Has anyone installed a long set of folding/sliding doors in their house

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SpaceTrain Sat 07-Mar-09 22:04:21

For our extension we are planning to have the whole wall that leads to the garden (approx 6 m) kitted out with folding doors.

Our architect has recommended Solarlux doors, which do seem to be good but also seem to be the most expensive.

Has anyone had any experience with these, or with any other makes?

We've had a quote from Sunflex, and another make we are looking at is Express Bi-folding doors, which are quite a bit cheaper. However I don't want to skimp on this purchase if we are going to face significant quality issues by buying cheaper.

Another question I have is what have you done for screening the doors? Express offer integrated blinds, which seems a better option that having trailing vertical blinds on the inside.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Pannacotta Sun 08-Mar-09 14:08:22

I haven't (but we are planning to), though I know our neighbours found a local supplier who was much cheaper than the company their architect suggested (but still great quality).
Worth a look locally?
Integrated blinds sound good, do you need to have anything for screening?

SpaceTrain Sun 08-Mar-09 15:29:13

Thanks for that suggestion Pannacotta.

I am happy to go without screening, but DH is insisting its safer so we can stop burglars peering in hmm

fatjac Mon 09-Mar-09 14:07:03

I am considering these but as I am in Scotland not sure if I'll actually get that much use out of them. May just go for a fewtraditional french doors with glazed side panels instead. I'm not planning on having any screening as we are not overlooked.

Lanky Mon 09-Mar-09 14:16:15

We bought our wooden ones from the Folding Sliding Door Company. They have showrooms in Yorkshire, but we bought ours unseen from the website and we've been very pleased. Not sure how the price compares with other places, but we found it reasonable.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 14:37:33

Thanks Lanky. We'll check them out.

Do you use blinds with them?

missblythe Mon 09-Mar-09 14:42:43

We have a similar design in our kitchen, which goes out into the garden.

I used a local joiner to make/install etc our bi-fold doors, and I am v happy with them.

I got 3 people to quote, he was the nicest man, and the middle price, and I would def. use a local person over a big company again.

Wo don't have anything for screening, as our garden just joins onto other gardens, so no-one can see in really. Am not a big fan of blinds, though, and think shutters would look nicer.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 14:56:11

Thanks missblythe. A joiner would be an option if we were having wooden frames to the doors, but I think we are going to have aluminium.

I agree with you re the screening. Just need to convince hubby now!

ajandjjmum Mon 09-Mar-09 15:02:30

We have a 10 mt. wall in our kitchen from this sliding and folding door system. It was an arm and a leg, but as it was an integral part of the design, we decided to stick with it.

The company we used was Sunfold - their service was pretty crap, but the door system was imported from Germany, and has been superb.

In all fairness, we rarely open the wall to its fullest extent (between the kitchen and decking in the garden), but on the occasions that we have done so, it's made a great party venue.

ajandjjmum Mon 09-Mar-09 15:03:49

Oh - and we have no window coverings, although if we did I'd look at something like the mobile screen systems that you can get.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 15:58:29

Thanks a lot ajjandjj. I will look at them too.

Shame about the customer service, but I suppose the product is the main thing.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 16:09:47

Hvae just taken a look at those ajanjj and they are the same as the Sunflex ones we had been looking at (i.e. same doors, but different company as UK reseller).

Interestingly, what put us off the Sunflex option was the suspicion of poor customer service - it seemed like it was a case of them selling, someone else installing and no-one taking full responsibility.

They are cheaper than the ones our architect recommended though, so maybe I'll take a risk on the customer service.....

ajandjjmum Tue 10-Mar-09 10:16:48

The customer service issues we had were specific -

The builder had not placed his order early enough, but they then were very late with their dates, which compounded the problem.

We have the sliding and folding run and then a double door which comes off at right angles to the main run. We were burgled thru' this door, which was pretty traumatic for all of us. They were totally dismissive of my desire to get things moving asap, and it took months for the doorset to be replaced.

So....the system is great, but be prepared for the hassle!

SpaceTrain Tue 10-Mar-09 16:25:49

What a nightmare about your burglary. You really didn't need the hassle of getting the replacement doors when you had all that trauma to deal with.

Doyou think you were just unlucky with the burglary, or are the doors themselves not very secure? (worried emoticon)

ajandjjmum Wed 11-Mar-09 13:15:32

Sorry SpaceTrain - I actually think that the doors and system are secure, but we didn't have laminated glass (thought we did!), so the burglars were able to throw a brick through the glass. The lock didn't give.

I would certainly go for laminated glass though!


LittleOtik Wed 11-Mar-09 14:10:49

My husband is in the trade (architect / designer with own design & build company) and he uses Solarlux - he would recommend them.

SpaceTrain Wed 11-Mar-09 20:53:14

I will definitely go for the laminated glass then ajanjj!

LittleOtik - can you please ask your husband why in particular he recommends Solarlux? We are really impressed with the company that Lanky mentioned above (Folding Sliding Door company) and they come in £3k cheaper than Solarlux. At the moment we can't see much distinguishing them so are tempted to go with the cheaper option. (Particularly as Folding Sliding Doors offer a 15 year guarantee).

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 21:06:00

SpaceTrain .. are you by any chance based in London? I know of an excellent company but it would probably only worth be recommending if you are around the area.

SpaceTrain Thu 12-Mar-09 18:21:13

I'm on the south coast, but only just over an hour away from London, so I'd be interested in hearing who you recommend.

bodiddly Sat 14-Mar-09 13:29:28

I am not sure how they would compare on price but they are a Lithuanian company based in Islington - think they are called Art for Windows but can check for sure on Monday. We have used them for a couple of projects at work and the price has been excellent and no problems at all with the quality. The windows and doors are produced in Lithuania then brought over. If you are interested I can find their details for you .. it may be worth a call and/or a quick quote at least.

SpaceTrain Sat 14-Mar-09 16:35:06

Thanks for that bodiddly. Isthis them?

I'm not sure if they do exactly the type of doors we are after, but we'll definitely check them out.

bodiddly Sat 14-Mar-09 20:10:38

yes that's them .. I know they do folding doors as I have seen them in their showroom. I don't know the others you have been looking at but it might be worth calling them for a chat!

SpaceTrain Sat 14-Mar-09 20:17:10

I will do Bodiddly - thanks!

Matlow Wed 18-Mar-09 16:39:11

I am thinking of having bifold glass sliding doors with timber frames. Just wondered how much they cost. Can't seem to find any info on price at all. We want 3 leaf door with one leaf that opens independantly, if you see what I mean!

LittleOtik Wed 18-Mar-09 16:41:56

SpaceTrain - if this doesn't come too late - I will ask - I remember him saying something about excellent customer service and that they are "really nice". But I will ask for specifics! (I've never heard him mention the Folding Sliding Door company so he might not know about them).

SpaceTrain Wed 18-Mar-09 16:48:06

Thanks LittleOtik. Its not too late and I would appreciate his feedback.

Matlow. To give you an idea of costs, we are looking at 6 panels, with 2 that open independently but with aluminium not wooden frames. Quotes we have had range from 6000 - 12000.

LittleOtik Thu 19-Mar-09 09:02:04

Okay here's wot he sed.

Other companies (not Solarlux) often will give a quote but then charge extra for fitting the doors etc. Solarlux come and do the measurements for you in the first place (which takes a massive weight off the mind - a while back we didn't use Solarlux for our own doors and relying on our own measurements was terrifying, if you get it the slightest bit wrong you are screwed), and then come and fit them for you. Basically the whole service is included and is of a very good standard.

However, he doesn't know that the other companies don't also offer this.

He also gave an example - his father has recently used Solarlux and after they fitted the doors, the Solarlux man spotted a tiny scratch on one of the panes. My FIL hadn't noticed it. The Solarlux man immediately arranged for a replacement pane to be sent out (at a cost to the company, obviously).

Finally, on a slightly separate note, if it comes to a matter of fitting the doors yourself or paying extra to have them fitted (not sure if you are considering that?) then I would SO strongly recommend having them fitted. We didn't last time (when we didn't use Solarlux) and it was awful - can't remember which company it was but they had neglected to send a crucial part which wasn't obvious until we were half-way into fitting them, so not only did it take a whole day (literally) to fit them, they were incomplete and insecure for a couple of weeks. Nightmare!

Hope this helps and isn't too rambling, DD2 is giving me an earful so finding it hard to concentrate on important issue of folding doors..!

SpaceTrain Thu 19-Mar-09 09:34:50

That's great thanks a lot LittleOtik.

And I'm sure we'll be getting someone else to do the fitting. Those glass panels are heavy!!

Mellin Fri 20-Mar-09 07:52:41

We are about to have bi-fold doors fitted on our kitchen from www.traditionalsashwindows.co.uk. Ours are wood, so maybe not what you are looking for.

Our friends had aluminium doors from www.i-d-systems.co.uk/ and I know they are still very pleased with them 2 years on. They were recommended by their architect and look fabulous. But too exy for us.

SpaceTrain Sat 21-Mar-09 09:08:42

Thanks a lot for that infor Mellin. Hope you like your doors!

The i-d systems doors are the Sunflex make, which we have been looking at. So it's good to know that your friends are pleased with them.

jicky Sun 22-Mar-09 17:37:18

We have several sets of sunflex doors - ordered via i-d systems and again the doors are great but the service was poor. The first time we had them installed they came much later than expected (and we had no wall of house in January) then when they did arrive they turned up at about 4pm and installed them in the dark and got quite cross when our builder would not say they were OK as he could not see to check.

The second time the doors were the wrong size and we had to have the door lintels raised - we didn't have to bear the cost of this, not sure if it was down to mis-measuring by the builder or a mistake at the manufacturing end as we were on holiday, but it did make the project drag on.

We don't have blinds on the kitchen ones - I was quite keen on the internal ones, until it was pointed out it was just something else to go expensively wrong. We have curtains on the other sets, but they are more big french window size, rather than a whole wall of glass.

