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Pushchairs: Where to buy? Which one to buy?

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f1silver Sun 22-Jul-12 17:45:05

My husband and I are finally starting our pushchair/travel system (to be honest i don't understand the difference) search. I am due early November and it seems these things need to be ordered fairly quickly in order to be available by then. What we're stuck on is where do we go where we can see a large variety of pushchairs on display? We live in South East London and don't have a car. We've spent several weekends already attempting different Mothercare stores but none of them seem to have a large variety of brands (certainly not the ones we really want to check out). So my first question is, where do parents-to-be go for good displays?

We our basically city folks so don't necessarily need an all-terrain type. In fact we prefer a compact pushchair that folds small, has a reversible seat, and can fold with the seat on. We live in a small flat and will have to keep folding the system all the time to be able to squeeze it in the storage cupboard. We don't own a car but will get a car seat for the few times we do rent a car to go out of town. Also, I have a few long haul trips planned for the first year so it would be handy if I can get an opinion on traveling with the pushchair.

Our short list (with comments) is as follows:
1. Bugaboo Bee (have seen) - I personally don't like how low it is
2. Babystyle Oyster (have seen) - Won't fold with seat on according to the Mothercare assistant
3. iCandy Strawberry (haven't seen) - I understand the seat unit is from 6 months?
4. Maxi Cosi Elea (haven't seen) - for the life of me I can't find it on display anywhere
5. Jane Muum (haven't seen) - I'm very interested in this but can't find any reviews or a shop that displays it
6. Easywalker June (haven't seen) - just discovered it but can't find any reviews or shops
7. Uppababy (haven't seen) - we are very much inclined towards the Vista but want to try the Cruz as well. Do you know how long is the waiting time for this? Also, can the Vista be folded with the bassinet on?

Apologies I do realise this is one long post, but any help will be appreciated.

liswee Sun 22-Jul-12 17:47:01

Have a look at the Baby Jogger Versa also it may fit your needs quite well smile

Ihateparties Sun 22-Jul-12 19:42:40

The Versa, June, Vista, Muum and Oyster all need a carrycot to be newborn suitable and I don't think that there is anything that folds with a carrycot on. If you really really need it to fold in 1 piece for storage then these really won't work until the baby is 6 months.

I don't know enough about the Elea to know whether it folds up parent facing or not. The Muum does but the manual says the seat is only suitable from 6 months, as per the oyster. I suppose maybe the recline is not true flat? I ordered one in order to see it (then returned because I needed a double and the Jane Twone is the same frame with different seats) and it seemed pretty flat to me. Wish I had folded it with the seat on and taken some photos cos I cannot remember!

Umm what else, Njoy/petite star bubble, this def folds parent facing. But you may find that feels low too if you thought that about the bee. The choice of newborn suitable, seat faces both ways and folds both ways is extremely limited presently.

Can you get to a Peppermint? There used to be one in Kingston, dunno if that's still there. John Lewis in Kingston will have some stuff too. I think there is somewhere in Croydon but it's not in the centre <googles> babynest.. that's it. They carry quite a few things that mothercare etc. don't.

milk Sun 22-Jul-12 19:44:29

I vote Baby Jogger smile

anthonys Sun 22-Jul-12 20:22:03

I am in a very similar situation. John Lewis in Oxford street has the strawberry, it's in the heavy side and you need the carrycot for newborn so get quite pricey. They also have the Vista but again it is big and heavy for inner city in my opinion. Saw the elea today at a pram shop in Bethnal Green. It is suitable for newborn and a good size but felt quite flimsy and that turned us off it. Also tried the bee but once you add up everything it quickly gets expensive and probably better off going with the cameleon given it doesn't have the reported wheel problems. Don't think the June is out yet, Mothercare apparently stock Jane, so may be able to try the muum at one of their stores?

Take a look at the petite star, also the silver cross surf and b smart - they can all be used from birth. I'm quite fond of the cherry, given its size and weight, though needs a carrycot ..

Tiggywunkle Sun 22-Jul-12 22:30:46

I have to say I am with the others in that the Baby Jogger Versa should really be on your list.

