Granite vs Corian Kitchen Worktop.....Care to share your experiences?

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TeaandCake Sun 10-Jan-10 18:35:37

Currently researching products for our new kitchen and have narrowed down the worktop choices to Corian or Granite.

They appear to be v similar in price but I would love to hear to collective MN opinion of both and get all the pros and cons from those who live with them.


kitsmummy Sun 10-Jan-10 20:24:26

I have black granite around my sink and it is great, I put hot pans straight onto it. I believe that granite doesn't stain either, not that any stain would show on black anyway. My friend has white corian and that does stain, the installers also told her not to put hot pans on it too. Looks good though.

TheHappyCat Sun 10-Jan-10 20:27:39

Have only ever had granite - 10 years in my old place, not a speck on it, and inherited it here too where it is equally perfect and I think about 5-6 years old.
Wouldn't look at anything else when we come to do the kitchen next, so cannot speak for Corian, but have no negatives to share in my experience of granite.

TeaandCake Mon 11-Jan-10 08:55:56

Thank you for the replies ladies.

Hmm....two votes for granite then!

I dont want corian.

I currently have laminate due to costs and the kids. But when they are older and less messy, I will upgrade to either granite or a real oak surface.
sorry, not much help in this!

However, I had a granite surface and sink in ould old flat, and I did not like the limescale stains by the sink. I also broke a lot of glass by putting it down carelessly!

daffyd Wed 13-Jan-10 20:03:01

Hi I have done tons of research on this when I was putting in kitchen.I wanted Corian, hubby wanted ranite-we ended upo with granite as 5 yrs ago not so many corian fitters locally. But actually doing research even though corian sounds brill, it can stain and certainly can scratch-though scratches can be sanded down with special tool.Granite is beautiful, great for baking especially pastry and any dough making. The black colours are best as they dont need re-sealing whereas lighetr granite will probably need resealing from every 1-3yrs depending on colour. I have black nero assoluto zimbabwe granite, deep black and gorgeous.Need to wipe down water stains almost asap as can cause water marks, but once you get used to cleaning up quickly its gorgeous and I use Method granite cleaner once weekly to make it shine!Looking at Corian again I think for me it's not as good as I thought and would go for granite, even though you get integral sinks with corian which is amazing! Sorry for long post

Elsa123 Wed 13-Jan-10 20:11:06

I have dark granite round the outside of my kitchen with a cream flecked granite for the island unit and they're both gorgeous. The only thing I've heard that can stain is acidic stuff and its true- I left a pepper on the island unit and it left a grey patch. But it blends in well. No scratches. Corian comes in a wider variety of colours being synthetic but it is less hardy. The cheaper the granite, the bigger the flecks of quartz, which some prefer. I recommend Stoneworld of Newark. They sell to all the major kitchen fitters but supply direct to the customer dead cheaply and we went to their stoneyard to pick exactly which bit of granite we wanted. I hope this helps.

Mercedes Wed 13-Jan-10 22:23:00

has anyone thought about glass?

I was in John lewis and they had these fabulous coloured glass worktops. toughened of course. Any experience with these?

skinsl Thu 14-Jan-10 10:01:24

I have corian, love it, would always have it.
Wanted lighter colour, it is a sandy colour. I didn't want dark colour as had it before in rented houses and it could never keep it clean.
Had it for 2 years now, no scratches or stains, and I'm not that careful!!

Gipfeli Thu 14-Jan-10 10:15:56

We have white Zodiaq

It's like a cross between Corian and granite. Only had it a month so can't really comment on well it lasts, but it looks fab, is easy to clean and fab for rolling pastry!

Sharona1 Sat 06-Feb-10 03:23:11

The black - nearly black granite looks good, paler colours look dirty to me. Not good for a kitchen. I like Corian - love the way the sinks an joints can be seamlessly molded together. We are going for creamy/white.

I do worry a bit though that for resale granite may be safer, but hoping Corian will catch on as to me Granite, although beautiful stone to look at does look a bit 90s in a kitchen.

We had corian in our last house. I liked it because it was seamless going up into the backsplash and it can be repaired if it is damaged. I thought the seamless aspect made it more hygenic.

We have black granite now, I like it because it is much shinier than Corian and I find it more attractive. I do put hot pans on it now and again without any problems.

I'm having Corian fitted shortly.It was the cost and 'seamless' aspects which swayed me.Mind you,nothing could be worse than my current,grim,formica and teak effect laminate.

