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To think it's odd that my mother didn't notice my son's injury?

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tangerinefeathers Sun 10-Nov-13 04:27:13

My oldest child is 3 so I don't know if I am being precious or not (my mother would say I am).

She was looking after my son last week and brought him home. I could hear his crying from the street so went to the front door and found him hysterical. I asked what happened and she said 'Oh, he wanted to run but he fell over.'

I asked where he was hurt and he couldn't tell me, and neither could she, but I checked him over and couldn't find any injuries. She left shortly afterwards. A few minutes later I noticed he had a grazed chin and half of his front tooth had been knocked out (diagonally).

I didn't see what happened on the street or how he fell over, but AIBU in thinking if a child knocks out half a tooth you would notice - ie surely they would be holding their mouth or something when you first went to them, or you'd see them fall and notice how they landed?

I rang her up and she sounded wary at first, and then reacted very dramatically, and blamed the council for it happening (uneven footpath). There is a lot of back story here, but all I really want to know is if it seems odd that she wasn't aware of his injury, or is that unreasonable?

I just want to apologise for my comments two weeks ago. I misread your post after reading another thread and was clearly in the wrong.



differentnameforthis Sun 24-Nov-13 05:53:03

teeth bleed a lot when knocked dont they, not sure how you would not notice

Teeth don't bleed, no. Surrounding soft tissue, if damaged, does though. If the actual tooth was broken, it means that the hard part took the fall & that the soft tissue wasn't damaged. Therefore, no blood.

differentnameforthis Sun 24-Nov-13 06:00:06

toffeesponge = Irrelevant the OP missed it

It isn't irrelevant. Her mother having missed it is the whole premise of the thread, so yes, it is VERY irrelevant that op missed it.

differentnameforthis Sun 24-Nov-13 06:14:01

Being cruel to be kind, op I really think you need to start thinking about what to do about her & get over the ripped off feeling before it consumes you.

Yes she was a shit mother, still is. You obviously don't trust her or your instincts about her (having to check if she should have noticed, worrying about the pool) & she makes you feel bad a lot (all) of the time.

BUT, you are now in charge of your feelings & life. You can go on feeling let down, but accepting the status quo, or you can be pro-active & DO something.

For the sake of your children decide.

*And I know there are mums out there who nurture their daughters when they have babies, let them sleep, clean their houses etc *Yes, there are, but you don't have one. You need to let it go, only by letting it go will you start to feel better.

And before everyone jumps on me, I grew up with a narc mother who didn't even want me, I won't go into my story but needless to say the day I stopped seeing her (over 20yrs ago) and stopped being her victim, but physically & in my head (the head thing was much later, not until about 5yrs ago actually) that i stopped feeling like I was robbed of a mother. I was giving her power over me, even though she had no idea. I stopped being the 10yr old who wanted her approval & just got on with my life.

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