1. Bugaboo Bee (have seen) - I personally don't like how low it is
It is low but its got a neat fold and probably would do what you want.
2. Babystyle Oyster (have seen) - Won't fold with seat on according to the Mothercare assistant
Will fold with the seat on in both directions and then will freestand. I dont like the seating positions - I think the Mutsy Evo - which has a pretty neat fold - has better seating positions ie lie flat, but also upright. I would add the Evo to your list TBH.
3. iCandy Strawberry (haven't seen) - I understand the seat unit is from 6 months?
Yes, you will need a carrycot for the first six months, as you will with the Oyster; and you will need the Bugaboo Cocoon with the Bee. Really luxurious but also heavy and a chunky fold.
4. Maxi Cosi Elea (haven't seen) - for the life of me I can't find it on display anywhere
Seen it and had a quick play, but its not grabbed me!
5. Jane Muum (haven't seen) - I'm very interested in this but can't find any reviews or a shop that displays it
I have the Twone and I suspect the Muum is very similar - the Twone even have Muum bits on it! The Muum has the lie flat seat though. I have seen the Muum and it does seem compact.
6. Easywalker June (haven't seen) - just discovered it but can't find any reviews or shops
Have seen and I love it. I think it has so much going for it. The seat again is low, but will last you from birth to the end. If I were starting again, I suspect this would be what I bought.
7. Uppababy (haven't seen) - we are very much inclined towards the Vista but want to try the Cruz as well. Do you know how long is the waiting time for this? Also, can the Vista be folded with the bassinet on?
The Vista is pretty big folded. Its tall and not that neat. The bassinet I doubt will stay on any of these pushchairs when folded. You generally have to remove them. My Cruz arrives tomorrow smile

minipie Sun 22-Jul-12 22:43:04

<hijack> Tiggy just in case I haven't dropped enough hints grin.. pls will you start a thread or PM me with your Cruz thoughts once you've given it a try? It's my top contender (though haven't actually seen it)

Tiggywunkle Sun 22-Jul-12 23:47:10

LOL Minipie - I have a memory like a sieve - blame two children who are omnipresent - so do me a favour and give me a nudge on say Tuesday when I have had chance to open it. I am busy playing with the Twone at present so need to make space to open the Cruz lol

minipie Mon 23-Jul-12 11:12:45

Will do grin thank you!

minipie Mon 23-Jul-12 11:25:11

Oh and to the OP - the Cruz doesn't need a carrycot from birth, just the snugseat (which is similar to the Bugaboo cocoon). So, should be easier to fold as you can leave the seat on rather than having a carrycot that needs to be removed.

this site is helpful for comparing sizes and features.

London stockists:

Tommys Wear and Cheer in Peckham have a few of these, including the iCandys, Oyster and Vista. They are getting the Cruz in the next couple of weeks.

John Lewis has Vista, iCandys and Bugaboo but not getting the Cruz.

Peppermint has iCandy and Bugaboo.

I can't find anywhere in London that is going to have the Easywalker June on display sad. Don't know about the Elea/Muum.

BertieBotts Mon 23-Jul-12 11:31:48

"Travel system" just means it comes with a car seat.

As a non driver I would recommend you get a car seat which is compatible with your pushchair, especially if you plan to do long (or short) distance trips which will partly involve buses/trains and partly involve car journeys. You don't legally need a car seat in a taxi, but obviously it's safer to have one and it's so much easier if you can just clip it onto the frame rather than having to carry it around as they're an awkward shape.

I also recommend if you are choosing between two car seats to measure the inside length of the back, and pick the longest. The most difficult car seat to use as a non driver is the second stage, so pick a first stage that your baby will fit into for as long as possible.

If you don't think you'll do this and are planning to only ever travel in a car door to door (not breaking up the journey) then it might be worth the investment into a Britax First Class as this goes from newborn right up to the booster seat stage and it has two routing options so it's a good one for fitting into different cars safely. This one won't fit onto a pushchair though and is as heavy and cumbersome as a second stage seat so if you ever want to do the split journey thing I wouldn't bother.

f1silver Mon 23-Jul-12 12:13:05

Wow... you guys are great. This is all very helpful information. I'm at work right now. Will look in to all your suggestions more carefully once I get home. I'm thinking I'm going to start calling up retailers from the stockists pages on these brands' websites and just ask them what is on display. Saves me trekking all over town only to find out things are not on display.

Tiggy, I'm certainly very interested in the Cruz now. I'll definitely watch out for your reviews.

Anthonys I think I'll just call up Mothercare and see where they are displaying the Jane Muum. I went down to their Valley Park store (apparently it's one of the biggest) and only found the Bee and the Oyster of interest there.

