Everest double glazing - can we negotiate the price

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uberalice Mon 23-Mar-09 22:51:19

Everest have just quoted us £10,500 for double glazing 7 windows in our house. Is it worth trying to talk them down at all? I'm working on the assumption that they always leave a bit of room for manouvre to allow a customer to haggle a bit. Is it worth trying this, and if so, by how much?
Thanks everyone.

feetheart Mon 23-Mar-09 22:58:21

Haggle like mad then tell them its still too expensive. They will come down and down until they get to the 'price I charged my Granny/uncle/father/etc'
It's also worth getting quotes from more local independent traders.
We needed a new back door to fit a cat-flap in, the big company (might have been Everest, might have been Zenith) spent hours faffing around going lower and lower until their 'final, I'm robbing my Grandmother' quote was about £800, local firm did it for £220 shock

Good luck and stand firm. They need you, you DO NOT need them!

Bonneville Mon 23-Mar-09 22:58:45

Dont know about Everest but we used another well known company. Just ignored the first figure as it was ridiculous! They kept coming back to us with lower and lower quotes. £10,500 seems a lot for 7 windows (unless they are huge or bays or something).

Sorrento Mon 23-Mar-09 23:04:49

Bloody hell our local firm installed K glass (good energy rating apparently) top of the range bay windows for £450 each, they are utterly taking the michael.

SamVimesIsMyHero Tue 24-Mar-09 11:57:53

YY I agree, they are taking the p*ss. You have to negotiate hard. Get other quotes and then show them to the Everest sales person. Everest windows are good and the fitters are v. efficient. We had a (very minor) problem with one window and they came straight back and fixed it. I would recommend them but HAGGLE HAGGLE HAGGLE!

nickytwotimes Tue 24-Mar-09 11:59:33

Everest are notoriously over priced.
I'd get other quotes.

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Tue 24-Mar-09 12:12:46

Get a local firm to quote. You will be amazed at the difference in price and may actually like the local guys better!

MitchyInge Tue 24-Mar-09 12:16:54

I had a quote recently (from Zenith Staybrite) for a couple of sash windows and was all set to go ahead, when I changed my mind (I don't know what I was thinking of as pvc would not be good here) the price dropped from £2k (which we'd already haggled down from much higher) per window to £750!

So, yes, there will be plenty of room for manoeuvre there

QuintessentialShadow Tue 24-Mar-09 12:23:11

Anglian quoted £4.500 for 5 new double glazed windows and a new front door.
I think you have some scope.

I wouldnt use Everest. When I had our Anglian quote, I had phoned Everest for a quote too. What they do is close to phone harassment, and they are not always very friendly either. At one time, after telling them "no, sorry we are not going ahead" the woman took it upon her to keep calling, and calling, and calling, just to say "you cant stop me ner ner". I asked her to please stop, as it was harassment, and she said "of fuck off, I can do this, you cant prove it was me...." I did manage to get her name and complained about her, though.

uberalice Tue 24-Mar-09 21:16:24

Thanks for all the advice. I think I will haggle with them when they call back. I've also asked another company for a quote.

To be fair, six of the windows are over 2m high and the other is more than 1m wide. Four windows are upvc sash windows, so not a standard casement design. And I'm fairly confident that Everest windows are good quality.

QS, so far no phone harrassment. But thanks for the tip. I'll beware of any hassle. Although I'm really hoping that they will drop the price so we can give them the business.

Anyone got any good tips on how to argue for a lower price? How should I pitch it?

QuintessentialShadow Tue 24-Mar-09 21:21:13

I usually get 3 quotes in, and I let them know that they will be competing for business with 2 companies.

Tell them you will get back to them when you have had your other quotes through.

Wait for your quotes, go for the lowest quote if you trust their standard of work, otherwise use the cheaper quote to try get a better quote.

Tell them you have had a much lower quotes. Dont tell them how much you other quotes are for, then they will just match it. You want them to beat the quote, so let them know if they are close, by saying. "i am afraid the other company has quoted lower than this". Bear in mind the company with a lower quote has possibly also quoted the top of what they think they might possibly get, and they might have come down too.

So, try to aim for something lower than your lowest quote.

Most compnaies expect you to negotiate the price, and they apply this to their margins.

dizzydixies Tue 24-Mar-09 21:23:37

run, run, run away - my dad has just had an absolute mare dealing with the theiving gits angry bad installation, poor quality and a refusal to come out to repair followed by constant phone calls trying to get him to buy more stuff hmmshock

try to get word of mouth local recommendations and go from there, sorry if its not what you want to hear

QuintessentialShadow Tue 24-Mar-09 21:25:32

Anglian built our conservatory. They were very professional. It was really quick. All the workers were courteous, and tidy. It is really good workmanship and good quality.

