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What little things does your man do that really irritate you?

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divamumdiva Mon 15-Jan-07 22:01:13

This is great thread. Dh is irritates me all the time, but i cant remember much now
- he calls me messy cook, although he calls me best cook
- he removes full binbag out of bin, and forgets to put new liner
- he tickles me loads, even though he knows i hate it. since had dd, it gets worse, i wet myself at some point
to be continued..

bandstand Mon 15-Jan-07 21:29:41

slops redwine around the house, even in th sugar!

bandstand Mon 15-Jan-07 21:27:00

help around the ouse? pah, no way

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 21:26:20

OMG - are black cables a "male" thing? I asked my DH to tidy some up and he just shoved them further into the back of things. When I suggested "figure of eight" he looked at me like I was speaking dutch.

Now I've joined in. I didn't mean to do that...

It was the cables, they lured me.

bandstand Mon 15-Jan-07 21:23:18

in control of the remote
doesnt like me on mn
stays up late and can't get up in the morning.
asks "what's happened" on the tv when i am not even watching.
will add more later

fizzbuzz Mon 15-Jan-07 21:08:35

maggi, cables LOL. We have enough cables in our house to fire the national grid, AND they are all over the place like nests of black snakes.

Really really hate them, There is always at least one on every surface in the house. 2 right next to me as I speak (type!). I never use any of them.

FromGirders Mon 15-Jan-07 18:55:06

You got it sleepfinder! So much intelligence in there, there's no room left for any common sense . . .

BigHotMama Mon 15-Jan-07 18:54:20

My Dh is a good man but I do have little pet hates about him which is only natural...

When he gets home from work he strips off his clothes, comes over to tell me about his day while scratching and flicking his willy.

Collects empty cans of coke by his bedside.

Gets the bathroom floor soaked when having a shower.

Collects dirty tissue in a pile by his bed.

Sometimes wears pants that are not clean, not sure where he keeps them.

Goes through every little detail of a story when I just want the main part...

Knows exactly whats on t.v every night and has it all mapped out what we are going to watch.

Doesnt always throw away the dirty nappy sacks out of ds's bedroom.

Keeps trying to put his leg on me during the night and waking me up.

Am sure there are loads more, this thread is ace...

belgo Mon 15-Jan-07 18:43:40

my dh blows his nose really loudly. Bit of a problem at night at he wakes the whole house up when he does it.

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 18:42:22

Yes but FG I bet he's very VERY good at whatever he does for a living / is a clever so and so and this is a bit of the "absent minded professor" type thing going on, maybe?

FromGirders Mon 15-Jan-07 18:41:03

He's just pretty awful at noticing anything. He's also been known to walk past things - i'll say "remember to put X in the car", he says "OK" but by the time he's put on his coat and walked out the door, he's completely forgotten and walks straight on by.

Pinkchampagne Mon 15-Jan-07 18:40:06

Comes in through the front door!

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 18:38:44

Oh FG that's quite endearing

FromGirders Mon 15-Jan-07 18:27:50

Mostly, my dh is lovely. I get long lies at the weekend sometimes, he is great with the kids and really pulls his weight.
But sometimes he is so stupid, I despair.
Last night he put DD to bed without putting any sheets on it. I'd taken them off to wash, put them in the tumble dryer, and told him that's where they were. Then when I went in to check her (at midnight) she was in an unmade bed, all cosied up with the disposable bed-protector! Her wee head was all sweaty from lying on the plastic. I mean, really!!

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 18:11:33

Mine does nothing "little" that annoys me.

I get annoyed / irritable when I've not had enough food or sleep - nothing to do with him, poor bastard!

If anything about him GENUINELY annoyed me I think I'd have probably have married the wrong man.

maggi Mon 15-Jan-07 17:44:53

If I ask him to help with the housework he says "what needs doing" to which I reply "If you cant tell then it obviously doesn't need doing, so I'm not going to do it either"

He worked in a supermarket, he was the only one to use sugar in the house, and yet he would tell ME off if he ran out of sugar!

Holds the remote in his hand when watching tv.

Tells me off for buying so much fruit as we are on a budget and then buys burgers for his work lunch every day.

Buys all sorts of black electrical gadgets and hids them in various drawers around the house. At last count I found 14 electrical cables/chargers in one drawer alone.

fizzbuzz Fri 12-Jan-07 21:13:09

Dp puts wet teatowel back in drawer, which is worse than chucking then on the side IMO, as they start to smell, and affect all other teatowels in drawer...

Until eventually I have to take them out, and wash them, including the clean ones...

TheArmadillo Fri 12-Jan-07 20:56:23

what is it with the teatowel thing - it drives me up the wall. Both dp and lodger do it. The do it to the oven gloves too.

Actually so does my dad.

Why why why why why?

KentuckyFreudChicken Fri 12-Jan-07 20:53:55

- whenever he uses the teatowel he screws it up and chucks it on the worktop

- leaving the landing light on

-cutting his toenails and leaving in a little pile on bedside table (not done that since I turned my hairdryer on one morning having not seen them and I was incandescant with rage).

- always asking me what the children are wearing today

Elasticwoman Fri 12-Jan-07 20:32:51

Drowns out the dialogue on tv by prolonged and noisy farting.

Always telling me how lucky I am that he still fancies me after all these years, how lucky I am that he took me off the shelf, even how lucky I am that he has such an eloquent bottom (oh and how pert it is.)

Falls asleep on sofa of an evening, sometimes even snores.

swifterella Fri 12-Jan-07 19:27:19

god i have so many! this is a revised version!

Always but always comes home from work and then 5 minutes later goes for a poo ust before he or me is about to bath DS, so then it stinks all the way through bath time

when washing up, leave the pans as they are too 'difficult'

leaves tea bags in the sink?!!!

never listens to me - ust closes down when i try and talk about my day and then expects me to listen to a diatribe about his day and how 'important' it was- ZZzzzzzz

bar all that I love him very much but he dont half piss me off!!

FloatingOnTheMed Fri 12-Jan-07 18:36:16

Have thought of a couple more!!!

- When he makes a cup of tea, he only makes half a cup. I have no idea why!

- When he washes up, he puts all the cutlery in the cutlery drying thingy when actually they have their own thingy to go in iykwim, so i just have to take them all out of the one on the draining board & back in their own...

BUT today he has been wonderful - done huge pile of washing up, made cups of tea {hence me thinking of these things! ), played with dd while i had a hot bath for an hour, & when i resurfaced he even offered to continue playing with her if i wanted a lie down! Then later on when i was having a meltdown after dd disobeyed me for the 40th time he took over & dealt with her, got her to apologise to me, & played with her for 20 mins while i calmed down watching Neighbours! awww.

missingmywine Fri 12-Jan-07 17:01:13

Comes home each night...........

happyatlast Fri 12-Jan-07 16:32:30

and mine always changes channel to sky sports news aswell, it gets better!!

happyatlast Fri 12-Jan-07 16:30:44

saralou100 mine is deaf in one ear, I wonder if its the same guy???!!!!

mawbroon Fri 12-Jan-07 14:57:20

Mine is the opposite about the work thing Kaloo. Every day, when asked, according to him was "fine". Nothing more, just "fine" so I have no idea if he is stressed at work, whether he likes his job or not, never mind what he actually does day in day out!!

Kaloo20 Fri 12-Jan-07 14:38:29

Ladies, I shouldn't be reading this thread on my 4th day in a new job, I'm sitting here howling with laughter and dabbing my eyes as they stream with tears. I just have to add my bit..

Things I haven't seen mentioned yet that drive me potty include

Telling me about his working day - in detail the moment he walks in the door before he even has his coat off

Putting post back in the envelopes and then just leaves it

Shouts in his mobile phone - very Dom Jolyesque - and has to be constantly pacing up and down - even in the house

At the end of any conversation, he recaps what he wants done, then summarises what he has said, before finally he 'runs through the salient points' until I have completely tuned out and lost interest.

Anniegetyourgun Fri 12-Jan-07 14:15:08

I asked mine once why, on the rare occasions he changed his clothes, he didn't put them into the laundry basket. He replied that they were too dirty to put in with the other things.

Still trying to figure that one out.

saralou100 Fri 12-Jan-07 12:03:04

i can't see through the tears of laughter! all men are the same weird creatures!! where do they come from?

one thats really driving me insane at the moment is the not answering when i've said something, so i repeat it, and then he shouts that he heard the first time - he's deaf in 1 ear, so it's quite likely he hasn't heard me if he hasn't responded! aaargh

then theirs all the other usual suspects..

washing goes on floor in front of washbin instead of in it..

can't make tea/toast without destroying my clean kitchen..

constantly turning the telly ovr to sky sports news (it's on a loop, same thing every hour)

toothbrush Fri 12-Jan-07 11:38:17

mine lives with me - that is enough! male & females should live separate - too many things to mention, but one word to sum up things that he does to make me mad is that he is just plain - selfish! when packing groceries away at supermarket its "i am just going to look at dvds", and then he reappears miracously once packing done, wont cook or do diy, wont get up in night for ds, wont change his routine ( i think at times he could be OCD!", picks the skin off his feet and chews it - vile, wipes snot under car seat, ugh, oh the list is endless - i must now stop.

fizzbuzz Fri 12-Jan-07 10:13:24

Told dp that I had posted about him on here, and he said, have you said that I also always clean bathroom (incl toilet!) and do all shopping (but that is because I spend to much money when I do it!

And I said "errr...No" <slinks away guiltily>

elfmum Fri 12-Jan-07 09:28:10

Opens jar of e.g. olives or capers and then puts half full jar back in cupboard instead of fridge, shaves and doesn't rinse out the sink or waits until I've cleaned bathroom and have nice shiny sink and then shaves and doesn't rinse out sink... and lots of things other people have written.

So glad I have read this thread cos am going through bad patch with d?p at moment and all the things like rushing ahead, not waiting, not listening to me, not replying to simple questions, changing tv programme when I am watching something, not being able to find anything, asking me to help him with something and then being short with me if I go on too long, criticising me in front of my dd (21 months) have been making me v upset. And now I see it's not just mine - it's all of them and I've had a good giggle too and can put in perspective a bit more.

Thanks everyone.

mawbroon Fri 12-Jan-07 09:21:51

Oh ditto yawningmonster. DH arrives home from work right after I have given ds and the mindees their tea. He only notices that the kitchen is untidy. I could have grown another head and he wouldn't notice!! Then he asks if there's a cup of tea in the pot instead of just going and looking for himself!!