Ihateparties (really?) I found babynest on Google and it looks decent. They'll be hearing from me soon smile

The main reason why I'm being put off buying a separate bassinet/carrycot for the first 6 months (apart from the folding thing) is that I plan to travel. I'm due in the winter and am unlikely to be out and about much. after 2-3 months I'm going down to visit my parents for a couple of months. And that is not a pushchair-friendly city AT ALL. I might not even take it with me. I will probably be relying on a sling/carrier more than anything else. I see that the Vista bassinet folds quite compact on its own (about 5 inches thick) so I might want to take that with me (if we even go for it) just to serve as a Moses basket at my parents or when I go visiting friends. By the time I'm back the baby's likely to be 5-6 montsh old ready for most of these seat units. So really double minded about the bassinet.

I guess I won't know until I find THE ONE (is there ever a THE ONE?).

By the way how much lead time is necessary for most of these brands for delivery?

Chunkychicken Mon 23-Jul-12 14:18:16

Not an expert on these sorts of things at ALL but just to offer my sympathies - I was in exactly the same situation regarding pushchairs/travel systems/pram 2.5yrs ago!!

My tips;
1) Produce a table/Excel spreadsheet with all the facts & figures about each one e.g. weight, size when folded, parent facing, fold with seat, car seat, price etc. It makes it so much easier to do a like for like comparison.
2) get to a baby show. There's one coming up at Bluewater and there used to be one at the Excel in London, twice a year (although Oct may be too late for you). You can usually see lots of models 'in the flesh' and might even get a discount.
3) often online deals are cheaper, although 'boutique' shops may be more open to negotiation.

Good luck - we bought our one travel system at the Feb baby show 2+yrs who & haven't had to buy a replacement yet, so the research does pay off!!! smile

f1silver Mon 23-Jul-12 15:28:39

Thanks Chunkychicken. I'm always ready for a spreadsheet smile

Yes the London Baby Show is just too late for me. Even the Bluewater one is too late to wait to order my pushchair.

By the way which one do you have?

anthonys Mon 23-Jul-12 15:42:05

Let me know if you find anywhere that has the Jane Muum or Uppababy Cruz, or even the Easywalker June. As these are top of my list to check out too!

f1silver Mon 23-Jul-12 16:45:18

Sure. I'll let you know.

Tiggywunkle Mon 23-Jul-12 21:13:14

A good number of carrycots squash flat - most that aren't hard bodied will but a retailer should be able to tell you eg Bugaboo, most baby jogger, iCandy, Mutsy Evo etc.
I didnt know that you isn't need the carrycot for the Cruz. It does surprise me as the seat is a real bucket. I think I would be buying a carrycot TBH even if you use a snug seat insert for a trip.
The first impressions of the Cruz are good. It's simple to look at - clean lines, huuuuuggggeee basket, easy peasy to use, big seat, three choices of footrest forward facing for different ages, the hood slides up the chassis. The freestanding took some getting right and it feels a bit wobbly. It's smaller than the Vista but isn't as tiny as I would like for something that looks small open. I much prefer it to the Vista - its neater. 5 position recline including very upright. It could have done with an extra footrest notch though. Huge hood with pull out sun visor (which DC annoyingly plays with). Suits both my children. Don't ask me about the push yet...that's yet to be discovered but it seems fine from the bit I have done. It feels heavier than I hoped. But all round excellent TBH. It's certainly up there with the best UK pushchairs on looks, features etc. I think it's better than the Vista coz its neater but I will see whether the lack of big rear wheels makes a difference.

Chunkychicken Mon 23-Jul-12 21:20:45

f1silver we went with the Britax B-smart 3 in the end. The only real competitors at the time for us were the icandy, bugaboo or mothercare spin, as we were adamant about DD being parent facing. The Britax offered more value for money (£500 all in, compared to 1k plus extras). If money was no object, probably would've gone with the icandy. I couldn't believe the lack of pushchairs etc in the shops, with so many online deals. I didn't want to order any without at least pushing them, because returning them is such a PITA!!! smile

minipie Tue 24-Jul-12 12:48:09

Thanks very much Tiggy!

Cruz is still sounding like my top pick. Shame it feels a bit heavier than you'd hoped though ... Do you mean heavier to push or to lift?

minipie Tue 24-Jul-12 12:49:00

There is a wedge that you use (along with the Snugseat) apparently to make it into a lie flat seat. I reckon I'd get the carrycot though.

f1silver Tue 24-Jul-12 18:53:33

Tiggy you are keeping Cruz right up there on my list for me!

