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godalmighty2 Mon 29-Oct-07 23:54:50

godalmighty - i think it's heroin....

i can;t be right.

does ANYONE know????????????????????? please please help???????

CadaverousCorpulentCarmenere Mon 29-Oct-07 23:55:35

Details please

beansontoast Mon 29-Oct-07 23:59:10

i know heroin is also called 'brown'..

have you found something?
found any 'kit'?

i dont know much beyond this either by the way

Doodledootoo Tue 30-Oct-07 00:00:17

Message withdrawn

godalmighty2 Tue 30-Oct-07 00:00:31

i'm also under the relationships thread - all details tehre....i don't know how to link this thread to that one....

i am panicking but it may not be...

what the hell is kit???!!!

CadaverousCorpulentCarmenere Tue 30-Oct-07 00:02:08

um green brown powder sounds like smack to me.

Doodledootoo Tue 30-Oct-07 00:02:28

Message withdrawn

Doodledootoo Tue 30-Oct-07 00:03:13

Message withdrawn

Doodledootoo Tue 30-Oct-07 00:03:56

Message withdrawn

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