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BabyJogger Versa, Uppababy Vista or (maybe BGB Chameleon?)

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Laquila Sat 04-May-13 21:19:33

Hi all,

After an exhausting and confusing day trying out every single bloody pushchair/pram/travel system in John Lewis and Mamas & Papas, I think we've narrowed it down to the following:

BabyJogger Versa
Uppababy Vista
Bugaboo Chameleon

We have a small car so boot space is an issue. We need something relatively rugged/sturdy, with foam wheels, for country walks (and heavy-handed husband).

Having said that we have to drive everywhere so will be taking it in and out of the car a LOT. We also wanted something that could be forward and rear facing, with a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping (so we can use it as a Moses basket for the first few months if need be).

Does anyone have any comments/advice on the above three options? Or any suggestions for anything we might have missed?

Thanks very much in advance

Hrc152 Sat 04-May-13 21:41:08

Have u checked out the baby jogger versa GT? I has the proper tyres rather than solid foam wheels. Folds up tiny and is incredibly sturdy!! Amazing smile

Hrc152 Sat 04-May-13 21:43:39

But u have chosen well these are all great!!

I've chosen the uppababy vista over the bugaboo due to the height of the child. I felt the bugaboo was v low to the ground.

Vista seems to fulfil all your wish list so I'd recommend that!

All good choices tho

Laquila Sat 04-May-13 22:18:43

Thanks both!

Hrc152 I haven't seen the Versa GT in real life but have been reading about it this evening whilst researching further...(if it's not a daft question, what does GT stand for?!)

I'd been advised to get foam tyres as air tyres will puncture, but are you advocating air tyres??...aggh so confused!

Fairydogmother I do know what you mean about the Bugaboo - tbh I was surprised at the big difference in this regard between the various brands. I think I preferred the look of the Vista to the Versa but it doesn't really make a great deal of difference to me. There was a lady in the shop raving about how great the Vista is though!

Ihateparties Sat 04-May-13 22:47:43

The gt tyres are not air filled in the traditional way.. i have the city mini gt at the moment and it's really great. The Vista has always felt too big for me. The jane rider/trider also has a high seat and in the case of the trider is reportedly good off road.

The icandy peach jogger might also fit your brief. I like the look of the concord wanderer but goodness knows where you'd find one to actually see.

Suitability for overnight sleeping has been discussed at various times in the past and i seem to recall the conclusion being that there are no universal standards for it as applies to pushchair carrycots. Tiggy knows more.. i'll try to send her...

Laquila Sat 04-May-13 23:02:05

Thank you Ihateparties for your help (on both threads!)

I didn't really take to the iCandy models, I don't know why. We did find them a bit faffy to fold and unfold, and also we'd been in JL for what seemed like a week and a half by that point and were losing the will to live.

The City Mini was in JL and we had a play - definitely liked it, but am I right in thinking it's not rear facing? This might not actually turn out to be as important as we think it is, but as first time parents we like the idea of the baby facing both ways.

I haven't seen the Jane buggies available to view in any shops near me, but I did see a lady with one out shopping this afternoon - her kid looked very comfy, I have to say! It definitely reminded me of the BabyJoggers more than anything else.

I've been thinking about the whole travel system thing - we've had advice falling on both sides of this debate but am I right in thinking that basically, if you need a car seat, there's definitely something to be said for having a travel system? (I.e., it makes sense to get a car seat that you can fit on your buggy chassis)

As far as I can work out, the alternative to getting a travel system is to get a buggy that can be used I'm birth (i.e., lies flat) and then a car seat, whether or not that attaches. So you basically end up with the same thing, but without the carrycot?

Ihateparties Sat 04-May-13 23:29:41

I don't really know, I suppose I tend to think of all the bits as separates as oppose to travel systems. Mainly because maxi cosi and britax infant seat adaptors are available for so many pushchairs now.

I would chose a car seat based upon safety and fit in my car first and foremost (realistically that would probably leave you with a few options, not just one, more if you have isofix) after that I guess compatibility with pushchair. Jane are a bit of an anomaly these days, with their systems only taking their seats.