Tiggywunkle Tue 24-Jul-12 23:12:19

I was, but now I am not! The ride is incredibly hard - Its very like the Mamas and Papas Urbo. I have only had one outing on flat surfaces and there was NO give at all in the pushchair. I tried to find some suspension and failed (I need to go and read up now and see if there is any, but I should have felt something when I tried pushing down). I suspect my hands would hurt after a while pushing it. The fold is disappointingly large - but I did know that - but I hadn't banked on how heavy it was. I have to say I struggled to lift it into my car and I am no weakling and often lift heavy doubles in. But it was just awkward. Its completely and utterly ruined what seemed like a very good pushchair to me. Everything else about it is soooooo right. Even DH who was adamant that it was staying (rare he wants something to stay) did a U turn today and doesn't want to keep it.

I DID love the huge basket though and to be able to fling anything underneath. But I only pushed for a short time today and TBH that was enough for me! Ebay here it comes!!

minipie Tue 24-Jul-12 23:21:41

sad nooooo Tiggy, don't say that!

From looking online I see it does have 4 wheel suspension, same as the Vista (but no air tyres of course). How does it compare to other non-air tyre buggies?

Tiggywunkle Wed 25-Jul-12 00:13:08

I dont often have air tyre pushchairs to be fair. Most of mine have hard wheels. So yes, its bad! I need to look carefully - when I pushed down there was no movement anywhere - surely suspension should show some sign of movement? You could feel it instantly in the push and TBH the push felt heavy too.

minipie Wed 25-Jul-12 10:51:33

sad oh dear. Yes I'd have thought there should be some movement if you push down, how odd. Uppababy website definitely says there is front & rear suspension see right hand side of the page here. Any chance yours is faulty...<clings to straws>

The heavy push doesn't sound good either.

Drat, that may mean I am back to the drawing board.

My other options are babystyle oyster (but a bit heavier than I'd like and seat position issues), icandy strawberry (but heavy and a bit too bling), icandy cherry (but no extending handles for tall DH/short me), bcjm (but not parent facing and no extending handles), bj versa (but heavy and large) or easywalker june (looks great, but no stockists within 300 miles). Your thoughts would be very welcome!

The Cruz was perfect on paper ... <sobs>

f1silver Wed 25-Jul-12 14:01:23

Oh my, oh my... What a disaster! I had my hopes pinned on the Cruz.

minipie... my shortlist isn't too far from your own. I'm keeping the Jane Muum (if I can find it) and the Mutsy Evo on it too. Where did you find the BJ Versa? Is it out yet?

Tiggywunkle Wed 25-Jul-12 14:37:46

I know...I am sobbing with you!!

I have examined it closely today. There is about a millimetre or so suspension on the front wheels ie nothing worth even me typing about.
The main suspension is....on that photo....start at the back wheel and go up to the slim black joint before the bigger black joint where it meets the diagonal - that tiny piece between the slim black bit and the bigger black bit, is the suspension! If I push down hard on the handlebar then it does move down - but then it stays down!! I would expect suspension to bounce back after I took the pressure off...?? It just sticks. How that benefits the child being so far back and up, I don't know - but I dont design pushchairs. But its certainly not benefitting me as I push. Its still hard to push. I can feel every bump.

It was so lovely to fling open and go though and I love the basket. Why oh why is it soooo hard. It could have been sooooo right!

All I can say is that I am glad that I didnt import one because I would have been sooo disappointed.

I have to say, you have a great short list. I personally would remove the Oyster based on the childs seating positions - but I know some people here who love the Oyster and say other things are worth more. I prefer the Cherry to the Cruz - they are similar apart from the one piece fold, but I find that better if you want a seat parent facing because like today I had the Cruz up and my son in, before I remembered that he prefers parent facing. Then you have to turn him round. At least with a 2 piece fold you make a conscious decision to put the seat a certain direction. I love the Strawberry but I haven't tried flinging it into my car boot as yet and the Peach is pretty heavy but easier to manage in two pieces for me.

I love the Versa - I think it looks fab - but its long open - but its got sooo much going for it starting with the fact its a Baby Jogger - great brand all round - which gives you a certain expectation of quality etc. Theres the handbrake, huge basket, adjustable handlebar, fab easy fold, huge seat etc etc. I think the fold will be smaller than the Cruz length wise, so hopefully even if its heavy, I am hoping its easier to fling into the car boot.

I have to say, my money is on the Easywalker June at present though. But I just hope its not a disappointment. All my fingers and toes are crossed that its what I am expecting and hope....

minipie Wed 25-Jul-12 17:40:21

Hmm that sounds odd about the Cruz suspension mechanism. I bet that bit you describe is supposed to spring back up when you take the pressure off, but it's sticking for some reason. Could you try a bit of WD40, or would that mean you can't return it?

