What's the best place to live in East Sussex?

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lowrib Tue 12-Jan-10 00:06:18

We're moving to the South Coast. While Brighton is very cool of course, it's pretty pricey too! So we're open to ideas and have been exploring the south coast between Brighton and Hastings.

We'll be renting, and wherever we are, I'll need to get to Brighton by public transport in the mornings, and DP will be driving to Hastings.

I'd really appreciate any inside info on where might be good to look?

We liked the look of Seaford - but have only spent about an hour there.

Hastings is really cheap - but Brighton friends have warned us off - it can't be that bad surely?!

DS is really young. I have a nursery sorted in Brighton for him (we'll be commuting together smile) but we'll probably move again in a few years so schools aren't a great consideration right now.

While I'd love to just go for Brighton, money is a consideration, and it would seem we can get much more for our money down the coast - or inland - a bit.

So, oh wise mnetters, what do you think?

TIA grin

Molesworth Tue 12-Jan-10 00:17:02

Hastings: up and coming. Get in while it's cheap grin

lowrib Tue 12-Jan-10 09:20:09

Hiya Molesworth. Fantastic! someone who knows Hastings!

See I currently live in London in an area which is often described as "up and coming".

In my area you can translate that to mean, it has a nice arty feel in places, some good pubs and interesting nightlife and events. I have loved living here for many reasons

But scratch the surface and there's a pretty ugly underbelly.

My road may look just like a nice Victorian terrace at first glance, but get to know it and you'll learn that the people hanging around outside the pub till all hours are indeed crack dealers; after a while only a saint wouldn't get fed up with their customers' aggressive or pathetic demands for money for crack.

There is a level of social deprivation around that means that - despite ongoing and obvious gentrification- many people are living in terrible poverty.

There are high levels of crime including muggings and an aggressive feeling on the streets.

Although I've grown up street-smart and used to it, I'd really quite like somewhere nice to live now!

So, when people say an area is "up and coming" you can see why I am a little cautious! What is it up and coming from I wonder?!

Am I unfairly tainting Hastings (and other 'up and coming areas') with experiences from my own area, do you think? Or is there anything in my concerns?

Sorry for the long post!

TIA smile

mankymummymoo Tue 12-Jan-10 09:22:12

What about Rottingdean or Peacehaven, or Hollingbury or Patcham - bit cheaper than central Brighton.

BonjourIvressedeNoel Tue 12-Jan-10 09:24:03

Patcham is lovely - we nearly moved there....

AngryFromManchester Tue 12-Jan-10 09:25:46

Oh I like the look of Hastings. The seem to have loads of arty stuff going on. St Leonards on Sea looks nice aswell <flicks through coast magazine> I think what you have to remember though is that coastal places are very mixed anyway and what is necessarily a nice place for the day might be too busy to live etc. I live on the coast and we are not ina trendy town at all but it is a LOVELY place to live and has a wonderful sense of community and that is what you need to get the feel for, not how many cupcake shops are in the main street wink

hahaimawitch Tue 12-Jan-10 09:26:25

I am local.
Try Eastbourne for a happy medium. I know lots of people there and they love it.
Lewes really lovely, surrounding villages are nice.
Hastings, they have been saying it is up and coming for years, the old town is nice however it is a very large town with alot of social deprivation. It has changed massively over the years but still wouldn't live there if you paid me.
Otherside of Brighton, Worthing is nice or further afield Chichester.

noddyholder Tue 12-Jan-10 09:28:21

People have been saying hastings up and coming for teh last 12 years but it never has really.I nearly bought a house there to renovate and am glad I didn't as they have fallen hugely in value.There is a lovely bit but its as expensive as Brighton.My parents live in seaford which is nice and 20 mins to brighton.Lewes is lovely too

AngryFromManchester Tue 12-Jan-10 09:30:33

There is social deprivation in most coastal towns though.

lowrib Tue 12-Jan-10 09:36:50

Ooh replies, brilliant thanks everyone! grin

"It is a very large town with alot of social deprivation. It has changed massively over the years but still wouldn't live there if you paid me." hahaimawitch it's exactly this which worries me. It would be a shame to uproot my family and end up living in another area with serious problems! I've kind of had enough of that, so I'm cautious about Hastings. (Great name BTW!)

What's Eastbourne like for a commute? Would you consider doing a regular commute on public transport to Brighton (with DS in tow?)

I'd ruled Worthing out, as DP needs to get into Hastings in the morning, so anything West of Brighton is the wrong side for us.

noddyholder Tue 12-Jan-10 09:40:38

Rottingdean is lovely but there are cheaper areas in Brighton like Patcham which are nice and close to good schools.Renting isn't hugely expensive either not compared to further out.It really doesn't vary too much

ArcticRoll Tue 12-Jan-10 09:45:53

Lewes is lovely but a bit twee, prices are similar to Brighton though.
However it would be perfect location for your commutes as near to brighton and on main route to Hastings for trains and roads.

iheartdusty Tue 12-Jan-10 09:45:58

The trains are pretty reliable, and it's a nice journey - you can see rabbits, sheep, pheasants etc. How much of a journey would you and DS have once in Brighton? Is the nursery right by the station?

lowrib Tue 12-Jan-10 10:05:22

noddyholder and arcticroll that's good to hear - Seaford and Lewes are my favourites so far, but I'm basis that purely on visiting just once.

mmm cupcakes ... I mean good point AngryFromManchester!

iheartdusty, I'm actually going to be a student next September! DS is going to go to the (excellent) nursery at the Mouselcombe campus of Brighton uni. "rabbits, sheep, pheasants etc" sounds lovely!

lowrib Tue 12-Jan-10 10:08:08

Patcham keeps coming up, thanks mankymummymom and BonjourIvressedeNoel, I'll have a look at the other places too.

MABS Tue 12-Jan-10 11:25:06

love lewes- fairly pricey tho, don't know seaford well but my friend lives there and loves it, also have friend in newhaven, bit 'docky' tho iyswim. I also wouldn't live in Hastings if you main me. Which train stop will you get off in the mornings? moulescombe i assume?

don't think worting to hastings is doable really, just too far.

pollyanna Tue 12-Jan-10 11:47:19

I really like Lewes too - but not sure it is any cheaper than Brighton. The train is very good from Lewes to the university/moulescombe too.

I dont' think the commute from Eastbourne is any good -the trains take ages iirc (my ds1 goes to school there).

Molesworth Tue 12-Jan-10 11:52:19

lowrib, we're in the process of buying a house in Hastings (we also live in London). Some friends of ours moved there a couple of years ago and love it there.

luckyblackcat Tue 12-Jan-10 11:55:55

My friends (no DConly dogs) moved from London to Rottingdean a few yrs ago, they love it.

I like it too, really lovely beach for rockpooling, a proper community feel, all shopkeepers know her and folk say hello as we wander round - they generally involve themselves helping with the village pond clear out etc.

Don't know Patcham at all, I used to live just outside Lewes (Earwig Corner) Lewes is quite pricey.

I also used to commute from further up the line from Hastings, I couldn't do the full commute from Hastings. Also Hastings has been 'up and coming' for at least a decade, hasn't arrived yet - my concern would be it might never get there! Have seen some quite eyebrow raising incidents there when I have been with the DC - but I am from a tiny rural hamlet, so the milkman being late is exciting round here.