Walks in and ignores the fact I have cleaned the house, done the washing, fed, dressed and entertained his dc and comments on the one thing I haven't done "That rubbish is rank, it was rubbish day or did you forget again?!" etc...

overthehill Fri 12-Jan-07 00:58:54

My dh is very good in lots of ways & I don't always appreciate it: getting up with the dc's in the morning to get their breakfast, bringing me a cup of tea to wake me up, washing dishes, cooking & doing his share of household chores and taking the dog out every night. However, there are some familiar men-faults I recognise: never cleaning the loo nor flushing it after a wee, leaving tissues in trouser pockets when putting them in the wash, tidying away things I'm using eg knives, pot holders when I'm cooking (drives me insane!), breaking/chipping crockery like there's no tomorrow, using the kitchen towel as a pot holder so it's never there when I want to dry my hands, hanging up washing so it's incredibly creased & HAS to be ironed (which he never does), leaving lights on in all rooms and fires burning for hours when there's no-one in the room, leaving gas rings on (sometimes I wonder why the house hasn't burnt down!), not putting CD's back in their cases, biting his nails, not listening when I tell him things & then denying I have, racing on ahead when we're out, making scrambled egg & always leaving the saucepan for me to clean, emptying everything down the kitchen plugholes so they constantly get blocked up... But then I have lots of annoying habits too (which he usually ignores) like being very untidy, never wanting to throw anything away, constantly moaning at him, spending too much time on the computer, especially wasting my time playing card games, leaving dishes to soak & forgetting to wash them, accusing him of having moved the things I lose, staying up too late eg now...I'd better stop & go to bed before I think of any more of my bad points!

fizzbuzz Thu 11-Jan-07 20:02:54

Leaving boat size shoes everywhere seems to be a male thing to me.

Dh takes a 10, dss's and ds take 12, 11, 10, and ALL leave their shoes everywhere. Am bloody sick of falling over/stubbing toes on them all the time.

Getting in our front door is like some sort of test, especially when you factor in all their bags as well.

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 11-Jan-07 19:49:13

Oh & he too occasionally has a nap during the day . It's even infuriating that he asks me first if I mind, because I'm sure if i ever said yes i do (i never have except for one occasion when we were supposed to be watching a film together with dd, and that did end in a row actually) he would just sulk about it.

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 11-Jan-07 19:47:35

it's terrible isn't it, i keep thinking of more too!

Now & then (not very often) boyf does get up not long after we have, but all he does is curl up on the bed in the living room (was a sofabed, but it's broken) and go back to sleep!

twoisenoughmum Thu 11-Jan-07 18:48:24

One more to add - I posted earlier - if we have pizza, I hardly ever eat a whole one. So I put my uneaten slice in the fridge to have for lunch tomorrow. He always, but always, takes a bite (out of the pointy end too) and puts it back in the fridge. Like I wouldn't notice.

Oh and another one, cos he's doing it now. He always falls asleep at some point during the day if he has a day off, and at weekends. He does this because he rarely goes to bed before 1am and he's up at 7am for work.

He does have his good points. Can't remember exactly what they are atm .

iwearflairs Thu 11-Jan-07 18:47:48

leaves dirty washing up water in sink on pretext that he hasn't finished with it yet when he and I know that he just forgotten to pull out the plug

leaves toenails to grow long until they look all yellowy and werewolf-like

leaves shoes in doorways and corridors or anywhere that anybody else can break their neck on them

says 'oh no, bloody dogshit' EVERY TIME we see some walking down the street

gets into a rage when neighbours play loud music for a party which happens about twice a decade

swears loudly at other motorists for minor breaches of highway code

goes to bed at 10:30 every night

hates chinese takeaway

always answers the question 'how are you?' with a detailed description of health (usually ailing)

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 11-Jan-07 18:22:25

DetentionGrrrl - boyf & i are the other way round re the leaving lights on thing.

Also the picking at nails.

Rumpel Thu 11-Jan-07 15:01:26








Tex111 Thu 11-Jan-07 15:00:42

Wow, what did I start?! I agree dotcotton, I'm feeling a bit less irritated with DH's little foibles after reading through this. It's not HIM it's just men in general.

dotcotton Thu 11-Jan-07 11:38:44

Thanks to this thread i now have the biggest smirk on my face every time dh commits one of these offences, it's great it makes them all a bit less irritating.

Last night i was chopping some food at the worksurface, he went to look in the cupboard in front of me, opened it so the door was in front of my face and then asked me where something IN THAT CUPBOARD was.. amazing...needless to say right in front of him but how did he think i could see through the door??

Apparently the not being able to find things in front of their nose is to do with the way their brain is programmed. For example if they are shouting (because they never ask quietly) where the butter is, they are looking for the actual word 'butter' so if the tub is turned round the other way they cannot see it. They also have worse peripheral vision than women so whilst they can see distances in front of them they cannot see the whole picture (something to do with ancient hunting instinct). There are stats to prove that most side on impacts in car accidents happen to men because they don't see things coming from the side.

Leaves every light on in the house as he goes room-to-room. Ends up looking like Blackpool, and i end up sounding like my Dad 'Tsk, wasting electricity...'

mawbroon Thu 11-Jan-07 09:50:30

-Acts all surprised when I tell him any kind of plan as if he had never heard it before when in fact I have told him it 100 times!
-Cleans out his electric razor by blowing all the stubble out of it. It very often lands in my contact lens case which has to be left open to dry in the air. Bristles in the eye are not pleasant.
-Asking where I have hidden things when he can't find them.

Lysettes Wed 10-Jan-07 21:24:24

mine asks me a question then doesn't listen to the answer, prompting repeated asks of same question

tidies up after me - this may sound like a godsend, but when i leave things where i know they are and then he's moved them I think I'm losing my mind

wakes ds (6 months) up at about 9pm when he gets home from work by talking to him and rubbing his cheek and then proclaims it wasn't him - when I can hear it all on the monitor!

constantly turns the TV over and goes straight to sport

but generally he's pretty great

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 18:13:11

Oh yes scootermum, also relate to the wolfing down food thing - if we are both starting on some nice pud or something, his has disappeared when I'm still halfway through my first mouthful! I mean, literally! Same goes for hot chocolate. I can't understand why he doesn't want to enjoy it properly. What's the point of wolfing down something delicious in one mouthful??? He says "It's the feeling afterwards that I like!"

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 17:42:55

Coming over, putting his feet up & reading my magazines (eg Heat ) before I've even had a chance to look at them!

oh & saying "Buy Heat this week, go on..." but always refusing to buy it himself, or even for me!

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 17:35:59

Yeahyeahbut, totally sympathise with loads of crap all over house then complains house is untidy cluttered! So so been there...of course dh never notices his piles of crap...just everyone elses, he doesn't leave any apparently...

....which must mean he also walks on water.....

YeahBut Wed 10-Jan-07 17:09:10

Leaves manky gym kit on the floor where he happens to get changed.
Ditto for t-shirt and pants in the bathroom before his morning shower.
Leaves the kitchen looking like a terrorist attack on Tesco.
If he doesn't know where something goes when he is emptying the dishwasher, he leaves it in to go through another cycle until it is my turn to empty it. I tested him once with some tupperware. It had six washes before I finally gave up.
Empties his pockets of coins leaving them in random piles ALL over the house.
Leaves crap everywhere, can't bring himself to throw anything away and complains that the house is cluttered and untidy.
Packs nothing but some pants, his PSP and blackberry on holiday but feels he can complain about how much I have packed for me and three children.
Says he'll clear up the kitchen as though he deserves a medal but doesn't do glasses, pans or trays or wiping down any of the surfaces.
Picks his eyebrows when stressed.

God better stop now.

He leave little piles of ash laying around on joss stick holders. I don't know they are there until I knock one over and ash goes everywhere! Fragrant ash but still...

[We are not hippies.. we just have an SN 6 year old who makes god-awful stinks that pervade the house! )

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 16:32:45

And giving dd a dream feed at 11.30pm, so he doesn't have to get up with her next morning. I dream feed her at 10.00pm and it makes absolutely no difference to the time she gets up at..

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 16:32:45

And giving dd a dream feed at 11.30pm, so he doesn't have to get up with her next morning. I dream feed her at 10.00pm and it makes absolutely no difference to the time she gets up at..

scootermum Wed 10-Jan-07 15:59:02

Eats all food as if he hasnt eaten for a week, without pausing for breath between mouthfuls.Sometimes I just cant bear to watch..
And he cant understand why he gets home so late form work every night and thus can offer no assistance with dd-its becuase he doenst leave on time.If you dont leave at 5 its unlikely you will be home by 6.30, when the jouney takes an hour and half.I can see that clearly and I cant understnad why he is so puzzled when he arives home at 8pm rather than 6.30 or 7 when he only left at 6.15..It as if he thinks the London traffic will clear automoatically just for him and the A10 will miraculously be clear all the way home to allow him to stay at work an hour later..

ipanemagirl Wed 10-Jan-07 15:00:28

when I'm about to serve up a meal when we have people over he'll suddenly fling a tea towell over his shoulder and try to take over the putting it on the table as if he's done the whole thing! Doesn't acknowledge that that's what he's doing either!

Cheats at scrabble.

Never remembers to tell me who's called

Won't write thank you letters ever that's my job.

Never cleans loo

Gingeme Wed 10-Jan-07 14:36:57

Cant remember who it was who said their friend hoovered round her dh's undies for a year but since reading this thread I havnt picked ds's undies up all week. There still on the floor. Wonder if it will take for him to run out of undies before he puts them in the wash basket!! The sad thing about it is I have 4 sons. Wonder if their wives/girlfriends will be moaning about the same thingd when theyre grown up

Ellaroo Wed 10-Jan-07 14:36:38

Never empties the bath toys out of the bath or squeezes the water out of them so they go all mouldy

If I say it's his turn to bath the children he says they can do without one that night!

Leaves empty toilet rolls in the bathroom

Dresses ds in the same too-small jumper every time he has to dress him.

If he decides not to wear the freshly-ironed shirt that he's just got out from the drawer he puts it to be washed and ironed again instead of folding it back up

Uses the nice clothes I have bought him to do the painting in because he can't be bothered to change

Lets the children eat tomato-based suppers in their dressing-up clothes because he doesn't think about the poor sod who has to get the stains out of something with a hoop bigger than the washing machine!

Never puts shoes away.

Grrrrr, don't get me started, although reading this makes me think that they all do such similar things maybe it is just men being men rather than being purposefully lazy and inconsiderate!

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 14:24:37

JoolsToo, that is also a teenage boy thing....

JoolsToo Wed 10-Jan-07 14:23:17

leave his shoes and coat within a foot step of the coat cupboard.

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 14:21:46

jenwa, ROFL at your paragraph (grin) very ..erm ...interesting descriptions...

Also dp never ever ever listens to anything.
Will offer him cup of tea, and he will say no. Then when I am drinking my cuppa, gets narky as I never offered him one! .

Always says he "doesn't know" what is wrong with computer, when in fact means he doesn't want to mend it

Frequently accuses me, and dc of not telling him anything, when in fact he hasn't listened..then refuses to accept it when we all gang up on him.