When are you getting your June? I am so frustrated that there is nowhere near London to see it. I've emailed Easywalker asking them about appearances at baby shows - will see what they say.

I think we will try out the Cherry and see if DH and I can cope with the non extending handle. It ticks all my boxes apart from that one.

f1 I don't know much about the Jane Muum, any recommendations of good sites to look for info on it?

Tiggy do you reckon the BJ Versa will be easy to push despite being large and heavy? I'm not too bothered about fold and ease of getting in the car (will only be doing this rarely), much more bothered about ease of pushing on pavements and kerbs.

minipie Wed 25-Jul-12 17:40:46

PS and thanks again for continued help/obsession!

Tiggywunkle Wed 25-Jul-12 17:46:06

I spoke to another retailer just to ask about their display Cruz. They said that their shop model was very hard as well - but it does sound like my suspension piece needs some silicone spray as she said it shouldn't stick like mine is. However she did say she didn't think it would make much difference.

I think the June arrives in August. I dont think you will be able to see one until they arrive here.

I am hoping the Versa will be easy to push. The single City Select and the City Mini / GT which the Versa is really a hybrid of, are all easy to push. I have a Versa GT on order. I have to say I have been wondering how much the small wheels / lack of air tyres are making a difference / would make a difference to the Cruz and whether I could get any to fit!! LOL

f1silver Wed 25-Jul-12 18:49:07

minipie to be honest I haven't seen a lot on the Jane Muum apart from some videos by Which and Jane themselves. It's actually my husband that really liked the Jane Rider so we put the more "urban" version the Muum on our list. Plus it seems a lot more economical than the others. Even though we haven't locked ourselves in to a tight budget we don't want to spend more than we need to.

One of the main features I like (apart from our general conditions) is the hand brake rather than the foot brake.

minipie Wed 25-Jul-12 19:09:19

I can wait till August (baby's not due till December) but the trouble is I can't find anyone in the Londonish area who will have them even after August. Are you intending to get one?

Will you be trying the silicon spray? Would be interested to hear if it helps (if you are going to try).

The Versa looks like it's as long as the Select but narrower like the City Mini. Weight is in between the two... I am trying to find out when London stockists are getting the Versa in too.

minipie Wed 25-Jul-12 19:10:50

thanks f1 didn't see your post till after I'd posted. I will see if I can find a Jane Muum to look at somewhere nearish.

Ihateparties Wed 25-Jul-12 19:13:40

I liked the Muum at lot, I'm liking my Twone, which is the same frame so I assume the push is v similar. The Muum particularly seems like much better value for money. I'll just have a look and see if I took a pic of it on full recline It says it's suitable from 6 months or carrycot but I'm not convinced... I have one, I'll stick it on my profile if anyone wants to have a look grin

kalidasa Wed 25-Jul-12 20:11:34

Agh! We are expecting our first baby at the very end of November and we were planning not to worry about this stuff for another few months. But I gather from this thread that you have to allow time to order these things? I had no idea! Do we need to decide quite soon?

We are also in a London flat and need to be able to fold the buggy up to leave it in the hallway. We have a car so will need a car seat too. Obviously I need to start doing some serious research! We are only 10 mins by tube from Oxford St so is Oxford St John Lewis a good bet for looking at lots of models together and trying them out?

Sorry for clueless hijack.

minipie Wed 25-Jul-12 20:26:12

kalidasa a few of the models being discussed here are brand new which means they're not in stock and have to be ordered in (and some aren't even on the market yet).

If you don't mind sticking to models that are well established already then the order time isn't long, it's really just a question of finding somewhere that has it in stock. (Someone correct me if I am wrong please!!)

John Lewis is a very good place to try some of the well known brands but it does get rammed - try to go early in the morning as it's less busy.

f1silver Wed 25-Jul-12 21:03:16

Tiggy... If you are online and on Facebook the Uppababy folks are answering questions about the Cruz. May be you can raise your concerns there.

kalidasa Wed 25-Jul-12 21:30:44

That's a relief. Thanks minipie for enlightening me. We will definitely do an early morning JL trip at some point, we did that when we moved into this flat and needed loads of stuff. They even gave us one of those fun scanning machines to record our choices.

Tiggywunkle Wed 25-Jul-12 23:34:03

f1 I have the Twone and if the handbrake is like that one (and there is one part on the Twone labelled "Muum"!), then I am finding it very flimsy - in fact I am a little scared of breaking it. Its nothing like the Baby Jogger one which is easy on and off. I also dont like the fabrics - they "pull" really easily under little finger nails in places, or the plasticky handlebar.