Chose Anglian. wink

bodiddly Tue 24-Mar-09 21:25:32

uberalice ... if you have got the rough sizes I could ask dp for you how much he would expect them to cost. He is a glazier and could give you some advice as to how much the going rate is realistically.

southeastastra Tue 24-Mar-09 21:26:20

only use everest if you like haggling

smellen Tue 24-Mar-09 21:29:25

Get quotes from local firms. We had a top of the range front door, 8 windows, patio doors, and a back kitchen door for £6k about 3 years ago. The service was excellent and the windows great. At the time the big brand names were looking for about double that.

sazlocks Tue 24-Mar-09 21:36:18

haggle, haggle , haggle. We have just had 6 wooden windows done with K glass and it was way less than that. We (well DH really!) got loads of people in to quote - played them all off against each other to get the best price. We ended up paying 5 grand less than the top price and they were made and fitted by a local firm. Much better quality than the big national firms.

Henrick Fri 04-Sep-09 22:23:49

Everest can work out to be the cheapest if you negotiate well, because ultimately they would rather have their product in your house than let one of their competitors have your money.

However, if you choose Everest, I would be very careful to check your contract before signing -- if you are verbally promised a high energy rating ('A' or 'B'), then make sure you insist the energy rating is mentioned in the contract (they can add it in the 'notes' section just above where you sign).

I bought timber sliding sash windows with weights and cords on the understanding that they would be 'B' rated, but they turned out not to be rated at all and Everest finally admitted, some 4 months after the installation, that if the windows were rated then they would only meet the minimum 'E' rating performance!

Best of luck with your windows!

nymphadora Fri 04-Sep-09 22:40:16

We have everest windows (dp commited to them before me as I wouldn't have paid that amount) but they are good quality and ours had to be very specific so not many companies could do them.

SingingBear Fri 04-Sep-09 22:45:20

A friend recently had her whole house done with Anglian, she halved their price by saying "it's too much" "it's still too much" until in the end they asked her what she would pay - she gave them a figure, they said OK then. i.e. absolutely DO NOT pay what they suggest without playing vary hard to get.

spicemonster Fri 04-Sep-09 22:49:26

My friends got them down to 1/2 their original quote. They just said they'd been quoted that price by someone else (they hadn't) and Everest just agreed to match it. I don't think they had to do much actual haggling

fanjolina Sun 06-Sep-09 10:48:36

Definitely haggle. We got them down to about half too.

HerHonesty Sun 06-Sep-09 19:54:46

we had everest, they were more expensive by all the others. the other three quotes were all pretty much identical and we ended up getting only 350 off (2k for 4 large windows)

bigstripeytiger Sun 06-Sep-09 19:59:48

Everest quoted us 3 times as much as we eventually paid for the work ( and we ended up with better quality windows than Everest had quoted to give us).

uberalice Sun 06-Sep-09 20:07:46

An update - we went with Everest in the end after managing to talk them down considerably. The price we paid was 58% of the original quote. It was still a bit more expensive than other quotes we got, but we did believe they were worth paying a premium for. We're really pleased with our new windows, but I absolutely hated the haggling.

SingingBear Sun 06-Sep-09 21:18:16

Huh?! I never noticed that you started this thread in March - I posted after it was restarted this month and thought it was all new! Sorry - you obviously are the expert now!

Avenger Sat 26-Sep-09 00:26:09

I have got Everest to quote against two local firms. Everest's original quote fell by a massive 65% for the same quality, A rating. (Thanks for reminding me to check the contract that it specifies A rating.)
Salesmen I assume are trained to give the list price, they then say you get this discount for that, and a discount for this, and so on. However it is a discount on a discount so the discount gets progressively smaller.
Get a quote from them and know that they will easily come down by 65% and you may even try and get more but get other firms in and ask for their best price. Do not sign until you have really made your mind up and seen at least three firms, ideally a minimum of five.

BootleBumtrinket Thu 05-Nov-09 11:18:48

I have just got an Everest quote for our house. We have a modest 3 bed semi with 3 normal bays and a tiny little one (with some stained glass but only in two of the windows). They have quoted me £29,000 hmm Apparently that is a heavily discounted price (more hmm hmm), it was £45k to begin with. (UPVC btw, am not asking them to install wooden frames with a delicate covering of gold leaf)

Do they think I am a total idiot? Am going to get local quotes but am heartened to see this thread as we really need new windows but can't afford anything like this (actually even 50% would be too much shock)

spiralqueen Thu 05-Nov-09 23:07:57

I got Anglian down from an initial quote of £12K for 4 windows and 2 doors to £2,600. Told them I had other people coming to quote (not actually true although I had done some research online and found £4K to be average price) kept to my line and the price kept coming down with the warning that I could only get the price that day. Finally asked me what I would pay so I said £2.5K and the guy rang his supervisor and they offered the £2.6K which I accepted grudgingly(!).

Do your research and remember it's a buyer's market.

BootleBumtrinket Fri 06-Nov-09 12:39:20

Thanks SQ. I felt a bit sick about the quote - we really need the work done, some of our windows are literally falling apart but the Everest quote is so far off what we can afford it is almost laughable (almost!).

Will get other quotes and haggle like mad. And then report back hopefully with a success story to inspire others!

Abdul Sun 06-Apr-14 14:38:03

Which company was that mate

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