Uses back and front garden as local tip, currently have, bike, cupboard door, 3 planks wood, binliners of "Stuff" in back garden, and don't get me going on 10 ft iron girder that lived on front drive for 3 months in case it came in "handy". For what...?

Hoards everything until house is bursting, and I explode, making him throw out collection of cardboard boxes, pennies (he will change them one day...never)and general clutter.

Leaving important expenses receipts all over house on every surface, then moans when they disappear. Or I bin them.

I could go on for ever

themoon66 Wed 10-Jan-07 14:13:09

After 23 years of marriage, I still haven't got any idea why he needs to sit on the toilet for half an hour.

jenwa Wed 10-Jan-07 14:01:49

This is funny! Making me smile!

ginnedupmummy : why you let him in the bathroom to do a poo whist you in the bath, I would not tollerate that! My husband often says to me "you should have seen that" or "that was a proper guiness poo" and I think I really dont wish to look at it so to be in the same room must be awful! Tell him to hold on until after your bath, surely you should be relaxing not drowning!

I am sooo glad that all are men seem to be the same, they are truely one of a kind and maybe should live on another planet (or maybe they do as they dont seem to be in the same world as us!)

My husband can be brilliant or dam right lazy and its usually the latter! when he has a day off work he does not think he should get up to our daughter as it is his day off! Excuse me, when did I have a day off, last time I went away for a night he took our daughter to his parents so he could go out!

i do love him but he fits in with the majority of husbands/boyfriends listed here!!!!
Keep it up, good fun!

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 13:28:09

Yes...made me feel much much better as you can imagine...

chopchopbusybusy Wed 10-Jan-07 13:21:22

LOL at "People's Friend". Even my 80 year old Mum feels too young for that.

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 13:18:42

Like the socks and shirt idea

bookends Wed 10-Jan-07 13:16:40

this is obviously a cathartic here goes

he spits on the bathroom taps when he brushes his teeth and denies it..

never unravels socks, shirts so I wash and hang them up as I found them...very liberating

throws wet clothes on to the dryer from some distance and has been known to put wet clothes on dry clothes!

bungs the shopping in the fridge willynilly, so I have to clean up spilt cream from the top to the bottom of fridge and the seepage over the kitchen floor.

farts in the bath?!?!

never says sorry..

Doesn't put away his size 11's and work bag so I stubb my toe numerous times during the evening

wanted to have it on record when he said the other day 'you were right'.

has a 'bull in a china shop' way about him and has broken numerous things in the house and felt not one ounce of remorse

dh is a supportive, encouraging, funny husband and doting father to our dds and I just grit my teeth most of the time. Though, occasionally I have wanted to belt the living daylights out of him, but a quick choccie bar dampens down this urge.

fizzbuzz Wed 10-Jan-07 13:12:41

Buying me a copy of "Womens Weekly" and "People's Friend" when I was ill FFS!

Leaving his disgusting socks under sofa/bed/computer/kitchen table, so you just happen upon them...urgh....

nailpolish Wed 10-Jan-07 12:41:13

i say pants too

knickers is an annoying and stupid word

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 12:38:32

My mum calls knickers "pants". It really bugs me. dd laughs about it.

nailpolish Wed 10-Jan-07 12:35:31

LOL @ "uniforms"

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 12:34:28

princessmel - yeah hiding it is probably worse.

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 12:33:27

Oh & he bangs on about needing to get healthy, lose weight, do exercise, eat healthy food but just can't see that he needs to focus properly, plan properly, etc, just vaguely waffles about it & then wonders why he never manages to do it.

Also, he seems to think that food just happens, appears out of thin air - whenever i say "What shall we have for tea?" he says "I don't know, whatever, just do it, you don't have to plan ahead all the time!" If I turn the responsibility back to him "OK, it's up to you, you sort it out," he says "Let's get a takeaway."

Oh and the "just do it" thing - if i ever feel like a little moan about something (most recent being dd's bedtime routine, end of the day, can't be arsed, etc, he says "Just do it, get on with it." He has a point I suppose - moaning about it isn't going to change it, it's just something that's gotta be done, but sometimes a little sympathy doesn't go amiss!

I also wish he would just DO stuff to help me (tidying up, dd's bathtime etc) instead of just offering if that makes sense. I usually say "No i'm fine" if he offers cos i know he'd rather not & it's easier anyway cos i'd only be telling him what to do/where things go. Whereas I have a great friend who stays regularly & she just gets on & does it, and observes where things go etc so i don't have to tell her every time.

Wow, and i started off saying i couldn't think of much!

btw in case you haven't followed my posts, he's my boyf not dh/dp in case all this makes him sound extremely lazy as a father/husband!!

princessmel Wed 10-Jan-07 12:29:55

My dh always does the eating choc and crisps at the 'wrong' time. And he tries to hide doing it behind the kichen cupboard door.
I always say the children are not stupid, they know whats he's doing.

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 12:25:42

Have thought of a few more:

Sometimes starts waffling on to me about something or other while I am so obviously caught up with something else (usually dealing with dd). But then is quick to say "Now isn't the time" if I try & talk to him about something when he is (supposedly) busy.

Wants to eat chocolate or crisps at a completely inappropriate time dd-wise (eg just before tea), resulting either in dd eating chocolate too or in dd kicking off cos I won't let her.

Getting down from the meal table before dd & I have finished - resulting in dd prematurely claiming she's finished too. To be fair, he does ask permission to get down first but I never have the heart to say "No you can't."

I annoy him by going into a cafe with him and only ordering my own drink, not thinking to ask him what he wants.

Oh and he also does the thing of weaving rapidly through the crowds while I struggle to keep up (& normally get stuck behind a slow coach resulting in the comment "What happened to you?" when i finally catch up.)

ipanemagirl Wed 10-Jan-07 12:05:52

wants to lose weight but won't give up anything fattening and kids himself that the things he likes are perfectly good for him. If I make food that is healthy and he doesn't like it his facial expression is that of someone being poisoned.
If I try to replace butter with anything else he virtually calls amnesty international.

princessmel Wed 10-Jan-07 12:03:25

Nailpolish my dh does something similar to the dress/skirt thing.
He calls the childrens outfits ...uniforms!! OMG.

themoon66 Wed 10-Jan-07 11:45:31

Expenses.... why is it ok for the company to sit on £3,000 of OUR money, just coz he doesn't enjoy filling in the forms??

ipanemagirl Wed 10-Jan-07 11:25:49

smokes and has been promising to give up for about 7 years. Says now that every time I nag about it he'll smoke for another month... nice

Also inhaling while eating and drinking like condemned man.
Shameful noise.

On occasion lifting plate to drink juices copied immediately by ds.

oranges Wed 10-Jan-07 11:13:38

I read this thread feeling smug about my dh, then came across Jura's dh not claiming expenses. Snap. I don't ask any more or I weep.

nailpolish Wed 10-Jan-07 11:09:24

calls both dresses and skirts "dresses"

cant seem to see the difference

therefore confusing both out little dd's

breadgirl Wed 10-Jan-07 11:08:10

When we go out for dinner, we order our drinks .. sometime during my meal i reach for my drink to find dh has drunk it all .. i always ask him to order another drink for himself, but he still drinks mine!

He opens packets of biscuits, large packets of crisps, the bread, etc and leaves them open sitting there to go stale .. or till i deal with it

jura Wed 10-Jan-07 11:02:13

Doesn't ever think to put a load of laundry on, until he's run out of shirts/underwear.

Loses his car keys. All the time. Then takes my key off my key ring ("just until I find mine") and loses that.

Does the same with house keys.

Insists on ironing one shirt every morning. What's wrong with doing 5 on a Sunday evening?

Dirty nappies on top of the nappy bin (or worse, left on top of the conveniently placed lampshade , and not rolled up and sealed, but left open. Thank God we've nearly got ds out of nappies, this one really winds me up.

But the worst one of all...

He doesn't bother to claim his expenses at work. His last claim was up to July 2005. He goes away almost every week, so there are meals, hotels, train fares, air fares... it adds up to thousands of pounds that we are owed but he can't be arsed to get it together. And he owes the taxman a few thousand this year, and it won't be done in time, so guess who will have to fund his tax bill...

Brink of Insanity? Pah. I'm over the edge, diving down (in a graceful swallow dive) into the Sea of Madness, then splashing around in the Shallows of Dementedness before finally coming to rest on the Shores of Gibbering Wreckedness.


thanks - I feel better now.

tinkerbellie Wed 10-Jan-07 10:50:20

oh i know if dh actually cooks the tea or anything she will look at me as if to say you should be doing that

and his mum if he's doing any house work when she phones she will make a point of asking what i am doing ( am pretty sure his hands won't dissolve when they get mwet)

12yeargap Wed 10-Jan-07 10:48:45

Asks me where his glasses are all the time -

Spends half his life standing in the garden, smoking.

Promises to give up smoking every couple of months, but is puffing away within 15 minutes.

Won't go to bed when he is tired and cranky, just scurries around doing household chores in a martyred fashion, which makes me feel I have to do housework too, although I'm exhausted and want to go to bed, and it could all be done in the morning...

I'm the one who drops clothes on the floor/ leaves milk out / doesn't put things in the bin, though, and he's pretty tolerant of that so can't complain too much.

princessmel Wed 10-Jan-07 10:47:39

My mum, who thinks that dh can do no wrong and is a saint, because my dad was quite useless for years- her fault as she didn't train him to help in the house , would say 'think yourself lucky he does the washing at all.

tinkerbellie Wed 10-Jan-07 10:46:43

ooh i forgot the listening thing, he can sit and just stare at the telly and the kids will be like daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy? i will have to shout him will you pay attention to them
or later on will be talking away to him and half way through he will turn to me and go what? were you talking to me? you need to get my attention first!

themoon66 Wed 10-Jan-07 10:46:32

Oooh.. the scourer thing Am still fuming because my brand new stainless steel shiny cooker got scoured the first week we got it.

Indith Wed 10-Jan-07 10:45:09

Oh I forgot about washing! Mine s not so much not shaking it though as just generally hanging it up in clumps......

princessmel Wed 10-Jan-07 10:40:22

throckenholt- my dh doesn't shake out the washing either. I forgot that one!

throckenholt Wed 10-Jan-07 10:38:33

oh - and uses the last of something and doesn't bother telling me - so I don't get any more when I go shopping and then I swear and curse when I want ot use it and it is not there !

throckenholt Wed 10-Jan-07 10:34:59

never empties the washing up water
never cleans the cooker top - regardless of huge spills on it
can't turn radios off - but can turn them on
washes lights with darks and turns everything grey
doesn't shake washing before hanging it up so everything dries with masses of creases
uses whatever comes to hand when he is doing someting - regardless of its actual purpose or ownership, or whether it will get destroyed in the process
can turn his ears off and just not hear things (very envious of that ability).