SpaceTrain Sun 22-Mar-09 19:22:38

Thanks for all that info Jicky. And sorry to hear you have had such tribulations.

We have now placed an order the Folding Sliding Door Company, so thank you Lanky for the recommendation.

redshoes Sun 22-Mar-09 21:49:49

Mellin - can I ask how much your doors cost? sorry for highjack

berno Tue 14-Apr-09 12:29:57

This is a sort of p.s. as you've already ordered your doors.

I found a really good blog that gives customer testimonials (obviously only good ones) which is better than most blogs that only give boring details of why you should buy their products.


http://sunseekerdoor s.blogspot.com/2008/07/case-study-hertfordshire.html

I short-listed this company with the one in Yorkshire and one in Essex and chose sunseeker because they were very helpful with my many questions.

The doors were fitted a month after ordering and are brilliant. It now feels really weird opening our old french doors which are pvc and feel really flimsy compared with the sunseeker aluminium bifolding-sliding doors.

Surveyking Sun 31-May-09 09:51:54

We fitted a run of six doors of about five metres. Unfortunately, we used the Folding Sliding Door Company in Bradford and it was a disaster. Three years later, and $10,000 in legal costs, and we still cannot lock the doors properly and there are gaps etc.

Put simply, they were manufactured the wrong size and arrived bent and twisted, so they were more or less useless as secure doors.

It was the worst consumer experience I have ever had.

SparkyUK Mon 08-Jun-09 11:49:01

Mellin can I ditto redshoes request and ask how much your doors cost? thanks!

galaxy Sun 14-Jun-09 20:01:45

We're also looking at bi-fold doors to replace some oak stable doors that let the water and wind in. Would be interested in any feedback and prices.

warthog Sun 14-Jun-09 20:02:59

we used cantifix. amazing.

no blinds, just artful planting hmm

hazel1969 Sun 05-Jul-09 20:25:10

Hi All,

We recently had a 7mtr set of folding doors installed. We carried out lots of research and in the end decided on the Sunflex System.

The quality of the doors is very high but then they cost a lot so you would expect that. We choose a company called SKG London, as they came recommended from a friend who had used them before.

We were very pleased with the service, the doors took around 2 months from order but the company explained this when we placed our order. It seems like a long time but they are made in germany so i guess it takes a little longer to ship them over.

If your budget can stretch to Sunflex i would say do so, i would also recommend SKG London as a very good company to do business with.

There website was www.bespoke-doors-online.co.uk

bettyjack Wed 08-Jul-09 14:34:38

My husband has installed lots of folding doors.

Please take a look at his website


SparkyMalarky Wed 08-Jul-09 14:44:49

Hi - we used Sunseeker Doors - think this is them - and we've had no real problems.. they were installed by them too. We've got a silver frame to the doors which is nice too as lots of them seem to be wood, black or white PVC.

As for covering, we have vertical blinds from Ikea - cheap as chips and are the exact width of each of the 4 doors making up the bifold Would have loved integrated ones...but spent the money on a range cooker instead grin

berno Mon 20-Jul-09 09:00:01

following on from a post a few months ago, here's an update on our sunseeker doors that are now in their 2nd summer.

smileAbsolutely great - as new! The only maintenance is to keep the bottom runner clear of obstacles using a vacuum attachment every now and then.

We even had blinds inside the glazing and despite the considerable cost this has proved to be a brilliant investment. we use them every morning and evening as a minimum. there hasn't been a hint of trouble.

I looked at their blog again: www.sunseekerdoors.blogspot.com and there were really interesting articles on 14th July, 3rd June and 28th/20th April.

Sunseeker bifolding doors are manufactured in England therefore installation is under a month if you don't want blinds (it says 2 weeks on their web site www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk ). they measure and fit them themselves which is included in the quote/cost.

We are still really pleased with ours.grin

alisugar Mon 27-Jul-09 15:01:43

grin]My husband is an architect and uses a company called Moving Designs in Wokingham, Berkshire. He has used them many times and thinks they are excellent. They are alot cheaper than solarlux & sunflex and the quality & service is excellent. You can buy supplied and fitted or as a flat pack for any DIYers. They also come out and measure or show you how to do it yourself. We have recently had a bi-fold system installed ourself & I would recommend them to anyone. Yes there is a 15 year guarantee. If anyone is interested their number is 0118 9787249.

Vangough Mon 24-Aug-09 16:39:24

Just a word of warning about The Folding Sliding Door company. We bought doors from them last year, and although they are fine the problems started when we needed one replacing following a burglary. The after-care service is horrendous. I've never come across such poor customer service, ever. Nobody talks to anyone else within the company and still weeks on I am waiting for even a reply to the countless emails and letters I have sent the Customer Service manager. They sell you them, but boy they are useless if you have a problem !

whistleblower15 Tue 06-Oct-09 13:50:25

I am an ex-employee of The Folding Sliding Door Company - Bradford. I would say the doors are quite good build and finish and the way to avoid the customer services hassles is to pay for a survey. i.e. FSD will come out and measure up for you then if there are any problems it is their fault and any follow up visits can't be charged for (and don't let them flannel you about the opening or floor not being right to start with) Most of the doors fitted when I worked there had no issues. They don't really have a service dept thats the problem.

wen75 Mon 05-Jul-10 23:44:59

i had a 5 panel set of doors fitted by a company called sun paradise. the company was swiss but product made in Turkey and transported to england. very impressive doors run superb. two young boys called lee and david very pleasant and polite who fitted the doors (if i was 10 years younger [wink[). we had a surveyor come and measure, everything ran smoothly from start to finish.

FionaWalker Wed 10-Nov-10 19:47:03

We have just put in 2 sets of Sunflex bi-fold doors and 1 window - supplied by ID Systems.

Initial service was good and revisions to our drawings were supplied in good time

Delivery time was about 8 weeks from the time we 'signed off' the drawing

Delivery driver was very good although came on his own so needed assistance to unload - we were told this by ID Systems

Instructions with the doors and windows were very poor so we called ID several times for assistance (we saved over £1000 by choosing to instal the doors ourselves rather than use an ID System's installer)

My husband and his father installed the doors in a day - 2 sets of doors and the window. The fixing system (to fix the door frame to the wall) is very poor considering how much you pay for the system.

The build quality of doors and window is excellent.

Overall, a quality product with average service from their agents. Expensive but worth it !!

dunish Sat 11-Dec-10 13:43:53

has anyone fitted a bi-fold system which is flush with the outside patio? I am looking for one which can be used by wheelchair users.

MrsStuartBaggs Sat 11-Dec-10 13:55:29

What a very useful thread...watching with interest.

Alouiseg Sat 11-Dec-10 14:07:00

We are just about to have an extension which will be 4 metres of bifold doors leading onto a patio. We have been advised to have the bifolds that are hung and supported from the top with just a guide track at the bottom. I cant remember the name of the company that we are using for the doors but ill find out and post back later.

DisparityCausesInstability Sat 11-Dec-10 16:27:35

About to put in 7 metres of aluminium bifolds - we are using a company recommended by our builder & our architect and he's getting a very good price.

dunish Wed 15-Dec-10 21:05:05

Thanks DCI. Do you know what company it is from? Is it a flush system?

DisparityCausesInstability Wed 15-Dec-10 21:20:14

When you say flush - are you referring to the threshold?

The company are Mee Windows in Luton - they have no website but my architect has the windows in his house and he is more than happy.

I need to go have a look - I will do after Christmas but I'm too busy sourcing other things and I trust my builder and my architect.

fanjolina Fri 17-Dec-10 20:51:21

Dunish - we have bifold doors that run flush so it is straight through from living area to patio (maybe 5mm 'bump' where the tracks are).

We used Folding Sliding Doors company. Would definitely recommend.

northernline Sat 18-Dec-10 15:50:59

i used Express Bifolding Doors. we have three doors with one which opens independently of the others in aluminium white. they are quite big 2.4 x 2.4 metres and cost £2800. company was really good and did supply only as i was having the whole house done. saw them on channel four website after watching the home show - the one with the gorgeous but slightly over the top guy!

dunish Thu 30-Dec-10 20:31:15

Thanks guys - that's really useful

bizabeth Sat 08-Jan-11 19:12:26

Hi we had a set of bifolds fitted 7 doors wide with a flush track so the inside & outside are the same level. The doors opperate very easily. We used a company called Glass in Motion Ltd. There web is www.glassinmotion.co.uk. They wasnt the cheapest quote but they were very helpful and would recommend to anyone.

whamba Thu 17-Feb-11 10:05:19

Hi there am new to this but looks really useful! We are going install some oak bifold doors only 6ft in total but would love any recommends, have looked at vufold and magnet but can't find any reviews they are advertise in homebuilding and renovating magazine alot.we have someone to fit them.

maggiethecat Sat 19-Feb-11 23:27:43

We used sunparadise - they were excellent and the doors glide like a dream. One of best features of our house.

marsklar Sun 20-Feb-11 20:04:20

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vendulina Sun 17-Apr-11 08:56:06

Hi maggiethecat, Im looking at the sunparadise web and they look good, what did you go for and how much did they charge?

Deux Sun 17-Apr-11 18:13:50

Marking my place as interested in Sun Paradise too.

berno Thu 12-May-11 14:05:29

4 years with our bifolds and they look like new and are, if anything, easier to open and slide (discrete magnetic thingy keeps the door securely open when it's windy); integral blinds have also functioned faultlessly.

Update on products - as well as bifolding doors, there are ultra-slim frames in a range of colours and frameless patio doors, all fully retractable and with low cills/ threshholds option www.framelessglassdoorsuk.co.uk and www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk/ultraslim-doors.html - but if you still want value for money bifolds you can get good quality basic white aluminium ones at a diy price at www.sunseekertradebifolds.co.uk which has got to be better than cheap pvc ones that warp (as I found out!)