GrendelsMum Tue 12-Jan-10 11:56:33

My aunt and uncle used to live in Ringmer and work at the Unviersity, and they commuted into Brighton by bus. (And there was some story about how the double decker bus went right past my uncle's office window, so my aunt could check whether he was working as they went by!) But that was a while ago, so I don't know how practical that is now.

wingedangel Tue 12-Jan-10 12:02:27

I know people in Bexhill who love it. I get the impression its Hastings sort of pricing but nicer grin

A fair amount of older people, like Eastbourne I guess, but it depends what you want from a town. If you wanted somewhere very lively then you would have your heart set on Brighton I think!

TeamEdward Tue 12-Jan-10 12:02:27

Hastings does have an "up and coming" label, but I can assure you that the crack dealers are very few and far between. There has been a massive crack down (excuse the pun) on street drinkers too.
The Old Town is lovely, a bit pricey though. I'd avoid St Leonards personally, but areas around the Alexandra PArk and the West Hill (above the Old Town) are great. Hastings is a wonderful place to live.

Having said that, to get to Brighton on the train, you need to change at Eastbourne anyway. So if you bought in Eastbourne, you and DH would both have a "commute" but a shorter one.
Don't try to drive between Eastbourne and Hastings at rush hour - the Bexhill Road is a terrible hold up. A 20 mile journey can easily take an hour. The go-ahead for a new link road has been given, but they haven't started building yet.

TeamEdward Tue 12-Jan-10 12:06:31

What I mean to say is, I've never seen blatent drug dealing, or begging (drug) money in Hastings, and I'd be perfectly happy to walk through the town centre at night (or any time of the day!!)
(I was born in Hastings, moved away for several years, but the beach always pulls you back!)

iheartdusty Wed 13-Jan-10 10:00:07

point of detail - you don't usually need to change trains at Hastings - the train pulls into Eastbourne, stops for a while, then goes to Brighton or Lewes. It has to be said the train journey all the way from Hasting to Brighton is looong and slow, and not very frequent. You do get the consolation that the track runs right beside the beach in parts.

Also very good point that TeamEdward makes about the roads - there is only one main road all the way from Brighton to Hastings, and the section beyond Lewes is mostly single lane and very, very busy. Would recommend that you/DP try to drive it one day at rush hour and factor that into your decision.

policygarry Wed 13-Jan-10 10:07:46

Lewes is beautiful and very charismatic - a proper town, not a satellite of Brighton IYKWIM. Also surrounding villages (Glynde, Alfriston) are gorgeous.

I'm moving to Lewes when I retire grin

lowrib Wed 13-Jan-10 10:46:40

Some good food for thought here, thanks everyone. smile

Good to see the Hastings lot come out in defense of the place! But I'm still a bit cautious. DP is more keen though so I expect it's not totally off the agenda just yet.

TeamEdward and iheartdusty useful info about the roads. I think you're right, we'll have to try the commute to get an idea of what's doable.

GrendelsMum that's a nice image smile

The AA route finder says Seaford to Hastings is 45 minutes. Is this realistic or do you think it's be much longer at rush hour?

iheartdusty Wed 13-Jan-10 10:51:04


midnightexpress Wed 13-Jan-10 10:51:07

Just marking my place, because we too are thinking about a move to the same area.

FWIW, I love Hastings. I know lots of really creative lovely people who live there.

mrsruffallo Wed 13-Jan-10 10:52:43

have a friend in Hastings, he says it's a bit chavtastic but there are like minded people there too

hahaimawitch Wed 13-Jan-10 10:59:09

Seaford to Hastings in 45 minutes... that is an interesting concept! The Hastings to Bexhill road is vile and can take half an hour, then you have to factor in the single lane road all the way to Seaford with and elderly population, some of whom can bearly see over the steering wheel! (I really am talking from experience, I know this journey very very well)
Yes Hastings does have pockets of nice bits but on the whole, move there... not on your life!
Seriously you would be barking to try to communte Hastings to Brighton, it would be a really horrid journey. There are heaps of better options along the route and closer.
Try Eastbourne and then look along the coast towards Brighton.

lowrib Wed 13-Jan-10 11:32:33

hahaimawitch "Seriously you would be barking to try to communte Hastings to Brighton, it would be a really horrid journey."

Brilliant that's exactly the kind of thing we need to know.

See, one of us will be commuting to Brighton (by train), and the other to Hastings (by car) so wherever we live, it needs to be realistically possible to commute to both places.

Hoping such a place actually exists grin

Molesworth Wed 13-Jan-10 11:35:11

Sounds like it might be quicker to commute to both from London grin

LillianGish Wed 13-Jan-10 11:41:44

I would second those who say you'd be barking to commmute from Hastings to Brighton. I used to live in Hastings - before kids - it was supposed to be up and coming then so slightly suspicious if it hasn't upped and come already. I always thought one of the things holding in back was that it was so inaccessible from anywhere - terrible road access and rubbish train service. At the time I lived five minutes from where I was working - trying to go anywhere else was invariably a pita. Should add I actually loved living there - had a sea view and I'd never afford that anywhere else!

brimfull Wed 13-Jan-10 11:44:27

My friend lives in Robertsbridge which is lovely.
Has a train station.

dustycups Wed 13-Jan-10 12:01:27

used to live in hastings and bexhill and st leonards on sea (all the same place if you ask me!) before my mother up rooted us again. personally i love the place but only cos i have emotional ties. bexhill is full of old people and nothing to do (sorry to my best friend who lives there) and st leonards from what i remember has a bit of a drug problem,i used to be part of that problem blush.

im sure there is nicer places in e sussex

AllarmBells Wed 13-Jan-10 13:00:40

Ooh a Hastings thread!!!

We moved from Lewisham to St Leonards 3 years ago. Lewisham was "up and coming for 15 years" in a pretty similar way to how Hastings/St L is often described. We were in Lewisham for 10 years and when we left it didn't look any less rough but the property prices had certainly increased…

St Leonards is quite sprawling, with a coastal bit and some inland parts.
We live in Central St Leonards, which is meant to be rough, and I can see why it has that tag. There are some scary benefit druggy types around, but we have a pretty high tolerance for dodgy types after the Lewisham days! We have - sorry smug alert - a fab house that the surveyor told us would have cost 3x more in Brighton!

I wouldn't live in Brighton if you paid me sorry, you might as well be in London with all the crowds. Hastings is much more chilled-out.

I quite like Bexhill, but the average age is probably about 75, and there's no M&S (which gives you an indication of the size of the shops!) and it's only 10 mins or so from Hastings on the train so would still be a long commute from Brighton.

Re commuting, have a look at the train timetable at www.nationailrail.co.uk. I get the train to London 2x a week or so, and they are pretty good. I think Hastings-Eastbourne is 25m or 45m depending on whether you get a fast train, so look at specific ones that would suit you. Trains along the coast are pretty reliable.

Personally I would go for coastal rather than inland because it's just so life-enhancing. I can't see us ever moving away from the sea.

Where are you moving from? Coming from London, we found everything is sooo much easier to get to, find, park at and afford round here! When people say "traffic problems" it really depends what you are used to. (It used to take me 90 mins to drive 17 miles in London when I used to drive to work, and that was starting at 6am before the rush hour.)