I am sure he would have much worse complaints about me - but I am not going to give him the chance

princessmel Wed 10-Jan-07 10:27:11

What does he look like??

TheArmadillo Wed 10-Jan-07 10:26:30

princessmel - have you got my dp?

princessmel Wed 10-Jan-07 10:25:28

This thread is v funny!!!

My dh doesn't listen to me properly , I always have to make him repeat stuff back.

He doesn't always answer either, so you think he's not heard ,you repeat it, then he says ' stop nagging I heard the first time'.

Leaves his clothes from work on floor next to the bed.

Never thinks to take the wet washing out of the machine or the dry stuff off of the airers .

Always puts off doing diy jobs and then coincidently its raining/dd's having her nap etc. and it can't be done.

Never suggests things to cook or starts the childrens lunch/dinners when we're both in. Its always left up to me to choose and cook it.

Farts really badly.

Swears too much. ( not near kids but at tv and football etc)

But he is a fab dad and dh and does do loads of lovely helpfull things too.

tinkerbellie Wed 10-Jan-07 10:04:31


he should meet my dh

he doesn't put anything in the bin, if he has a sweet he will put the wrapper in his pocket and it will usually end up in the washing machine

he picks his toemials and leaves the remains on the side or on the bed etc
he leaves his wet bath towels n the bed so that the bed ends up soaking
he leaves his dirty clothes all over for me to pick up

he leaves the glasses to drain directly on the draining board without rinsing them so they end up with scum marks round them

he never puts any dvd cases or games cases away
and he expects our 5 year old and 15 month old to be able to tidy up after themselves, which is fair enoughto a certain extent but then i get left tidyingthe rest on my own as "i didn;t get it out" how old are you ?

and don't even get me started on his mother

oooh i feel much better after that

Indith Wed 10-Jan-07 09:49:37

Skid marks.....toilet, boxers, towel.....does the man not know how to wip his bum proprerly?

He washes up but leaves a swimming pool on the counter by the sink and a pile of bubbles and bits of food in the bottom of the sink and the dishcloth unrinsed in a heap so it gets nice and smelly (about 2 seconds after moving in together I hid the sponges and bought cloths so I could go round behind him and put them in the wash!)

While washing up using the scourer on everything. Trained him not to use it on the pans now but he still uss it on glasses.

Aftr his shower the bathroom floor will always be a swimming pool and the towel will be heapd on the radiator not hung and the bath mat will be on the floor in the middle of the swimming pool even though he knows our bathroom is cold and damp and none of it will dry like that.

Eating with a spoon. If it is curry, stirfry, chilli or anything else that is not a hunk of meat he eats it with a spoon. That has to stop...I am not having our LO grow up thinking that is normal. What is wrong with a knife and fork?

He hates crowds and so always walks super fast threading around people. This also occurs in the supermarket where he pushes the trolly at high speed then complains he can't find half the stuff we need even though he has raced past it about 5 times.

Ripping off his long toe nails in the while watching TV and leaving the bits on the arm of the chair.

Just chucking stuff back in the food cupboard then complaining he can't find stuff in it when it actually does have (when tidy) a nice order to it.

Oh dear that is quite a bit...but he cooks amazingly well, he does wash up even though I have to clean up after him, he takes out the bins and the recycling and he will clean if I ask him to he just suffers from the common failing of being a man so not seeing what needs doing quite as soon as us ladies!

Blackduck Wed 10-Jan-07 09:45:57

Empty packets back in the cupboard and not in the bin.
Put stuff on the mantlepiece in the bedroom
Not changing the loo roll
walking past the pile of clean washing at the bottom of the stairs ont he way up and the dirty cups at the top of the stairs on the way down
Taking the plate half way across the kitchen and leaving it on the side - not as far as the sink...

oh I could go on....

Cappuccino Wed 10-Jan-07 09:32:14

if I ask him to get something from town (he works in town) he always forgets

I remind him before he goes to work

then I ring him at work to remind him

he says: 'Yes, yes, yes, for heaven's sake, yes, the bread, you've told me already'

then he forgets

Roskvawantingsomesunshine Wed 10-Jan-07 09:15:52

Wow, never knew so many blokes putting empty things back in the cupboard - thought it was just mine !

lornaloo Wed 10-Jan-07 00:33:24

Right let me think.

Always leaves wallet keys and phone within reach of ds. They always go missing.
Leaves change lying around on bedside table instead of in his wallet. Ds always finds them and puts them in his mouth.
The way he can't do anything but look after ds if he is left alone for the day with him. He wont do the washing or any cleaning as all his energy goes into ds. It doesn't though. I always come home to ds running around half dressed, mucky face in the middle of a bomb sight with dp on the computer.

dotcotton Wed 10-Jan-07 00:17:34

God this is depressing but also a bit comforting i thought that mine was uniquely useless and annoying. He does almost all of the things mentioned below - main offences would be;

Snoring like a steam engine
Lying horizontally across the bed snoring, sometimes not even under the covers so i cant get in or sleep properly
If i have washed the bedclothes and he goes to bed first will get in and fall asleep with no sheets or pillowcases
Does EVERYTHING at full volume and blames the acoustics of our house. So why doesnt it sound like that when i close the cupboards/listen to the radio/turn on the tv/walk around?
Empty packets in the fridge and cupboards
Gets up in the night and eats bowls of cereal in his sleep so leaves little trails of cereal all round the kitchen - ditto chocolate, biscuits. This one makes me laugh a bit but not enough for it to be ok
Every morning he makes coffee in a rubbish pot that just spills coffee all over the hob, and leaves it there for me to clean up.
And there are many many more but they have all been said below, that's enough for me to have vented a bit, phew!

But what makes all the little things a trillion times more annoying is that if i ever gently remind him about any of them he always says.. come on but we're both slobs arent we? No we're not, i am slightly inclined that way but the reason our house looks like this is because i cannot keep up with your excessive messmaking. Or he says we should get a cleaner. But cleaners dont follow you round the house picking up crumbs and discarded dirty pants and socks do they, that's my job!!

Strangely enough i do love him and he is slowly learning..and he cooks dinner. Good dinner though of course he does make an almighty mess and use every pan and wierd utensils (stirring hot stuff with my nice plastic salad servers). I should stop now.. calm, breathe!!

wrinklytum Tue 09-Jan-07 23:37:56

Haven't read the thread but DP has annoyed me immensely today by



Other things that irritate include

Leaving dirty clothes in heap on floor that I inevitably end up sorting out as it drives me insane.What is so hard about locating the laundry bin?

Leaving empty toilet rolls on top of the toilet cistern,WHY when there is a bin two feet away?

Ditto with shampoo/conditioner bottles,on side of bath.

Ditto leaving damp towels on bathroom floor

Skidmarks on toilet not cleaned.God men are vile aren't they.Most days I feel like my sole function is that of glorified skivvy.

Sat there in front of the tv burping and farting and whinging about his hard day at work.Funnily enough I never have time to sit in front of tv at 7pm,I am either putting kids to bed or starting the ironing.

Never taking stuff upstairs.I leave toiletries/washing baskets/pairs of shoes on the bottom step in the hope that they might be taken upstairs.I once had an experiment to see how long it would take for him to take a pair of shoes up without me asking.I caved in six weeks later and took them up myself.

Not being able to find anything in the fridge.The average exchange goes like this:
Him "I cant find the... whatever"
Me "Its on the third shelf down"
Him"Are you sure?I can't see it"
Me "Yes,have you looked behind the stuff at the front?"
Him"Its not there...."
Me (loses will to live,gritting teeth)"Look its here,behind the whatever"

Oh yes and when hes ill its always flu,never just a cold.

Snoring.Of Ken Russellesque proportions,in fact,worse.

Ahh that feels better.Rant over.Am calm now.

Chandra Tue 09-Jan-07 23:12:59

Forgetting DS is allergic to nuts et all.
Packing for holidays... his idea of it is closing his laptop, stand by the door and shout "hurry up Chandra! you always make us late!" When I have been up all night (and yes, with DS allergies I have to get and pack from the bedlinen to the epipens, and all the food DS would have while away!)

Oh... and not such a small thing but everytime he sees his mum is about to have a tantrum about something that he did or din't he just says it was because I did/didn't want to .

brandnewhelsy Tue 09-Jan-07 23:07:04

Automatically asks me "what have you done with my (keys, IPAQ, mobile, SHOES, FFS)?" when he's lost stuff.

Puts empty cereal packets, bottles, jars, medicine back in cupboards and in the fridge, so when I'm looking to see what we've run out of I have to open everything.

Will quite happily live in shit so doesn't respond to me leaving stuff that he won't pick up.
Ah, that's better.

sometimes I think about filling - say- three whole stairs with stuff and seeing if he can still step over it
saying, whilst driving in a location unfamiliar to us both, in very exasperated tones "which way now then?!?"
what's my name? satnav??
never phoning anyone
never remembering to feed the rabbit.

chocolatebirdy Tue 09-Jan-07 22:54:27

dp mainly does NOTHING ever!! Well nothing that would be considered remotely helpful.

But he does get dressed in the dining room whilst DD is eating here breakfast(downstairs shower room)

Leaves his wet towel on the dining chair

Hangs his coat on the dining chair when the coat cupboard is about 5 steps further into the room

Takes a drink to bed every night and never even has a sip and leaves the glass there for me to remove the next day

Puts washing up in the sink instead of the dishwsher. wtf?

choosyfloosy Tue 09-Jan-07 22:46:29

dh would say of me:

losing stuff constantly - purse, keys, bags on trains, passwords, pieces of paper, shopping lists I wrote two minutes ago, money, pens that work; pinching stuff off him to replace said lost stuff.

not wanting to chat when he does

reading ALL the time

coming to bed late and then refusing to get up so he has to give ds breakfast

thinking that nobody can see me picking my nose

eating constantly (not nose pickings)

being a dour puritan about things like using the tumble dryer

persistently hanging washing out on the line (he thinks people judge us for doing this, possibly he considers it white trash behaviour)

telling people about his mental difficulties

i would say of dh;

stacking and tidying dishes (not washing up) for ages while breathing really hard through his mouth as though doing the marathon

looking at me as though he is about to expire when he has looked after ds for a whole hour

asking me 'what should I do next' in various scenarios


I am starting to think of so many more - but luckily the postive/good things he does outweighs the annoying things.

Worst is an annoying laugh after saying something - for no reason at all, even if its like 'so its steak for dinner is it - ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Shuts cupboard doors when I have just opened them so I can put something away - drives me mad.