I think I will see if I can carefully add some silicone spray onto the Cruz and see if that helps, but I am not entirely sure it will make much difference TBH.
Its funny because reading the main reviews out there at present, the word "urban" comes up a lot - and TBH thats where the Cruz fits - on a smooth shopping mall floor. I did take it out today again. I am still a little shocked by the length of the fold and I looked it up earlier and I think its only 12cms shorter than the Vista. I have had the Vista, and the size was one factor in it leaving us, but all round the Vista was better (and more money too but you get the carrycot and car seat adaptors and the double option later).
I have to say I am pretty fed up really. Everything else about the Cruz - except the fold size and the push - are absolutely right for me. It's so easy to use, easy to fold, easy to fling stuff in the basket, large seat, loads of seating options, flick out visor, easy lift off seat etc etc etc. (really refreshing after the more faffy Cameleon, Bee, Oyster etc), but its just too hard to push. The nearest I can get to what its like, is that its like the Mamas and Papas Urbo which within 15 minutes was hurting my hands to push. This isn't hurting...yet...but its not forgiving either! I dont even like a bouncy suspension on a pushchair - in fact I like a pushchair that isn't bouncy!! LOL The Cruz is too far the other way for me.

minipie Thu 26-Jul-12 10:33:25

So disappointing Tiggy. I am off to a big baby shop in a week or so, they have the Cruz as well as lots of my other candidates so I will give it a try there <still hopeful> but it's good to be forewarned to look out for hard suspension/not nice pushing as that is v important to me. London pavements are urban but are definitely a lot bumpier than mall floors!

When you say hurting your hands to push, why is that do you think - is it the vibration from the bumpiness? look forward to your thoughts post silicon.

thanks again.

Tiggywunkle Thu 26-Jul-12 22:16:18

The Urbo was hurting my hands - not the Cruz. But I haven't pushed the Cruz long enough.
My hands were just hurting - I think just from the vibration as you say. The Urbo on that occasion was used around an out of town shopping centre - so flat pavements etc.
I haven't had chance to silicone it yet - nor will I probably until Sunday. We are off to a Safari park place this weekend and I dont think its quite the pushchair I need to take, so it will get swapped.....but what to???!! hmm

minipie Fri 27-Jul-12 12:11:57

have fun! I am guessing you have something tucked away with big wheels that would be great for the safari park...

Tiggywunkle Fri 27-Jul-12 18:03:48

Yes, a Mountain Buggy smile

I have taken the Cruz out again today and the huge basket is seducing me. I am say with it now debating whether to keep it or sell. I would keep it for the basket alone as I got approx 2 wire basket fully of shopping underneath earlier all be it carefully stacked. But not many single pushchairs will get that much home.

I have put my heavy nearly 4 year old in and been slightly off road this afternoon - over bumpy grass, up and down edges, kerbs, over thick gravel, over sticks etc ie not manicured grass and it's been fab. Bizarrely it just glides over it all. Maybe it doesn't need suspension and I am just too used to softer feeling pushchairs.

But for the Cruz to stay it has to replace something else and I think sadly the tall fold will be the downfall of the Cruz. It fills my boot, the one piece fold is actually annoying because I need parent facing do I need to keep turning the seat around (or leave it off). I can see so many positives in the simplicity but I prefer other pushchairs better. I think for an urban based parent I would recommend having a look. I still don't like the hard ride, but TBH the Cruz practically pushes itself so maybe the light push carries it through?

Go and look for yourself. It's simple but effective. Just check out the fold and 'suspension'. It does tick almost all my boxes for a perfect pushchair and maybe I am just too fussy!

minipie Fri 27-Jul-12 20:36:21

Oooh it's sounding a lot better yay smile. Light push is v important for me and the gliding over everything sounds fab. Size folded not such an issue for me as we rarely use the car and won't fold it at home. I am definitely urban!

So, silly question probably but if the crap suspension doesn't cause it to be hard to push, what does it do? does it give your DC a bumpy ride? did you find your arms/hands hurt...? Did you try it on pavements?

Thanks, and so sorry for the pestering! You are a star! I will be going to have a look next weekend I think (but in a shop so limited testing I can do!)

