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anyone brought from

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nam207 Thu 11-Apr-13 17:45:13

Hi is this site genuine? It seems really cheap.


vcollin Thu 23-May-13 11:21:36

I passed an order on this website for a musty buggy, the price are cheap and the delivery was on time. It's a great website !

Ihateparties Thu 23-May-13 16:36:45

nam.. are you keeping the livi??

Lindanewmum Thu 29-Jan-15 21:14:07

I have also ordered from this company. I placed my order on 17th Dec and first reply from them was 9th Jan. Since then they have been promising delivery of my pram but have yet to ship it. Phone number is very difficult to get an answer and when they do answer the customer service is poor. The lady was speaking a foreign language to her colleague whilst I was trying to talk. They promised a prompt response to my query but I have yet to hear from them, this was 3 days ago. They did give me a refund of 5% of my order but what good is 35Euro when I cant take my daughter for a walk. She is now 2 months old.
Very poor customer service, processing times are not as advertised on website and now my emails are being ignored. I am so stressed and upset

I have tried everything

veracity Fri 14-Aug-15 11:32:12

I ordered a playpen via on 17 July. The site said "normal dispatch within one week." I never got a confirmation. Every time I tried to call, I got a message saying either "all our voicemail boxes are full" or "all our lines are busy" - without every getting the option of leaving a voicemail, so where are those full boxes? On 26 July, sent an email informing me that they were receiving the goods"mid-next week" - that would be 29 July - and would send them out immediately. (n.b. they are based in SW18, I am in SW19) Nothing happened. After further prompting from me, I got another message on 6 August, informing me that the playpen would definitely go out "tomorrow at the latest" - that would be 7 August. It is now 14 August, almost a month after I placed my order and paid for the goods, and I'm still waiting. After I sent a series of frustrated emails, Dieter Lang (who appears to be in charge) gave me another number where he could be reached - this time with a answering message in German. In the course of the next weeks, I did manage to get through to him personally 2x, but both times, the line was unceremoniously cut immediately after I explained that I was waiting for an order. Beginning to wonder if this site is not a bit dodgy. Perhaps not a total scam, just understaffed, overstretched and (my theory) trying to cut costs by bulking orders and shipments whilst not being totally up-front with their clients. Who are parents/grandparents with babies and small children, where every day counts. Pity, because their selection is really very good. At this point, I'd throw aesthetics to the wind and order elsewhere, but I can't even reach anyone to cancel my order.

Marie04 Thu 22-Oct-15 10:43:11

Hi there,

I ordered a Cam buggy, the delivery was on time and the design of the pram is perfect for me. It's a really good website.

KatTwam Mon 26-Oct-15 16:33:34

We bought a car seat from which we found didn't work properly (the isofix wouldn't withdraw) this was back in May. I complained immediately, but they have been a NIGHTMARE to deal with (I even set up a Facebook group AVOID and in the end we didn't get our repaired seat returned to us until last week! That was five months without a functioning car seat. They show a complete disregard for customers, delays in responding to emails, frequently different people answering, refused to send me a number - until after my seat arrived (tel 020 3056 1177)… Just totally abysmal. I also wrote to Which to complain - I suggest you do the same or if you haven't bought from them AVOID!

latinov Wed 23-Mar-16 08:34:37

I would definitely NOT recommend this seller. I would even quote KatTwam - AVOID!!! They show good items on good prices on their site, but the reality is they DO NOT have those on stock or even CANNOT obtain them. It is just to take your order and then they start winning time. Not replying to your mails for weeks, no phone is working. When reply to mail the promise stock will be delivered next week and then next mail again next week. Go to another store, even if you have to pay little more, wasted time and nerves are precious! Even if you really decide to buy with them, pay through PayPal. You can easily raise a PayPal dispute and get your money back. With credit card it will not be that easy.

Weerachelt Mon 02-May-16 12:57:30

Has anyone got contact details for . I haven't had any info on my order but they have took the payment

flyingpug Sat 14-May-16 04:47:06


I ordered a pram on 16 March 2016. After a couple of email exchanges and waiting for more than ONE MONTH, I received an email on April 26 informing that the model i ordered is out of stock. On April 29, I requested for another model after making sure that this model could be dispatched immediately. I was assured that it would be dispatched within 1 week. A top up of €47 was then paid for the new pram.

8 DAYS LATER.... MAY 6. As i did not received any shipping notification, I emailed to check and was told my pram would be sent 'early next week'.

I waited patiently till mid week, May 11. Again, it seems like there were delays. I sent another email requesting for specific timeline on shipping as at this point it has almost been 2 MONTHS of waiting. I requested that if shipping could not be made within a couple of days from May 11, I would prefer to cancel.

Almost immediately on that same day, I received a notification that my item was shipped. But the tracking number provided was fake and no specific tracking website was provided.

I emailed the next day May 12 to ask for the tracking number and relevant website to track. I was replied to expect the tracking number on May 13.

Its MAY 14. After waiting 2 weeks for the new pram, it seems like the pram has yet to be shipped.


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