Also, puts things in wrong cupboards (takes a frying pan out of one to use, then it ends up in another later)

Puts the tv on because he can - doesn't matter what is on or if he is staying in the room

wakeupandsmellthecoffee Tue 09-Jan-07 21:50:37

breath LOL

Gets both is head and feet into the car first like he's folded himself in two, then unfolds himself once in the seat. At 6'6" this looks bloody stupid, clumsy and why can't he just sit in and then swing his legs in?

Hangs his clothes around the house in various states of wearing order

Has clothes in wardrobes in virtually every room in the house

Keeps the basement in a total mess and never lets me sort it out then asks me where anything is.

He says um before saying anything

Dyes my clothes in washing machine

Selective hearing

Channel flicking

Doesn't learn from his mistakes

saffy202 Tue 09-Jan-07 20:16:25

Continous flicking though the channels using the Sky remote. This then freezes the telly, so it has to be switched off, (normally at the most important part of the programme)and then wait a few minutes before switching it back on.

Leaves drawers open all the time.

Leaves his size 12 shoes in the middle of the hall, so I trip over them.

ginnedupmummy Tue 09-Jan-07 19:20:50

Message withdrawn

happyatlast Tue 09-Jan-07 18:53:36

Erm, I've never asked him but I would imagine its cos its cleaner!

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 09-Jan-07 18:35:43

my boyf sits too! That kind of bugs me, I don't know why. Why does yours sit ? My boyf says it's easier, no splashing....

happyatlast Tue 09-Jan-07 18:29:25

My dp sits when he wees, which is weird but at least I dont have to keep putting the toilet seat down.

ginnedupmummy Tue 09-Jan-07 18:25:27

Message withdrawn

Katy44 Tue 09-Jan-07 18:04:50

SLurping his tea really loudly.
His dad does it too - think it's genetic!

happyatlast Tue 09-Jan-07 18:02:48

Mine leaves his dirty socks rolled up for me to undo.

He ALWAYS leaves the pop bottle lid not screwed on right after hes finished and then if he can be bothered to put it back in the fridge it leaks everywhere.

When he gets up at 5.45am every morning to go to work he makes so much noise, especially with carrier bags??

He leaves chocolate wrappers lying around.

He balances his dinner on the table that the computer is on and almost everytime knocks it but catches it most of the time before it falls.

He also puts empty pop bottles back in the fridge??

He uses a different glass everytime he gets a drink so we end up with about 5 on the table by the end of the night.

He doesnt do dishes.

He gets toothpaste all over the sink.

He slams the doors at night when the kids are asleep.

He hangs my clean washing on the doors??? instead of on the radiators.

oh and of course he changes the channel on the tv when I've left the room for all of 5mins, but I change it back when I come back in.

Indigo77 Tue 09-Jan-07 17:43:15

refusing to do DD's hair for fear of turning soft, he says "men don't do children's hair"

treating each item of housework completed by him like an olympic gold medal

socks rolled into balls scattered around the house in random places (yes looking at this thread I can see that's a popular one)

trimming beard with clippers onto freshly hoovered floor, "saying don't worry I'll hoover it up", then not hoovering it up. grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

ringing me at work on his rare day's off to ask where dd's socks are. Sorry darling can't quite see from CENTRAL LONDON where I put them.

watching football games for teams he doesn't support...surely reading the results of other non-Arsenal games should be enough? No?

Washing up but leaving 'scary looking' things like pots with rice stuck to the bottom or oven dishes.

MummyPenguin Tue 09-Jan-07 17:28:33

I've thought of another one too. If we're out somewhere, and I ask him to hold my bag, say if I'm going on a ride with the dc or something like that, he insists on wearing the bag, and looking like a proper fairy. Why can't he just hold it like a maaan

LoveMyGirls Tue 09-Jan-07 17:25:51

I've thought of another one, constantly loses thing - not just keys, anything and then asks me where it is - not like he had it in the morning and ive put it away i mean he'll go outside to feed our pets with the torch then come back in to cut up carrot for it (why he doesnt do it first and take it with him is beyond me) then he'll say do you know where the torch is..............grrrrrr

wanderingstar Tue 09-Jan-07 17:23:36

Mine's great in many ways, but I posted a couple of things anyway yesterday.
Another irritation is that when he's doing the children's cooked breakfasts (x4) on weekend mornings (I know I know ), he expects me still to hang about being a sort of kitchen porterand general dogsbody, even though when I cook - ie the entire rest of the time - he's not around, even when at home iyswim, and assumes I cope fine, which I do of course, but he just can't seem to do anything domestic by himself ! The children are between 3 and 13, so no babes in highchairs either. Anyway the new gym I've just joined has a bodypump class at 10am Saturday mornings, so I'm planning to get up and go. Goodbye jellybelly at last ?

Gingeme Tue 09-Jan-07 16:34:43

omg kslats my dh so does all those things. Or if something he is looking for is in a cupboard and something is in front of it 'it not there'. Grrrr.....

tissy Tue 09-Jan-07 15:16:01

haven't had time to read the whole thread, but...
- sets his alarm clock for 6.15 am, then lies in bed listening to me getting up at 5.30 to have a shower get the brakfast things ready, get dd out of bed, fed, and dressed, THEN gets up, has a cup of tea and is ready to leave at the same time as me and dd- if he actually got out of bed at 6.15, then maybe I could stay in bed a bit longer!

-NEVER clears the table/ worktops before he starts to cook meal, so ALWAYS gets in a tizz when he hasn't got space to put things down

-always leaves the teaspoon on the side by the teapot rather than taking a step to one side and chucking it in the bowl. I once came home to find FOUR teaspoons dried to the work top1 It doesn't matter apparently, because the worktop is brown so the stains can't be seen (yes they can by anyone who has half-decent sight)

-leaves cupboard doors open, then complains when he walks into them

- ALWAYS slams front and back doors, and oven door, even though I have demonstrtated how to do this quietly

- rearranges dishwasher after I have filled it

-when we are ready to go out, charges round the house looking for his various sets of keys (house, office, car). I have suggested that, like me, he puts them all on one key-ring, so that he is never far away from where he had them last (and it is more difficult to loose a bunch like a prison-warders), but no, it would spoil the contour of his trousers (like anyone would be looking at his trouser contour! )

- spends HOURS on the loo, then turns off the extractor fan as soon as he's finished, so the next one in gags on the smell!

- never shakes things out before hanging them on the clothes drier, so they dry full of creases

oh, I could go on....

noddyholder Tue 09-Jan-07 15:11:53

They are always hanging onto their bits aren't they?When dp and I were first together and he had his hands down his trousers I would say(hyperchondriac style)Whats wrong because I thought he was in pain or something now 14 yrs on I ignore him!

kslatts Tue 09-Jan-07 14:54:12

Mine are:

- if he feels ill he tells me all the time, yesterday he told me 4 times that he had toothache

- doesn't look for things properly (last week asked if I new where his scarf was and I replied in the top drawer of your bedside cabinet, he then went upstairs for about 10 mins when he came back down he said he had looked in all the drawers and still couldn't find his scarf, I went upstairs opened the drawer I said it was in and there it was - on the top

- doesn't listen when I say things and then a few days later when I bring it up again he says you didn't tell me that - actually I did but you weren't listening

- turns the tv over and then says "you weren't watching that were you"

- puts a cd on and also leaves the tv on

Roobie Tue 09-Jan-07 14:38:00

Many of these complaints my dh would have about me! He's a neat freak which believe me is just as much a pain in the arse.

- as soon as he's in the door he heads for the kitchen with his coat still on and starts wiping the surfaces down even though they are perfectly clean (by my obviously slovenly standards anyway!)

- constantly moans at me as though it is the most important thing in the world to him for not screwing lids on properly (fgs get a life man!)

- can't hold a conversation with me or discuss anything while doing something else

- also strides ahead of me in the street with my handbag hanging off the pushchair so I have to yell at him like a fishwife to come back. Also insists on waiting outside shops while I settle up at the till and takes my purse with him (cue more yelling from me)

- not forgetting the "man sneezes" of course! Divorce material!

scorpio1 Tue 09-Jan-07 14:24:12

why do they have to toch their boy bits all the time? on the phone, watching telly,etc


what would he think if i had a good scratch??

MummyPenguin Tue 09-Jan-07 14:22:04

The one that made me cringe was the clicking of the overgrown toenails. Eeeewww.

womba1 Tue 09-Jan-07 14:21:57

Leaves rubbish on the kitchen work surfaces instead of putting it in the bin...

He always washes the dishes so i shouldn't complain...but he never rinses the sink out afterwards...

Leaving little pieces of paper in his work shirts or trouser pockets and puts them straight into the washing machine...

Never rinses the bath out when he's had a bath or shower...

ALWAYS sits with his hands on his crown jewels...and i mean always...

...the list is endless... but i couldn't and wouldn't be without him...

twoisenoughmum Tue 09-Jan-07 14:16:58

By far the worst thing I have read on here, though, is the DH who sniffs his food before eating it. That would truly drive me insane - sorry to whoever it was posted that.

MummyPenguin Tue 09-Jan-07 14:12:53

LOL Bananaknickers! I sneeze really loudly too, and you should hear my Mum...

My Cousin's DH was forever leaving his dirty undercrackers (love that too) on the bedroom floor. One day she got fed up of it and declared that she was not moving them anymore and there they were to remain. I swear on my life she hoovered around them for a good couple of years, if not more.

Bananaknickers Tue 09-Jan-07 14:10:28

thought of some more
Drinks bitter a farts like a dog
Leaves work bag on floor to kill us all our break our necks
Wakes me up with his elephant feet creeping around the bedroom
Eats quick then gets hicups
drinks tea and goe arrr when taking a sip

Love him though. Sure I have more things annoying going on

Bananaknickers Tue 09-Jan-07 14:06:01

Eats his dinner really quick. When you go out for a meal he is finished in 5 mins and sits watching me incase I leave something

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 09-Jan-07 14:03:43

I sneeze really loudly & boyf always scowls at me every time. I CAN'T HELP IT!!

I also leave crumbs in the marge but that annoys me too! How do you not leave crumbs?

TeeCee Tue 09-Jan-07 13:59:45

Sneezes too bloody loudly. It's the most stupid and annoying thing in the world. Control it man and sneeze normally like everyone else. Stop scaring the life out of me and the children! Really winds me up!

twoisenoughmum Tue 09-Jan-07 13:57:33

This is the best thread ever! Don't have time to join in properly, but most of my DH's have been listed on here. Apart from constantly re-tuning the radio from Radio 4 (which I like) to Radio 5 (which he likes) in the kitchen - when actually he hardly spends any time in there. Oh and shouting for me from another room - expects me to go and find him, rather than him coming to me.

A friend of mine's DP would put his pants (forever more to be known as undercrackers LOL!!! Radley) and socks in the laundry basket on the days she was working, but left them on the floor at weekends and on her one day off. Its shameful isn't it?

