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Special promo today and tomorrow at huggle

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user1468246233 Mon 11-Jul-16 15:17:33

Here's a nice little discount on offer at huggle in London for the next 2 days - use code PRIME16 and get 5% off orders over £500 and 10% off orders over £1000 - perfect if you are buying a pushchair or furniture!

KirstyHel Mon 01-Aug-16 14:51:53

Avoid Huggle, bought my bugaboo from them and when it developed a fault, the customer service was none existent, Huggle suggested I started dismantling my pram to replace parts, which I wasn't prepared to do because I am no mechanic and it would void my warranty, they then suggested I take my pram into store which is in London and I live in Newcastle up to Tyne, or send my pram to them at my cost.
It was at this point I contacted trading standards who advised me that because I bought the pram online, the store have to collect at their cost with no inconvenience to myself, I took this info and put it to Huggle in an email, to which Jason heller rudely informed me I was wrong and his T&C's state otherwise. I contacted trading standards again and they told me to inform Jason he was now breaking the law, and it was his final chance to help or I would reject the pram. As a compromise I suggested sending out some replacement wheels that just clip in, to which Jason replied stating that he and bugaboo agreed to do, I then left a honest review about my experience with Huggle online.
A week and a half later, no wheels, I contact Jason heller again and get a reply stating he no longer wants to communicate via email just on the phone, which I declined as I want everything documented. I decided to ring bugaboo direct as I was getting nowhere with Huggle and its manager, and was disgusted to be told my replacement wheels had been cancelled a week ago by Jason heller because he informed them he had given me a refund and I no longer own the pram, so I could not get the parts needed under my warranty and the warranty itself no longer existed, but thankfully a simple photo proves that lie.
I rang Jason heller to ask him about this and he told me I wasn't getting my wheels because "I had left a review", I told him what I thought of him and hung up, I since have received a response to an email to bugaboo stating that my new wheel is in the post direct to me.
Thankfully I seem to have got sorted via bugaboo, because if it were down to Jason heller and his weasel attitude, I wouldn't have got anywhere, spend a bit extra and go to a high street store, save the hassle.

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