Restructure consultation start date and return to work dates

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Champagnebubble Mon 15-Jul-13 12:34:51

It is a common misconception that ladies on maternity are protected against redundancy, in fact, a Company can lawfully make you redundant when you are on maternity leave. They must take into account any detriment you may face in any selection however and account for this. However, they must give you preference on any suitable alternative role that may be available. If consultation commences when you are back from maternity leave any selection of you must also be fair - so they must consider that you have been on maternity leave in any selection criteria they put in place I.e appraisal grades must be averaged out, take into account you may not remember aspects of the role if you have to interview for your position again. It must not put you at a detriment by virtue of you having been on maternity leave.

I'd recommend that you put an enquiry in to your manager to get an update, it may be they don't want to commence it until you have returned and would welcome the opening of the dialogue.

Bruges2010 Tue 04-Jun-13 00:23:08

I've been warned that a restructure is boss had said it would start whilst i was on mat leave and that he'd would be protecting those on mat leave...
but i start back in 4 weeks with no info about the restructure...nothing seems to have been annouced yet - i've had no official notification etc...

my main question is when am i protected until - e.g. if the restructure is announced on the last day of my mat leave I'm protected but if its on the first day back I'm not?

Or is it up to my boss to decide?


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