Anniegetyourgun Tue 09-Jan-07 13:44:41

All these people complaining about their partners' shower and laundry habits, be grateful. At least the buggers wash and change their clothes.

I'll stop there, because if I really get started my single post will be longer than all the rest of this thread put together.

mawbroon Tue 09-Jan-07 13:38:48

Hmm, DH would be none too pleased if he knew I was writing this on the internet, but anyway, a couple of things are:
- driving off before I've got the car door shut.
- hooting at other drivers and muttering that they can't drive whilst being two inches away from the car in front.
- i usually go to bed first and just as i am cosy and warm he whooshes the duvet in the air to straighten it out before he gets in the bed. I think he would prefer it if I lay in the bed in a perfectly straight line with my hands by my sides. To be fair, he has recently stopped whooshing the duvet, but he still pulls it over so the bit I have just made warm disappears and I get a cold bit instead.
That will do, I really shouldn't complain.

ishouldbeironing Tue 09-Jan-07 13:20:44

My DH agreed to iron some school shirts for my DD as I was feeling poorly and when I looked at them he had only ironed ONE of the sleeves so I had to sort it out
also whenever he is clearing up after a meal you would swear that he is rebuilding the kitchen by the amount of noise he makes

becaroo Tue 09-Jan-07 13:01:36

Mine leaves the new loo roll on top of the loo roll dispenser instead of putting it in. He thorws his dirty clothes in the approximate direction of the lanudry basket. He constantly fidgets, moves the rug around with his feet and leaves his dirty dishes on the brand new oak block worktop when we have just had a new dishwasher installed. Am I mad to want to stab him in the eye with a fork because of these things?

MummyPenguin Tue 09-Jan-07 12:48:39

The burping and farting is me, so I won't blame him for that. Besides, I'm much better at it than he is.

Annoying things: the screwed up flannel on the dide of the sink thing.

Making flannels and bath towels stink after he's used them.

abusing other drivers on the road when they've done nothing wrong.

blaming me for every little thing that goes wrong, or little things around the house that get lost.

Yep, leaving the kitchen looking like Beirut when all he's done is make toast.

Just the general laziness and untidiness.

Hogging the computer when I want to be on MN

Oh, and accusing me of being obsessed with MN

Bozza Tue 09-Jan-07 12:23:24

Sits in the living room with DS while I cook and entertain DD. This is DD's choice. She insists on "helping" with the cooking. And then the minute I say it is ready and DS and DD come to the table and start getting organised with drinks etc he goes to the toilet. He is a grown man, he knows that the food will be ready shortly, why does he not take himself off for a wee beforehand? Might start doing what I do with 2yo DD before we go out. As I go in the kitchen and get the pans out, say "Right DH it is time for you to go for a wee. Yes I know you don't need one, but just try".

noddyholder Tue 09-Jan-07 11:57:39

Wipes down surfaces with sopping wet cloth
Always is more tired than me even when he isn't
If I say I have any ailment he has it too at the same time but worse of course

giddy1 Tue 09-Jan-07 11:53:52

Message deleted

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 09-Jan-07 11:51:03

I forgot being in a fuck-off grumpy mood when he first gets up, and when he first comes home from work.

You can't say anything to him or even LOOK at him until he's washed/eaten/collapsed on sofa.

To his credit though, however tired he is on arrival home from work, if dd is still up he always makes an effort to have a bit of fun with her.

Bagpuss30 Tue 09-Jan-07 11:45:40

The inability to fold towels straight and put them back on the towel rail. Also, he seems unable to put socks and pants into the laundry basket - I have been doing this for him for 10 years FFS.

dancinggirl Tue 09-Jan-07 11:41:05

PMSL laughing reading these! Brings back a lot of memories!! At times like this know why I love MN so much. Also why I like being single ftb

Lucy81 Tue 09-Jan-07 11:35:23

Apart from refusing to magically turn into a certain paris -based hollywood actor in a puff of smoke, no matter how hard I wish? (Rum, anyone?)Well...
Having talk sport turned up really loud on a tinny little radio, so you can't even make out what they're saying (not that i'd want to!)
Explaining the rules of cricket to me for the fiftieth time, even tho i'm wearing an expression that says 'really don't care'
Not rinsing the washing up!
Ringing me from work randomly to 'see how i am' when really he's just telling me he'll be soo late home.
leaving the bathroom a soggy mess and not rinsing the bath unless i nag.
Giving me that pained expression when i moan. well why don't they just learn from what we say the first time??

snowleopard Tue 09-Jan-07 11:26:44

Aarrgh this one is driving me mad at the moment - fills up the bin with huge cardboard boxes and milk cartons that should go in the recycling, because he can't be arsed, thereby making the bin need emptying again 2 minutes after I last emptied - then when nagged to empty it says "I'll do it later". Grrr.

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 09-Jan-07 11:15:13

(Not many of you seem to like your dp/dh to breathe, I would prefer dh to breathe!)

Leaving fishing rod and bag in the kitchen covered in mud along with tub of maggots

Leaving smelly footie kit next to washing machine on the floor - er it can be out in machine!

Leaving trail of work bag, gym bag, keys, shoes, blazer, and more, in kitchen when arriving back from work after I have cleaned and tidied up.

Farting loads after drinking beer, usually the next morning,stinking whole bedroom out.

But of course I wouldn't change him for the world lol!

Saturn74 Tue 09-Jan-07 11:10:09

DH is darn near perfect, TBH.
The only thing he does that really annoys me is when he washes his hair with the shower attachment, then leaves it in the bottom of the shower tray instead of hanging it back up.
(I mean he leaves the shower attachment in the tray, not his hair!)

Emzickle Tue 09-Jan-07 11:06:58

watches me cook dinner, whilst entertaining our LO and trying to clear up - and makes comments like "couldnt you have done some of this earlier, so it didnt make so much noise when i get home"

goes to the pub his ex girlfriend works at

sits around in his pants all day at the weekend

refuses to come see my parents, then drags me to his parents house, where we have to stay for hours and i get force fed food i hate.

leaves clothes everywhere

once in a blue moon does house work - then makes me feel guilty.

empties the kitchen bin after i neg him, then leaves the full smelly bin bag open on the kitchen floor, and doesnt put clean bag in bin.

hasnt changed a nappy for 6 weeks

has never bathed LO

cant fold up or put up push chair

cant fix car seat in car properly

makes the house smell

brought the xmas tree, put it in my little mini instead of huge truck and left loads of mud all over the seats

treats me like an idiot

lies to me

never tells me his plans he's made

god ill have to stop im getting angry.

mummylin Tue 09-Jan-07 10:59:17

everything he does is annoying !!!

frenchconnection Tue 09-Jan-07 10:52:25

Roskva.. i did that thing with putting back the empty multipack yogurt carton in fridge on sunday, though was v hung over from a huge night out...... even though i am v lazy too!!
My dh does all the usual things of leaving kids clothes/nappies (grosss) scattered round house and wet towels everywhere, he also leaves apples cores/stems on top of computer and mince pie wrappers.
Also takes off 4 layers of filthy t-shirts in one go and puts them in wash basket for God to peel apart.

FioFio Tue 09-Jan-07 10:50:06

he thinks i should get up really early in the morning

LoveMyGirls Tue 09-Jan-07 10:48:31

If we're going out somewhere i spend ages getting the kids ready while he gets himself ready then when he is ready he says come on lets go..........erm i havent dont my hair i have no socks on and no make up on.... which i rarely use but if we're going out i like to make an effort then he moans that theyre all in the car waiting.......

Roskvawantingsomesunshine Tue 09-Jan-07 10:31:13


leaves dirty clothes anywhere but the laundry pile

will leave rubbish next to the bin if there is no bag in it rather put a new bag in

sticks those annoying little stickers that supermarkets put on apples to the side of the fruit bowl

has to be asked, every single weekend, to get the paper while he's walking the dog (ie complete inability to multi-task!)

puts empty packets/cartons back in the fridge/cupboard - yep, he has even been known to put the cardboard that comes around multipacks of yoghurt back in the fridge on its own!!

fortyplus Tue 09-Jan-07 10:14:18

Does the washing up - don't know why as we've got a dishwasher! Then leaves scummy water with crumbs in it in the bowl, which then gets a festering layer on it that I have to bleach and scrub off.

ballbaby Tue 09-Jan-07 10:11:48

- when wiping the worktops in the kitchen doesn't wring out the dishcloth properly so we have a wet-look kitchen for 2 hours after.
- never puts the ironing away
- when cooking uses every pan in the house, and never washes up as he goes along
Not complaining really - at least he does it! Also
- slams the front door when he goes out for his 6.30am shift.
- looked out of upstairs window once to see him picking his nose in the car - in full view of all the neighbours

Gingeme Tue 09-Jan-07 09:51:42

Hes so noisy too. Bangs all the cupboard doors in the kitchen jangles the tea spoon round the cup when stirring his tea, coughs and spits into the sink when cleaning his teeth,has the tele full blast and is generaly noisy. Good job my little ones arent nervous kids. Oh and he uses spray deoderant in the bedroom where our 10 week lo is sleeping then says'what?!' when I scowl at him for it......!

bewilderbeast Tue 09-Jan-07 03:48:53

he can't sit still or lie still or in fact just be still for more than ten seconds, drives me nuts

sandcastles Tue 09-Jan-07 03:35:46

Tex111, exactly...but that would mean using 2 hands...<<eye rolling emoticon>>

snig Mon 08-Jan-07 23:25:39

ooh lucykate toenail clippings in the bedside draw!!!!!!!!!
i thought it was just my dp who spent hours in the toilet but obv not, when asked why/how can one person spend so long he replied i don't want to push because of my piles. Jesus!

scorpio1 Mon 08-Jan-07 20:06:00

omg-just reminded me.

toast crumbs in the marg!!

why oh why oh why would you scrape in a load of toast crumbs for the next person to find? mouldy toast,anyone??!!

Ponka Mon 08-Jan-07 20:04:21

Cross - post, Iamblossom?!

lucykate Mon 08-Jan-07 20:03:56

on the whole, dh is great, no complaints at all, but i really wish he wouldn't,

leave used cotton wool buds everywhere

put his toenail clippings in his bedside draw

fart as much as he does

IamBlossom Mon 08-Jan-07 20:02:46

walks past piles of stuff waiting to go up the stairs.

leaves his wet towel on my side of the bed.


Ponka Mon 08-Jan-07 20:01:30

He has a shower and the leaves the wet towel on the bed! That one drives me mental.

He leaves the margarine out of the fridge.

FloatingOnTheMed Mon 08-Jan-07 19:57:19

Oh and he's always an hour late if we ever set a time to meet, apart from when he comes here from work.