Tiggywunkle Sat 28-Jul-12 00:26:37

I have mainly been on pavements and shop floors and it's all felt ok. even on the bumpy stuff it felt generally ok. The bumps did feel bumpy though - I have had smoother rides. I just couldn't really see the suspension going up and down at all - it would do ie it moves. But i am not convinced. I love everything else though. It's got a lovely decisive brake and the seat is so simple to lift off. It's one of the best pushchairs I have seen. Simple but effective.

minipie Sat 28-Jul-12 16:57:08

Thanks Tiggy. I think it's probably down to the Cruz or the iCandy Cherry - if we can live with the non extending handle (saw a couple of friends today who are roughly the same heights as us and they find it ok). Will be going to see them all next weekend after 20 week scan and will be sure to test over some bumps .. somehow! Thanks again!

f1silver Sun 29-Jul-12 15:36:08

So after a lot of reading up and calling around we finally went and saw some of our short-listed models.

The husband and I are both besotted with the Mutsy Evo. Thank you Tiggy for putting it on our list. I love the fold, the fabric and the fact that the seat is from birth. I'm not particularly keen on the bassinet as the seat serves the purpose and the bassinet will take up too much space in our storage (it doesn't fold). But I have looked around and there do appear to be places where you can buy it without the bassinet. And for about the same price we can add the car seat so the total spend with the bits and bobs shouldn't exceed GBP 500! I'm quite pleased with that given that there was a time we thought we're looking at a spend of about 800! My only regret is that we won't be able to buy it from the nice gentleman who displayed it for us because they only sell the combination.

We also liked the iCandy strawberry. Seemed like such a smooth push. But the fold was just too chunky for us.

The same shop also had the Jane` Muum but it was in storage and they wouldn't take it out as it was almost closing time. However, it seems to be the same budget as the Mutsy Evo so we're not very disappointed not being able to see it. The shop is too far so i doubt we're going back there just for the Muum. I must add the Jane` Matrix car seat/bassinet is very impressive.

We also went to "visit" the Vista and the Cruz. The Vista I guess sets the benchmark, a real solid piece of equipment, but just too big for us. I really liked the Cruz (it was great on the shop floor) and the basket was enormous! But I agree with Tiggy, the fold is quite big. Plus the seat that claims to be from birth is quite buckety for a newborn even though it does recline 180 degrees flat. So that is again adding the bassinet for us.

So that is just leaving the BabyJogger Versa and the EasyWalker June to demo. I doubt we'll wait for them now. My husband has his heart set on the Evo and is getting all panicky that we haven't bought anything yet (our 100 day countdown started last week). I am still dallying between the Cruz and the Evo, but probably based on the value for money and the fold I'll go with the Evo too.

What is everyone else leaning towards?

milk Sun 29-Jul-12 15:58:30

The Baby Jogger City Versa: Minimum age in seat is 6 Months+

Unsure about the EasyWalker June.

Tiggywunkle Sun 29-Jul-12 21:43:02

My worry about the Versa is the weight and also the length when open - its nearly as long as a couple of tandems I have here at present.

I think the Evo is a better all round, will go anywhere pushchair than the Cruz. I would never worry about it.

The June is the pushchair I desperately am hoping is my 'one' but it too has a long fold and is heavish too.

My DH turned to me earlier and said its an exceptional pushchair that gets to stay here and he's correct....and if it helps I am dithering about keeping the Cruz or not especially after it coped so well on mild off road the other day with my nearly 4 year old in. The fold is one of my biggest issues...but it would stand neatly by my front door.....and I love love love the basket....

Runningblue Sun 29-Jul-12 21:54:07

I've no idea if there is any display as massive as at kiddiecare near Peterborough. The range of pushchairs etc is massive, I know a few people myself included who have had a cheeky visit to simply have every single option laid out in front of them, then bought elsewhere if price better. Highly recommend an outing.

HarlettOScara Sun 29-Jul-12 23:26:16

f1, don't be too seduced by the Jane Matrix lie flat car seat. I have one here and it weighs a ton! DD is only 4 weeks old and i'd struggle to lift the Matrix with her in it and I'm no weakling! It's also quite difficult to fit in the car in lie-flat mode. Thank goodness we only have the Jane as our second pushchair for dog walking as I wouldn't want it for everyday general use - I have the iCandy Strawberry for that and absolutely love it.

Diamond7 Wed 15-Aug-12 21:58:08

I went to see the cruz at Tommys in Peckham today and loved it. The suspension is the same as the Vista. Reviews on the vista are brilliant, it's just too big.

