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anyone brought from

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Lindanewmum Thu 29-Jan-15 21:14:07

I have also ordered from this company. I placed my order on 17th Dec and first reply from them was 9th Jan. Since then they have been promising delivery of my pram but have yet to ship it. Phone number is very difficult to get an answer and when they do answer the customer service is poor. The lady was speaking a foreign language to her colleague whilst I was trying to talk. They promised a prompt response to my query but I have yet to hear from them, this was 3 days ago. They did give me a refund of 5% of my order but what good is 35Euro when I cant take my daughter for a walk. She is now 2 months old.
Very poor customer service, processing times are not as advertised on website and now my emails are being ignored. I am so stressed and upset

I have tried everything

Ihateparties Thu 23-May-13 16:36:45

nam.. are you keeping the livi??

vcollin Thu 23-May-13 11:21:36

I passed an order on this website for a musty buggy, the price are cheap and the delivery was on time. It's a great website !

nam207 Thu 11-Apr-13 17:45:13

Hi is this site genuine? It seems really cheap.


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