FloatingOnTheMed Mon 08-Jan-07 19:54:54

Well, I don't live with my boyf yet and I'm pretty sure he won't be much like those you lot have described but perhaps I am kidding myself!

He is a pretty anal person when it comes to tidiness etc but thankfully I am too so it seems we are pretty well suited in that respect. Plus, atm anyway, I can't imagine either of us ever switching channels on the telly but of course currently when he is here we are there to spend time together & if we are watching telly/dvds it is usually forward-planned!

What can I think of though?

Definitely the "I'll do the washing up" but then leaving it till morning, not getting up till late & then claiming he hasn't got time. Or it's by the time I'm cooking lunch & i have to wash half of it anyway in order to cook lunch. Also, he does everything 5 times slower than I do, which I find excrutiating but then he complains that I'm "too quick & efficient". Actually I'm clumsy too so most of the time he has a point!

And yes, charging ahead when I'm lagging behind (with or without dd, actually!)

Going into every newsagents in the street to look through the magazines while I wait outside with dd.

Doesn't listen to me half the time & then complains if I repeat something I already said that he happens to have heard (I usually repeat myself if I have a feeling he hasn't listened).

He used to leave his empty Weetabix bowl by the sink so when i came to wash it later it was crusted but he doesn't do that any more since I had a go.
Must remind him again to take the hairs out of the sink & bath plugholes when he's finished washing, yuk!

ginnedupmummy Mon 08-Jan-07 19:52:40

Message withdrawn

shonaspurtle Mon 08-Jan-07 19:47:30

I think all these have come up but it will be v therapeutic for me to write this list...

Leaves dirty washing on top of the basket.
Leaves shirt sleeves rolled up when discarded as dirty washing.
If washing dishes only ever washes the easy stuff like plates and then says he's done all the dishes (yet the pots and glasses remain on the side).
Loves to cook and is quite good but leave an unholy mess and never uses a chopping board or plate so stuff everywhere
Stores random footballer's biographies on the bathroom floor, presumably to read whilst on the loo. When I reshelve them/put them on top of the cistern they magically reappear on the floor. With all the towels.

The worst.... never, ever, ever wakes up if ds is crying (unless I poke him really hard. That man would sleep through Armageddon. Then tells people how exhausted he is with waking through the night with a 7 week old baby.

I irritate dh by being rubbish at getting ready for things on time, condtradicting him infront of other people if I think he's wrong, not taking part in his incomprehensible grudges against people & places, not letting him watch football all the time, poking him very hard to wake him up to change ds once in a while ]

Oh dear, I do more of these than DH (inc chewing paper - it's NICE...) - perhaps I am actually a man - pretty sure it was me that gave birth twice...
(DH is currently washing up and cooking my tea at the same time, and has just put away the coats that me & kids dumped on the chairs when we came in

lazyemma Mon 08-Jan-07 19:17:19

it would be way more interesting and revealing if everyone posted about what they thought their partner finds most irritating about them.

jodee Mon 08-Jan-07 19:14:08

Oh, bless their cotton socks! We love em to bits but my list goes:

cupboard doors left open. (seems to be common!)
tin opener never put back in drawer.
washes up (great!) but stacks everything in such a way that one sneeze causes it to come crashing down.
shaving gel/razor/toothbrush etc. never put back, always on top of the toilet (yuk).
empty milk cartons put back in fridge.
speaks to me from the lounge when I am in the kitchen, microwave going, radio on, how on earth am I supposed to hear him?
dripping taps.
offers to make a cup of tea, an hour later I'm still waiting - or I ask him if he wants a cuppa, he says yes, it sits around getting cold.

Feel I have just scratched the surface here!

Dorisdaisy Mon 08-Jan-07 19:09:15

Califrau, we could be with the same man!!!
~makes a brew and doesn't ask me if I would like one
~Uses the downstairs loo without shutting the door when he's having a wee
~Doesn't flush the downstairs loo at night in case it wakes people up?? (Where as the upstairs loo would totally illogical!)
~Says he's loaded the dishwasher, well tbh he has, but hasn't wiped down the worktops.
~leaves his work clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor.
~Is never ever late for an appointment always early, but is ALWAYS late home from the pub!

astoria Mon 08-Jan-07 19:01:23

What is it with men and loos

Hardly see the man, it is like his 2nd office!!

RubyRioja Mon 08-Jan-07 19:00:49

Oh yes! And will not come to me to speak to me if I am in another room. He just shouts and expects me to go to him. I recetnly started ignoring him and he told me he was concerned about my hearing

RubyRioja Mon 08-Jan-07 18:59:50

Will never, ever read instructions, then wonders why he cannot work things.
Laundry issues as per every other man
Just explains his POV louder if I disagree
Will not go back to the start of somethign and start again if he faffs it up.
Cuts his toenails once a month (AArgh!)
Thinks grabbing hy hips from behind and thrusting at me is 'foreplay'
Thinks I shold always be 'up for it'
Falls asleep downstairs and moans about beign tired
WIll never cook fewer than 4 types of veg with sunday lunch
Will not argue with his family

On the plus side
Extremely generous
Lets me take care of our money
Rarely says no to me
Will back me up even if I don't deserve it

stumpydoglooksforwardtospring Mon 08-Jan-07 18:57:58

makes repetetive noises just for the sake of it
says very private things very loudly in public
moonwalks around the supermarket
pretends he can speak lots of foreign languages

CanSleepWellSometimes Mon 08-Jan-07 18:51:27

Oh yes...
Picks his nose whilst driving.
Rubs his fingers incessantly.

CanSleepWellSometimes Mon 08-Jan-07 18:50:06

Leaves every cupboard he ever opens open.
Puts his shirts in the wash with the sleeves rolled up.
Doesn't wipe the kitchen work surfaces when he washes up.
Says 'in a minute' to everything I ask him to do, which is annoying in itself, but then he does nothing for half an hour or more, and then asks what it is he's supposed to do.
Goes up to have a 'quick shower', and then spends 40 mins on the loo.

There are so many more!

loving this thread. Mine ...

-clicks his toe nails when they get too long
-leaves washing on top of the washing basket (yes its a man thing)
-starts to clean cups from the front room when i haven't even finished my brew (we call him nunu)
complains about all his tshirts being too long, even tho they are fine.
-messes with his hair in the car mirror when driving
-has the shortest temper EVER with objects (is brilliant with people tho) he has managed to break 3 bin lids in our house and 2 in my mums!!
-never EVER cleans the toilet!

but of course i love him dearly!

ludaloo Mon 08-Jan-07 18:35:39

Oh...and rather irritatingly he sniffs everything before he eats it....

ludaloo Mon 08-Jan-07 18:33:09 dh does the sock rolling thing...eeewwwwww

He also...
~leaves the milk out the fridge
~leaves lids off tupperware tubs
~leaves all the drawers and wardrobe doors open
~moans about everything to the point where I have had to stop listening because I spend all day trying to fix the things he moans about!
~Takes the towels out the bathroom and downstairs loo as he walks about drying his hands...and leaves them where ever he ends up! (why can he not stand still and put the towel back???)

the list really is endless!!!!!

(but I love him to bits non-the less!!!)

purrpussycatpurr Mon 08-Jan-07 18:29:45

My man sits down to pee <proud chest emoticon>

mmmm Greensleeves very psychological habit, probably hard to kick... someone needs to invent a non dissolvable sugar free sweet for those who like to eat all the time!

wanderingstar Mon 08-Jan-07 18:23:09

Oh forgot the most annoying thing - if we go out for the day or go on holiday, I have to remember to pack for 4 kids + self. he just fannies about making sure he doesn't forget his Blackberry then gets irritable at me if anything is forgotten, or if I take longer than him to pack for the outing.

Califrau Mon 08-Jan-07 18:21:49

PISSING LOUDLY with the light on in the middle of the night. Woudl it kill him to sit down and pee in the glow? Would it?

Getting HIMSELF a drink and coming and sitting down next to me. He is getting considerably better at this one after years of being glowered at.

Leaving his bowl of 1/2 eaten cereal next to the insinkerator and above the dishwasher every morning. He does say it's so the insinkerator doesnt wake the jkids - but they are up before us every day so I can't quite work that one out.

wanderingstar Mon 08-Jan-07 18:20:26

newspapers ON TOP of the recycling box here too.

leaves out the teabag tin and the sugar whenever he makes a cup of tea (anally tidy in EVERY other respect)

insists the tap water tastes "fresher" at his mum's than at ours even though she lives max 4 miles away in the next northward London Borough and all the water is from the same source.

Is OK about leaving his soft top car outside his Mum's house "It's fine we're in **** now"; whereas he freaks at the security risk if he comes home earlier than expected and mine's still on our drive blocking him out of the garage. (Mum lives in some utopian ideal home, clearly, whereas
we don't).

Shuts the car door with too much of a slam.

Greensleeves Mon 08-Jan-07 18:20:11

Have just asked him - he says he thinks it's because he just wants to be eating all the time

astoria Mon 08-Jan-07 18:18:39

Bizarre... Do yuo think he is lacking in some sort of nutritional uptake? Or just pure oral fetish?

Actually my man has a number of nervous twitches which really get on my gimp. And he has taken to picking his nose while driving - revolting!

Oh, god I am on a roll now! He also likes to ask statement questions "Do you know who that is?" ie while we are watching or listening to something blatently obvious. gets on my wick now.

CantWaitForTheSnow Mon 08-Jan-07 18:18:32

Today he took the car keys to work with him, leaving me stranded.

To make it worse he was only going in for an hour and ended up there all day.

To make it even worse I got phone cals every 5 minutes asking me to email him various bits and pieces.

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 18:14:20

Hasnt he heard of chewing gum? So much better for his teeth

Greensleeves Mon 08-Jan-07 18:12:45

Any paper! He rips little bits of it off and chews it. It's disgusting. I've told him he is rotting his insides with bleach, but he carries on doing it anyway.

treacletart Mon 08-Jan-07 18:12:25

Answering the phone in front of me and then talking to the caller for ages, often about me, without telling me who he's talking to. All he has to do is say "Hello whoever" or drop their name in to the conversation or ffs just saying hold on a moment and just telling me! but he doesn't because he knows it winds me up. Still he's pretty much a saint otherwise apart from the snoring so I guess I should be grateful to have so little to complain of.

astoria Mon 08-Jan-07 18:11:14

what sort of paper Greensleeves?? (thats more weird than irritant, sort of)

astoria Mon 08-Jan-07 18:10:17

Gingeme my man is the same, we leave the house and he starts asking if I have this and that.

The thing that came into my mind as an irritant is that dh closes the door to the toilet and dd cannot open it as it sticks. He says its a habit of a lifetime, but I have only noticed him doing it the last 6 months.

Greensleeves Mon 08-Jan-07 18:08:28

chews paper. It revolts me.

