the getting out of the car so won't translate to the cot. My dad can sometimes sing her to sleep but with me she just cries for booby sad

I know I can't go on feeding her to sleep forever and times like this almost make me want to stop but usually it's so lovely just exhausting

Ever-ready bunny is exactly right, Mrs grin That's exactly what I say.

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 23:32:39



and I don't remember my muscles. or my pelvic anatomy. which is unfortunate as I am examined on them for 3 hours in June. THREE HOURS IN A HOSPITAL BASEMENT WITH BODIES. errrrrmm.... asis?

Midwifery, I always thought about doing it... but I got scaredy after working in law for a few years as such high litigation risk and such high incident rate and stress central. To me, being a doctor seemed less scary than being a midwife.

MrsShrek postgrad psychology is terrifyingly clever territory

Bluey were you a lawyer-turned-law lecturer? can you help me grin

Kitty can you help me with chemistry grin

This is great, I already have themidwife on board! somehow this thread can make me pass!

Ireally need to stop signing up for simultaneous degrees. doing three at the same time was not a good plan

mini despite doing both law and medicine, I never did my A levels started seven and went off the rails horribly

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 23:33:07

jynier how are the feet today? any pain/redness/heat?

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 23:34:48

I cannot help but imagine SummerDad now as a veery shrunken slightly portly Roger Daltry with enormous fingers grin

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 23:35:10

a little bit like an x-rated version of 'grandpa in my pocket'

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 23:37:08

soy allergy, mini? or gluten? gluten is most definitely in soy sauce, and is everywhere and we are all on a gluten intolerant spectrum allegedly... perhaps you are at the very extreme allergic end?

cafecito Mon 01-Apr-13 23:38:52
jynier Tue 02-Apr-13 01:28:13

Just torn myself away from admiring my bejewelled vajazzle to join in with you guys! Yes, Camberwick Green is in Essex!

Thanks, cafe for your concern; I'm fine and hope that you are feeling ok!

jynier Tue 02-Apr-13 01:52:14

kitty - My children were all BF, the first 2 until I became pregnant again which was when they were both 10 months old. They both went off BM before I knew that I was pg. Sadly, third baby did not survive. BF baby no. 4 until she was nearly 2 y-o. Completely unnecessary as she could eat, drink and walk independently but was used to snuggling in to me for comfort (e.g. if she had a little tumble, etc, she would climb on to my lap and undo my buttons or push up my top). My mother bf me until I was 2 1/2 but wanted to stop as we were going on holiday. She put salt on her nipples. Apparently, it worked immediately. I did the same thing with my DD to stop her. It worked but I missed the closeness of the baby desperately - she never turned a hair after the initial "Yuk." Would not now recommend this method as think that it is probably dangerous but can remember the joy of energy returning and my DD not bothering with bf any more!

MrsShrek3 Tue 02-Apr-13 02:35:14

anyone still here? for once I was having a nice sleep, but dd fell out of bed for a second time within an hour, verrrrry loudly... I'm up thenhmm
just been catching up smile
sd the gnome, hmm. Will stop there before things get rude. lol at cafe, multiple postsgrin and jynier - never heard of salt on nips... well you learn somethin new every day they say (and I am certainly not learning the stuff I'm supposed to grin )

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 03:36:38

Been up since 2. She's having a big cry fest unlike her. sad

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 03:37:46

most unlike her.

Sorry about your daughter's tumble, Mrs. is she ok?

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 04:15:15

She's finally gone off. That was awful. I just don't know what this is about at the moment. She's such a lovely, good natured, placid baby usually, I'm not used to this. I feel awful sad sad

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 04:16:52

She's sobbing in her sleep now. sad. I'm just expected to go off to sleep myself now feeling this shitty hmm

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 04:19:26

Sorry I'm letting the side down.

I should be talking about vajynier's vajazzling and hills and gnomes and giant vaginas.

