Sold but nowhere to move to, pls hold my hand

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Schulte Wed 31-Mar-10 21:14:11

So we've had a good offer on our house after 6 weeks on the market and accepted it a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, although we've been looking since December, there is absolutely nothing suitable for us to buy. We are looking for a 3-4 bed family home and people who own one around here just stay put, plus the market is really slow anyway. I am now starting to feel the pressure, am worried about losing our buyer, but on the other hand we don't really want to move somewhere that we're not 100% sure about. I have had the odd sleepless night sad all I want is to give my girls a proper home and to settle into our new house before we have to apply for a school place for DD1. But it feels like it's never going to happen!

elvislives Wed 31-Mar-10 21:20:57

We have the opposite problem. House on the market since September but no sniff of a buyer, had to relocate to the other side of the country with work. Currently paying rent and bills here, and mortgage and bills there School deadlines from Oct to Jan for 3 yo DD.

Where are you?

assumetheposition Wed 31-Mar-10 23:24:01

I can hold your hand but we're in exactly the same boat.

We sold our house last year even though our purchase fell through at the last minute. We decided to rent thinking it would be temporary but 12 months later we are still here.

As a result, DS is now attending the local pre-school and will start reception in September.

This isn't where we planned to end up. However, DS loves his school and we are settled so we have decided to stay. It does mean that we have significantly narrowed our house search area.

Renting is not so bad and at least you will be in a strong position when the right house does come up.

Just make sure you rent somewhere where you would be happy to send DD1 to school.

But it is depressing when you know what you want and there is nothing for sale sad

Good luck.

minipie Thu 01-Apr-10 11:15:53

have you tried putting a letter through the door of suitable houses? you never know, some people may be more willing to sell if they know there is interest.

pcworld Thu 01-Apr-10 12:40:36

Please may I join this thread, we have been under offer since February and no-where to buy sad

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