Which digital radio for good sound quality ?

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Footle Tue 06-May-14 20:28:51

I listen to the radio a lot, mainly spoken word, radio 4 or 4 extra. My DH has quite severe hearing loss but would like to listen too, if the sound had more clarity. I've tried Which and also John Lewis tech dept for advice but neither has been any help. We're about to return a Pure Evoke D4, clearer than our old radio but with a bass boom that makes it hard to listen to.

Has anyone with hearing problems found a particular radio that works for them, please ?

ZeroSomeGameThingy Fri 06-Jun-14 10:47:11

I do wish someone (even without hearing problems) had a definitive answer to this!

No matter how many reviews I read I still feel I'm choosing pretty much in the dark.

thegambler Wed 11-Jun-14 23:27:19

I use my mobile phone and plug it into some decent PC speakers. Very handy for when the phone rings aswell as it cuts the radio off so I can hear the ring. Also means I can use the full range of i-player etc, podcasts and my own music.

Oneeyedbloke Fri 22-Aug-14 01:50:04

Pure Evoke 2S is a DAB set and has bass & treble controls. I'm assuming you want to reduce the bass / turn up the treble for speech clarity?

Sets with small speakers naturally lack bass, so try some of the smaller models. Roberts Ecologic 1 or 2 look good & are still available.

Wouldn't recommend Pure DAB sets, had two peg out in about 2 years, not impressed.

Admiraltea Fri 22-Aug-14 03:27:28

Used Pure evoke then treated myself to a Ruark R1 Mk11, is for sale in John Lewis I think, but I got mine from local independent hi-fi shop where they are sound quality geeks.
Have you got a good independent shop near you? They should be able to help you find the sound that suits your needs ( and will happily spend a very long time doing so!!!)
I do use the tv for radio a lot as well in other rooms. Radio 4 is channel 705 on my freeview. 707 is 4 extra.

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