Elibean Sat 06-Feb-10 17:40:07

Mercedes, I would love glass - definitely my favourite to look at. But it can chip, doesn't tolerate heat, good for me. I want tough smile

Shame though, if I had no kids I think I might be tempted!

Mercedes Sat 06-Feb-10 17:55:42

Is there a problem with heat? When we read the leaflet about the glass it was all singing all dancing. Which is why I'm asking on here.

troublex3 Mon 13-Dec-10 17:30:43

Has any one had any experience with Granite r us? They seem ok, sourced granite from appropriate place and customer service seems good, although is this a good sales person!? Any reccommendations? we are in Scotland.

LoveRedShoes Mon 13-Dec-10 22:09:32

Been living with corian for two months, after having granite in our old house for four years. Liked both.
Corian does 'stain' very lightly with tea, but nothing a bit of bleach hasn't fixed so far. Occasional light scratch but not noticeable and the corian was fitted four years ago. I found that because granite was glossy, water marks showed, whereas corian seems to be more of a semi gloss.
Love granite too, but love love love minimal and hygienic 'all one piece' corian. People always comment on it too.

maggiethecat Mon 13-Dec-10 22:21:21

Love my black granite. Don't worry too much about limescale around taps as it's easy to get rid off. Still will not put hot pans on it and recently got myself le creuset silicone mats to protect worktop.

willmars Thu 11-Oct-12 07:30:57

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WildThongyoumakemyringsting Thu 11-Oct-12 11:36:00

I dont know anything about that company but I dont recommend GraniteMasters in Glasgow. Too many problems (not with the granite itself) more with the service. All resolved eventually but tbh for that amount of money shouldnt have happened in the first place.

MissPerception Thu 11-Oct-12 12:40:07

I am not a kitchen expert at all but we saw Caeserstone and thought it looked good in white. Does anyone have any experience?

JaneBrunton99 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:05:30

I personally recommend Rocca Granite Worktops in Hillington in Glasgow. The service is very friendly and professional. It's a family run business and they really strive to make sure you're happy. I had granite kitchen worktops fitted from there as my mum's had hers done from there too. They use some sort of sealant so that the joint is really perfect. I had cheap laminate worktops before as I had thought that granite would be way out of my price range but am really pleased with the value for money that you get from Rocca. The owner of the company has done a lot of research into sealants and he's really passionate about his product being perfect. I think it's a really hygienic work surface. Don't know anything about Corian...

PanicMode Mon 22-Oct-12 14:07:01

We have quartz - it's been in about 10 days and love it.

My parents have black granite and my mother is always polishing, wiping and making sure that there isn't any standing water - because hard water can mark it. Also anything acidic, olive oil etc.

Corian scratches really easily - according to my kitchen fitter who has it in his kitchen and said never again.

We went for the quartz because it looks identical to the granite (is not that dissimilar in price) and is far less porous so as I have four children and not enough time to be constantly polishing/cleaning it!!

myron Mon 22-Oct-12 14:37:38

Neither - like the previous poster, I have quartz simply because granite/wood is porous and quartz isn't and therefore more practical as a kitchen worktop and I didn't want laminate. Personal preference over Corian - I opted for a black quartz with mirrored flecks so it's rather blingy but I love it.

Yorky Tue 23-Oct-12 16:34:20

Ooh Elsa123, you might be near me, any other good recommendations locally?

Sorry to gatecrash, don't yet have my lovely granite worktop so can only offer prejudices, not experience

DonovanduPlessis Fri 01-Mar-13 22:58:27

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artisanbaker Fri 24-May-13 14:43:27

I am replanning my kitchen, and looking at worktops CORIAN seems to be a good hygienic worktop choice... so much so that I'm changing my mind from solid wood to Corian. I make LOADS of bread, so just wondering if anyone has any advice for or against worktop choice please...

Honestyisbest Sat 25-May-13 22:23:46

I'm loving my brand new granite. My first ever kitchen that I've designed and chosen. The granite is wonderful, hard to believe its a natural product it's so beautiful.