Bigj0nny Wed 06-Jul-11 09:11:18

I have to warn any prospective customers of The Folding Sliding Door Company. I have just had a pair of doors fitted to my new build. In order to get the order out, I paid them over the phone with a credit card. They took the price agreed price, but then added and took VAT too from my credit card, having previously gained an understanding from them that new builds are zero-rated for VAT (VAT Notice 708). They have basically charged me the VAT which is not due to HMRC, so I can only imagine where that will end up!? Even the sales guy I had been dealing with was disgusted at what had happened and couldn’t believe it as he knew what had been agreed previously regarding the VAT. They have point blank refused to return the VAT charged in error, so I have had to lodge a fraud report with HMRC in the hope that they can get to the bottom of this crooked practice. I doubt I am their only victim. This company does not behave like the reasonable sized company that they are. They have no idea about customer service and the FD is either incompetent or crooked. PLEASE take my advice, steer well clear, pay a bit more elsewhere and get value for money. IGNORE ME AT YOUR PERIL!

mrszimmerman Wed 06-Jul-11 12:06:54

My friend had some beautiful ones put into her last house but she had them imported from Germany or Denmark. She said she wasn't happy with what she could get here.
But she is a prop developer so has that experience to buy abroad.

PigletJohn Wed 06-Jul-11 23:48:13

Why don't people want to say what they cost?

maggiethecat Thu 07-Jul-11 00:22:19

This thread has been resurrected and just noted that Vendulina asked me about cost months ago. We had ours done 4 years ago and I seem to think they cost £3.5k. We went for a sort of charcoal metallic grey (cant recall the exact name but I really love it. Someone else has said Sunparadise is Swedish company and doors made in Turkey (?) - I thought they were German. Whichever, they certainly live up to a German made reputation.

Jennataylor Wed 03-Aug-11 23:37:25

After much re-searching, we have recently had some external aluminium Dualfold Sliding Folding Bi-Fold Doors installed by a company called Moving Designs in Wokingham - 0845 6432168. I highly recommend, the doors and service was outstanding and the quality is second to none. Very reasonable price for such high quality doors. Definetly recommend these bi-folds to anyone.

Xav1 Thu 12-Jan-12 14:05:55

I took hazel1969 advise and used SKG London. My doors were installed on Monday and although its a bit too cold to open and close them too much at the moment they look fantastic. The fitters were tidy, polite and even arrived on time. My builders have been a bit of a nightmare and the project is running about two months behind schedule so its nice for something run smoothly.

Ashleek Sun 15-Jan-12 10:41:29


We're looking at the Sunseeker Ultraslim pivot and slide and would like to see a set in action before we make a decision. We've been told that we can go to Luton to see them, but it's a little far for us (6hour round trip). Does anyone know of an install in the Northwest? And anyone had a set that can comment on the quality?


berno Fri 20-Jan-12 12:54:02

Hi Ashleek, re slide and pivot patio doors, there is a video of a similar system in spain - looks a lot 'clunkier' than the sunseeker one, though - choose bottom right on this page and fast forward to about halfway (and try to ignore the irritating music) www glasscurtains.es/cortinas-de-cristal-fotos-videos.asp

I hope that helps. I must say that we had sunseeker bifolds installed about 5 years ago and they are still like new but I am envious of these ultra slim doors.

threechickpeas Mon 23-Jan-12 16:46:28

Just joining this threat with great interest as considering bi fold doors as a key feature of a renovation of our kitchen/dining room this summer.

However we are in Belfast so fewer local firms to choose from and no recommendations on this thread. We are keen to go with someone local who will also install rather than buying unseen on-line. So got a quote for aluminium Bifold Doors, 3000mm x 2100mm made by an Australian company called Centro. They are double-glazed. Just wondering if people thought £2,700 seemed reasonable plus £350 for installation?

Am emailing other companies named on thread to get comparitive quotes but they are very slow to respond.


weebump Tue 24-Jan-12 21:45:00

Hi threechickpeas. That sounds like a great quote. Who are you getting the doors from? Our builder got us a quote in Northern ireland for over £10,000 for a similar size as yours!

BettyBathroom Tue 24-Jan-12 22:37:43

Is it Centro - or Centor - if it's Centor, they make a great quality product. Just check that the suppliers are using a system designed for external doors - they make a variety of doors, details are on their website.

PrincessPam Sun 29-Jan-12 21:01:32

Hi. We have just had a quote from Express Bi-folds. They seem OK but can't give me the details of any customers who are prepared to give a testimonial for them.
Can you let me know what your experience was like?

ILoveMondays Mon 30-Jan-12 17:29:25

Hi, very interesting thread as I am in the trade. What I can say is - a) don't confuse Sunfold with Sunflex - completely different company/system b) always go for a specially desgined 'system' and not a joiner (timber) and c) ALWAYS try before you buy. Having heard what the directors have to say about their own company, I would never use the Folding Sliding Door company. So, excluding them, the main companies are going to be Solarlux, IDS, Sunfold, Sun Paradise - they all 'exclusively' sell a particular system(s). There are other 'good' companies out there - many either buy (trade) from these main companies or deal in lesser known systems. Do your homework though, go to exhibitions, some even have a system where you can go to a previous customers home! ASK. After sales can be a tricky business - I have noticed lots of good and bad comments on this - but to be honest - some customers are really difficult to please no matter how hard you try. But whichever company you choose, you are spending alot of money, so be sure you are comfortable dealing with what one you choose.

ILoveMondays Mon 30-Jan-12 17:32:23

Oh, by the way - PrincessPam - I have been a an exhibition and listened to Express Bifolds sales patter - never heard so much tripe in my life!!! Telling one poor customer that they were selling 'soft coat' glass for the same price as 'hard coat' when it should be soooo much more!!! Utter rubbish - it's all the same price now. If they can't get you a testimonial then don't use them! Any good company will be able to provide you with that.

BettyBathroom Mon 30-Jan-12 18:40:10

Express bifiold sent me a quote for nearly £20k and a dodgy video of what would happen if I went with their awful competitors. I wouldn't touch them!

PapaJohn Wed 08-Feb-12 13:28:15

Has anyone had any experience with Jeld Wen Smoothfold doors? We purchased these bifold doors in October 2011 and have had a nightmare with the cill leaking and 2 of the doors veneer blowing. We are caught between the manufacturers and the builders. We just dont know what to do now and this is now holding up finishing off the project. Any thoughts would be appreciated - Thanks

partyhats Wed 08-Feb-12 13:56:29

Have not read all this thread but we have just placed an order with 1st folding sliding doors based in Greenford for aluminium folding slidings of just over 4m. Had a look at the product in their showroom and happy with it. A competitive price and the guys seemed really nice, they were recommended by our builder.

ILoveMondays Wed 08-Feb-12 22:43:26

Jeld Wen use an Australian based ironmongery company and build the doors in Lowestoft from my last understanding. I saw these at an exhibition and couldn't believe how ugly they were, and very basic. Have you withheld any payments? This is your only leverage. Check your contract and see who your guarantee is with - if its the builders, then pursue it thoroughly through your builders (at least they won't use Jeld Wen again). Make a nuisance of yourself, the cill leaking can be down to the installation - ask to see the fitting instructions - you can ask for these direct from Jeld Wen if need be. Check all the fixing points - where it sits in the cavity and all the sealing points around the doors - are the gaskets and brushpiles in place or are they loose/missing. When you lock the door - are they closing tight and sealing. Where are they draining to? Copy all correspondence to Jeld Wen and make a nuisance of yourself there too - ask where they will be exhibiting with their doors (self build exhibitions/Grand Designs exhibition) and say you will come to see them there and show them where their doors are failing! This really shouldn't be happening. I did think their timber was laminated - check the description of the wood - it shouldn't be a veneer, it should be laminated timber with a chosen finish. Hope this helps.

grassychops Tue 28-Feb-12 19:53:08

This is a great blog, found it as me and my partner are going to fit folding patio doors ourselves. My friend had some fitted by ID Systems, which I think are Sunflex windows? Anyway its these ones www.i-d-systems.co.uk/folding-doors/sf75 - I like to think we can manage that, as I love them so much..has anyone else fitted them by themselves? Hers are great, been up a year and the quality is superb. Its a bit beyond our budget tho but I don't want to skimp to sacrifice on long term wear....has anyone else fitted them by themselves?

merov Sat 03-Mar-12 18:27:55

We've just started loking for 8-ft (3-"leaf") folding sliding doors for a planned kitchen extension. I found (online) a compant called Creative Doors offering oak frame doors for about £1300 inc vat and delivery. They gave me a local reference contact and we went to look at them. They look good. The contact's builder was there, and said they were easy to install. Only problem is they come unfinished. A builder/joiner we're considering for building the extension recommended getting doors from Jewson (via his trade account). Haven't checked Jewson out yet.

herethereandeverywhere Mon 05-Mar-12 23:13:10

A couple of pearls of wisdom for me to add to this thread for posterity:

1) We were advised that wooden frames are more susceptible to warping/expansion/contraction. This becomes more of an issue the longer the stretch of doors is and you can end up with doors that don't open and close properly.

2) DON'T USE SUNPARADISE. The final product looks great (aluminium frames) but their customer service was woeful throughout. Dealing with them was by far the most stressful part of our whole house renovation (and save for the builder himself, was, ironically, by far the most expensive contractor on the job). No one really gave a sh*t what was and wasn't happening, I had to chase every day for information and updates, was passed from pillar to post, their delays impacted the whole build. We spent over £30k on folding doors, a side return roof and rear windows for the whole property - DON'T DO IT! You have been warned!

