Moving to Manchester - and I have no idea where to go. HELP ME PLEEEEAAAASE

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Ohforfoxsake Fri 30-Jan-09 21:10:35

So, we are going to Manchester, DP has a job in Salford.

So far I have investigated Altrincham but the LEA have told us that its highly unlikely the children would get into the same school. Its really important to me that they do as they are upping sticks and leaving all their friends behind. I don't mind home educating until places come up, but not as a long term solution.

Or, we could move further out and move out from the city (currently in London so that appeals). If DP can do a maximum one hours commute, its possible.

We have 4 DCs so want to base our search around good schools - they are in primary at the moment, but will soon be in Secondary and we don't really want to move twice, so we'd like to get it right first time round.

I am stumped and have no idea where to look. Any suggestions, words of wisdom or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you smile

Lilyloo Fri 30-Jan-09 21:15:30

Have fab secondary grammar near us Rossendale Lancs 'BRGS'.
When working my commute to Manchester was 45 min!

Maybe bit too far though to Salford ?? hmm

Have you looked at Chorlton , Didsbury , Heaton Chapel ??

Lilyloo Fri 30-Jan-09 21:16:10

BRGS Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School

Ohforfoxsake Fri 30-Jan-09 21:18:55

Brilliant start Lilyloo! Thanks.

I have looked at some property in Didsbury, on property websites as it goes. I'll check out the other places you've suggested.

ZZMum Fri 30-Jan-09 21:21:44

there are some great schools round south manchester - didsbury and chorlton for both primary and secondary..

But it really depends on what type of school you are looking for.. and environment you want to bring kids up in .. 1 hour out of manchester can take you to north wales! I live in manchester and find it varies wildly within very short distances.. both in terms of culture, schooling house prices etc..

I moved from London to manchester and found it quite hard to start with so let me know what you are looking for - wish I had had that info before I moved!

Ohforfoxsake Fri 30-Jan-09 21:33:44

Thanks ZZMum! That is very kind of you smile

I've got absolutely no idea at the moment. My older children love school and are quite academic, but also love sport. I initially was looking at Trafford because of the 6 grammer schools. I'd rather keep them in state schools, especially at Primary school.

Open space is quite important to us, somewhere to run about. We could spend up to £400k on a house I think.

I suspect that it will be similar to London insomuch there are deprived inner-city areas up against more well-to-do areas. We can't really decide whether to go for this as we are now, or make a move to the country. But that's because we don't know anywhere.

Lucycat Fri 30-Jan-09 21:45:36

You could even head out into Cheshire....Poynton has an excellent school and is on the train line to Manchester.

GivePeasAChance Fri 30-Jan-09 21:46:47

Just go south

Ohforfoxsake Fri 30-Jan-09 21:55:54

Is that go South Manchester, or stay south of the Country wink

Cheshire is a definate possibility too.

Thank you.

ZZMum Sat 31-Jan-09 09:58:12

OK I would agree with Trafford for good grammar schools.. Some places I would look at are Hale which has some lovely restaurants and bars - quite close to country but backs onto the city.. Also Bowden but you might not get a big enough house for £400K there as it is quite expensive. Try Sale or Altrincham - they are nice and get you close to the grammar schools. I would personally stay in south manchester or cheshire - it has more similarities with London and the south east.. cheshire is very much like surrey..

Knutsford is another option - nice town centre but lots of countryside..

The one thing to think about moving out too far is that transport links are not as good as london - you do not want to land up having to drive everywhere..

Mmmm quite a tricky one to advise on as I found when I moved from london, manchester seemed quite small and did not have half of what i was used to in London - this is not true anymore but most of the good stuff is in the centre of manchester so I would not recommend being too far away from it all - but guess that depends on what you want to spend free time doing...

Lucewheel Sat 31-Jan-09 10:07:01

I relocated to the area 7 weeks ago and also have 4 dcs.
We chose a village about 40mins south of manchester.
The schools in the village are excellent (both primary and secondary).
I love the area and the people have been really friendly and welcoming.

What type of area are you looking for?
We were advised to contact the schools of our choice and find out where had places before we looked at any properties.

TotalChaos Sat 31-Jan-09 10:13:52

there are some pretty decent state non-selectives in greater manchester area - bury secondary schools tend to be good.

manchester has a good tram system - running between altrincham and manchester and bury and manchester.

ohnoherewego Sat 31-Jan-09 10:24:46

If working in Salford would definately go for North Manchester. Bolton has good primaries and for secondary independents Bolton School and Bury Grammar. Personally I'd go for the Bury side and B Grammar relatively a bargain

ohdearwhatamess Sat 31-Jan-09 10:37:44

BGS is a good school (I went there grin), and Bury and its environs are fine, but South Manchester and Cheshire are much nicer places to live, imho. I grew up in North Manchester and most of it is pretty grim.

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 10:40:25

Are your children all Secondary? Chorlton is a very nice place to live but the Secondary Schools are not that good.

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 10:43:30

Arrgh....hadn't finished! Stertford Grammar is practically in Chorlton though. Old Trafford / Streford and Chorlton much much easier than Didsbury to commute to Salford.

There is a City Academy in Whalley Range called William Hulme that used to be a private school until recently but I think you have to live within 500m to get in on distance grounds.

Surely relying on them all getting into a Grammar school is a big risk?

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 10:47:06

Sorry, should have read OP. Right, definitely live near Longford Park in Chorlton, primaries are good and the kids can go to Stretford Grammar ... sorted grin.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 12:45:55

Just got back from football and logged in, thanks so much for all your messages and wisdom!

