Luminous/flourescent pink paint.

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CardyMow Sun 14-Feb-10 03:15:02

I am just about to redecorate DD's bedroom (she's almost 12yo). She wants her walls white, with a black carpet, and lumo pink blind and accessories. Fine says me. Thinking I'm sure I remember seeing a range of paints somewhere (for her new furniture, it's that paint-it-yourself stuff) that had a flourescent pink in the range. Went to homebase today, Nothing. Am wondering if anyone knows anywhere that sells it? Her room hasn't been decorated since she was 6yo and had it all little girly and lilac.

AllThreeWays Sun 14-Feb-10 03:24:54

As I am in Oz I'm not sure where, but there is a disney range of paints that has some bright pinks.
Dulux has some hi chroma bases that will tint up to really bright pinks too, just ask the person at the paint desk. I recommend "scarlett ribbons"

SofiaAmes Sun 14-Feb-10 04:48:59

Try B&Q or a Dulux store.

rebl Sun 14-Feb-10 09:22:45

B&Q I'm sure have a florescent pink.

CardyMow Sun 14-Feb-10 15:39:07

Cheers, will check out their website. I knew I'd seen it somewhere.

CardyMow Sun 14-Feb-10 16:15:08

Nope, B&Q did have fluorescent pink paint but they don't seem to any more, I've so far found ONE UK stockist of it, but it's almost £30 for a 1 litre tin. shock. Help!!

CardyMow Sun 14-Feb-10 16:39:38

I have scoured the internet, Amazon only has it in a spray when I need emulsion. I'm losing the will to live here. I know that one of the DIY stores (probably B&Q) did have it, but now nowhere has and I'm getting pissed off annoyed with what I thought would be an easy enough task! £30 for a litre is a bit steep, especially as only getting 1 litre will be pushing it with painting the furniture. Can anyone LINK me to some that is (hopefully) in the UK and less than £25 a litre??

SoupDragon Sun 14-Feb-10 16:41:08

The Crayola range by Craig & Rose had small tubs of fluorescent pink paint.

SoupDragon Sun 14-Feb-10 16:43:51

I can only find mention of it on the Craig & Rose website though. You used to be able to buy it in Focus DIY.

CardyMow Sun 14-Feb-10 16:54:14

I can't actually look at the crayola colours on the Craig&Rose website. I've tried to look at charts for the crayola stuff online and can't find any. <<tears hair out>>. I really didn't think that she was asking for anything too difficult as I'd seen the paint a year or two ago in a DIY shop. FFS!

southeastastra Sun 14-Feb-10 16:58:44

is'nt this nicer? luminous would be a bit much wouldn't it?

SoupDragon Sun 14-Feb-10 16:59:02

You may find a B&Q store has the paint even if it's not online.

southeastastra Sun 14-Feb-10 17:00:32

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southeastastra Sun 14-Feb-10 17:01:06

nice too


SofiaAmes Mon 15-Feb-10 03:30:33

Take a sample (fabric or cutout from mag) of the color you want into a dulux store (or even b&q and ask them to copy it. I don't think there is any extra charge to do so.

CardyMow Mon 15-Feb-10 12:11:09

She really wants it to be 'properly' neon pink IYSWIM, it's really fashionable right now. Wasn't sure that the mixing would be able to match true neon/luminous/fluorescent pink IYSWIM. And nothing else will be good enough for DD, she had a meltdown last night when I gently suggested that I might not be able to find it. (She's asd). Have had testers of both those colours, not neon enough according to DD. And it's only really for wardrobe door handles, drawer handles, headboard on bed IYSWIM, so it wouldn't be too OTT. Walls are to be white.

CardyMow Mon 15-Feb-10 16:24:11

I have success!! I went to B&Q today, and they DO have neon pink (glow in the dark!!) paint. Apparently they don't have their full range online. Which is a bit pants if you ask me, as I had to pay for a taxi each way as well. But we have success. Thanks to all who tried to help!!

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