3) For security look for doors that have several locks across the run of doors, otherwise they effectively life out of the slot they sit it.

joesma Wed 07-Mar-12 10:47:05

This is a great thread. After doing weeks of research I have learnt more in a few moments of reading this. We are about to order aluminium bifolds for our extension. We were looking at UK Bi Fold, Kloeber, Origin Easifold, Sunseeker and the Folding Sliding Door company (but probably wouldn't now after reading this), and the prices have ranged from £3,300 to £4,500. We're probably going to go with either Sunseeker or the Easifold doors and wondered if anyone had any feedback from having either of these doors installed? Would love to hear. Also if anyone can recommend any other supplier and fitter - north London/home counties area.

merov Wed 07-Mar-12 17:30:46

Re Jewson's (recommended by a prospective builder) - they've quoted £4,645 for a three-leaf Jeld Wen set (with one door opening separately), or £3,100 trade. After reading the comments above about Jeld Wen, I think we'll give them a miss. Creative Doors seem OK. Has anyone bought from them?

GMsMum Thu 08-Mar-12 16:00:01

We used Sunparadise for our folding doors and were really happy with both them and the service. We found their staff far less pushy than some of the others we went to see. We dealt with a lovely lady called Sally there and she was really helpful. My neighbour is going through the process with them on some big sliding doors and a rooflight at the moment and has also found them really good - hopefully your bad experience was a one off.

herethereandeverywhere Thu 08-Mar-12 22:07:18

There are 2 Sally's at Sunparadise that we dealt with. Both of them deal with phone calls professionally (when you actually get through to them). Actually getting anything done requires other people and being passed around by people who have no regard for the money you spend or the promises you make which are subsequently broken. Completely unprofessional, which is a shame as the doors look quite good.

You might get away with it if you're only buying a simple run of bifold doors I suppose.

Emma2228 Mon 12-Mar-12 15:27:19

Safechoice has very nice bi-fold doors. I love them, so easy to open, definitely better than standard french doors.

ConnorsDad Thu 15-Mar-12 13:56:14

Hi SpaceTrain,

You are right not to skimp on this purchase Sunflex and Solarlux both have very good names. ID Systems have a great range of options too with a range of prices too. The main thing I wanted to say though to anyone reading this is do NOT buy Sunfold systems. The bi-fold industry is notorious for long lead times, but we have been waiting 8 months now. We finally expected our doors today, but after calling them i have been told we have to wait till April 1st. Plus they have already taken full payment, so they have us over a barrel...

anticoli Thu 15-Mar-12 18:01:08

Hi ConnorsDad

That sounds awful. I've had a quote for Sunfold doors from an outfit in Corsham Wilts. Who did you use?

gettingeasier Fri 16-Mar-12 08:29:26

Havent read whole thread but I had 5 door bifold doors fitted

Looked at the big companies and ended up spending a fraction of their prices with a local firm and got great service

Monty7 Mon 09-Apr-12 20:34:35

We have had sunflex bi folding doors installed and the locks on the doors cannot have a key in place whilst closing the doors, if they do the key breaks. We are told that this is the norm and no one else has complained! We need a key in the door at all times. Anyone else experience this problem?

flyingmonkeyuk Thu 19-Apr-12 01:21:35

We have shortlisted Sunseeker after getting some quotes. If anyone has any extra info, please let me know.
ILoveMondays, I have sent you a PM.


SW17Lady Thu 26-Apr-12 18:59:18

I am considering 3 leaf aluminium folding sliding doors for my new extension.

Of the door systems mentioned above, which ones are top hung and which ones are installed at the bottom?

Has anyone researched or considered the pros and cons of one or the others system? I know that top hung will require an RSJ but that is ok as my extension is just being built

cornishrex Sat 28-Apr-12 06:39:59

we've chosen sun fold aluminium, just over 4 metres long. not yet fitted. I did a lot of research - sun fold, sun flex, kloeber, origins uk bi bold (raynaers), etc etc. sun fold was the most expensive and i wrote them off immediately. then sun flex. the great thing about kloeber was that they do a fixed size range which is a lot cheaper than their bespoke range (triple glazed) - i was planning on buying them or uk bi fold (which sell a uk design by raynaers).

Prices varied from £4.5k up to £8k (for the sun fold).

One slight problem that I have is that we live in a very exposed marine environment (VERY) and so we needed a marine treatment on all the doors. That pushes the price up a lot.

Then I went to see all these doors at a show. sun fold blew everyone else out of the water as far as i was concerned. It was gutting - they were so much more expensive than the rest, but boy did i want those doors.

At the show, sun fold suggested that i had been over quoted for the doors and suggested that i contacted a few more sun fold retailers for quotes. I did that, and got the same door (sfk70 - their top of range model) for £800 cheaper than my original sun fold quote from some-one else. so worth shopping around.

doors going in in july. My only problem now (which is why I'm still scouring these websites) is that I cannot work out whether their semi weathered thresholds will be good enough, or whether, given our very exposed (wind, rain, sea etc) location we really need to go for the fully weathered tracks. Trying to find some-one who has sun fold doors in this sort of environment ......

cornishrex Sat 28-Apr-12 06:52:08

I meant to say, Kloeber seemed good, and if you could fit within their fixed size ranges, a lot cheaper. my problem was that we had to have a marine finish, and if you have a marine finish with kloeber, you are pushed back into their bespoke range and the price goes right back up again.

another problem was that "marine finish" for different companies meant different things - uk standards versus european standards - some just treated the aluminium door frames, others treated everything, like the hinges etc. Its a minefield.

sunflex and kloeber were both good, but in my view sun fold pipped them both. against initial sun fold quotes of 8k (which then came down to 7.2k), sun flex came in at 6.8k. kloeber was 5.5k ish i think, until I got back into the bespoke range, at which point it went back up again. uk bi fold was cheaper, around the low 5's. All incl vat, delivery and fitting. 4 leaves and standard height (the price goes up the more leaves you have).

The other problem i'm having is whether to pay extra for the special glass coating that gives you extra thermal efficiency and a sort of "self cleaning" glass (not low e, that's standard. This is some extra "solar glass" thing). Apparently it makes the glass a bit darker and OH is dead against it, but I think it would be useful ..... so many options, so little money......

SmileItsSunny Sat 28-Apr-12 07:06:01

Just making my place, as we are planing an extension now. Some really helpful comments on here, thankyou everyone.

AgathaPonsonbySmythe Sat 28-Apr-12 07:33:33

Can I stress for people to THINK about how you will cover your windows at night. I know lots of people don't mind having nothing but if you find it a bit soulless - which it can be with such a large area of black in your room at night- think now about how you will deal with it before you put them in. We have gone for very simple curtains but I don't really like them. I really wish I had had the integrated blinds now. Ours are 3m wide, three doors, aluminium and I bloody love them, nothing better in the summer than throwing the whole lot open, they really make the room. I can recommend a company if anyone is in the South East. We have only had one problem with ours and the company and came out and fixed it for free the day after I rang them.

SW17Lady Sun 29-Apr-12 20:16:24

Hi Agatha : I am in London SW17 so would appreciate the name of the SE company you mention?

SW17Lady Sun 29-Apr-12 20:20:48

Hi CornishRex

My understanding is that one always better off going for a fully weathered threshold. If your extension has been built already, then using a fully weathered threshold will create a bigger 'step' from the inside to outside. But if it hasn't been built then, the depth of the threshold can be incorporated into the floor depth & finishes. Do this BEFORE the concrete is poured and work out the floor components and their respective depths with the builder & Sunfold to get a flush finish of the doors inside and out.

Please could you let me know why you selected Sunfold? Was it just the marine finish that convinced or was there a fundamental differenc ein quality? As the price is the most expensive mthere has to be something special?

ILoveMondays Tue 01-May-12 21:55:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Jackstini Thu 10-May-12 20:20:27

Really useful thread - thanks all.
Planning on bi-folds just over 3m wide in a rear extension. How many leaves would this usually be?
Anyone have any experience of a local east-midlands company? (Mental note to ask my builder which brand he has included in quote!)

myron Fri 11-May-12 00:43:26

Our extension will have these 3.5m wide painted aluminium bifold doors. Can't give you the cost - swallowed within part of an extensive fixed price contract that we have awarded our builder. He did attempt to talk me into PVC/timber (although not very hard) but thanks to this thread, I was not swayed from aluminium (obviously cutting into his profit margin!).

jeanjeannie Fri 11-May-12 08:25:21

Just one word of caution about these - as they're currently all the rage and DH has noticed a small issue with regards to the guarentees on some of them - so check!

DH went to purchase some (he's a builder) but the company refused to sell directly to trade (even though they were at a trade show hmm) and wanted to force him to use an 'approved' third party. After he looked into it - he found that his client would have been lumbered with three guarentees - all very different and not what it said on the tin. One said a 20 year guarentee for the doors - one was for the glazing (which was done with a separate company and only 2 yrs) and another with the approved fitter (which wasn't worth the paper it was written on) Luckily he walked away from it - but please get your builder to check and let you know what your rights are. They were trying to fob him off with a 'all inclusive 20yr guarentee' which it clearly wasn't. If anything goes wrong with them - you may find you've not got a clue who is responsible and could cost you a great deal. And this was a VERY upmarket company. Please check smile

Coex Tue 15-May-12 14:26:48

Thanks IloveMondays. Am hunting for large sliding doors and new windows and worried about amount of glass for new extension. Which glass would you recommend for excellent thermal insulation and sun. Have south-facing house in Yorkshire but concerned it will be hot. Seen all the companies listed here and Im deciding between Express BiFold and Internorm. Above reviews for Express Bifold don't sound good but most companies are in the south of England and too far for after-sales etc. Internorm seem fab but quite new to Uk market - any reviews on this company? Prefer sliding to bifold as doubt we will open the whole area more than once or twice a year and too much profile.

myron Wed 16-May-12 21:02:23

I've replaced my entire house's glazing with these type of windows. Extemely pleased with them - high quality UPVC. My extension will also have these apart from the aluminium bifolds.

myron Wed 16-May-12 21:05:50

We chose the 'A' rated argon cavity filled windows - remember that there are different grades of UPVC windows. HTH

threechickpeas Thu 17-May-12 12:15:38

Posted a while back and still on track to put in 3 metre wide aluminium bi-folds in our kitchen refurbishment with local Belfast firm. Can't wait and been counting the days when we would have used them (more in March, than May for sure). I had planned for a black finish (sort of vintage feel, nice with oak floor, white kitchen, bright retro prints etc) but architect and husband want Anthracite grey. RAL 7021. They think this would be so distracting when looking out of the doors, will reflect more light etc. Any thoughts?!?!

