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Which dating site is best? Opinions please..

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MumWithCamera Fri 10-May-13 11:27:06

I have a male friend who's had a bad time of it with cold-hearted ex-gf last year and he's now single and looking for love. He's signed up to Plenty of Fish but doesn't seem to be having much luck finding Mrs Right.

I dont have any experience with dating sites, so wonder if its this website that's the problem - should he try Match or eHarmony instead? If anyone has positive experiences which sites do you recommend for finding a love-match? So far he's had a few dubious people - one was saying she wanted to come live with him when hadn't even met him and only messaged him twice hmm

Thanks in advance for suggestions - you will (hopefully) be turning my friend's life around and bringing a bit of happiness smile

And before you suggest it - I am happily with DP and we have a DD together, so I'm not in the running! Just looking to help a friend!

Met DP on the Guardian. Together 3 years and I'm expecting our first baby in November. POF was good for a fling and had a few dates through OKC.
As well as the advice about pictures etc be prepared to travel for dates. I lived in a big city but was willing to travel upto 50 miles or so. As it turned out DP lived 5 miles from me and knew my best friend when we were all teens (more embarrassingly he also knows 2 of my drunken shags from uni)

Squeegle Sat 11-May-13 07:49:32

Waffly, that did make me chuckle- that's exactly what I thought!

I have chatted to, but not met, a few nice people on OK Cupid. I quite like it, I like the questions and the matching thing- but as I say not met anyone yet. There are fewer people who just message Hi Babe, how are you? than on POF. But no harm in joining both I wouldn't have thought; they are free after all.

I joined a site called single with kids. It was £25 I think for one month- what a waste of money- it's syndicated I think, so there are all sorts of people on there, most of whom are not single with kids (one of them joined a site called, yes really, and was wondering why there were not more skinny people.)So avoid anything run by this group- I think they're called global personals.

I did meet a nice chap from POF, but he's not for me- I guess it's all the luck of the draw. I am 47, so not what a lot of these geezers are looking for, but at the end of the day, were only looking for one aren't we? I think the trick is not to take it too seriously.

People start talking, stop talking, disappear, don't reply, etc etc. it's not real life really- just a way to hopefully start something. And as long as you don't take it to heart, it can actually be great fun! I must say I am quite enjoying it.

WafflyVersatile Sat 11-May-13 11:28:48

Many years ago I did love@lycos which doesn't exist any longer. I went on a number of dates. Very few of them unhinged. didn't meet any boyfriends but had some nice evenings out. All but one were somewhere along the line to balding though...

I like okc as it's quite fun to explore the site and even if I've not really gotten into dating (it's me, not them) I did meet a 99%er and although there wasn't going to be any romance they had obviously matched us pretty well.

On any dating site you have to expect to be messaged by entirely unsuitable men who have not read your profile. It's ok to entirely ignore them. And I never use the chat function as it invariably turns into them trying to get you into sexxxxy talk after about 3 seconds.

IGuessIHadYourLeavinComing Sat 11-May-13 17:41:33

I don't have that much OD experience, but I will say that I've found POF absolutely woeful and agree with everything Velvetspoon said about the men on there - IME of course.

I've been on POF for about three months (I'm in my late 40s, which doesn't help), had a fair bit of interest and one disastrous date, which still makes my skin crawl when I think about it! I never send messages now because barely anyone replies... even when I feel that I'm punching well below my weight.

It's worth a go because it's free, but I would tell your friend to keep his expectations really low then he's got nothing to lose.

Not sure about the paid sites, I've had very mixed reports, but I may try one of them myself for a few months and then knock it all on the head.

Anyway OP, I hope your friend has more luck than me.

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