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Mamas & Papas vs MacLaren Quest please help me choose

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ok, after a look around John Lewis and Mamas & Papas we have shortlisted the M&P Cruise and a Maclaren Quest. Both the same price, both similar but the Cruise will lie flat which will help (2nd buggy for DD 2.5 going on hols to NZ). The only thing is I have no idea which brand is best quality wise, can anyone help?

Also on my other thread people have recommended chicco and BJCM pushchairs - where do I actually go to see these brands. Am in central London without a car so somewhere central would be good.
Thanks a lot!

TheOtherMe Sat 06-Mar-10 19:38:27

The cruise looks good. However I know someone who had the M&P Pulse followed by the Maclaren XT and much preferred the XT. Plus the Pulse gave up the ghost relatively quickly whereas the XT is still going and her child is now 5!
If your DC is 2.5 the quest recline will be absolutely fine as it is nearly flat.
No knowledge of the other two.

feedthegoat Sat 06-Mar-10 19:38:43

I had a Maclaren quest and I thought the seat reclined far enough for a toddler to sleep in. Ds certainly never had a problem.

I don't drive so walk between 10 and 20 miles a week (according to my pedometer!). I had the quest for about 3 years so it has had some heavy use but it still going strong. I was happy with it.

Hmm, that's my quandary, everyone uses Maclarens and they have a very good rep, not so sure about M&P.
My main reason for liking the 'lay-flat' bit is because we are flying a long way and we will all be Jet lagged, so would like DD to have a really good chance of getting a good sleep if necessary. Don't want her showing me up in front of the in-laws! grin

TheOtherMe Sat 06-Mar-10 20:17:40

There is a green apples quest on the

zen1 Sat 06-Mar-10 23:26:45

I would go for the Quest - I know of two people who had M&Ps buggies that broke within a matter of months...

nicolamumof3 Sun 07-Mar-10 10:27:34

quests go on forever much better quality imo and you also get lifetime warranty on new ones now. m&p pita if anything goes wrong.

my 2.5yr old happily sleeps in his apples quest..hold on i'll find a pic to prove it grin

Would always opt for a maclaren over mamas and papas.
M+P usually looks good but poor quality
Just had a similar dilemma, M+P Kato@£50 V Maclaren Triumph @ £110.
Kato lay flat, triumph reclines nearly flat
But had a triumph before which lasted 5 years, and I never worried about it
Have gone for the Triumph even though it cost more

nicolamumof3 Sun 07-Mar-10 10:32:35

2.5yr old ds3 asleep in his quest

and just noticed seat not even reclined!

CiderIUpAndSetIFree Sun 07-Mar-10 10:37:29

Definitely Maclaren. Have a look at the Techno too (maybe second hand ones if you don't want to go too high on price) - I think they are slightly roomier for bigger toddlers and the double wheels are really sturdy. They fold down pretty small and I've never had a problem travelling with one, you can hang loads of luggage off the handles too.

Thanks everyone, good idea about the techno, trying to find one online and boots & john lewis are out of stock! Will check eBay.

TheOtherMe Sun 07-Mar-10 16:11:35

Try kiddicare. Excellent delivery.

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