BIGMIKE Thu 17-May-12 13:45:38

Hi all, ive used Kloeber for 2 years now and they are great! the service and quality is awsome. They have also opened a London showroom in Sunbury which is fab for my customers the most important is to feel/see the products, very important you do so before buying any product. Kloeber have Alu and timber/UPVC AND Composite products. Their timber bifold and front doors are secure by design (the only supplier on the market that have their Timbers bifold doors approved by SBD) All my customers are pleased with them. They also have their own surveyor and fitters, enjoy the sunny weather all ..

Minnni Sun 27-May-12 19:20:30

We installed a set of Easifold 5 metre bifolding aluminium doors around six months ago. We are delighted with them and impressed with the quality of these doors.

I am based in the Greater London area and I got the supplier to survey/install since we had specified these bifolding doors for our extension. The supplier installed within the 8 week time frame that we were told from survey to installation... the long lead time was due to the integral blinds. I got a competitive price and I know the supplier has been to install doors at least 2 to 3 hours drive away. We saved £750 by having these doors in white ... our extension is painted white, so the doors look great!

SW17Lady Tue 29-May-12 14:56:38

Has anyone used UK Bifold Company for their aluminium folding sliding doors? any comments on the service and product quality will be greatly appreciated.

jessip123 Fri 07-Sep-12 11:51:45

I am close to ordering our kitchen -to -garden bio fold doors with Sunseeker.

If anyone has used them your feedback would be hugely appreciated-SW17 we are in Richmond so replies could be good for you too!

ViperStripes Fri 07-Sep-12 14:14:54

Has anyone installed any doors that use the Aliplast system?


One supplier I know of is:

berno Wed 12-Sep-12 10:45:30

Hi jessip123, we have had Sunseeker Doors since 2006 and they work smoothly without effort, trouble-free for 6 years so I can highly recommend - we also had integral blinds fitted which also continue to work well are are maintenance-free. I can't imagine not having them and if we move I will be looking at having Sunseeker Ultraslim installed.
I should maybe add (in response to some other comments I've seen) that Sunseeker doors are manufactured in England and installed by their own team, not contractors - website is www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk

besmirchedandbewildered Wed 17-Oct-12 22:22:45

Hi there - did any of you have any problems getting your builder to build your patio flush with the inside levels? I keep being told I have to have a course of bricks below the DPC which will leave a step from inside to outside but I'm really keen to keep the levels flush. Anyone got any experience of how they got flush floors through building control?

GrumpyCrossPatch Wed 17-Oct-12 23:50:26

Has anyone used creative doors mentioned above? Their prices look amazing....

cabbageandbeans Thu 18-Oct-12 21:23:12

Besmirched - many people talk about being flush on here - read the whole thread. Certainaly around page 3 & 4 I am sure I saw it mentioned a few times. I think Ilovemondays mentions it too. IMO this thread is essential reading for anyone about to fit any doors - not just bi fold. Actually, I think if you ask for the doors to be flush with your floor (surely this is the most important be to be considered because thats where you most likely to trip over a step) then you can adjust your outside paving/decking......whatever to meet the floor of your new extension? I am NO expert though but thats how I understand it. Anyluck with your builder?

I finally found out about glass and all the options I have to look at. Thanks to Ilovemondays

besmirchedandbewildered Thu 18-Oct-12 22:03:15

I did read the whole thread, I'm a pedantic pain in the arse about thread-reading blush, I asked if anyone had had problems with their builder about it as I just don't understand why he's saying I can't have it when everyone else can (wails). Apparently there's a building regulation saying the dpc has to be 75mm above the outside floor for damp protection, but clearly this is get-round-able somehow. I'm working on it but fear I'm being dismissed as histrionics non-technical female.

Maybe I should tone down the wailing? grin

pootlebug Fri 19-Oct-12 10:16:29

Besmirchedandbewildered - we are mid-way through building work. We will have a level threshold between patio and indoors, with sliding doors inbetween. Building inspector from the council has been round a couple of times and discussed it with my builder so it must be possible under regs.

I haven't really got into the detail of how it works though - a drainage channel with a french drain type thing I think. Could probably tell you more when it's finished and I can see it but that won't be for a few more weeks.

besmirchedandbewildered Fri 19-Oct-12 16:58:06

Plan A (wailing) seems to have worked - builder has now apparently found a way around it, which is brilliant although you'd think he'd split the chuffing atom, the way he's banging on. Fingers crossed for building control now...

Cahoots Fri 19-Oct-12 21:31:02

Flush internal and external surfaces look great but be prepared for all the debris that blows about your garden and patio to blow straight inside your house.

I choose to have a step up into the house for this reason.

Optymist Fri 26-Oct-12 08:02:38

From talking to various door suppliers I understand that there are no regulations to stop you having the same levels inside and out but it requires you to decide in advance on your floor coverings inside and out, and very careful measuring by the builder to ensure that the final levels line up. The folding sliding door company have just sent me a sample of the track that is used for the flush finish and their brochure has quite a lot of technical information on how to install - not that I'll be doing it myself!

ILoveMondays Wed 21-Nov-12 21:30:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

cherrycakes23 Fri 18-Jan-13 14:20:54

we are looking a VUFOLD.CO.UK anyone had any expience with them? we are looking a 2x 3fold timber white doors to go in the corner of our lounge- im just worried about but 1. burgular proof and 2. the quality of the doors eg opening and closing- it will be £2900 in total which is a lot of money to us, other option in pvc patio doors but these dont quite have the look we were after even if they are £1200 cheaper- any thoughts?

Bigj0nny Thu 31-Jan-13 17:46:26

I have a further review / warning for anyone who is considering using the Folding Sliding Doors Company.... Don't do it!!

I can back up all the apalling reviews left by others on this site and others relating to this atrocious company.

Quality is very poor, customer service is non-existent. The only way I got any kind of response from them was when I left a poor review. Their first priority was to contact the review centre to try and get my review removed. When that failed, they contacted me to FINALLY commit to dealing with my issue. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for work to be completed, and I'm not holding my breath 2 years on!!

I have never left a review about any other company in my life, so I am far from a 'serial complainer' but with any folding sliding doors, the stakes are high. As my experience of them is so bad it would be criminal not share it with their next potential victims.

Even these 'cheap' ones are a lot of money so I'd strongly advise spending slightly more and getting a quality product from a quality company, I know that you'll be glad you did. I just wish I had, as I continue to count the cost of my mistake!

ChantalWalters Thu 31-Jan-13 21:16:46

WARNING TO ANYONE THINKING OF BUYING SUNSEEKER DOORS: My disappointment with the lack of competence and professionalism of this Company is only likely to be surpassed by my increasing anger at their avoidance tactics and the cowardice they have so far displayed.

In a nutshell, they doors were not made to measure. When informed, the representative attempted to lay blame on my builder.

The condition for choosing Sunseekers over the Sliding Folding Door Company was that they could have the doors installed before Christmas. We had builders hired to lay the floor following the installation of the doors and we lost money while they kicked their heels waiting for mid January when the second set of doors arrived.

The doors are once again the wrong size, not allowing for the flooring we had arranged for. We wish to have a solid wooden floor and the clearance at present allows for only 12/13 mm of board. There are no solid wood floors that thin.

We are losing time, the builders need to go to others jobs and we are unable to complete the refurbishment until the floors are laid, so we are going bust. The flat needs to be rented out asap and it was all meant to be finished over Christmas.

The Sunseeker representative, who was all efficiency and charm when he came to take the measurements, is now elusive and so far reneged on his promise to 'come and take a look'. He has not and he does not reply to my messages. My requests for compensation have gone unheeded.

I intend to take the company to court if need be and shall keep you abreast of developments.

GrumpyCrossPatch Thu 31-Jan-13 21:23:12

We have a set of Vufold doors*cherrycakes*. They are great value for money compared to some other wooden doors, look fab, the joiner loved hem as not diddly to install and they are really solid. Would highly recommend.

GrumpyCrossPatch Thu 31-Jan-13 21:24:15

Hmm. cherrycakes


GrumpyCrossPatch Thu 31-Jan-13 21:25:01

Fiddly, not diddly.

Feck it, I'm off!

ajandjjmum Thu 31-Jan-13 21:39:03

8 years on from installation, and our Sunfold doors are still looking good and doing the job. It's a 10 metre run, so has been well tested! We have a level surface between the outdoor decking and the tiled kitchen floor, with just an aco drain between. Never had any problems.

Sunfold were a pain to deal with, and expensive, but the product is excellent.

Honestyisbest Fri 01-Feb-13 17:34:13

Hi great thread. We are installing 3 m bifold doors. We like Vufold. Anyone used this company?
Also liked Origin windows? Anyone?

Solarlux seem to be the gold standard, but I cant find any prices online. Hmmm. Are they hideously expensive? confused

GrumpyCrossPatch Sat 02-Feb-13 01:38:15

Honesty see my iPad thwarted attempts at explaining that we liked Vufold just above.

Honestyisbest Sat 02-Feb-13 07:37:20

GCP thanks for that. Are they weathering well?
We are going for the 3 m bifold in oak.