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 18:07:17

I wright a shopping list through the week ready for Friday shopping. He follows me round the supermarket asking 'do we want.......?Or as were in the car half way to where ever he asks stupid questions like 'did you pack more nappies/bottle/bibs/spare pants for ds etc. Bit late if I havn't isnt it dear?

3rdTriMossTer Mon 08-Jan-07 16:37:34

I can't complain that much because he is very good normally.

But when we are in the supermarket I will say to him, "I'm just going off to get shampoo / washing powder / whatever" (because obvy that's my role, even though he washes too!) and he will carry on around the aisles.

And then I will catch up with him, and he will have forgotten loads of stuff on his way around. But, when I say, "we need such and such" he will get a harumph on and say "oh you should have said on the way round, now we have to go all the way back". I would have said if you didn't disappear off!!!

And another thing. We are quite good at splitting the housework and he always does his chores without asking. So I don't ask, as you wouldn't. BUT, he'll cheerfully say to me, "you won't forget to do X will you?" Have I ever forgotten do to X? Like, I feed the pets, every single day without fail (obviously) but he'll still say, "have you fed the pets this morning?"

Oooh that feels better.

ledodgy Mon 08-Jan-07 16:36:51

Picks his nose when driving

never putting the lids back on anything.

He also finds it impossible to simply make a sandwich put the lids on stuff put on plate take to table/chair and eat, he always makes and eats them in the kitchen leaving the lids off stuff in case he wants more.

Iklboo Mon 08-Jan-07 16:34:51

NEVER washes cutlery but leaves it in sink
Uses a different cup every time he makes a brew, leaving the dirty one on the side
Spends about 20 mins on the loo every time so I have to shout upstairs that I need to go

TheArmadillo Mon 08-Jan-07 16:30:43

going to the toilet just as we're about to leave and then taking 20 minutes at least.

if I ask him to wash anything up he 'puts it into soak' and it'll stay there until I do something about it.

Not being able to sit/stand still when on the phone.

Not responding if I say something (so I assume he hasn't heard)

Ignoring ds so he can play on computer (ok maybe I do this as well )

Staying up till stupid o'clock on WofW and then being exhausted, but doing the same every night.

Picking his feet.

Not believing me when I say I like plain popcorn and so putting any variety of toppings on it which I don't like.

littlemisspiggy Mon 08-Jan-07 16:29:02


ginnedupmummy Mon 08-Jan-07 16:06:57

Message withdrawn

lizziemun Mon 08-Jan-07 16:00:38

Leaving his clothes where ever he takes them off, bathroom his home office. Unless standing by the washing basket in which case throws to his side of the bed.

Not closing doors and drawers the last 1/2 inch, so the cutlery drawer get full of crumbs. Also not being able to find anything because the door or drawer is shut.

Not cleaning the bathroom after use, loo, sink after he has shaved after 3 days leaving whiskers everwhere.

Not putting shoes or coat on racks he insisted we got.

scorpio1 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:50:00

hee hee tex111-same here!

Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:48:50

I can make Christmas lunch and still have a relatively tidy kitchen. DH makes toast and it's like a hurricane of bread crumbs and butter has hit the kitchen side.

Flumpybumpy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:46:53

ginnedupmummy - I do that to him

FB x

snig Mon 08-Jan-07 15:45:41

... telling me whilst watching me do something how he would do it >> god i am ejoying this thread its like therapy

scorpio1 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:45:23

burping and farting

he always says what have YOU done with my ...(insert keys,trainers,etc)

dumps gym bag in bedroom and then wonders why it hasnt been washed....that bloody washing fairy needs a kick up the arse obviously

leaving the bin lid open

not being able to make a cuppa without chucking tea bag juice everywhere

taking his many layers of workclothes off in one go so i have to detangle them when it comes to washing time

walking out the door ten mins before im ready

wants ridiculous food in tesco's like microwave kebabs or red bull (budget wont fit those items!)

makes it sounds like he changes all the nappies in the whole world ever

oh and he breathes . . .

saltire Mon 08-Jan-07 15:44:28

I could be here all day.
He comes home from refereeing and leaves his bag in the living room. "There's washing in there" he says. Unless i nag him it will stay there till he needs it again. Mind you, so does the dirty washing
He leaves dishes to "soak", which inevitably means filling the basin with ater, filling it with dirty dishes and leaving them there, usually overnight.
Looking in the fridge, and saying "there's loads of veg needing used up". To which i reply, well yes there is because it only got delivered yesterday.
Coming in and switching on the tv. Even if i listening to music (which i rarely get the chance to do)or just sitting in poeace and quiet reading.
Flicking channels over during the adverts to find Football results or rugby scores. He's not as bad as his dad, who has the sky programme banner going constantly all the way through a programme.

Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:43:24

That should be 'on HIS Blackberry' of course.

Does the dirty laundry in front of the washer too and leaves wadded up tissues in his trouser pockets so I have to check his pockets before washing just like I do our four year old's.

snig Mon 08-Jan-07 15:43:07

... leaving any drinking recepticle wherever he was when he took the last slug ie empty can of becks in bathroom, empty bottle of beer by the bed next to reading book

ginnedupmummy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:41:03

Message withdrawn

Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:38:55

Oh yes, that walking off thing too. I especially hate it on the rare occasion we go to the grocery store together. He goes off with the children in the trolley playing boy racer and I end up wandering around the shop bellowing his name while balancing groceries in my arms.

A new one is demanding that we all sit at the table together for Sunday lunch, which I agree is important, but then he starts checking the football scores or stock reports on in Blackberry!

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 15:37:54

When he washes up thats all he does he doesnt wipe the sides down then leaves the dish cloth screwed up in a ball next to the sink

snig Mon 08-Jan-07 15:37:49

- puts dirty washing in front of the washing machine instead of in the basket we have especially for dirty washing.
- picks his nose
- does really loud and revolting farts that smell like a farm yard and then whistles Kylie/jason tune 'especially for you' at me .. i'll prob think of some more in abit

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 08-Jan-07 15:37:40

And he leaves piles of washing at the bottom of the satirs for me to fall over on the way down, but won;t actually take it up with him. He steps over it quiet often

ginnedupmummy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:36:05

Message withdrawn

hotandbothered Mon 08-Jan-07 15:35:46

I can't possibly be living with all these men can I?

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 08-Jan-07 15:34:31

Puts his shoes by the front door so I nearly break my neck on them as I waljk out

Says he's washed up, but when I go into the kitchen, I find he has only done plates.

Steals the book I am reading to read on the bog and then loses the page I'm on

Watches cricket in the wee small hours and then moans about how exhausted he is

He does the teletext thing as well.

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 15:34:13

Oh yes profYaffle mine 'runs' up the road too even if hes holding ds's hand who is 2.5!!

hotandbothered Mon 08-Jan-07 15:34:00

Not emptying dirty water out of washing up bowl.

Randomly flicking on the remote control - I want to watch a WHOLE programme please!

Not coming to bed til after 1:30.

Ignoring dd when he is ohn the computer/reading the paper.


fairyjay Mon 08-Jan-07 15:33:34

Hangs wet towels over the bathroom door.

Empties the dishwasher, and leaves everything neatly stacked up on the side for the fairies to put away.

Flumpybumpy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:32:25

ProfYaffle - yep and that too!!!!!

FB x

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 15:32:17

leaves childrens clothes on the bathrrom floor after bathing them

Puts things'next to' the recycling bin and not actualy in it'

Plays with his rather bushy eye brows while watching tele.

Slams the front/car/back door every time he leaves or enters.

Puts the light on rather than open the curtains in the morning.

KezzaG Mon 08-Jan-07 15:31:38

Mine are

always needing to go to the loo just as we are walking out of the door. How does it creep up on him that quick fgs?

leaving his wallett and keys and always always a scummy screwed up peice of tissue on the nearest available surface when he gets in from work. What is it with men and their inability to find a bin.

ditto all clothes washing related incidents

ProfYaffle Mon 08-Jan-07 15:30:47

Walks along the street at his usual pace while I'm 100 yards behind walking at a snail's pace with dd. He carries the changing bag with my purse in it so if I want to buy anything I have to stand in the street and bellow at him to come back.

Flicks teletext on for football results without any warning or notice, irrespective of what I happen to be watching at the time.

mellowma Mon 08-Jan-07 15:28:38

Message withdrawn

He always forgets to put the salt out when he's laying the table.

Nip Mon 08-Jan-07 15:27:16

Dries up the plates etc but leaves them on the side rather than putting them away???

Leaves numerous reading articles in the toilet!

Forgets to put sudocream on DS's bottom after changing the nappy???? <- this one gets me all the time!

Flumpybumpy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:26:11

southeastastra - mine too, gross .

FB x

Dinosaur Mon 08-Jan-07 15:23:45

Breathes in and out

Radley Mon 08-Jan-07 15:22:30

OOOOOOOOooh good thread, now let me see

Putting dirty dishes at the side of an empty dishwasher

Leaving his sweaty socks in balls for me to unravel before washing them

Leavin his undercrackers tangled up with his work trousers

Mucky washing on the bedroom floor

Not cleaning the toilet after himself

Inability to dress kids in something that remotely matches

Turns television over when he wants.

Makes me tape things I want to watch as he finds the programmes 'boring', bearing in mind it's only 2 programmes all week.

Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:02:56

Sandcastles, mine does the dirty clothes on top of the hamper thing. Maybe it's a man thing. Why not just lift the lid??

seasonscheatings Mon 08-Jan-07 14:54:10


sandcastles Mon 08-Jan-07 14:53:31

He Breathes.....

He has a habit of jiggling his legs when watching TV

Lets the back door slam EVERYTIME he goes thru it

Puts dd dirty clothes ON TOP of the washing bin, instead of in it

Turns over the TV channel with out asking if I am watching something (admittedly I am usually out of the room...but not the point..could be the ads!)

southeastastra Mon 08-Jan-07 14:48:11

mine sticks his tongue up his nose when he's concentraing

Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 14:47:25

My list includes:

Putting dirty nappies on TOP of the nappy pail rather than inside it.

Hanging his coat on the door handle of the coat closet rather than inside it.

Coming home from work, putting his very expensive suit jacket on the back of a kitchen dining chair then going to the bedroom to undress. Inevitably the jacket gets something smeared on it by sticky little fingers but he never seems to learn.

Forgetting to take his wet swim towel out of his gym bag then using one of our good bath towels the next time he goes for a swim leaving the mouldy gym towel for me to deal with.

Dumping his gym bag in the hall outside the cupboard that I cleared out especially for his gym bag.

When there are only a few dirty dishes he just shoves them in on top of the already clean dishes in the dishwasher and runs the whole lot again, thereby getting the dirty dishes somewhat clean and the clean dishes somewhat dirty.

Anyone else driven to the brink of insanity by little things like this??

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