Loved the higher seat hight of the cruz and the massive basket. I also liked the fact we don't need a bassinet. All push was lovely, not quite as good as the chameleon but still nice. It probably won't be as good on all terrains due to smallish wheels but definitely better than some, bugaboo bee and this is the compromise to get a smaller, lighter urban pushchair.

With regard to the weight. I can easily carry it, found it very light.

Loved it, just wish the did more colours. And it's only £350 at huggles in nw3 and I think Tommy's will price match.

Sorry this is reviving an older trend.

Diamond7 Wed 15-Aug-12 21:59:59

Sorry just spotted lots of typos and it doesnt completely make sense. Should have re read before posting!

Diamond7 Wed 15-Aug-12 22:01:21

Cruz order time at Tommy's is 6-8weeks.

Diamond7 Wed 15-Aug-12 22:32:11

Last thing, You can also fold the cruz with the seat in rear-facing. It just doesn't go as flat.

I am looking forward to trying the Versa though too.

stocks81979 Thu 16-Aug-12 16:05:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

pramlover9 Thu 23-Aug-12 14:34:03

This is my first post on an internet discussion, my friend uses them regularly and suggested that i give it a go. Im expecting my second child in early 2013 and i had problems with by first pushchair (sivercross surf) as i could not see my babys face due to the seat faceing away from me.
Im looking for a pushchair with an adjustable seat which can face both ways. Ive heard of this pushchair called Njoy Bubble and was wondering if anyone has heard about it and has any feedback as it looks like it called be the perfect match for my expected child.

Tiggywunkle Thu 23-Aug-12 16:25:12

Why did the Surf not parent face - that is one of the advantages of the Surf?

The NJoy Petite Star Bubble is really good. It is an umbrella fold pushchair with a seat back that really easily (a squeeze of a handle) moves so that the child can either parent or forward face. The hood flips inside out so that it too faces the correct direction. It works very well. It feels sturdy to push, but it is an umbrella fold with two handles, which is quite different to the Surf. There isn't much storage space, but enough to squeeze small bits or a small bag of shopping into. Its lovely to have a child parent facing. However, it does look very odd with the harness on the front and no visible child - I hope that Petite Star make the front cover come all the way down on the seat to hide it TBH. I did a few second glances at it.
But the Bubble is great though that you dont need to swap the harness - especially useful if children of different ages are likely to use it. But for one child, TBH, I am not sure you would ever use the forward facing seat until they were much older. So if you plan to only buy one pushchair ever, then this would work well. But TBH I think something like the new Babystyle Oyster Gem would work better where you can swap the seats as your child gets older.
I think that the Bubble does what it does well though and if you want an umbrella style pushchair, then its one to consider.

Tiggywunkle Mon 26-Nov-12 16:20:36

I have just come back to update this thread a bit. I put the Uppababy Cruz away for a while and opened it up this weekend. There is a lot to attract me to the Cruz - light seat which is easy to switch around, HUUUGGGGE basket, easy fold, good reclines / footrest positions, big hood etc. With my Versa sadly gone for a short while, I thought I would open the box again and give it a fresh look. As I opened the box I was reminded how light the Cruz was, how narrow, how neat it was standing etc. But today putting it into the car - even without the seat on - and later with the seat on - I remembered how long and unwieldy it is. It was, thankfully, easy to put together and fold (given the pouring rain) but I was NOT impressed when as I gently lifted the raincover off, all the water poured in through the peekaboo window onto my sleeping son.
The crux for me was always the suspension.....and today the Cruz only went from the car into school and back, but it was the most rattly horrible thing - the small wheels and lack of suspension really let the whole pushchair down. It makes a Quinny Zapp feel cushioned!!!!!!!!!! Its going back in its box again and this time I WILL sell it!!! LOL

Nanny01 Tue 27-Nov-12 11:49:54

Just wanted to throw another in to the mix. The Cossato giggle. It comes with everything you need. Bassanette, rain cover, bag, coseytoes. I bought iy as a replacement for the vista that me and ds found to heavy like others have said. I am keeping the vista asI hope that it will be used when my circumstances change. However until then. The Giggle is great even takes a carseat. I have had it for 4 months and enjoying a lot more than the vista. I wish it had been out when ds was first born. May not buy another as practically it works sowell. Forgot to add it was £330 car seat would be another 90 but feel I got so much more value for money than the vista where everything was a extra ( pet peeve).

Musty evo would be my second choice gotofferedthedemo at the show for a£100 was really tempted. Baby show on the Sunday afternoon last thing is a good place fora bargain.

alvarolfda Wed 10-Apr-13 16:59:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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