GrumpyCrossPatch Sat 02-Feb-13 11:52:41

Admittedly they are a year old so wouldn't like to commit to their longevity yet but they're completely unscathed by this winter's weather antics. (Live in the North East so have seen a lot of weather!). DH and I can't agree on curtains/blinds so they remain uncovered and the heat of the room is unaffected, no draughts etc.

Honestyisbest Sat 02-Feb-13 12:09:59

Thanks. I have decided on curtains. Haven't had any in that room for 8 years whilst we have deliberated over renovations!

ChantalWalters Wed 06-Feb-13 11:52:20

Update on Sunseekers. sad
Two employees rushed through. Couldn't wait for my arrival (15mins away). Only offer was to hide floor boards edge with a trim! They haven't allowed for more than a 6mm floor board, so an 18mm would not fit flush against the sill. The decking outside would now be a step down. Unacceptable.
Asking to have it removed and redone properly. Plus costs for loss of rental and builders' fees to raise patio and refit doors.
I am furious. Have written to Paul - management and now waiting for response.
Will update later.

ChantalWalters Wed 06-Feb-13 11:53:37

Correction, 6mm is the entire clearing at present for insulating material and board.

StripeyGirlInSurrey Sun 10-Feb-13 09:28:32

Hi all

Am loving this thread, sooo helpful. We are having a 90sqm extension and have just started researching and have asked a few companies to quote including IDS, Solarlux (Thames Valley Windows), Sunflex (P&P glass), Sunfold and Sun Paradise. Having read the self build mags for years and attended various shows, we have decided to stick with the main names for quality. Can testify that the cheaper brands hadn't got a clue when it came to technical details at shows. You pays your money....

We are needing 4m bi folds plus all ali glazing for the back of the house plus 2m glass wall internally, a 3m rooflight and PVCU windows to the front (it has to fit the vernacular) so a pretty large order in the region of £20k.

No doubt will be on here lots over the next few weeks as we make a decision to order soon for a June delivery. We are so excited with the renovation we have waited 9 years for!

comingintomyown Sun 10-Feb-13 11:59:38

I used a local company after seeing the big name quotes , not very good at measurements but was about 4 metres of glass doors

They were brilliant and came back for all snags so in my case paying top dollar wasnt necessary

sunseekerdoors Mon 11-Feb-13 14:43:05

Re Chantal Walters
This is an issue regarding finished floor levels and decking levels with the builder and the surveyor . Sunseekers have already re-manufactured and installed one set of doors without any questions asked . Since the 2nd installation in early January , I have recently been informed that the internal floor to be laid , will be above the track of the door system. I will be attending site tomorrow as previously agreed to discuss the issues
Paul @ Sunseeker

Blanka1 Mon 11-Feb-13 20:41:44

Hello SW17Lady,
Did you go with Bifold Uk and were they (and their door) any good?
Got a good quote from them but don't know if a trustworthy company or not?
Thank you.

Paul8ambas Thu 14-Mar-13 08:46:17

Aluminium is a very light weight metal in comparison with the stronger kinds such as steel, copper and iron. It’s well known for its ability to resist corrosion due to the metals low density. This makes a perfect frame for a sliding or folding aluminium door if your home is situated near the ocean or where ever there is a lot of salt or damp in the air. A frameless sliding folding door, however, still requires hinges to be attached to a structure in order for it to move back and forth, these systems will also be made from aluminium.
The tracks or systems for a sliding folding aluminium door can range from any design that suits the area, be it curved, cornered or straight. The best areas for a sliding folding aluminium door are a braai area or a patio. A sliding folding door can be designed uniquely to suit weather conditions in an area. Using aluminium rather than wood would be a better option due to its strength and durability, for harsh weather conditions.
Frameless sliding folding aluminium windows are very popular, especially in the up market mansions. They bring across the look and feel of a modern, trendy and sort of clean concept into the home. A frameless sliding window allows so much light and air into an area that it gives the feeling of tranquillity and peace, especially when there is a breathtaking view to admire. Sliding folding aluminium windows allows the cool fresh air to fill up a room as they can be designed to be made so open that you feel like you are almost outside.

metalexpert Sat 06-Apr-13 21:53:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

metalexpert Sat 06-Apr-13 22:06:11

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

sunshade Tue 30-Apr-13 12:43:05

Has anyone used Velfac? a company associated with velux. we have looked at ID systems and Sun Paradise so far as they have show rooms local to us.

Honestyisbest Tue 30-Apr-13 13:19:42

Just had ours fitted. We are delighted. We used a company called Origin. They manufacture in High Wycombe and visited the factory to see the product they manufacture. Its fantastic. They have various distributors. We used Mike at Easifold. Glad we went for aluminium, they look very modern and no weathering issues to worry about.

32CJ Thu 02-May-13 11:36:16

Me and my hubby carry out property refurbishment in and around West London. In the early years we tried a number of different suppliers but for the last 3 years have used Sunflex doors on every development, its a very good door system, slim site lines and no service issues.

We use SKG for our installations, very professional company and around our area they seem to carry out work in every other road. I would definitely recommend.

LondonGirl83 Thu 16-May-13 18:58:07

ILoveMondays, why do you say soft coat obviously. I know nothing about glass and am trying to understand the pros and cons!

LondonGirl83 Thu 16-May-13 19:00:06

ILoveMondays, why do you say obviously soft coat? I don't know anything about glass so just trying to learn the pros and cons

Bifolddoorslimited Mon 10-Jun-13 00:51:56


Aliplast is a system my sons company provide and is used by many well known manufacturers across the UK and European market and has been seen in many home designer magazines on many high quality projects can work on corner-less with only some folding sliding & patio door companies confident enough to take on such as dd installations being one of them which I had installed by my sons company on my own property.

They look modern and were finish flush inside and out these can also work with not only sliding doors but also bi folding doors also.

Integrated Electric blinds work well with the aliplast system but solar blinds seem to be preferred for bi folding with manual as a option also on both systems.

DD Installations supply this system and there many other options such as electrical external blinds with over 50 fabric designs also to choose from which we had on our project and was a great feature to the patio doors and can work on the moving corner on bifolding and sliding patio

dulwichdad Wed 12-Jun-13 23:22:25

We went with SunFold bifold doors. They are fantastic - blow the others out of the water. Great things is they are so secure and solid. No handles on the outside so no way to get in the house.

We had the integrated blinds which are brilliant for shade and security. We have seen friends skimp on doors and you can tell. 5 years later and they work like new.

Bought a new house and going for SunFold again. You get what you pay for. If they seem cheap - then they are.

chocolateshoes Sat 29-Jun-13 08:31:25

so glad I found this thread. Need to re-read & write notes as I go....but Sunfold seem to get the most votes. We're hoping to swap our lounge and kitchen and put the doors in the new kitchen. Where did you all start? Do we get a builder to do the whole lot and would they be able to do the doors too? or do we get a builder to do all the rest and Sunfold do the doors? Would be glad of any advice.

Allo Sun 14-Jul-13 19:10:21

What a great thread! I have a few questions about our plan to replace our kitchen wall with bifolding doors...

Does anyone have any experience of any good firms in the south east - south coast in particular - that they would recommend?

What do you think about the door arrangement? It sounds like a good idea to have one door that you can open independently, so you can take the washing out etc. without having to open all the doors (the doors will be 3.5m wide in total) but does this spoil the line of the doors when open, as one will be on one end of the opening and all the others at the other end?

I'm a bit worried about security - is it best to go for laminate covered glass?

The total height of my wall is about 3m, but lots of doors are max 2.5m, do you think it will be ok to go for a 2.5m door, or is it worth paying the extra to get the full height?

Thanks v much for all your help - I am very much a beginner at all this!

Ealing74 Tue 16-Jul-13 13:00:14

I'm trying to decide between using sun paradise sliding doors bali60 which seemed to have a better gliding system lift or slide the Sunflex sv99/155 through IDS or SKG. They both are similar price.

From this thread, It appears that sun paradise aren't great on customer service if there is a problem with the installation or follow up service. Can't decide as I really liked the lift and slide floating mechanism.

Any further comments on sun paradise and experiences dealing with them?

carlozcat Fri 02-Aug-13 08:59:32

I have read through this thread and found all the advice really useful. I am now at the stage that I have got the decision down to two makes but finding it difficult to choose as there are pros and cons with both -
Solar Lux - Same company supplies and installs also free site survey prior to order to ensure correct measurements. But only covered by a five year guarantee which is issued by the company. I have concerns about the length of the guarantee and what would happen if the company went into administration.
Sunflex - Company Olsen supplies the windows and a specified contractor installs. So covered by two different guarantee. I preferred to have the same company supplying and installing as I have heard of several cases where things have gone wrong and the manufacturer blamed the installer and the installer blamed the manufacturer. This system is covered by a ten year guarantee which is also insurance backed.
They are both similar price. Any advice would be great!!

kristoff Mon 05-Aug-13 19:27:07

Thanks for lots of helpful information and reviews.No one has really mention 2 companies that seems to give a good price for their bi-fold doors.they are ukbifold and bifoldingdoors.co.uk (Origin Bi fold Doors) I think they both UK manufactured.Any comments ?

Munger Wed 14-Aug-13 22:18:31

I have recently been looking at bifolds for a rear extension - 5 panel 4700mm. We looked at lots at Grand designs and particularly liked Reynaers cf77. These doors are sold by UKbifolds (amongst others). UKbifolds have given a very competitive quote, particularly compared to other makes such as the XP View – ASS 70 FD Schuco system from Express Bifolding doors.

Ukbifolds indicate that they will check the installed doors every year for 10 years - which is reassuring - particularly if it is true....

I would be keen to know anyone's experience with them. Currently they are my 1st choice - particularly as they do a slim line CF77SL version that you can get triple glazed (at a reasonable price).

gymnasticrobotics Sat 17-Aug-13 08:44:22

Hi Munger I am in the process of getting some cf77 slimlines ones from ukbifold. we haven't have them installed yet but the survey gone OK and the surveyor seems knowledgable. The slimline doors takes a bit longer so hopefully I can update in a few weeks time on how it went! Pricewise certainly the best of the lot and service is good up to this point.

