Taylor Wimpey - talk to me about the standard vs upgrade options

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buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 12:05:51

We are buying a Taylor Wimpey new build and need to choose our 'extras' and options soon.

The kitchen choices are causing me to lose sleep, which is ridiculous! Please help.

The standard kitchen is white or pear shaker country style. Doors with straight line ridges. I would prefer the white out of two as I really would like a white kitchen. However I am not keen on ridges.

The 'upgrade' options that I maybe like are:
White gloss
Ivory gloss
Cream matt

Really I want white matt but this isn't an option. I prefer the ivory gloss colour but like the matt look.

So standard or upgrade? None are absolutely perfect.

Does anyone have any of these Taylor Wimpey kitchens? Can you tell me about them? Easy to keep clean? Looks nice in a smallish kitchen? Are the upgraded ones worth the extra £400-500?

Any other upgrades/extras you would say were or were not worth it? Not just in the kitchen.

IrrationalFear Tue 21-Aug-12 15:04:49

Can't tell you about Taylor Wimpey but we have the same decision to make with a new Shanly home. Kinda just wish it was already done!

buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 15:11:00

I feel the same!! I want a white matt kitchen without ridges!!!! But they don't have this.

IrrationalFear Tue 21-Aug-12 15:16:46

Standard is a stone creamy coloured work top, white gloss units which are beautiful. But stupid decisions over splash backs or tiles, door handles and sink taps!

buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 15:18:50

It sounds like your builder is a bit more generous with standard!

I have the white gloss from TW, it's very nice. We also went with the high gloss floor tiles for the kitchen which I love, and the ceramic hob (which is ok, but not as good as my old one).

We chose the mid range carpets instead of the included ones, and they are lovely, really thick and squishy.

The outside light is a pain in the neck - the option we picked was a switch only one, but they stopped doing it and put a sensor one in and it turns on all the blinking time (or it did, until I disconnected it). We didn't have the fridge/freezer/washing machine integrated but we did get the double oven and dishwasher and I'm happy with both.

If you haven't already, I'd go with getting the extra tv aerial/phone sockets put in - we didn't and I regret it a bit now as I have to get someone out to do it. You'll still have to get someone to put the actual aerial in, but it's less work if the sockets are all done. We also had the shower put in the main bathroom and the extra tiling done - I priced it up with my bil who is a tiler and it was close enough to his cost to make it worth having.

We didn't get the garden done - you get a paving stone path around the outside of the house anyway, so we are leaving the garden & patio for now and will do over the winter. The neighbours had turf laid and it has died already!

Anything specific you want to know, just give me a shout

buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 16:44:29

Thanks for the reply!

What worktop and wall tiles did you go for in the kitchen?

I'm intending to pay for:
Upgraded oven and hob
Outside light (will check about sensor!!)
Extra tiling in wc
Fitted wardrobe
Upgraded kitchen??

We do want a shower in the main bathroom but the ensuite has one and I can't see us having a need for 2 showers any time in the near future. I think we will get this done some years later.

With tv points - I was thinking of getting sky and then extra free sat boxes for the bedrooms so this shouldn't be a problem.

Our carpets are not included so I'm having them done by another company.

So you have seen the standard kitchen. What did you think?

Wasn't much for the standard, much preferred the white gloss (I also liked the red but DH didn't). We have the dark worktop with an upstand, so no tiling in kitchen apart from floor. I have put a picture of one side of it on my profile.

Fencing is ok - ours was all included though, as were the fitted wardrobes in the master bed, so it might be worth double checking with your sales office.

Extra tiling in WC - we didn't bother with this. The extra shower was worth it for us as DS likes showers and I didn't want any excuses for kids starting to use our bathroom!

As far as the turf goes, this is about the last thing that's done before you move in - when are you expecting the house to be ready? I'd really reconsider if you are looking at Dec/Jan time - the chances of frost are fairly high depending on where you are, which is not great for new grass.