HTH – good luck

iheartdusty Wed 13-Jan-10 13:26:05

does your DP i) have to go by car,
and ii) have to travel at rush hour?

if he could be flexible on one of those, his commute could be a lot easier and you could look closer to Brighton/Patcham/Seaford/Lewes area.

hahaimawitch Wed 13-Jan-10 13:27:05

Out of interest which side of Hastings does your DP need to get to. If it is east I suspect futher inland might work for you, Uckfield and someone else has mentioned Roberstbridge. To drive to Brighton would be fine but I don't know the public transport route.

iheartdusty Wed 13-Jan-10 13:30:59

extract from timetable here

(hope it works - if not, it's easy to make a 'pocket timetable' on national rail.co. uk)

would be over an hour and a quarter from Hastings each way, usually requiring a change to get to Moulsecoomb as opposed to Brighton.

CrawlDaddy Wed 13-Jan-10 13:55:31

My friend lives in Newhaven and swears by it. I'd be interested to hear other opinions of the place.

We're considering a move to S coast from Streatham (even though we really like Streatham, the cost of one extra bedroom is prohibitive), so am watchng this thread with interest!

ArcticRoll Wed 13-Jan-10 17:01:36

Not that keen on Newhaven -very much a port town and lots of lorries and industrial estates-Seaford , Bexhill or Easbourne much nicer imho.

lowrib Wed 13-Jan-10 17:35:03

This is great, thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. It's brilliant to get some real inside info.

iheartdusty, I asked DP just now - do you have to go be car - he said "No, but I don't like the public!" He is only half joking!

He is a car person (totally hypocritical actually, as he will admit himself as he's also an environmentalist). We definitely could live somewhere where the train was a better option, but the car journey would have to be REALLY bad before he'd ditch his car for the train!

Me, I've never driven and am very happy whiling away time looking out of a train window. smile

He probably won't have to go at rush hour all the time actually - but we don't know for sure yet.

hahaimawitch that's a good question! I don't know the answer, I'll find out.

lowrib Wed 13-Jan-10 17:39:41

DP will need to get to near Hastings train station (I assume that's central Hastings?)

lowrib Wed 13-Jan-10 17:43:01

hee hee dustycups I don't know what you mean I'm sure wink

<but old and boring now emoticon>

TeamEdward Wed 13-Jan-10 21:10:34

Robertsbridge is lovely, and there are lots of great village schools in the area. (The village school I work at has an average of 15 children per class! Each class has a full-time TA too.)
The commute to Hastings from Robertsbridge would be 10-15mins by car. Not sure about time for train to Brighton though.
The train station in Hastings is pretty central. Parking at the station is terrible - there is none! But Priory Meadow, the shopping centre has a huge car park, and it's about £5 all day, with a further discount for season tickets.

lowrib Thu 14-Jan-10 15:05:44

Can anyone give me the low-down on Eastbourne?

I've been doing some research and as far as practicalities go, Eastbourne seems right on the mark. It's only half an hour to both Brighton and Hastings by train, and an hour and a half to London, and the property is pretty reasonable.

What's it like as an area? It always used to have a reputation as a retirement town - is that justified? Is there any kind of arty / alternative vibe there at all? Would you live there?

TIA smile

TeamEdward Thu 14-Jan-10 16:22:42

The sign as you drive into town says "Welcome to the Sunshine Coast" which always makes me laugh!!

It is quite old fogey in parts, coachloads of the buggers descend on the seafront everyday in the summer. The seafront hotels have terraces out the front where the old people congregate over scones and tea.
The suburbs are nice, lots of Victorian/Edwardian townhouses, as well as 60's bungelows.
Eastbourne Old Town is nice, but Eastbourne does have the kooky/arty scene of Hastings or Brighton. I wouldn't say Eastbourne is hip or trendy. Comfortable, like a pair of Ecco shoes, maybe. grin

ArcticRoll Thu 14-Jan-10 16:26:44

New art gallery has just opened and so this may change the vibe of town-
It is a pleasant town but not sure if it has alternative/artsy vibe at all-but I may be wrong!
Large percentage of population is over 65 but this is the case with most towns on south coast(apart from Brighton).

TeamEdward Thu 14-Jan-10 16:38:25

Sorry, my post should read
"but Eastbourne doesn't have the kooky/arty scene of Hastings or Brighton."

Beasknees Fri 15-Jan-10 19:58:52

what i love about this thread is some practicalities and some personal opinion.

i don't know eastbourne well but actually the majority of the population is under 45

if you need to get to moulescombe by bus from patcham don't do it - you would need to go back into at least the london road shopping area and then hoike all the way out again, but if you can go by car it's much easier.

how old is your child? what hours will they be at nursery? do you want to be spending 45mins on the train to eastbourne plus journey time from home to station when they're tired and grumpy. i'd make your home close to your study and the universities perhapsd beveandean or coombe road area of brighton and get your hubby to commute - these areas mean you're close to a27 but it's still at least an hour to hastings.

policygarry Fri 15-Jan-10 23:33:56

Hmm, I used to live in the Coombe Road area and to be honest I wouldn't recommend it.

lowrib Fri 15-Jan-10 23:58:17

Hi Beasknees. DS will be 2 when he starts at nursery, and it's actually on the college campus, so we'll be going to school together. He'll be at nursery while I'm in lectures. DS will be able to say he went to university aged 2 grin

Unfortunately I don't drive, so it's gotta be public transport for me and DS. I quite like travelling by trains though and have done quite a bit with DS, and 45 minutes doesn't sound bad to me. But then again I guess I have no idea what kind of 2 year old DS will morph into! Not very keen on the bus with DS regularly though.

DP says he would be up for the drive. It's mainly price that's making us look outside of Brighton - we can get a lot more for our money. Been doing my research this week and it looks like there's a fast train from Eastbourne to Brighton (37 minutes to Moulsecombe). So Seaford for example is much nearer but the train takes the same amount of time. So travelling wise we might as well be in Eastbourne so DP is nearer Hastings. But then Seaford is nicer! Oh dear decisions decisions!

All the advice people has given me here is really useful. I guess in the end it will come down to what actual places are available to rent at the time, and which we like best bearing in mind what I've learnt here.

Phew! An essay, sorry!

lowrib Fri 15-Jan-10 23:59:23

Hi policygary. What was it about Coombe Road that you didn't like?

(I've never been there!)

policygarry Sat 16-Jan-10 00:06:12

Hello - it's just a bit grubby and dull, and to be honest pretty much the least nice part of Brighton, with the exception of the estate nr Rottingdean (Whitehawk is it? I've fotgotten). If you need to be near the campuses, I'd go for Hollingdean/Fiveways, or go a bit further towards the sea and aim at Hanover/Queens Park - more £££ but nicer, and still on the bus route for Falmer.

Having said all that, I lived in CR for about four years and it was fine. I never quite got over the knowledge that Brighton's best-frequented brothel is at the bottom of the road. And the local shops aren't up to much, other than Sainsbury's. It's not awful, it's just not great.

scarlotti Fri 22-Jan-10 10:40:06

lowrib - are you coming to the meet up tomorrow now? I know you were thinking of it? If so, I can give you my thoughts then - I moved to Brighton to go to Uni when DD was 1 so know all about commuting with a smallie on the train as we didn't move to Brighton until a term after my course had started. I've moved up through the housing ranks in Brighton/Hove too so know which areas are nice and prices. Started in Bevendean (right by Uni) and then have moved via Hollingbury and Patcham and now live in Hove.
Dh works in Eastbourne sometimes and the train is ok but Hastings would be further out again.