For you, if you're in and out of the car a lot then fold is way more important to you than it has ever been to me. The versa wins on this score but I also have a pram that shares components with the vista and i find the fold on that easy too, just not one piece when parent facing.

I agree on parent facing but it really is personal choice, like with most of the rest of this stuff ^ As long as you find something of the best quality you can for your budget with the features that suit you and your lifestyle then you can't go far wrong. Sounds easy doesn't it.... grin

DoodleAlley Sat 04-May-13 23:58:24

I loved the versa but in the end had to go with the cam3 as the versa was just too high for me, esp the handle.

I love my cam 3 it moves like a dream but I think the versa is probably the better value pushchair and I seem to recall scored better by which.

As has been said you have great pushchairs so go with your gut instinct as it comes down to personal preference and needs

shelbelle100 Sun 05-May-13 09:27:17

We are having exactly the same dilemma - I could have written your post! The only difference is that we are considering the joolz day too since we were shown it yesterday. I think we are leaning towards the BGB cam as it was the lightest. However...really liked the height of vista and it seemed a bit better thought out.... We probably can't go wrong with any of these. There seems to be a new BGB coming out in late summer that may replace the cam though - the buffalo...not sure what to think about this.

We got a chameleon 2 years ago for DS and he is still comfy in it now, it looks like new (with added mud grin) and is a dream to push. The only 2 issues I've had with it were it folds up big so you have to take the back wheels off to get it in the boot of a fiesta, not a problem, just a bit of a pain if its raining. And it is impossible to fold on the bus if you need too, although when in baby made I don't expect anyone would make you!

Oh and I could fold/unsold the cam after a section on my own which was a big thing for me.

Laquila Sun 05-May-13 09:41:32

Hi Shelbelle - I think you're right - everyone keeps telling me that these three are all great choices, so hopefully we won't go too far wrong!

I woke up this morning (no really...) thinking about the carrycot - whether it would be that useful and whether we should do away with it entirely and look for something suitable from birth without the use of a carrycot. We'd told ourselves we were going to use it for regular overnight sleeping/as a Moses basket for the first few months, but having already been offered two second-hand Moses baskets for free I'm beginning to wonder whether we should just ditch that idea and look for something that can be used from birth, like one of the other BJs!

Hrc152 Sun 05-May-13 15:00:00

So it's tempting to try and fulfil two purposes with the carrycot but I'd take the Moses basket, and if anything use the carrycot for sleeping over night if you go and stay somewhere. It's good to have a carrycot for the first few months if you can afford it, as trying to find a rear facing pushchair which is suitable from newborn is a whole other issue!!

Someone told me not to get air tyres as they puncture... BIG mistake- I personally found the solid foam wheels far too hard and hated watched my baby being bounced around!! All baby jogger air tyres are actually filled with a type of foam so they don't puncture which is great! The versa GT has these. And don't worry too much about the term travel system - almost all pushchairs now have the option to attach a carrycot and car seat!

Tiggywunkle Sun 05-May-13 22:21:46

I dont really know what else I can add. These are great choices. Any one would serve you well.

Carrycots and overnight sleeping. Its a bit of a grey area in some respects. One top company claimed there was no standard for overnight sleeping when I queried if their products were suitable for O/N sleeping. This set me off on a bit of a mission to discover if carrycots were suitable. Basically from what I understand (and without paying for the full standards which is expensive) a carrycot has to pass both the moses basket and carrycot standards ie be safe as a bed for O/N sleeping and safe on a pushchair chassis. This includes a critical height between the mattress and the top of the carrycot - hence why you shouldn't add in a different mattress (or one higher than a certain depth) and why you shouldn't put things like cocoons inside the carrycot.
I know the iCandy carrycots need to be placed on a hard surface ie not a stand or bed to stay safe.

Some carrycots like the Vista and Cam have very very clear ventilation in the mattress or base - the Vista actually has it through the wooden base of the carrycot.

I had a carrycot with both children. I used one more with DC1 than DC2, but its lovely to have the option of one especially when its either cold, windy, wet or even hot. On the pushchair I had with no carrycot, I ended up buying a cocoon because DC2 looked too exposed.