What style house have you gone for, out of interest?

buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 17:30:56

Your site sounds more generous. Fence and wardrobes are not included. The house isn't a normal TW one because they bought the site from a local builder who was going bust. They did change the plans slightly but not too much. It's a townhouse. I love the house. I am just finding it so very hard to choose a kitchen! I do like yours with the white doors and dark top. Ours has to have tiles. I'm thinking ivory gloss might be the way to go for me. I have no idea what colour worktop to have. Ah! One week to go until options day!

do you get to go and see example kitchens, or do you just have some samples in the sales office? That's what we had, along with the show house (which had the oak doors and granite work top, which looked very nice but I didn't fancy it).

v stingy of them to charge you for fences etc, imo. Ours had carpets/vinyl included, so we only had to pay the difference to upgrade - I know you said you were getting your carpets from elsewhere, but do they usually include them? If so, I'd ask for the fencing and wardrobes instead, maybe?

Most of the tiles were really nice, they were all Porcelanosa and we found three different ones we liked, so we had one lot in the cloakroom, my favourites in the en suite and the others in the bathroom. I had the vinyl floor in the en suite and bathroom too, and that's fine, it cleans up nicely.

buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 17:55:38

I can look at the show homes and samples. There are a few sites nearby and they all have different kitchens so I have seen a few of them. A lot of the show ones have granite worktops which look lovely but we are not getting.

The carpets are not included as standard but are usually included but not for us. TW are paying for other things for us (5% deposit, estate agent 2.5k fee, stamp duty).

IrrationalFear Tue 21-Aug-12 19:05:52

Shanly homes dont seem too bad actually. They are including carpets, laminate, the patio, fitted wardrobes, bathroom mirrors and burglar alarm. A bit jel you get your stamp duty paid, we'd love to save that extra £15k!

buttons33 Tue 21-Aug-12 19:29:09

Our stamp duty is not even close to 15k! More like 2k.

IrrationalFear Tue 21-Aug-12 20:43:50

That's much much more appealing. Unfortunately we're paying absurd London prices.

Mum2Fergus Wed 22-Aug-12 09:15:52

Hate to rain on parades but just for awareness...we've been in a TW new build since May 2010 and (along with 6 neighbours that Im aware of) have had nothing but issues. Plumbing is all to pot and have had 3 visits from emergency plumber, no drainage in garden, development not completed as per original plans, no winter salt provision ( Dec 10 we were all stranded for 7 days, eventually had to club together and hire a plough), all but roughly 40cms of guttering fell off. Final straw now is that apparently my and neighbours house were put up without planning permission! Local MP is now on the case alongside several lawyers. In short will never have any dealings with them again.

IrrationalFear Wed 22-Aug-12 13:48:48

Mum2, I haven't bought a TW property I have bought a Shanly new build and to be honest your post is the reason why. My uncle bought a TW property and the over head shower head fell on his baby when she was in the bath as it wasn't screwed in properly, they've also had sewage problems and their extractor fan wasn't vented. I feel for you sad

Mum2Fergus Wed 22-Aug-12 16:41:30

Apologies IF, Ive misread the thread...

MousyMouse Wed 22-Aug-12 20:51:26

wrt to the showe over bath. please check if the tub is suitable for that. we have lived in a newbuild were it wasn't, they had put a wobbly plastic tub in...

buttons33 Thu 23-Aug-12 00:51:48

Ah. Horror stories about new builds!!! :-(

on the other hand buttons ours has been fine. Some window handles were a bit dodgy but they replaced them they day I pointed it out, and one extractor fan was wired up incorrectly, which took 5 mins for them to fix.

Yes, there are lots of cracks appearing in the walls etc but they are to be expected, as the house is settling, and yes, if you leave the windows open everything is coated in dust as they are still building, but those are minor issues, so not all new builds are terrible.

minibmw2010 Thu 23-Aug-12 16:16:41

We have a TW house, 7 yrs old at Xmas, kitchen still looks good. We have cream Matt units, is go for white gloss, gloss easier to clean than Matt. We also have a cream tiled floor, nightmare to keep clean with a 15 nth DS, so I'd go for a darker floor. smile

buttons33 Thu 23-Aug-12 16:17:00

I am very excited about our new house and it is long awaited but I do keep hearing bad things about Taylor Wimpey so I'm a bit worried.

minibmw2010 Thu 23-Aug-12 16:17:35

Also, ours was the upgrade kitchen, TW put £6k of extras in as they wanted the sale to go through quickly smile

buttons33 Thu 23-Aug-12 16:45:42

Thanks mini. So you probably have the cream matt one I have been looking at and wouldn't recommend it?

minibmw2010 Thu 23-Aug-12 18:02:59

No, the cream Matt is perfectly nice and still looks good nearly 7 years on, our next door neighbour had the white ones with grooves and that was nice too, I just think the white gloss would be very nice and a bit 'smarter'. What I would spend extra on is the appliances, we were given white ones and stainless steel looks better with the cream units.

buttons33 Thu 23-Aug-12 19:09:43

Thanks for that. We will be having stainless steel so that's all good. Just need to choose which doors.

rabbit4 Thu 30-Aug-12 16:31:19

We are deciding to buy a TW new build house at Newport. First time buyer and our offer will be 2-3% less than the listed price. The house will not be read until next March, what do we need to pay attention? Thanks in advance.