Katy1302 Sun 22-Dec-13 12:53:05

Ive been selling both products Granite & Corian for nearly 7 years now so it gives me pleasure to join the on going debate. Granite is a completely natural product, cold to touch. Corian is a man-made product warm to the touch. Its horses for courses really, personal taste but from a user point of view this is typically how it works. Granite generally is more patterned and can have more depth to it. I find with assessing both products over the years Corian tends to be the most practical, easy to maintain product and above all very hygienic. The best thing about Corian is that the joins are seamless which makes it easy to wipe and clean and because the product is non porous you can spill anything on it without is staining. Even if you accidentally take boiling hot pan to it and it burns the product at a small cost you can have it repaired back to it original state making it for me the best all round product compared to for example granite, quartz and glass.

dontcallmemam Sun 22-Dec-13 13:20:25

Katy please could you share info on Silestone? I'd like Carrera marble but have found a really good copy in a composite.

Katy1302 Sun 22-Dec-13 15:03:50

Hi `dontcallmemam`, Silestone is a great choice rather than the actual natural carrera marble which is way very porous for kitchen worktops. There are several Silestone ones equivalent, Lyra and Lagoon colours are probably the better more natural looking ones. Lagoon in my opinion the most natural looking of the Silestone carrera looking composites. It is low porous nature (be careful, this means it is low porous not non porous) but easy to maintain compared to the natural stuff. Always use trivets on the surfaces as Silestone has a resin content and resting boiling hot pans on it burns the resin which will damage it. Silestone is one of the biggest brands, hence that comes at a price and you can experience big differences in costs between different suppliers. Get yourself 3 quotes, dont always go with the cheapest but someone where someone you know has used them or you can go and look at their recent work and seek references. We recently joined check-a-trade which was a good move for us, its where companies are monitored and continuously assessed by clients. Good luck

dontcallmemam Sun 22-Dec-13 15:43:48

Thank you

MisForMumNotMaid Sun 22-Dec-13 15:59:06

I had one of the many black speckled granites in my last kitchen (emerald I think) that I loved. It was installed by my builder and provided by a local firm. I had offcuts from a massive kitchen that were big enough for an island and a worktop either side of the sink. I had another run of worktop in oak. The three granite pieces delivered and finished were £500.

I now have corian thats a very light sand colour. It looks nice, it wipes well and doesn't smear with the cloth like granite after a quick wipe. The smear could be polished with a dry cloth but it was another step. I managed to scratch the corian only days after installation when moving in. It was very easy to repair with a very fine sand paper then a buff/ polish.

I don't put hot pans on it like I felt i could with granite it doesn't feel quite as tough due to having scratched it in the early days.

Both surfaces are great for bread and pastry possibly i'd sway towards granite in the summer for pastry as its cooler. But corian for bread.

Littlefish Sun 22-Dec-13 16:03:55

Miss perception - we have Caesarstone and absolutely love it. no water marks, no scratches and the only time I had a concern about it was when I got Lilly pollen on it and it left a yellow smear. I used some CIF on it and it came off straight away. I like the fact that it is less patterned than granite, so has more of a uniform colour. Everyone who comes to our house admires it - we've got a sort of dark mushroom colour.

Stevie77 Sun 22-Dec-13 16:04:43

Neither. We have Caesar Stone and IMHO it's better than both.

Don't like the plastic feel of Corian or how it looks and don't like how Granite needs to be looked after, can absorb stains etc. but like the look and feel. Caesar Stone is the best of both worlds.

pickledsiblings Sun 22-Dec-13 16:06:54

We have black granite around our hob on a standalone unit and then white corian with an inset sink running across and down a run of units. I love both (couldn't choose), both look good as new after 8/9 years.

Liara Sun 22-Dec-13 20:44:34

I've had both. Corian is fantastic for the seamless look, especially if you have the sink run continuously, very easy to clean, however definitely not 'natural' looking. I think it works well in a modern rather than traditional style of kitchen.

Granite is much more work to maintain, there are seams in it which I don't like as much, but it is a natural stone and so works better imo with a certain style of kitchen. Nicer for pastry. Corian is OK for pastry too, but doesn't have that lovely cold feel to it.

druduk Wed 30-Apr-14 18:45:13

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Linus1 Thu 23-Oct-14 20:04:05

Hi there. I know this was an old thread, but wondering if you will still receive this message, and if so, if your Corian work surfaces have stood the tet of time? We are looking at white and slightly wary of it staining etc. Thanks a lot.

bideyinn Thu 23-Oct-14 20:26:09

I've had pale grey corian for 8 years and it still looks like new. I love it.

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