Laquila Fri 10-May-13 16:30:30

Hi all, just a quick update (in case anyone isn't yet sick of talking about the merits of very similar pushchairs!) I tried out a Jane Rider and a Trider and liked them both (think I preferred the Rider).

Does anyone have any strong feelings either way about the Rider in comparison to the Versa (or GT), Vista or Chameleon? I know the Rider is a bit bigger and heavier, but to be honest the suspension on it was so nice and bouncy that, push-wise, it knocked the Versa off its perch a bit. The lady in the shop was also clearly a bit less keen on the Versa, so that made a difference.

I think it we went for the Rider we would probably get the Strada car seat and Micro carrycot, rather than the Matrix system, although I did like the idea of this in theory.

Gaaaaah I thought we were nearly sorted!

Ihateparties Fri 10-May-13 19:28:57

I think this is where taste comes in. I like the light bouncy feel of the rider too.. and other similar feeling things. I haven't had a cam, did have a gecko and really enjoyed pushing that, soft, bouncy etc.

I agree the versa has a different feel but it's not necessarily bad. When i first saw one in a shop i wasn't expecting to think much of it but unexpectedly really liked it, the man in the shop was very very keen on it though.

I like jane prams, had a twone for quite a long time but i do hear of them having issues. Not that any of the others are untouched by problems. Is the rider really bigger and heavier? I would have guessed it would be almost identical in width and length if you lined them up, with the vista being slightly bigger again.

Laquila Sat 11-May-13 00:02:43

Ahhh, parties bless you for responding - I don't know how you have the patience!

I think you're right about taste though...I thought the Jane was nicely bouncy, but I wasn't convinced my husband would like it. When I got home and told him about it he looked slightly unsure and said "I don't know if I like bouncy" (ooh err). Am going to take him along tomorrow to try it but I think it'll be an instant yes or no. Also, I don't know how I feel about the Matrix Light system - I'm not completely convinced on the lie-flat carseat. The collapsible Micro carrycot was quite nice though.

I keep going back to the Versa (or GT), basically - I only ever hear good things about it. And it somehow feels sturdier than the Rider, although the latter didn't feel flimsy - just bouncy!

Ref height and weight of the Versa vs the Rider, I keep finding conflicting info online abut the weight of the letter - some sources saying the chassis weighs 9.5kg and some saying 14kg! It didn't feel that much bigger or heavier than the GT, but when folded was definitely not as flat. Still compact though.

FWIW, I also had a look at the Britax Affinity, as suggested by Tiggy. I quite liked it - neat and unfussy looking, but didn't feel the sturdiness was quite up to the others. I liked the carrycot thought.

Ihateparties Sat 11-May-13 10:20:15

I have the patience cos i'm a weirdo and i love this stuff! You find out what you like and dislike mostly in use unfortunately. The best you can do is predict it as much as possible. Your baby is the other significant variable, temperament, size etc.

I'm a bit :-/ about jane and their you can only use our car seats thing. I too would be tempted to go with the micro carrycot as you suggest and a more traditional infant carrier or even something like a Hauck Varioguard that will allow your baby to rear face in the car longer than an infant carrier, which is increasingly accepted as the safest option.

Dh and i probably chose the first pram we had together, not that he ever has any particular opinions on them as he is in the "they're all the same, have wheels and you push 'em" school of thought. Ultimately, assuming you are going to be on mat leave and him at work, you will be living with it day to day, he won't.

duende Sat 11-May-13 10:29:16

We picked the versa on the advice of parties and twiggy and I love it. Baby not here yet but my 3.5 loved pushing it around the house and sitting in it.

It seems so well made, well thought out and practical, I really don't think you would be disappointed. I like it that we can use our maxi cosi car seat with it too.

Fwiw, my other options were vista and icandy strawberry. Discounted the vista in the end as too wide, the strawberry has a silly shallow basket and some people complain that the wheels get clogged up with leaves which would drive me crazy.