I ahve the white gloss option in my Taylor Wimpey house, I love it, very easy to clean, most tings don't stick as it is too shiny. I will post a picture in my profile for you.

We also upgraded to half hight tiling in all bathrooms apart from cloakroom.

I really wouldn't get them to turf the garden, ours is aweful, they don't repare the groud properly and we have huge stones working their way through ours all the time.

I also second about extra sockets, they are quite a cheap option. We had loads put it, apart from in our Daughters bedroom, getting someone alse out after the event is not only very costly but very messy.

Fimbo Thu 30-Aug-12 16:45:30

I live in a TW new build. It depends really on the site manager how well built the house will be. We went through a few on this site, luckily we bought towards the end of the build phase so most of the orginal site problems had been sorted out. (A couple of the houses here, didn't have the sewage connected properly and it did flood the houses). We also had terrible dollies in the show home (the saleswomen, dh took to calling them the Barbie dolls actually) who weren't really that interested, once you had agree to buy a house and obviously they had earned their commission.

I have the basic white ridged kitchen (is it the one from a company called Symphony?) and have had no problems with it and teamed it with wooden (fake obviously!) work tops and they are fine (been in this house 5 years now). We did upgrade to the stainless steel oven and extractor hood though. We were sejuced (sorry sp) a bit by the show home and went with white floor tiles big mistake!! Terrible to keep clean. My friend lives over the back of me and chose Karndean flooring which looks like tiles and is so much better.

I am trying to remember things from the top of my head so this post is probably a bit wonky. One thing is once you are moved in, TW are legally obliged for 2 years from date of purchase to rectify anything that is wrong, so keep on top of them for that. You can hire professional snag list makers which with TW may be worth the cost as they will list stuff you never even think about. Check spaces above places like the boiler as I could never understand why my utility was so blinking cold and then dh investigated one day found a huge whole to the outside wall, where they had obviously misjudged where to put a pipe and just left it.

If you want to see pictures of my kitchen or need any further info pm me.

Fimbo Thu 30-Aug-12 16:50:04

Oh yes I agree with HaveToWearHeels do not under any circumstances let Wimpey do the turfing. I saw the way my neighbour's was done, they just turfed it over the top of what was left, so over the top of builders waste, gloves, masking bottles the works. Plus the guy that was doing next door's was doing it in the pissing rain and it just looked a mess from day one, still doesn't look right 5 years on.

Oh and take the kickboards off the kitchen and check, there were crisps packets, cans of coke, sandwich boxes etc and all manner of junk underneath ours and our neighbours.

Buttons you are buying a new build, you will have snagging and you will need to be up there arse but you do have two years guarantee, they just send out a handy man to fix stuff.

Fimb we had our kitchen floor tiled and the kick boarsd replaced with stainless steel ones. what we didn't find under there was no bodies business lol

OhEmGee24 Thu 30-Aug-12 18:02:26

Rabbi4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you'll have a hard time trying to buy a new build at any lower than the asking price. But, you typically save money by them throwing extras like flooring, lighting and alarms.

OhEmGee24 I will correct you, you are wrong smile. I paid 45k less than the asking price on my new build. Which was approx 10%. It was a really cheeky offer but they accepted straight away.

OhEmGee24 Thu 30-Aug-12 21:05:49

Corrected smile

buttons33 Fri 31-Aug-12 02:44:07

The options have been decided on and signed for. Thanks for the replies to my original post.

I will be having an ivory gloss kitchen! Phew.

rabbit4 Fri 31-Aug-12 14:39:06

Thanks OhEmGee24. I will try to ask more discount offer for the new build. Any other best suggestions to secure TW will take my offer? smile)

Fimbo Fri 31-Aug-12 15:10:29

New build market is struggling, they will accept anything. Just go in low, you can always up it a bit.

rabbit4 Fri 31-Aug-12 15:35:26

Thanks, Fimbo

Buttons what tiles did you go for ?

buttons33 Fri 31-Aug-12 16:24:24

I ended up paying for upgraded tiles. Stupid but I really like them. They are cream and an unusual shape.