Coombe Road is very studenty. Whitehawk is the roughest bit, followed by Moulsecoomb then Coldean probably.

paisleyleaf Fri 22-Jan-10 10:49:09

I'm not that far from Eastbourne. I like it - nice to be near the Downs and the sea.
I thought Seaford was pretty rough - friends of mine who work on the ambulances seem to spend a lot of time there weekend nights anyway.

lowrib Fri 22-Jan-10 15:17:30

Ooh scarlotti I'd love to pick your brains! I'm moving to Brighton to go to uni too, DS will by 18 months when I start. I bet you know lots of stuff which would be really useful. Are you still at Uni? Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you at another Brighton meet up in the future.

Paisleyleaf that's interesting to hear. In my ignorance I had imagined it to be an ideal place!

scarlotti Sun 24-Jan-10 09:30:03

lowrib - not at uni anymore, was a long time ago sad Was there for 4 years and DD was at the nursery there. We lived in Worthing for the first term or two which was much tougher than living in Brighton. 40 mins on the train/car with a 2 year old isn't fun - trying to keep them relatively quiet so as not to annoy the other commuters is interesting!
It's a long day for the little ones if you're commuting as well as Uni/working. I used to do a work day at Uni and get the coursework done there so that home life was family time.
Is it worth thinking of renting nearer to Uni whilst you're there and then reassessing when your DS is nearer school age and your course is finished? Your DH would have a longer trip but could probably handle it easier than a 2 year old. Tantrums from hunger/over tiredness on the train are not fun!

interstella71 Sun 24-Jan-10 18:57:15

Hi there.
I have lived in east Sussex since 1991 (gulp) the majority of it I have spent in Brighton (central, hove and finally fiveways). I would also agree that commuting from brighton to Hastings would be hiddeous. We moved out of Brighton in april last year and spent alot of time researching our move, we looked ar seaford, Hastings, the Eastbourne area, mid Sussex, multiple villages etc. We thought seaford was ok and I have met people who are happy there but it just felt too provincial and small towney. I have lived in Eastbourne in the past (when a student) and have visited several times in the last year - there is a darkness there, you may not be aware of it at first but look beyond the manicured lawns and sculpted flowers and you'll see it. However, there are some beautiful areas including meads and old town. Lewes is terribly middle class but has an intetesing history of rebellion
(which continues today). The journey from lewes to hastings would be pretty bad. We moved to a biggish village near heathfield (you would struggle with public transport) and are blissfully happy (honeymoon still it is about 40 min drive to Hastings and 35 to uni Brighton (by car). Good luck!

lowrib Sun 24-Jan-10 19:09:56

Thanks scarlotti, some interesting food for thought.

We've been looking at Brighton, I'd love to live there - but sadly it looks like the only thing we could afford is a tiny shoebox flat, wheareas if we go a bit further afield we can get a house with enough space to have our friends and family come and stay, so for the moment at least Brighton is out. We could afford it if we shared, and we might well do this further down the line, once we actually know a few people there.

I'll just have to become really good at entertaining a toddler on a train!

EdgarAllenSnow Sun 24-Jan-10 19:20:38

hum - options -

there's some lovely countryside away from the coast between brighton and Hastings - RObertsbridge and area as already mentioned - i often camp at Bodiam and it is very England-land - oast houses etc...lovely place to live though out of the way. depends on the lifestle you're after.

we have old lady fiends (sic) in Saltdean - nice quiet bungalow area with downland to hand through the road to the A27 is a nightmare at peak times.

Hastings has been too long up and coming...it lacks the cool vibe that has propelled Brightons housing boom. Still, i note a 3 bed house in St Leonards On Sea for £150k, which is cheap as chips....

EdgarAllenSnow Sun 24-Jan-10 19:32:17

ooh look at this period gem in hawkhurst (arse end of nowhere, but v. pretty)

3 bed beauty in St Leonards On Sea

money doesn't go far in Lewes

realy, i think you need to come down and tour the areas you can afford to live in, and get a feel for the place.

interstella71 Sun 24-Jan-10 21:00:01

Bloody hell you get so much for your money in ST Leonards!

What about the coast line to Brighton - Polegate, Berwick etc or lower/upper Dicker.

What kind of local amenities do you want?

lowrib Mon 25-Jan-10 00:55:37

hiya Interstella71.

I think I wouldn't mind provincial and small towny for a while anyway. We're most likely going to move again - the next move will be to wherever DS goes to school, and where we want to settle for a decent period of time - that'll be a much bigger decision. This time round, the most important thing is to get a decent house, somewhere where I can get to Brighton easily by public transport, and DS to Hastings by car.

I'm not sure what local amenities I need apart from that. I'm used to living in London with everything on my doorstep and I'm not sure what I'll miss the most! As long as there's a station and it's a nice environment for DS they're the main things.

I'll have a look at coast line, that's a good idea, thanks.

lowrib Mon 25-Jan-10 01:09:05

hiya EdgarAllenSnow we're going to get down for another look as soon as we can. We did the coast from Brighton to Seaford last time. This thread is so useful, it's giving us a much better idea of the area.

We're renting not buying, but the same kinds of price differences exist in the rental market too of course. St Leonards and Hastings do seem to be really cheap, but I think I'm leaning towards ruling them out because of the journey time to Brighton.

Based totally on one lovely afternoon in a pub in Lewes, I think it's a lovely place and would love to live there grin

scarlotti Mon 25-Jan-10 08:49:32

A friend of mine lives in Lewes and Dh works there. It's a lovely place but the cost of housing is on a par with Brighton. Studio flat around £550pcm.

lowrib Mon 25-Jan-10 12:30:45

I know, a shame isn't it! sad
It looks lovely.

Hullygully Mon 25-Jan-10 12:34:30

Where are you Mr Snow?

SpringHeeledJack Mon 25-Jan-10 12:46:09

just an opinion about Seaford-

dp's from there, and he reckons it might as well be a million miles away from Brighton...it is a bit <<yaaaawn>>, and the beach isn't all that

(mind you I compare every "resort" [ahem] unfavourably to Sunny Southend On Sea, so what do I know)

...plus everyone I know there drives everywhere, so I don't know how great public transport is

Lewes, otoh, is keeewl (if you can ignore the sectarian stuff, which I found a bit hmm)

CuppaTeaJanice Mon 25-Jan-10 13:05:07

Well I live in Hastings and I love it! A lot of my friends have moved down from London, so it's not too 'boring' for Londoners!!! There's plenty to do here and because it's supposedly a 'deprived' area there is lots of funding for kids stuff, so we have loads and loads of FREE events. For example, there is a fun day in Alexandra park every wednesday in the summer, groups, clubs and activities every day of the week, free courses for parents, six very active childrens centres etc. A soft play centre, tumblegym and swimming pool. A few good schools in the town too.

