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taylor21 Wed 30-Oct-13 19:46:50

Hey all,
Need some advice I have had two bad relationships where my 1st partner left me when out daughter was 8 months after being with eachother for 5 years. Sexond partner I have just split with after two years as he was assaulting me.
I feel so crap and lonley all the time durring our relationship I have moved away from family fallen out with all my friends and sold my car.
Dont know what I xpect from this but hope somebody can give me some advice

cjel Thu 31-Oct-13 09:36:09

that sounds lovely - you are on the road to your new lifesmile Even saying that you didn't think we would answer you shows how much you undervalue yourself. Having a party for dd is a really great thing to do and if you think that people won't want to be your friend you can use dd as a brilliant excuse to organise things - brilliantxx

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