Dingus123 Tue 20-Aug-13 17:10:21

I recently purchased a set of Sunflex SF55 folding doors from a local company in Devon called Sunshine Door Systems. The installation was completed a couple of weeks ago and my wife and I are delighted with the doors.

They were very helpful and I would highly recommend!

pootlebug Wed 21-Aug-13 13:55:21

Ealing74 - not sure if you've already decided now and only just seen your question.

We have Sunparadise doors, installed last year. We have the Monoslide 60 system.

The doors have been great so far (been there for 9 months). The process was sometimes fairly difficult going. Their customer service was slow to respond etc. But everything did get fitted and problems resolved reasonably quickly. I was glad I paid my builder a premium to procure the doors though - meant everything was between him and Sunparadise and I didn't end up stuck in the middle.

jackol Fri 06-Sep-13 10:57:34

Hi ILovemondays and anyone else out there who can give me some advice on what glass to go for in bifolding doors.

I'm looking into getting a 4.5 m, 5 door set of aluminium bifolds for our south east facing kitchen/ diner. How important would you say it is to invest the extra to get glass that prevents the full heat of the sun coming into the room? I'm sort of thinking that in the winter, the extra warmth will be welcome, and in the summer you just open the doors? We will also have roof veluxes put in that we could open to make it a bit cooler if necessary. Would be great to hear what everyone else has gone for. ILovemondays - as someone in the trade, what would you advise going for?

If we were to go down that route, we've been recommended to use ST150 reflection glass, which we've looked at and doesn't seem to have any tint at all. However when talking to UK bifolds, all their reflection glass has a tint. Has anyone else gone for reflection glass and has the tint affected the light in the room?

Also, I've asked about getting laminated glass and apparently that means that you can't then get the soft coat on the inside glass panel, and also isn't seen as necessary in a household environment - is used more for schools etc. Any thoughts on this would be great.

Finally if anyone has any feedback on UK Bifolds I'd be very grateful to hear it - their customer service so far has been good and, as it's manufactured in the UK, there's a lead time of only 4 weeks.

Thanks very much in advance everyone

sunshade Wed 18-Sep-13 12:18:52

has anyone used Rationel window and doors

djmama Sun 22-Sep-13 10:04:07

Hi all, really useful reading through the posts. We're considering Sunseeker and about to pay the deposit, but having a bit of a wobble. Can anyone recommend them? ILoveMondays - do you have any thoughts? Thank you!

Dingus123 Fri 08-Nov-13 09:37:27

Hi Jackol,

When I ordered my doors I spent a lot of time looking into all sort of glass varieties... Make-up, thickness etc.

After seeing the "Pam & Fern" Planitherm advert I contacted them and they suggested Planitherm 4 Seasons as this somehow keeps your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

jon12905 Thu 14-Nov-13 11:45:27

I'm probably a bit late for this thread, however I went with Express Bi Folding Doors, as I liked their product, I saw them at three different grand designs shows, and when I saw their showroom in Leeds it was a long journey for me (I live in Liverpool).

Couldn't be happier with the quality of the installation, or the end product. I went for solar blinds in a three and a half metre three dor system.

They were helpful throughout, I couldn't recommend them more!

berno Thu 14-Nov-13 16:00:34

A friend whose dad is a builder has just had Schuco doors (German) fitted. They were not cheap, they waited ages for delivery and switched suppliers because the first ones were useless.

But the bifolds have been installed for a few weeks now and they are incredibly smooth. Typical good quality German engineering for those with a higher budget.

Turak Thu 14-Nov-13 19:51:54

SUNSEEKERS. Hi, how did you get on with your battle with SUNSEEKERS? They are currently causing me months of grief and frustration. It seems by looking on review sites I am not solitary.
I have been to the office of fair trading and they would be happy to provide help if there is anyone else out there to validate the discrepancies shown in there poor workmanship and efforts.
I've even made other steps which would really embarrass them!
They do not answer the phone so you spend ages exploring alternative companies to try to fix their work then suddenly tony the rep! will call friendly as pie and say they will fix it. Then.... Never turn up, never call.. Never ending. Several repeat experiences of this has made me give up the ghost and decide to haunt them instead.
The situation has cost me a huge amount of money and time, and your story from January is exactly like mine with the builders walking out as I arranged the windows and got completely embarrassed. Please help out with any info. Ireally need a Sunseekers employee t fix their handles which are not locking. Quite a simple job but no locksmith or engineer can do it as Sunseeker have their own system.

jon12905 Fri 15-Nov-13 09:58:22

Berno my doors are also Schuco!

I enquired through them originally and it turns out they have different people based in the UK who also make their products. Express were the people that made my doors, and installed them, but they are Schuco doors.

They got them to me in about 6 weeks, because I had solar blinds in the glass, but my original quote said something about them turning things around in 2 - 3 weeks if someone else was fitting them.

dan45 Wed 20-Nov-13 12:57:52

I also went for Express.

Liked the showroom, the staff were pretty friendly and helpful too.

I had quoted from all over the place (Rational, Everest, Sunseeker to name a few), and preferred the less pushy sales staff from Express.

I ended up having them come to survey once my builder had finished, we had quotes on around 9 metre patio doors (we wanted lots of glass), didn't have any blinds or anything in there, and we have 4 really nice big size glass panels.

I honestly couldn't recommend Express more, I am very happy with everything.

LEJM Thu 12-Dec-13 21:53:26

Hi Turak. I too would like to go to trading standards re Sunseeker doors so please get in contact with me.

To any others considering this company - please don't until you read my experience.....

We have had the ultra slim doors installed. In our experience the sales techniques have been misleading, the installation has been terrible and the after sales service is appalling.

The first attempt at installing the doors just used expanding foam. Unsurprisingly they leaked along the bottom when it rained.

I had to chase for a remedial visit whereupon the next guy criticised the use of expanding foam and his solution was to inject a load of silicon on top. Yet again the doors leaked when it rained.

Again I had to chase to get a (third) remedial visit. A sure-fire solution (using lead) was suggested but the owner, Paul, basically wouldn't allow the installation guy to arrange this so we had yet another bodge job - he removed the expanding foam and silicon and filled the gap with cement.

Days later a section of the new cement fell out. We also noticed a new issue of daylight showing at the top right corner where there was still expanding foam used.

The company has chosen at this point to ignore us completely, clearly unwilling (probably unable!) to install the doors properly. I too am now being ignored by the sales guy Tony and the office has never once rang me to proactively address my issues.

I have an email from them stating the u value is 1.2. After they've been installed they then tell me that only the glass is 1.2, the whole system is 1.8. I was told the guarantee is 5 years but the T&Cs on the website says it's actually 5 on the glass components and 2 on the rest.

The door handle is poorly designed - a man's hand can barely fit round it once the plasterboard is next to the door system.

I read some scathing reviews on the company before we chose the doors and was told that basically these reviews were malicious attempts from competitors to discredit the company. I very much doubt that now as my experience is alarmingly similar to what I read about.

We loved the look of the doors but the installation and service from the company is so poor the doors really aren’t worth the hassle and we so wish we had gone with another company. We are having to weigh up going down a legal route to get the doors removed and refunded versus being unable to move into our home on 1st Feb when our current rental lease runs out.

I have videos showing some of the above issues so am contemplating uploading them to youtube or something.

CellyG Thu 19-Dec-13 11:59:47

Was looking at bifolds advice - very helpful - but some not so helpful customer service! Suggest the following to all those fighting bad installs (and any other big purchases which go wrong!).
If you have used a credit card to pay for at least £100 of the cost, you are entitled to claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (makes the card company jointly and severally liable for any breaches committed by the retailer). Even if you have only paid for a small amount e.g. the deposit - if you can prove the product provided was not as contractually agreed or fit for purpose, and that you have tried unsuccessfully to resolve the dispute, you should be able to claim the full amount back - up to £30k (I think).
You do not need a solicitor - suggest check advice on Moneysavingexpert.com - rules & regs - template letters, etc.
And do not get put off by the card company trying to slip out of it - When I tried to claim for a faulty gazebo (long story!), Barclaycard tried to get me to use their internal claims (Chargeback) which meant I would have only got back the amount I had spent on the credit card (the small deposit) - the helpline staff were 'dumb' to Section 75 (possibly a corporate tactic!) and only after several phone calls did they suggest I log a formal complaint, prompting the immediate sending of the correct Section 75 claim form. Also make sure to use 'proof of posting' when sending related documents/copies to the card company - Barclaycard tried to say they hadn't received my claim (approx 15 pages!) - Royal Mail website had a scan of the receiving signature and time delivered - boy did Barclaycard look silly!! And so success - finally!
Good Luck!

CellyG Thu 19-Dec-13 12:02:31

PS/ Should have said use 'Registered Mail' not 'Proof of Posting' - no signature on the receiving end of PoP.

CellyG Thu 19-Dec-13 12:10:33

PPS/ You do not have to return the goods to claim - Barclaycard tried to get me to prove I had sent the gazebo back but I would have been charged the postage plus it was personalised so it made no sense. The credit card company have the right to subsequently put their own claim on the retailer - although rarely do (not usually worth their time ) - so suggest the outcome would be that you get your money back and the dodgy doors remain in-situ until you replace them with your new & improved option!

herethereandeverywhere Mon 13-Jan-14 18:42:27

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. Thought it important to add that I tried to claim against my Sunparadise warranty today as our side return glass roof has developed a leak. Only to find the are 'going into administration' so it isn't worth the paper it's written on!

I cannot believe we spent in excess of £30k with them and I now have no cover if it fails. Be warned guys - look for an insurance backed guarantee or pay over £100 on a credit card and the Consumer Credit Act will cover you. I'm kicking myself.