I definitely still see Roger Daltry, sorry dad. I'm sure I'm way off the mark smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 05:05:40

she's awake again and crying sad

BlueyDragon Tue 02-Apr-13 05:29:22

Sounds horrid, kitty - are you ok?

BlueyDragon Tue 02-Apr-13 05:36:55

Lawyer turned financial crime/regulatory specialist, cafe. With a sideline in pithy summaries of topics that consume entire books (no patience, me grin). So I'd be a terrible lecturer.

How's the film, SD?

BlueyDragon Tue 02-Apr-13 05:38:19

Just re-read kitty's posts. jynier, you have to change your name to vajynier now...

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 05:47:20

Hi bluey no I'm not really. sad

I know its nothing compared to what you and others are having to face but this is hard for me at the moment. We've just had porridge and she's chatting happily at the moment, first time all night. She's yawning too. I just don't know what this is. two days and two nights....

How are you though bluey?

BlueyDragon Tue 02-Apr-13 06:01:41

No sleep is hard, whatever's causing it. I wish I had some pearls of wisdom/a magic wand to offer you but it sounds like you've been through the standard "solutions" already? Does she sleep in the day at all? Bizarrely, both mine slept better at night when they were toddlers if they'd slept in the day, the idea of keeping them awake in the day so they slept better at night never seemed to work. The sleep couldn't be too late in the day though or then things did go to pot a bit.

I'm ok, I have toxic burning feet and spent most of yesterday in bed, but it will get better. Tbh, I'm more disturbed by DD being off on her first ever sleepover - the house is so quiet without her!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 06:18:29

Oh dear bluey shock how very growed up grin How old is she?

I'm sorry about your burning too sad. There's nothing I can suggest either but here are done more thanks

I agree about daytime sleeps. her average 24 hrs would be 11hrs at night broken maybe once or twice for a feed then 2 hrs in the middle of the day. That's why this is so awful and worrying. She had only four hours Sunday night and nothing Monday day and 5 hours last night. She's been fine if I am playing with her and apart from snottiness doesn't seem particularly unwell but tonight she's just cried and cried. It's so unlike her and sad but also draining.

I've finally lost my temper a bit and snapped "no" when she pinched me for the umpteenth time tonight. Feel like a heel now sad Pain threshold reduces with tiredness doesnt it. I hate when I have a fail in communication like that.

She's gone off again now but won't last I'm sure of it.

BlueyDragon Tue 02-Apr-13 06:26:13

DD is 6 (going on 16 sometimes, bless her). She is with her very best nursery friend and they've known each other since they were tiny, so she'll be having a blast, it's just me being paranoid Mummy now!

Don't beat yourself up, please, kitty - sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason and fwiw I'd have cracked long ago if I was in your shoes. flowers for you, too.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 02-Apr-13 06:36:17

Oh I can't imagine sleep overs! shock I totally understand your paranoia grin

Thank you for your words and the flowers, you are very kind. I've just got into bed as my husband gets up for work. I can hear her snuffling about in her cot, let's hope it's in her sleep. Thank you for talking. I hope your feet start to cool soon.

starsandunicorns Tue 02-Apr-13 07:11:04

Hugs to you Kitty try and get our head down when she sleeps

Im cold dressed fed but have to deice the car in a bit not much sleep tosding and turning heartburn and leg pain with a sorning dp last night cant wait till home at 1:40 then can sleep for 90mins then get ready for 5-10 shift sigh going to be a long day

Midwife99 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:08:56

No sleep is a nightmare! I got to 7 months with DD2 & couldn't take any more so went cold turkey I'm afraid & did controlled crying mummy nervous breakdown. Maybe because she was my 4th child I was tougher?
Cafe - the pelvis - male or female? Makes a difference for obvious reasons!! wink

MrsShrek3 Tue 02-Apr-13 09:55:50

stars, you need brew and good luck with that scary sounding day.
I have to confess to having though vajynier toowink

hope kitty got some zzzs