For you, there is a huge range of bars, restaurants etc (one has an ex-Ivy chef!), great (and cheap) sports facilities and gyms, museums, art galleries, a thriving arts community, two theatres, two cinemas (one independent that shows really cool films), a new university (part of Brighton) and college, crazy golf, a sealife centre, smugglers caves, a castle, pretty good shops (although not London's variety, still some pretty funky boutiques particularly in the old town). And some fabulous Victorian parks, the largest of which has had over £3 million lottery funding over the past 10 years. Plus the sea and beach of course!!

If you do decide to move here then the areas I would recommend are...
Old Town - old character houses, parking can be a problem though
The Green - huge Victorian houses
Blacklands - convenient for the park and town centre, good school
Clive Vale

Areas to avoid (apologies if anybody lives there)
Central Ore
Malvern Way estate
Farley Bank
Central St Leonards/Warrior Square
Bexhill Road (nice houses but always congested)

Other areas have good parts and bad parts, which can be literally two streets away from each other. You're welcome to contact me if you see any interesting properties to get more info on a particular area.

ShePeeTeePee Mon 25-Jan-10 13:07:51

I agree about the beach at Seaford. It has a very steep shelf making it difficult/dangerous with children. The shingle is also piled so high as a sea defence that you can't even see the sea from the promenade. The beach at Eastbourne is much better (bearing in mind all the beaches in this area are predominantly shingle), or going west from Hove onwards. Rottingdean has a very small bit of beach which is okay, but east towards Peacehaven and Saltdean is a sort of chalk rock scree which leaves the beach largely unusable for anything other than a walk on the shingle or rockpooling.

EdgarAllenSnow Mon 25-Jan-10 15:56:56

come to torment with your icy beauty and your cool regard, Ms hully?


My humble abode is but a hovel in the South downs, blessed by the beauties of the blessed Sussex countryside, whilst still banished from the beau monde of Brighton, and the pleasant hinterlands of Shoreham.

Though not as far as Worthing....

Hullygully Mon 25-Jan-10 16:05:22

You are quite a comely wench for a lugubrious old man, dear Edgar. <slightly regrets divorce>

EdgarAllenSnow Mon 25-Jan-10 17:32:56

and yes, once you're properly outside brighton, it may as well be a million miles...

the increased difficulty in parking there has all but put paid to days out in town.

Haylo Tue 26-Jan-10 14:10:02

Lowrib, l just had to add my thoughts. l live in Eastbourne and have done for 10 years. In my view a bit unfairly it has been branded as 'god's waiting room' and fails to get a mention whenever anyone in the media bigs up the south coast resorts.

For a family with young children l think it is fab. Where else can you live right by the sea and downs. Don't get me wrong its not as art culture rich as Brighton, Lewes or Hastings, but you can get to both and dip into their atmosphere within 30 mins from Eastbourne, without paying their hefty property prices.

The town centre is a bit crap, but hopefully will we redeveloped in the next 5 years. The station is fairly well located, but if you cannot drive l would suggest you look at Meads Village or Old Town, nicer period homes and better access to the station.


I live in Eastbourne and the official demographic is that young families are the largest group of residents

I live in the old town and love it and am surrounded by lovely families, my neighbours are all so nice and friendly.

If you want to be close to the station (within a mile) then you should look at the Upperton area and an area called Motcombe (in the Old Town) the amenities around this area are so good - a post office, Waitrose, a small swimming pool, a good community centre, a small park (with a duck pond) and another much larger one (with play equipment, tennis courts, large playing field), numerous really good toddler groups as well as childminders, and nurseries.

We moved here because Brighton was too expensive, we got so much more for our money, and I am so glad that we did.

Commuting to Brighton or Hastings is easy as the trains are every half an hour, and it is also exactly half way between the two.

lowrib Thu 28-Jan-10 14:24:55

Thanks everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it. smile

I think from what people have said, I now think Hastings would definitely be worth a look - but even so I think I've ruled it out now because of the travel time to Brighton, which I'd have to do several days a week, with DS in tow.

Interesting to hear more negatives about Seaford. I think I may have had my rose tinted glasses on when we visited! I would still consider it though.

It's looking more and more like Eastbourne is where we are going to start our search. Perhaps we should actually visit it hmm grin
Thanks for the advice on areas, Haylo, that gives us a good starting point.

EdgarAllenPoye and HullyGully I see you have met before grin sounds like an interesting relationship.

When I started this search I certainly didn't think I'd end up with Eastbourne being the favourite - the only thing I knew about the place was the reputation as a retirement village! But it does seem to suit our needs best - for now at least. (Of course if our budget wasn't so tight things might be very different - Brighton / Lewes / the surrounding countryside look lovely ... maybe later).

This move is only for the next few years anyway, so we can afford to take a chance on a place I think. The really big one will be the next one - choosing the place where DS goes to school and spends his childhood. All bets are on for that one, we haven't even settled on whether it'll be England, Wales or Scotland yet (we have ties to all three)!

But that's another story, I'll come back to that one much later!

silverfrog Thu 28-Jan-10 14:41:14

I used to live in hastings (Hollington grin - totally agree that you shouldn't look there!) and commute to brighton for uni.

Pre-dc, mind you, but it was doable, depending on timeo fday. I commuted by car though.

FWIW, I wouldn't move back to Hastings/St Leonards area if you paid me. Grew up there, in a variety of areas - some nice, some hideous, but overall, no way.

I last lived there post uni (doing post grad at Brighton), and worked in anad around the town centre, around 10 years ago now, so hopefully it has changed a bit.

Walk around the town centre at night? hmm, well, I wouldn't.

Hideous amount of social deprivation, and really just not very nice at times.

I worked with foreign students, and when you regualrly have to take young teenagers up to the hospital because they are being beaten up (used to happen at least 3 times a week sad) then you just get a bit fed up of a place.

The last year I lived there, I was involved in so many town centre fights (as part of work - keeping my students safe) that I was recognised both at the hospital and at the police station because I was spending so much time there. One particularly memorable evening (all this happened before 10pm, so not even pubs out time) I was involved in defending 4 different students (only 2 of them mine - the other 2, their leaders didn't want to get involved hmm - the students were all under 14) form various attacks. The students crimes? Waiting for a bus.

On the plus side, there is a fab theatre, some lovely country parks around (especially just outside Hastings).

But overall I am very glad I no longer live there.

lowrib Sat 30-Jan-10 11:17:06

silverfrog that doesn't sound nice at all. DP is pretty alternative looking. Is it the kind of place he'd get hassle? Or is the violence mainly amongst young people? (Not that that makes it any better, just good to know).

silverfrog Sat 30-Jan-10 21:01:25

I think it's the type of place where you're either ok, and all is well (and there is lots that is good about the area) or you're not, and it is absiolute hell.

it used to be pretty standard fare to pick on the foreign students. major intolerance form huge sections of locals. I had one girl (about 15, really nice girl, wouldn't have been the type to mouth off or anyhting) pushed into the road in the path of a car shock, just because she was walking along the pavement. (she was ok, btw, but hugely shocked, and had a massive bruise all along her thigh, right down to the bone where she was hit by a (thankfully already slowing down) car)

It's just a place that seems to be in it's own semi-timewarp. So much deprivation, alongside quite a bit of wealth. Not that brilliant an education to eb had (although the college/uni has opened up since I lived there, which MUST have made a huge difference), and so much bitterness from locals towards holidaymakers/foreign students (who at one time made up a large proportion of income for the town during summer months)

Really quite an odd place, tbh. The lovelty bits really can be lovely, but scratch the surface and the shit is there in bucketloads...

lowrib Sun 02-May-10 21:24:43

Resurecting this as we've been continuing our hunt, and in case anyone is remotely interested!

