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Talking dirty - what do you say?

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innocent Sat 10-Mar-07 19:40:31

Never done it, think I should...

But where to start?

Anyone brave enough to share?


well-i am blessed in the bra department so i agree with you!

nightowl Sun 11-Mar-07 00:23:35


singledadofthree Sun 11-Mar-07 00:22:06

definately melons - is what i'm used to

SpringisherePann Sun 11-Mar-07 00:21:09

night owl - ha!!

singledad-what size would you want? moderate b cups or giant melons?

singledadofthree Sun 11-Mar-07 00:21:02

dont need to find it - doesnt do anything for me

SpringisherePann Sun 11-Mar-07 00:20:33

yes, do have multiple orgasm -envy...and how long women can make them last!!

erection? It can be VERY uncomfortable...and embarassing when it is ,ahem, inappropriate.....years ago I had a strained groin being worked on by a really gorgeous physiotherapist. It was sheer hell, from start to finnish......poor me!!


nightowl Sun 11-Mar-07 00:19:29

pann if you woke up as a woman you wouldnt need to search for your g spot..tis only men who cant locate it .

singledadofthree Sun 11-Mar-07 00:17:42

breasts are appealing!!! wouldnt beable to leave them alone

innocent Sun 11-Mar-07 00:16:56

Thanks all!!

i wouldn't bother wasting time searching for the g-spot though-concentrate on the c spot!


SpringisherePann Sun 11-Mar-07 00:13:18

think I'd probably spend a while searching for my G-spot....

and then visit the best shoe-shop...

I would dress VERY provocatively, and swear alot. I would DEMAND doors were held open for me....Would play with my breasts constantly...I'd change my mind alot...I'd have norks that need to be loaded by leaning that bit...

and I would probably shag as many men as was physically possible in my alotted time. I'd be such a tart!

no don't want to dress up as a bloke cos that would just be dressing up. want a willy for the day!

with my norks it would be a pretty unconvincing man i'd make!

what? and then play with your breasts?

NotanOtter Sun 11-Mar-07 00:09:05

'stop stop you will make me come'

has them (s)creaming in the ailses

madamez Sun 11-Mar-07 00:08:51

Would you like a link for Drag Kings events? Where you get to dress up as your male alter ego? Messing around with gender expectations is always good fun.

SpringisherePann Sun 11-Mar-07 00:08:41


pann-imagine you wake up as a woman-what would be the fiurst thing you would do?

play with your breasts?

SpringisherePann Sun 11-Mar-07 00:07:33

yep, N.A.O. - every time!!

NotanOtter Sun 11-Mar-07 00:06:40

moan a bit about him being too big that will do the trick

SpringisherePann Sun 11-Mar-07 00:04:03

are you two aged 15?

i think so.

especially the willy thing!

expatinscotland Sun 11-Mar-07 00:01:53

Hmm. I dunno. Never had the inclination to be a man, though.

It'd be a cool experiment, I suppose.

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