Fimbo Fri 31-Aug-12 16:37:07

Rabbit4, how well is the development selling? What stage is it at? My neighbour got hers for a song as it was the last house and they were desperate to sell before their year end. Also there is a new build estate in the next village down to mine, they are away to start the next phase of it, so they are selling off the 1st phase greatly reduced. Really they will take anything as long as you are in a position to move.

We upgraded to half height tiling was really worth the money as Porselnosa tiles are a mint and I think they only wanted £300 for each bathroom.
Your choice sounds lovely, nothing really sticks to the gloss.

OhEmGee24 Fri 31-Aug-12 17:16:06

Not always true fimbo! My sister only got 10k off her new build and that was twisting every person's arm she came into contact with. Considering this is "just a flat" at nearly £350k, a small 10k reduction was pretty crap. Depends on so many variables - location, popularity etc.

buttons33 Fri 31-Aug-12 17:28:52

My site doesn't really have any discounts going on because it's popular. But there are incentives to be had!

Fimbo Fri 31-Aug-12 17:39:40

Yes but was it some of the builders like Taylor Wimpey? As I say its generally the ones at the end of build stage and when they are desperate to get rid. There is another estate near here, which was built and supposed to have a community centre, shops etc and it all fell by the wayside when the company providing these things (with help obviously from Taylor Wimpey and others) went bust. Still a half finished estate and you can pick them up there for next to nothing. If you are in a position to move too (i.e. exchanged or cash buyer) you can push them hard. My friend did this as a cashbuyer.

OhEmGee24 Fri 31-Aug-12 19:48:10

She was a cash buyer but I think it was Barrett homes.

On our estate you are hard pushed to get much off the stated price - there are about three houses still available on the final phase, which has not begun to be built yet. TW are building one more of the style of house we bought, and there is a waiting list for it, in case the people who have reserved it do not make their exchange date - my friends are on it, because we beat them to this house!

There are incentives - for FTB and part ex, but large discounts are highly unlikely.

On the same development, there are some Elan Homes, which are finished and have been for over 12 months. Those, you can get some decent discounts on, but they are still proving very difficult to shift, because they are just not as well thought out as the TW homes. We looked at two of them, and didn't like either very much. They also start at a higher price than TW.

Barretts are notorious for not giving discounts. We looked at Barretts, fitted wardrobes, fancy light fittings, coving, fireplace, etc all flooring however we weren't prepared to pay for these things on our mortgage. Our house is much bigger and the same money, we have added value by doing these things ourselves over the past couple of years.
Depends what you want I suppose, smaller house that is done completely or bigger house and save up to do things as a when.

OhEmGee24 Wed 05-Sep-12 21:58:15

Read read and read again your lease contract. Consider the high proportion of council housing which is a legal requirement on any new development. Seriously, tooth comb the small print.

Smileyface11 Thu 08-Nov-12 12:04:31

Hi all,

My husband and I are buying our first home, a 3 bed TW new build. We are about to start looking at extras etc.

We are aware some of it, we could do ourselves cheaper. Does anyone have any tips as we obviously want to save money where we can.


19BEES Sun 12-Jan-14 18:56:36

Hello all,

I know this is an old thread but we've just exchanged on our new Taylor Wimpey house (very exciting - despite some of the reviews) and wondered if anyone negotiated on the price of the extras?

We have 10k worth of extras included already but would like to purchase the chrome radiators, full tiling to bathroom etc, but for 3 chrome radiators they are charging £1000. This seems really steep considering you can by them at retail price for £125 a piece. Thats £625 mark up as the labour involved is the same as the standard ones.

Has anyone got any info on this please? Options appointment 26th Jan.

Thanks in advance smile

That does seem steep ?!?! Can't you just get it done yourselves ?!