Enjoy choosing smile

Laquila Sat 11-May-13 10:48:51

parties I share your ambivalence about Jane making you stick to their car seats, for no other reason really than it feels a bit proprietorial! Ridiculous I know. I also share your weirdness ref prams...I've been amazed at the number of people who've said to me, "oh, we just got inherited ours from family - I don't even know what it's called - works fine though" - or even more baffling, the people who said they just went out and bought the first one they liked! What?! You didn't spend a solid month of your life, and a subscription to, on sending yourself insane over-researching pram systems?! Fools ;)

duende FWIW I think you made the right choice out of those - I have a colleague with the iCandy Strawberry who says that footprint and fold-wise, it's brilliant, but that their (fairly sturdy) baby is bounced all over the place as soon as they go anywhere that isn't a tile-floored shopping mall. They've ended up with a BJCM as well....

We're heading back to the pram shop today so my husband can see the Jane Rider, but I think in my head I'm already back at the Versa. The GT they have in the shop does feel slightly heavier/less bouncy than the standard one, but we do live out in the middle of nowhere, so now I just Need to spend another 3 weeks deliberating over which of those to go for. Happy days smile

(I honestly think I'm more worried about the pushchair than the birth at the moment, but am very much aware that in 16wks time, pushchairs are going to seem like an absolute effing walk in the park!...)

chocolatemartini Sat 11-May-13 15:35:54

I haven't tried them all but I'm loving my cameleon. It's the best pushchair I've ever pushed. If you can try any outside the showroom and if poss fully loaded on uneven pavements and curbs you'll get a much better idea of which you prefer. I think they all feel good on a showroom floor

Laquila Sat 11-May-13 22:25:30

Just a quick update - my husband wasn't too keen on the Jane Rider, so in the end we ordered a Versa GT, the matching carrycot and a BeSafe iZi Go car seat.

The main clincher was that despite the fact that practically everything nowadays folds up so small, the Versa seemed to be the only one we could fit in our boot (Clio) given that the seat unit folds whilst still on the chassis (love this feature!). We could probably have fitted the folded Jane Rider in our boot, but would then have struggled to get the seat unit in too, and certainly no shopping! Also, we liked that we could use Maxi Cosi and BeSafe car seats, rather than just the Jane ones if we'd got the Rider.

Overall, the Versa just seemed like a sturdier option, and taking into account that we'd really be using it for longer as a pushchair, rather than with the carrycot, we just thought it worked better for that (love the long seat unit and footrest). I think the only disadvantage is that the carrycot can't be used for overnight sleeping, but we'll get over that.

The independent we went to (Ladybugs in Poynton) did us a good deal - Versa GT, raincover, carrycot, BeSafe car seat and adapters for £632 - and I have to say their customer service so far has been excellent.

chocolatemartini I think the Chamelon would still have been a great choice, but for us, the extra price just wasn't really worth it - I can certainly see how some people would get excellent value from it though.

Thanks everyone for your help and comments so far - they've been invaluable!

I'll be back with feedback in a few months...

Ihateparties Sat 11-May-13 22:59:47

<loves it when people buy versas>

I'm vaguely disappointed you've decided already though... grin

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 07:25:56

I'm sure you're going to love it. That quick fold is unbeatable and the long seat back means it really should see you right through. smile

Hrc152 Sun 12-May-13 08:46:39

Great choice!!

Laquila Sun 12-May-13 11:24:53

Thanks all!

parties I will doubtless be after a cheap and cheerful stroller for holidays etc at some point - don't worry, you'll be my first port of call!

Woke up this morning a bit at a loss as to what to do now that we don't need to research pushchairs all day and all night...

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 12:23:07

Same here, I'm still hanging out on the pushchair boards despite being very happy with my new buggies. Don't know what to do with myself now it's all sorted!

Versa GT,every time grin
It's perfect.

RooneyMara Sun 12-May-13 14:58:56

I think GT stands for Grande Tourisme or something, like they use on cars...bit of an affectation but basically, meant to be a more rough and ready, hardcore option...!

I have the GT and love it. It is heavy but it is lovely to push nonetheless.
I haven't experienced it with an older child yet, so that might be different, but with a baby it's very nice.

RooneyMara Sun 12-May-13 15:00:54

Grand tourer (Italian: gran turismo), usually a high-performance luxury automobile designed for long-distance driving

There you go!