We found a lovely place in Brighton (Patcham) we could actually afford, so we tried the Brighton-Hastings drive. And the answer was no way! DP would spend so much time on the road we'd never see him! So we've ruled Brighton out completely.

Similarly anything east of Eastbourne I've deemed too far for me and DS to travel into Brighton from. I must admit Bexhill was tempting because you get so much more for your money, but it's just too far.

We've been looking down the coast line too. My goodness Glynde is lovely! What a beautiful place to live, and only 15 minuts by train from my college. There's a place for rent there we considered, but what we can get for our money in Eastbourne etc is just so much bigger, and better suited to DS that we decided against it. And we're going to be at home a lot as we're studying, so it's important. Highly recommend the pub lunch in Glynde though. 4 cheese macaroni with pecorino and papaya crust. Mmmm-mmmm! grin

Eastbourne's a definite possibility. Can anyone tell me anything about the other places on that train line? What's Polegare like for example?

lowrib Sun 02-May-10 21:25:47

Oops can't spell! Ho hum.

lowrib Sun 02-May-10 21:45:12

I meant Polegate of course!

MzLiberty Sat 05-Jun-10 23:59:33

We love Brighton (Fiveways) for schools, vibe, people, green space, arts & culture and everything - except what you get for your money. Currently renting.

Australian and have lived London, Melbourne, San Fransisco, mainly Perth /Freo (West Australia).

Looking at Hastings but not sure about schools, train links, buzz, restaurants etc etc. Might be a bit provincial for us me thinks.

Plan to buy soon and pretty sure it will be Fiveways for Varndean / Stringer High.

All hail the lodger I say! £400+ / month goes a loooong way on rent > mortgage and we have had beautiful people we hardly ever see except when the cat needs looking after when we go away.

marce38 Wed 04-May-11 03:48:58

I am looking for a place in that area also, here is info about me:
I am a single mom in my forties, my son will be 5 and a half when we move, I am an artsy type, like to teach dance classes, I would like to be able to take a train to Brighton or London for the day, I will be on a budget of 400-575ish for a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom place, prefer small yard avail. if possible. I will be moving back (I am British originally from Reading) lived in America for quite a while in Orlando. I hope to find a safe place where I can travel up to 45mins to work part time maybe 3 days per week, I have a masters degree and can teach special educ or tesol. thanks you for any tips.

Shells Wed 04-May-11 05:27:55

MArking place.

Celibin Wed 04-May-11 09:16:31

Hastings does have some nice parts but it is 19th poorest town in the UK: do not touch St Leonards with a barge pole-the regeneration projet still has a way to go.Trains from Hastings to Brighton much improved as now on Ashford Int route and many people now commute.Ebourne to Hastings line is subsidized so although Ebn to Brighton is same distance it costs twice the price than Eastbourne to Hastings!Eastbourne popular with under 25s but it is not going up really: 2 Bank Hol weekends and one of the main attractions is closed! East Sussex has a large no of v elderly and young draining the Health services etc : many on benefits as well.South Coast has a transitory population and can be soulless but life is what you make it...

Celibin Wed 04-May-11 09:29:31

Polegate is a semi-rural suburb of Eastbourne with direct line to Victoria.Harvester pub there is packed as fab deals on food .You might prefer to look at Hampden Park area of Eastbourne as it has better rail service too and you might find property cheaper than the Old Town -check out West Hampden Park for nice properties

noddyholder Wed 04-May-11 09:30:40

Polegate is not very nice at all Brighton or nothing!grin

Celibin Wed 04-May-11 13:44:57

Marce 38- rents in Eastbourne are: £425 for a studio is the cheapest! £600 is quite common for a one bed.There is a website which gives av rents but i cannot remember its name:if I do will let you know.Brighton is more expensive than Ebourne and Hastings is cheaper. Hastings has a uni there now so work for you?

marce38 Fri 06-May-11 17:02:27

thank you for your replies, I re-did my budget and I think I can pay about 650/month for rent, just looking to be in a place thats not too dreary or crime ridden, and be able to go somewhere to work or maybe tutor people who need to learn English. I would like to take performing arts or dance in my spare time if possible. thanks.

marce38 Fri 06-May-11 17:04:10

I'm also wondering if Eastbourne is very conservative?

Celibin Sun 08-May-11 00:05:21

I am not a great fan of Eastbourne- much prfer Brighton but that is me. Ebn is not as Conservative as it was In fact lots of under 25 s in Eastbourne now. Sussex Downs College now big so check out their w/site for job opps. Eastbourne is only a mid-size seaside town for this reason it lacks the more ambitious people aged say 28 - 44 as they cannot really make a carreer. No nice men. Relies heavily on tourism Takes too long to get to C london. Good environment for walking etc good beach and cosmopolitan .A town. Brighton is a city

marce38 Thu 19-May-11 20:42:30


Loulabellewb Tue 26-Jul-11 13:03:27

Hi there, found this thread thanks to google and wanted to ask if anyone knew what BN20 in Eastbourne was like on the whole please? We're thinking of moving down from Bromley for a better life and wondered if anyone had any knowledge on the roads around North Avenue please?!? Thanks grin)

poppy777 Sun 31-Jul-11 17:01:22

I too have stumbled across this thread. Like Loulabellewb, we are moving down to BN20 (from CR0 nr Wallington, Sy) and have found a lovely property in Willingdon which I think is around 4 miles outside of Eastbourne. I love the look of the village and the nearest schools seem impressive. I have read through lots of helpful inside info here on local areas as to which places are nice but I would like to know which areas of Eastbourne to avoid. There will be an element of crime everywhere of course but I don't want to live in a road where there will be lots of antisocial behaviour outside my own house. If the Willingdon property falls through, there is another I could view at West Hampden Park but is Hampden Park and West Hampden Pk the same thing and is West ok or no-go?? I wish I had thought of going slightly sooner as we must exchange contracts before my 9 yr old will be accepted at the nearest school (Oct deadline for secondary) and we might live in the same road as school but be late in applying and STILL have to send him somewhere else. So I have the added fear that he will get whatever's left. Our timing could have been better!! Have just learned that East Sussex does not run a grammar system, which in his case is prob not a bad thing since I don't think he would have made the grammars here either.

Gingermilo Mon 08-Aug-11 23:05:39

I have just found this thread too after searching. We are seriously considering St Leonards/ Hastings to move from London, but have heard some conflicting reports regarding behaviour on streets in both towns, has anyone got any up to date views on this? Also, schoolwise -what's the choice? Are there any decent states? I saw a couple of private options (Claremont/Buckswood?) but did not know if they were competitive to get into? Any replies gratefully received! Quite fancy the seaside after all the riots on the streets tonight....