LCross410 Thu 16-Jan-14 12:41:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ILoveMondays Mon 20-Jan-14 15:07:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

steph7474 Mon 17-Feb-14 18:03:20

We used a uk company for our doors and they are brilliant, they came on time, we had no hastle, and a 20 year guarantee. they dont do internal blinds but we bought their electric blinds which really set the doors off.

steph7474 Mon 17-Feb-14 18:06:44

Sorry the company was Origin, we went with them because they have the best locking/security system- cant be to careful

Munger Tue 25-Mar-14 18:16:15

Doors for 4700mm opening in new extension. I have spent an age looking for affordable, quality bifolds from a trustworthy company, including visits to Grand designs and Ideal home show (Ideal home is hopeless).
We liked the design of the Reynaers system which is manufactured by a number of UK companies and got a good quote from UKBifolds.
However after visiting the UKBifolds showroom in Reading we have opted for a triple glazed 3 door sliding system. It looks very sleek and will give a greater glass area and more flexibility than the 5 door bifold we were considering. The customer service has been really good so far. In ~8 weeks I will update with the verdict.

Jendog1960 Sun 06-Apr-14 14:11:19

we are looking at a glass extention 5mx 4 m
we got a quote from a slarlux installer. The structure alone was 65k. Has anyone used an installer or builder that uses solarlux for sliding glass and bi fold doors

Taffeta Sun 06-Apr-14 20:38:40

We had Solarlux folding sliding doors (5 panels ) in our kitchen and a massive picture window by them made to measure in the living space, installed by them 4 years ago.

Expensive but worth every single penny. We are very exposed and they are more or less totally watertight, flush, and the mechanism is as smooth now (think weakling opening with one hand) as when they were first installed.

Sammy241 Wed 23-Apr-14 12:01:22

We have used Solarlux and IDSystems in the past. They seem very similar German products. Both were of high quality and I would recommend either of them. Just make sure you order them early enough as the lead times are long.

Beanycat99 Tue 29-Apr-14 16:53:54

jon12905, berno, anyone else - I am about to choose a Schuco system as well, from a local manufacturer called LiteHaus UK, based in Coventry. I'm pretty adamant about using a German engineered product, as they are simply better engineers - and was going to use ID Systems. But they're based out in Norwich, light years away from civilisation, and Coventry is less than an hour from me.

I'm looking for any feedback from buyers of a Schuco bi-fold door system, and how they have lasted over the years.

MMMMMaria Tue 13-May-14 17:36:57

Well after reading this thread and then going to the Grand Designs show (amazing, overwhelming, could easily spend a week sourcing everything for our big refurbishment!) we have booked a survey with SKG for 3 panel sliding doors. Wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback and information, it has been invaluable! Highly recommend going to the show or all the showrooms (more time consuming) as we were unsure about bi-folding doors or sliding doors and seeing all the options we definitely decided that sliding was the best option for us for a few reasons. They cost a lots of money but then again the doors are for a length of 490cm so just under 5 metres.
Am looking forward to having them go into our new family room/kitchen in about 9 weeks time! Will update once we have them in : )

Harry25 Tue 13-May-14 19:53:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ChrisJones1 Mon 19-May-14 14:15:09

We have just had our folding doors fitted by IDSystems at our home in London. We are very happy with the result and overall service. We went for the SF55 system and it is looking really sleek and modern and moves effortlessly. Hope this weather holds out and we get to use them a few more times this year.

Joey8 Mon 19-May-14 17:41:35

www.doubleglazingontheweb.co.uk - you can get an instant price for your bi-fold doors (you just enter your measurements) you can use this online quote to compare!

These people can also put you in touch with local companies near you - I think the idea is that the companies compete against each other, giving you their best quotes.

Sorry this has probably came a bit too late!

Joey8 Mon 19-May-14 17:42:16

Who did you go with in the end?!

Munger Tue 20-May-14 23:44:48

The doors are in and the unfinished extension can be viewed here -

They are 3 panel (2 sliding) triple glazed Raynaers CP130. It was around 7 weeks from deposit to fitting (primarily due to materials needing to arrive from Germany)... Otherwise the service from UKbifolds has been very good. IMO a better looking and more flexible option than the bifolds that I had initially planned (14.8.13 post).

FumiYamamoto Wed 21-May-14 16:30:01

They look great Munger I too prefer them to sliding, folding doors. Can you tell me how deep the stepover bit is? Would you mind telling me how much they cost as I might go and look at their showroom (you can pm me if you like) Thank you very much.

Munger Thu 22-May-14 22:39:00

FumiYamamoto. The bottom track (3.5cm depth) is recessed into the floor to give a flush threshold. With the 3 panel door the track width is 21cm, a 2 panel track would be ~14cm. These particular doors cost ~£4165 which appears reasonable given they are triple glazed and 2.5m tall.

FumiYamamoto Sun 25-May-14 17:07:36

Munger, thank you very much - very useful.

321triple Mon 26-May-14 04:41:34

I'm joining this thread late I realise but thought it best to warn people against using Aluminium Trade Frames in Oldham. They are a terrible company and made me quite poorly with stress. They took full payment for our bi-folding doors and delivered nothing for months. I was sick with worry. They had awful customer service too and we were treated dreadfully. Pay a bit more for a quality product and piece of mind. Express bifolding are good.

kaybar007 Wed 28-May-14 14:15:20

Coming to this very late but as we had SUNFOLD SYSTEMS doors (and a roof) installed 7 years ago and have had constant leaks, I cannot recommend them. We're out of warrantee now too and nothing they've done has been able to resolve the leaks. Their customer service and work ethic is unbelievably bad. I blogged about it until last year, and will rescurrect the blog soon with updates as it's ongoing: kaybar007.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=sunfold

MMMMMaria Thu 19-Jun-14 16:45:50

Came across this after responding to another post so thought I'd add my 2 cents : )
Hi, if you are still looking feel free to message me and I can give you my number if you want to talk through all the options as we have just gone through the same process.
I started off thinking I wanted bifold as I like the idea of opening the whole wall up. Decided for sliding doors after going to Grand Designs show and looking at all the options.
First of all everyone's advise was do not go for a local joiner. After looking at some good local joiner's work and seeing some of the German doors I agree. The German doors cost more but the difference is obvious. Frankly I couldn't tell much difference from the mid-top range of companies. We looked at Sunflex, Express bi-folding, Solarlux, Fineline, Kloeber, etc. We went with SKG who do Sunflex doors.
Our doors are 5m wide and we went with 3 doors so 2/3 can be opened up and when closed the center (where most people tend to look out) is a wide expanse of glass rather than a post.
Our terrace is not huge and bi-folds requite a meter of space left clear all the time so the doors can be opened out.
Bi-folds also have a lot more frame then sliding doors, less if you go for very expensive doors but still more. Sliding doors are more glass to frame so you see the garden more than the doors. Seeing that there are more days of the year when the doors are closed I thought it was important to have more glass.
Sliding doors let you open the door as little or as much as you want.
We had sliding doors that were put in by previous owner but they were cheap ones and were 2 wide panels with a very wide post in the middle so when you walked into the room you just saw the wide post and not the view out into the garden.
I have learned far too much about door, and tiles, and extractor fans then I ever thought I would but I wanted to make sure we made the best decision after knowing all the options. Happy to answer any more questions if you haven't fallen asleep yet!

KimmyC88 Thu 17-Jul-14 15:29:00


Sorry if I am a bit late. We are doing a kitchen conservatory and am looking for advice on bi-folding doors, what to use for the kitchen and the conservatory floors. Many thanks

ChrisJones1 Mon 21-Jul-14 10:02:06


We used IDSystems who are a National Company and have been very happy with the doors we received and the service.

KimmyC88 Mon 21-Jul-14 11:45:41

Many thanks for the information

KimmyC88 Tue 22-Jul-14 11:19:12

Hi MMMM Maria,

Can I please have some advice on the bi-folding doors? Can I have your number to call you? Not sure how to send this message to you directly. Many thanks and kind regards,


MMMMMaria Thu 24-Jul-14 13:50:07

Hi just wanted to add that our sliding doors went in and look great smile. the company we used were a better price then other companies providing the same and similar doors. SKG (http://www.sliding-folding-doors.com/) were very helpful and friendly, highly recommend them!

321triple Wed 30-Jul-14 07:19:32

Avoid Aluminium Trade Frames in Manchester. This company are terrible and we experienced huge delays with them and appalling customer service. They are cheap and not so cheerful. Instead try Express bi-folding in Leeds.

Raynera Thu 31-Jul-14 20:46:06

Hi I have just had some bi folding doors installed, we used a company called reveal doors and windows in leeds, Great service, helpful and a friendly team. Extremely happy with our doors and would recommend them to everyone, even offer a free 12 month check up that other companies do not

Ann Rayner

peanutandjam Mon 11-Aug-14 14:57:10

When specifying for the bifold sunflex SP70 doors, make sure you order with the extra security locks to the top and bottom of the main opening. The standard locks are easy to snap open with force leaving your property prone.

We had a been burgled by this technique.

PigletJohn Mon 11-Aug-14 21:58:53

was it a Eurocylinder that got snapped?

peanutandjam Tue 12-Aug-14 16:10:40

Yes I think so.

It was snapped open from the outside handle.

peanutandjam Tue 12-Aug-14 16:19:51

actually, they just used the external door handle to get in and not the actual lock (no lock from the outside, just a handle to open/close). So they snapped it internally where the bolt connects both handles.

ajandjjmum Tue 12-Aug-14 16:48:42

Strange to see this thread re-surface! Our Sunfold system is 10 mts. long, and this year we have used it more than ever, as the weather has been so good. It was installed 10 years ago, and really is as good as new.

Munger Mon 25-Aug-14 03:01:16

Just an update. Very pleased with the sliding door option.

The finished project is shown here:


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