Laquila Sun 12-May-13 16:08:17

Hah - I asked my husband yesterday whilst we were in Ladybugs what GT stood for, and he said "Ummm...Gran Turismo?" and I said "duhhhhh, that's a video game, you muppet..." and now I have to eat my words...;)

In the end we went for the Versa GT over the standard as I realised we were probably being a bit optimistic about what terrain we'd be taking it on, and it's not as though either of us are delicate little weaklings, so we decided to just man up and get the slightly heavier one!

chocolatemartini if you're really bored you could join in my new quest for the perfect baby monitor?! I haven't even STARTED looking yet, so it'll run for aaages!

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 16:24:59

Thanks Laquila I may just do that although our flat is so small we have done just fine without a baby monitor at all for 1.5 years since DS was born. Just for the record I haven't been on the pushchair board for 1.5 years, the buggy obsession is a recent thing. Before that it was slings, but I'm finally admitting he's a bit big for long carries sad

Laquila Sun 12-May-13 16:32:19

Oooh can I please pick your brains re slings, then?! Everyone tells us to get the Baby Bjorn one (but I don't know if that's suitable for newborns) - what would you recommend?

To be perfectly honest I'm wondering whether we need a baby monitor. Our house isn't big - all one room downstairs, really - and sound travels pretty well here. I think it might be one of those things that we get after a few weeks, depending on how we get on.

NomDeClavier Sun 12-May-13 16:42:21

A BB sling will probably be fine for a bit but when baby gets a bit heavier it'll really pull your back and shoulders.

I'd recommend a manducca, ergo with infant insert, becco butterfly or Gemini if you want buckles.

I lived in a stretchy wrap the first few months and then graduated to a woven wrap (and then some more) which I still use.

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 17:33:34

Yeah v happy to advise on slings! We should prob take this over to the sling section so you can get a bigger range of opinions but Baby bjorn are definitely not good for either the wearer or the baby. The difference is incredible- I could hardly carry DS as a 2 month old in the BB, it just hangs the baby off your shoulders. With a good one- there are lots of options- the weight is spread better, and mostly carried on your hips. In a wrap or my beco Gemini I still carry DS at 15 months though if I wasn't a pushchair convert I'd be buying a toddler Tula by now. Most people find a stretchy like a moby best for a newborn- around 5- 6 months (I think- never actually had a stretchy, was struggling with the BB at that point) if I have another one I'll use a stretchy, then the beco up to about 12 months. If you're into that kind of thing a woven wrap is the most versatile, most comfortable and longest lasting sling, but you need to practice tying it, and you need to be prepared to navigate reams of fabric in public from time to time- I found that offputting. But I could carry a 1 year old all day in a woven wrap... Sooo comfy! I'd look at Ergo (beware of fakes), Beco, Boba, Rose & Rebellion, Manduca, Connecta. I've bought from Maverick Baby and Love to Be Natural websites, all their slings are well made and genuine... So a bit like with pushchairs there's a lot of choice! Weirdly a lot of them go for pretty much rrp secondhand so if you want an expensive one you can always justify it by telling yourself you'll sell when you've finished with it!

RooneyMara Sun 12-May-13 17:36:12

The ergo is lovely, probably best from around 5 months, or once their legs are long enough to fit outside it and not in the lotus position. Before that a stretchy wrap sling is quite useful. Closer or Caboo or something like that. Lots of people recommend the Moby as well.

RooneyMara Sun 12-May-13 17:39:21

Ooh x posts - I know very little compared to some!! smile

I second being wary of fake ergos. Only buy from a listed authorised stockist, NOT amazon (real get mixed up with fake in the warehouse system) and deffo not ebay, unless the seller can show proof of purchase from a registered seller.

There is a list of these sellers on the proper ergo website. Born direct is one, the natural nursery is another. I bought from the third hit on google when I got mine and it was from China, clearly fake and had to go through a lot of fuss to get a chargeback.