SparklePrincess Tue 09-Aug-11 22:27:31

I come from St leonards originally, & still visit weekly at least. I think the area has a lot going for it. There are some dodgy parts, but also some really nice ones. I can advise on this if you wish. smile Only minus part is local state schools, so unfortunately I was forced to move area as private isnt affordable to me. sad If you can afford private then Claremont is an excellent school. My own niece goes there, & I have friends with children there. Of course property is really cheap there too in comparison to the rest of East Sussex. smile

Gingermilo Tue 09-Aug-11 22:43:28

Thanks SparklePrincess - really useful! Sorry to ask more questions but are there any areas you would rec nr either station? We still need to be on a train line to London y'see. Also, was Claremont hard to get into? Do you know if you can go in at any year gp? My father lives in Bexill so I know the area a bit- but you never really know anywhere unless you've lived there I guess. Thanks!

Jaquelinehyde Tue 09-Aug-11 23:10:48

I would suggest having a look at Battle, Ginger, direct train links to London, excellent state (Battle and Langton Primary and Claverham Secondary) and private options (Battle Abbey School primary and secondary).

20 mins drive from Hastings and Bexhill, 30ish from Eastbourne. A really lovely place to live, I love it and don't think I will ever move!

SparklePrincess Wed 10-Aug-11 00:57:11

Battle is nice, but v expensive though Jaquelinehyde, & tbh I find people in general are not so friendly. (Present company excluded of course grin) Most people dont even feel the need to acknowledge a driver who stops for them on a zebra crossing. V odd & v rude! You must drive v slow or have to endure New Trade Road sad if it takes you 20 minutes to get to Hastings. Lol! I always cut through Netherfield hill & it takes me 10 mins from Battle generally, if that.

Gingermilo, I used to live in West St Leonards near the station. (About a 6 minute walk away) Look up Cavendish Avenue & do a search on 1/4 mile radius. Its really nice there. Direct views to the sea & Beachy Head I had. Was gorgeous! Close to Bexhill too. Battle Abbey Prep is in Bexhill, & Senior in Battle, but id have to say Claremont is nicer imo. I have no idea how easy it is to get into established yeargroups there tbh. I know the senior school section is only opening this year (I think) Prob best to give them a call & check.

If you will consider more inland then Heathfield is a good bet. Very friendly people, excellent state schools, (as good as Battle) & only 10 minutes drive from a station that gets to London in about an hour & 15 mins. Prices are lower because the town doesn't have its own station so you get more for your money. Its only 30 minutes from the coast at Eastbourne, & I can get to Hastings to see my dad in half hour too. There is also a new Sainsbury opening up soon. smile To be honest though, after living in Hastings I find it a bit rural for me. Depends what you're used to.

Gingermilo Wed 10-Aug-11 16:41:57

Thanks Sparkle - so useful, have just looked and it looks great around West St Leonards property wise. Thanks also Jacqueline - I know Battle a bit, but we really are hankering after somewhere within walking distance to seafront (and with hope - a seaview!!)and have kind of fallen in love with the charm (albeit rough round the edges maybe) of St Leonards. All school info is really interesting. My DD1 is about to go into Y2 so am considering private as assuming all good/outstanding state will be full.

SparklePrincess Thu 11-Aug-11 19:51:22

There are no good or outstanding state schools in Hastings. Some do have better reps than others, & the primaries are better than the secondaries, but none I was prepared to send mine to hence our move. If I were you id look into small state primaries just outside the area which may well have places in an established year group (you dont know until you ask) & save my money for going private at secondary level. Battle & Langton, (as previously mentioned) is excellent, & quite a large school, so could well have places. During school run time from West St Leonards it would probably take around 15 minutes to get there, traffic dependent. Westfield, Crowhurst, Ninfield & Catsfield all have small village schools worth checking recent Ofsteds on. I dont know personally about recent performance of these schools so please do your research. Good luck. smile

rockinhippy Thu 11-Aug-11 21:57:34

Shoreham - just along from Brighton - so easy access for you & very up & coming- odd really as apparently it was the British "Hollywood" back in the 30s - it has a lovely feel to it & quite picturesque in places with all the amenities you'll need - we have several friends who have moved there & love it

We also have friends who have moved to Hasting & hate it - we once passed through, got stuck in traffic & in the space of 15 minutes on 1 road saw 2 big fights - 1 involving about 15 people & 3 very young kids break into & steal a car - took me until they drove off to realise what they were actually doing - they looked lucky to be 10 shock - made me think perhaps its cheap for a reason

Worthing is another place thats cheaper & up and coming apparently - I've friends trying to move there as they prefer it to Brighton - personally love Brighton though

agree with Lewes being lovely, but again its expensive & also prone to serious flooding

rockinhippy Thu 11-Aug-11 21:59:05

We also have friends with a place in Rottingdean - again close & they love it there too - it is very nice

rockinhippy Thu 11-Aug-11 22:10:48

I don't know Chichester as such, but see it comes up favourably a few times,

I do have friends that commute from Brighton to there for work though & say its an easy commute, so I expect it will be the other way around too

Gingermilo Thu 11-Aug-11 22:53:23

Thanks Rockinhippy - that's all useful as well. I actually really like Shoreham but dad lives in Bexhill so do want to be near as poss to him. I'm looking a bit at St Leonards with rose tinted specs at mo (big house! Sea view!) so we are going to do a week down there next week smile tbh I'm used to a certain level of anti-social behaviour (currently reside in riot central in London and have lived in Brixton previously) just depends on what scale the anti-social behaviour is really ;) Sparkleprincess - I saw that Robsack Wood sch is currently outstanding but I guess that may be too far? Anyway, thanks for all the info so far - keep it coming!

SparklePrincess Fri 12-Aug-11 01:02:33

Im surprised at rockinhippy's comments. I lived in St Leonards & Hastings for over 33 years & I never saw anything like that. I was never attacked in the street, never broken into etc etc, & ive lived in some well dodgy places. However, the town isnt perfect. There are areas I certainly wouldnt want to live in, but crime happens everywhere. Bexhill Road is a b***h at peak times for traffic. Hopefully they'll put in the link road at some point.

Robsack is not a great area. The school is probably outstanding because the teachers are getting great "value added" despite all the obstacles of having kids with s**t starts in life. Its not somewhere I would send my kids. My dd went to Silverdale, which is one of the better local schools, but we still got parents shouting, swearing & fighting at the gates, smoking & having big ("im so hard I have a rotty") dogs scaring the kids as they came out. Some of my dd's classmates were my old classmates. I know that they were involved in drugs or long term unemployed.

Hastings/St Leonards is lovely, but not for educating your kids. Look at the outside villages as I suggested..

Tortington Fri 12-Aug-11 01:15:54

chichester is a nice cathedral town, but the commute is not easy it is surrounded by fucking ROUNDABOUTS

and if it rains one lane gets shut down on the 27 becuase some stupid twat planner didn't figure drainage when it was built

Tortington Fri 12-Aug-11 01:16:21

oh and dont even get me started on getting through arundel at peak time

fucking tourists wink

rockinhippy Fri 12-Aug-11 09:36:21

I'm pleased to hear its not that bad for the people that live there sparkle as no one was as surprised as me, especially at the ages involved I was very shock - we were on our way back from Camber Sands to Brighton & were on the road that ran parallel with the coast but about 1/2 mile back, so I can only presume that is a rough bit - mind you, I'm sure if I'd driven down Brightons West street later at night it would have put me right off moving here too - Our friends that live in Hastings & hate it & want to move back are a couple of old Punks & their kids, nothing that unusual in them to look at these days, but they still get a lot of hassel from locals for being differentconfused

Mamathulu Sun 14-Aug-11 14:50:08

lowrib, we're about to put our 3 bed maisonette on the market - with 4 dc's and M.E., it's time to move - there's a field at the back of the garden, views of the town hall and Eastbourne College, it's about 8 minutes walk from the station, and we've loved it here! We're now considering Hastings as DH commutes to London, but will be sorry to leave!