No they wouldn't negotiate on the price of the extra's when we bought. But that does seem expensive, don't think we paid anything near that for 4 and one of ours is full height (bloody massive). If you are upgrading the tiling though you will need to get them to do the chrome radiators otherwise you will have screw holes from the brackets for the standard radiators through the tiles.
Is there something you can delay to a later date to be able to have the radiators ?
Not sure if this is the thread I mentioned my tiling on but just something else to think about. All our neighbours bathroom have skirting boards fitted then the tiler tiled down to the skirting which means you loose the profile of the skirting (it just looks like a painted band going around the room). We asked them to leave the skirting off and tile down to the floor, then when our tiler went in and tiled the floors he tiled up to the wall and put a line of sealant around so it has a wet room effect, much much nicer finish.

Nicole33 Fri 28-Mar-14 21:58:37

I exchanged recently on a TW house, due to be completed in July/August. I was told there was no room to negotiate on price (as the development is so popular) but did get FTB incentives such as 5%towards deposit and legal fees paid for.

I am picking my options at the weekend and wondered if anyone had been successful recently in negotiating any extras to be thrown in?

I really want the fully upgraded integrated kitchen but things like flooring and turf push the price up and it would be nice to get something thrown in!

Anyone have any recent experience with them?

Saimasahir Wed 07-May-14 10:29:12

We have just moved into our new taylor wimpey home!
We bought a 5 bed - incentives included stamp duty paid and carpet package!
We paid for granite worktops, tiling in 2 bathrooms, floor tiles and turf which was all reasonable.

Really impressed with all there efforts, they have been fantastic at fixing any problems we have had... Having read all the reviews we were quite apprehensive but couldn't recommend them enough smile

Nicole33 Mon 16-Jun-14 13:40:21

Well TW would not negotiate on anything with me! But I ended up going for the upgraded kitchen. Carpets and flooring are extra but I went for the standard range. I also opted for extra sockets and an extra TV ariel in the bedroom.

TW want �152 to install an outside tap. At another TW site in the same town (Colchester) they want �80 if the kitchen is at the back of the property - which mine is. All the sales rep could say was that different sites charge differently. The icing on the cake was that the site manager (when I had my 'meet the builder' meeting) thought it was �40! He told me one of the plumbers would do it for about �30 when I move in!

I actually managed to see the outside of my house (unofficially) a couple of weeks ago and noticed that one of the windows was not the same as the artists impression. Knowing that the artists impression is not always accurate I went over the technical plans with the sales rep and confirmed that it was not the same as the plan, which is what I based my purchase on. As the change had been made without informing me I had the choice of cancelling my contract and getting all my money back. I said I would wait until I had my 'meet the builder' meeting the next week.

At the meeting I asked to check the windows against the plan and the site manager tried to assure me that it was the right type of window for that size. Needless to say once we looked at the plans the site manager confirmed the windows were 1200mm but the plan specified 1350mm! I also spotted that this was the same for the kitchen window. This is quite a big mistake and does affect the amount of light in both rooms, especially as one is north facing.

The site manager is 'looking into what's happened' but said they will have to replace the windows if I'm not happy. Obviously this will cost TW time and money so I am hoping I now have some leverage to negotiate on the remaining cost of my extras , plus a lawn and an outside tap!

Hollyashaw Tue 17-Jun-14 09:01:17

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. My partner and I are moving into a coach house next week and are trying to book a tiler to tile the floor in both our small upstairs bathrooms. I'm having trouble getting hold of TW to find out what the flooring will be in the bathrooms so the tiler can price it up. Would it be just chipboard underneath? Any help is much appreciated!

Nicole33 Tue 17-Jun-14 14:55:53

I think its just concrete. That's what I was told there would be if I didn't order flooring before I moved in.

Good luck getting info from TW, they kept avoiding giving me the measurements for my garden because they didn't want me to price up somewhere else!

Hollyashaw Tue 17-Jun-14 15:04:23

Thanks Nicole33!
Yes I know exactly what you mean, have had the same troubles, haven't even been able to see the house yet and supposed to move in on Monday...they are quite good at not giving straight answers I've noticed!

Nicole33 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:57:40

Hollyashaw hope all went well with your move?

I have a friend on a different TW site to me who hasn't been able to see her house yet whereas I've now seen mine twice!

To be honest though the second time I saw mine was because of the window issue I mentioned in an earlier post as they wanted me to meet with the contracts manager...I now have a load of things being done for free as a gesture of goodwill for keeping the incorrect windows. They won't cost TW much but will save me a small fortune in paying workmen to do it when I move in!

Downstairs will be concrete upstairs will be chip board, so in a coach house I would say chipboard.

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