I got a proper one then and it was so lovely. Worth every penny imo, MN had an offer recently for 25% off somewhere so around £75.

simplynails Sun 12-May-13 17:39:50

Laquila, how does the versa and versa GT compare, as I'm trying to decide on which one to get?
I thought I had decided on the standard one from reading reviews but then I read this thread. I haven't seen either in person as nowhere near me has it in their showroom. I have seen the bjcm GT though.

Ihateparties Sun 12-May-13 17:40:28

I recently got a beautifully comfortable neobulle mei tai (hmmm yes, slings as well, I don't just push pushchairs blush)

I wouldn't get a bb, the best thing about them is ease, they are established and easily available but the internet offers you so much more. As mentioned above maducas, ergos, becos, things of that ilk offer the same ease but with a much better position for the baby and overall longevity. I should mention they don't have to be expensive either, there's an infantino one circa 40quid that I hear from someone who has been through a lot of slings holds its own pretty well.

There is a sling and carrier board on here somewhere... the options are endless grin

Ihateparties Sun 12-May-13 17:43:39

Ha ha oh dear.. ^ it's clearly not just me...

RooneyMara Sun 12-May-13 17:44:38

LOL Parties grin Choc Martini is your new friend!

Laquila Sun 12-May-13 17:58:23

Ahhhh ladies, I do appreciate your preoccupations with baby transport - it's made my life so much easier!

This is all brilliant ref slings, thank you so much. I will take BBs off my list and will start having a look around and trying out a few options in shops, if possible.

simplynails the others have much more experience than me of using the standard Versa and the GT, but my reasoning was that for the difference in weight, which I thought was minimal, the slightly bigger air tyres were worth it. The standard definitely feels bouncier in terms of suspension (front and back), but apparently although the GT only has suspension in front or back (can't remember which, sorry!), the air tyres make up for this by absorbing some of the shock/bumps too. The chassis on both seems to fold down to the same size and there's no difference in seat unit or carrycot, to my knowledge. Where are you mainly going to be using it?

As other, more knowledgeable people have said before me - realistically you're probably not going to be disappointed with either of the Versas. We just decided in the end that we would probably get good use out of the all-terrain aspect (we do live very rurally) and we get a LOT of snow and ice where we live in winter, and didn't want to be worrying about slipping around on pavements.

FWIW, Ladybugs did us an excellent package deal on a Versa GT - they have the pushchair itself on at £399 at the moment, which is what you'll pay for the standard Versa in John Lewis, for example.

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 18:11:24

Haha <waves at Ihateparties from under a large pile of baby transportation paraphernalia> by the way I do actually hate parties. Well most of them anyway. But I will try to stay on topic here! There are also a couple of Facebook groups for slings-fsotslingsandthings is one. They seem pretty well moderated and people seem to buy and sell with confidence, and the forum is where the real sling enthusiasts hang out.

RooneyMara Sun 12-May-13 18:15:46

I actually started a thread today about how much I hate parties.

This is getting wierd. <spooky music>

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 18:22:17

Weird! Nice to have found some kindred spirits, but let's agree not to hang out together in case it turns into a party grin

Ihateparties Sun 12-May-13 18:56:20

This week I will be mostly hating children's parties <mini celebration re ds1s 31st august birthday, he hasn't got a chance has he mwahahaha. Ahem. Evil parent>

Either versa will be great whoever was asking, i've temporarily forgotten. I haven't got a versa, my original one went back with the recall and I didn't replace it because I got the versa yips, ideally I would have gt wheels and suspension. Which you can't have <sulks>

I have wink

Ihateparties Sun 12-May-13 20:11:28

I knew you were going to say that.. you were totally lucky! wink

I know! grin

<strokes unicorn>

chocolatemartini Sun 12-May-13 21:16:05

Neobulle mei tai looks lush! I want! envy

simplynails Sun 12-May-13 21:16:36

Laquila, thanks for your reply. I would like to be able to go for walks in the park, anywhere without a pavement really. I currently am not able to go anywhere apart from shops etc with my oyster, it's rubbish. Went on a buggy walk and got stuck in a bit of mud and poor DD was shaken all over the place. Even the pavements from my house are awful and really take their toll on my current pushchair. Just don't know if I'd prefer bouncier all round suspension to just front with the addition of gt tyres. Anything has got to be an improvement on what we've got I suppose.