LeonardNimoy Sun 14-Aug-11 15:32:47

Never live anywhere where your commute will take you through Worthing or Arundel on the A27. It is the 7th circle of hell.

stuckcanuck Sat 30-Jun-12 10:57:59

I'm also looking at the move down from London. Single mom w 2 kids. arty farty types. The trick for me is one of my daughters will need a place at a special school - for that reason brighton and hove are out (a friend did the research on that and ended up in Lewes w her disabled child going to Chailey - v happy). My other is starting secondary Sept 2013 - likely we will miss the whole placement malarky due to legal issues selling in london (ex husb. angry ) but my understanding is that it is nothing like the over-subscription in London. Or should I be stressing? If we move down after sept 2012 will we be screwed for sec school? hmm

special schools in bexhill and eastbrn look great. Not sure about Bexhill...might be too quiet for me and the secondary there not brill.

I do love St Leonards and Hastings. I live near Peckham so hey, not worried about 'rough' bits really. I do boxing and running. lol. I need the sea to be close. Have a sight hound that needs to run free. prefer to maintain a relatively carfree life.

Never been to Eastbourne but it sort of looks like it may have more services or is that my imagination? Like the idea of being closer to Brighton and I imagine lots of students in Ebrn. Schools look better in Ebrn...on paper it appears great...but I love the feel of St L/Hastings and 'bang for your buck' element. What does Eastbourne feel like?? someone mentioned 'darkness'...

I guess I also wonder about likelyhood of like EVER finding a partner in small town. blush lol

will make a trip down soon. have any of the peeps from the beginning of this thread looking to move down done it now?

The Hastings/brighton route is a nightmare, and bexhill is where people go to die.

ElizabethDarcy Mon 02-Jul-12 12:57:26

Hi, I am another looking to move back to the seaside (currently in SW London)... and have been looking at St Leonard's on Sea and Bexhill on Sea... I see from the comments that Bexhill has a higher average of older folk... not that that worries me, but I am a childminder.. and so need to think of clientele! Would St Leonards be a good bet ivo of me relocating my childcare business there?

PaWithABra Fri 22-Feb-13 00:53:10

will you all just fuck off back to london and stop forcing up house prices for those of us who live here.


JudiOnion Sat 16-Mar-13 20:56:32

Am about to return to Brighton after 20 years in a Spanish wilderness, now with two teenagers in tow. Don't care how expensive it is: just want them to experience the great vibes that exist in Brighton that I enjoyed so much when I was young - living in cupboards may be cool.

lizike Sun 25-Aug-13 00:37:24

I have just read this thread with interest; in the process of deciding where to move but with little real knowledge of the area. Lowrib, it would be great to hear how you're getting on, and Interstella71, I am intrigued by your mention of the darkness of Eastbourne - in fact, I'm not sure it hasn't entirely overshadowed by prior enthusiasm for the place (based solely on internet research, I must add...). Perhaps a difficult thing to quantify but I would be interested if anyone has more to say about Eastbourne. Also, Lewes - someone mentioned it was twee; is it? Thank you in advance!

BronaghT Sun 25-Aug-13 00:46:20

Ringmer is a nice town. Not far from Brighton. Lewes is also nice.

Mumzy Sun 25-Aug-13 08:11:49

Worthing or Hove if cant afford Brighton. The only up and coming thing about so e of the places mentio ed are theprices

sittingonfence Tue 03-Dec-13 21:36:29

I know this was written a long time ago but have just come across this very useful page while researching info on where to live in Hastings. I've just recently been visiting Hastings and looking at property, as someone who doesn't know the town well i'm finding it confusing to get to grips with. I've viewed a terraced house that i like in Alma Villas in the Silverdale area, seems like there are mixed but mainly negative views on the area on this page. Any thoughts/advice?

bellasuewow Wed 04-Dec-13 19:01:45

Lewes, Eastbourne both have amazing views and nice feel. Saltdean is lovely but popular. Agree that peacehaven is nice and cheap. Seaford is very nice but boring compared with the others. All nice really it is a nice area. People down here think Hastings is rough only if they have not lived in London Hastings does not have a patch on London in the rough and dodgy stakes.

evjanderson67 Fri 07-Feb-14 18:26:08

I moved to Hastings 6 months ago from London (where I had lived most of my life) and I love it. I can safely say it IS 'up and coming'. More people are moving here from London, more galleries and cafes and shops are opening (especially in St Leonards which feels a little more like an area of London due to its social mix) and we are even getting a new pier soon which I think will raise the profile of the town even more. Also, Alexandra Park is really lovely.
I lived in Brighton for 4 and a half years and I can categorically say I prefer it here. I have met some really interesting people (incl. lots of arty/musical ones) and everyone seems really keen to get to know you. As for there being areas of social deprivation, well doesn't London have those too...lots of them?! Brighton also does but they are hidden from view. There is a mixture of people here but that's what I like about it. The housing stock is great - lots of Victorian terraces and big detached properties which are so cheap you wouldn't believe....BUT things are changing and the property prices are reflecting that so get down here soon, if you're interested.

Nancy66 Sat 08-Feb-14 11:38:50

The thing that worries me about Hastings is that it's been 'up and coming' for over a decade and it never seems to get there. Even this thread is 4 years old and people are still saying it's 'up and coming.'

magimedi Sat 08-Feb-14 11:52:37

Nancy People have being saying to me that Hastings is 'up & coming' for the last 8 years.

Yes, it's got some cafes & galleries, but I notice that Old Town now has lots of cake shops/cafes where a greengrocer & butcher used to be. It all looks good on a sunny weekend with lots of people buzzing around but I suspect many of them are day trippers.

I'm not putting it down, I love going over there for a walk & mosey round but I don't see the great surge that's been talked about for so long.

(I live near Eastbourne).

Nancy66 Sat 08-Feb-14 12:11:47

totally fell in love with a Hastings property about a year ago but just couldn't make my peace with the area.

nice parts of it but it's still 60% shit hole.

magimedi Sat 08-Feb-14 12:15:47

When ever I go over to Hastings I peer in EA windows & lust but I know it is just day dreaming.

Whereabouts (roughly) are you now?

Nancy66 Sat 08-Feb-14 12:18:41

I'm in SW London

noddyholder Sat 08-Feb-14 12:24:35

I don't think it is up and coming although you can get an amazing house My friend got the most beautiful house that she could never have afforded in brighton but she just couldn't get used to living there. I visited her and liked it but it was a 2 day stay so am not sure Interestingly she hasn't managed to sell it and has let it and moved back

trufflehunterthebadger Thu 27-Feb-14 22:41:27

We moved from eastbourne to hastings in july. Dh is hastings born/bred. I love it here, we are never moving back. There is no more crime here than anywhere else, certainly no more than eastbourne (we are both in the police). There are shitty areas everywhere.
We have a wonderful house that we could never afford in eastbourne.

But feel free to think H&SL is a shitehole. We are all happy to perpetuate that myth. Keeps the property prices down.

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