Laquila Sun 12-May-13 21:42:29

I actually like parties!...<feels like a weirdo>...

simplynails all I can really suggest is that you beg somewhere local that already stocks Baby Joggers to get both in so you can have a play! Tell them there's a revolution coming and Versas are the future. Are you near a John Lewis? They tend to have the normal one. As excited as I am about my GT, I don't know if I can whole-heartedly urge you to get one without you having tried one - it's just such a personal matter-of-preference thing!

UpTheFRIGGinDuff what is this GT wheels plus suspension sorcery?? How've you managed that?!

parties that Neobulle sling is beautiful but crikey, it costs more than my car seat! I can imagine it would quickly become absolutely essential though, if you got on well with it. chocolate I shall give those links a go, thank you.

<braces self for the sling research madness that is clearly going to descend>

<braces poor husband too>

Ihateparties Sun 12-May-13 21:56:37

My excuse with the sling is a - I sold some stuff and b - apart from a select 2 or 3 slings it's first mei tai I actually bought, previously I made my own. Actually, I might consider making myself up a vague copy of it out of a woven then selling it again <schemes grin>

simplynails I found the Oyster impossibly hard too. Hmmm, what you describe is a good part of the reason I don't have a versa, the bouncy gt versa frigg has is ideal in my mind for the sort of rough urban use you describe. The normal with eva wheels and the gt with no rear suspension - neither are ideal for me so even though personally I think the Versa is the best full featured pushchair you can currently buy it really isn't quite right for me. I currently have a bjcmgt and tbh although it's really excellent it's still a harder ride than would be my ideal (my pre 2010 mb swift was bouncier and cushier for example).

I have a lovely Brio Smile that isn't quite right for me either, which is an Uppababy Vista relative with 4 air tyres and a different seat that I MUST put on the selling page <wanders off to do just that>

simplynails Sun 12-May-13 23:34:52

Ihateparties, have you found a pushchair for our similar needs?

And how has Frigg got this?! :'(

Tiggywunkle Mon 13-May-13 01:42:41

I had a Unicorn too - once - but it was too bouncy for me. I thought I would love it, but I didn't. I preferred the slightly harder suspension of the GT in the end which very much surprised me.

LOL at the hating parties discussion!!

chocolatemartini Mon 13-May-13 07:36:44

Ihateparties let me know if you sell the mei tai. What colour did you get?

RooneyMara Mon 13-May-13 07:47:11

Ooh tell us about the unicorns! Pleeeease!

Ihateparties Mon 13-May-13 12:58:35

nails I haven't but tiggy will confirm that I am being very picky. It's narrow I have the problem with, nothing is as small as I want it to be. There are plenty of larger pushchairs that are suitable for what you need, as in wider and longer than the oyster. Have you tried the air tyres?

martini i got anthracite/grey.. figured it would be the least grubby!

chocolatemartini Mon 13-May-13 15:47:44

Anthracite looks lovely. I'm v tempted but have spent all my money on pushchairs!

Tiggywunkle Tue 14-May-13 22:55:37

Yes she's very picky! We are fairly opposite in our tastes too (strangely we met because we both had an unusual pushchair) but other than that, we are an interesting combination! Wide doesnt bother me as long as it goes through a standard door. Parties is obsessed with everything being narrow!!

Unicorns - you dont want to know smile

npriya Fri 12-Jul-13 14:31:10

I love my Uppababy. It's the best pram - sturdy, versatile, forward and parent-facing, easy to use and so on...

Popps2905 Sat 13-Jul-13 14:01:32

hi everyone, just stumbled across this...have you tried the iCandy peach jogger or peach range. my sister has the peach jogger and i have a peach blossom and we both have small cars. she has the KA which it fits both the peach jogger and peach blossom quite easily. we swapped pushchairs for a couple of weeks and loved how smooth the jogger was when we went for country walks and even took it on a trip to the seaside. The peach fairs exactly the same. Both lightweight, easy to fold, great for use in and out of the city, as well as husband friendly smile

Might be worth considering if you're looking for all those things as this would be ideal! Can't wait to see what you decide xx

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