Lulumama Sat 31-Jan-09 12:57:58

there are some lovely areas of north manchester, which are not as pricey as south

e.g prestwich and whitefield which are near salford and also good transport links.. metrolink and buses, trains etc

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 12:58:04

LOL Accidental Mum! Job done then!

Yes, it is a big risk thinking they could all get into grammer school, but I'm staying positive. So far they've done really well at school. Of course that could change, a big move could disrupt them for instance. That's why I want to get this right.

I hadn't considered Bolton. Its quite important to me to live in a 'nice' area, with some open space.

Although we're in London the part we live in is quite green, and to be honest I don't venture out of it much blush It's got quite a community feel and the kind of place you know your neighbours. That's ideally what I'm looking for.

Lucewheel, how are you finding it so far? Did you have any knowledge of Manchester before your move?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 13:34:26

Should I be looking at areas first and foremost, or schools? I know that the school thing is a gamble.

Is Chester too far?

What about somewhere on the coast? Or is that madness?

I don't really know if I want City or Country. Having lived in big cities all my life, its more natural to me, but the thought of bringing the children up somewhere more countryfied appeals. But not in a tiny village where everyone knows your business, and there is only a pub and a post box. I do know that much grin

Lucewheel Sat 31-Jan-09 13:35:29

I had never been to either Manchester or Cheshire before DH was offered his job here.
We came on a scoping visit to look around the region and found that areas are all very different. We were also told that getting the dcs into the school of our choice and even being able to get them all into the same school would be very difficult.
We found a village and schools that we were happy with and had no problem getting the children in thankfully.
I miss my friends but am otherwise very happy here. The children have settled in better than I could ever have hoped.
Will you be able to go and have a look at the North West before you make any decisions?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 13:42:03

Yes, in April we are going up.

Lucewheel, that is really good to know. Comforting infact. I'm dreading it if I'm honest. I love where we live now. I can walk to the shops and will see someone I know, schools are great, and there's lots of green space. Its a good move for the family as a whole, but personally it makes me sad. sad

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 13:42:19

One of the brilliant bits about Chorlton, Sale, Stretford, Didsbury etc is closeness to the Mersey Valley park land (Chorlton Ees/Meadows) lots of open space to walk and play, lots of wildlife. Makes it a brilliant place to bring up kids. I grew up there and miss it a lot.

Parts of Stockport (Heatons especially but also Bramhall etc) good also (and I think still a direct train to Salford...?) and Stockport Grammar (though a private school not an actual grammar in the old style) is very academic.

Not completely up to date but as far as I know the state schools in South Manchester are not awful - it is not like London at all.

If a commute to Salford is important, you either need to be on the trainline, the Metro or close to the M60. But TBH that is most of South Manchester!

Cheshire towns/villages all lovely but longer commute. Knutsford, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Wilmslow all upmarket and expensive in places. Dunno about schools though doubtless loads of private ones. Macclesfield centre on train route but not quite as posh.

Chester a bit far for a quick commute though places in between - Round Tarporley etc with good access to M56 are lovely.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 13:42:52

So how did you find your village?

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 13:44:18

Lymm is nice

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 13:47:40

Thanks Wilfself smile Chorley has come up a few times, so I will look at that more too.

I love MN! Far more useful information than anything given by the company.

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 13:48:53

NOT Chorley! Chorlton, you muppet. grin Don't end up in Chorley by mistake. You will be disappointed...

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 13:50:54

PS Worsley is IN Salford and the village (though really a suburb) is v posh in places and nice walks along canal etc. Like Cheshire, lots of footballers live there. A fact that would put me off but no idea what floats your boat grin. Mixed housing types though, not all nouveau riche palatial...

schneebly Sat 31-Jan-09 13:52:31

If you want open space Southport is lovely but is around 40 miles from Salford. It is on the coast and has lots of parks and green space - good schools too. My kids are in primary and but there are definitely a couple of good secondary schools in the area. Your £400,000 would get you a nice house here.

under budget, nice area and swimming pool!

I moved here from Scotland 18 months ago and haven't looked back once.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 13:55:20

oops blush

Isn't Salford a bit, umm, shit? I mean there are apparently gated residences (I believe they call them), then boarded up squats next door. I may be stereotyping here, I read an article in the Guardian about Salford once. hmm

I am not fussed about footballers one way or the other, but my boys, oh they would love it!

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 13:56:54

Was going to say Worsley.
Also Ramsbottom/Rossendale north of Manchester. Bit more rural and some v good schools

I live in Rossendale and DH commutes to Manchester no probs

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 13:57:24
Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 13:59:38

DH lived in Salford during his Uni days

I'd avoid tbh

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 13:59:47

Crikey Schneebly! That's not bad.

And, I think I've been to Southport a few years ago. Is it quite a traditional sea-side town? Although I've probably got that confused with somewhere else. Geography/paying attention was never a strong point wink

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 14:00:09

Yeah, parts of Salford are a bit shit, but then so are parts of London! Like most big cities, posh bits live right next door to rough bits. Worsley is pretty upmarket but perhaps not quite Surrey!

Worsley village info

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 14:00:47

Sorry, not clear, Worsley is NOT the area of salford I was thinking of!
Worsley is nice

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 14:01:00

FWIW I would NOT commute to Salford from Southport. 40 minutes when the traffic/roads are clear; 2 hours when not...

Lucewheel Sat 31-Jan-09 14:02:02

I had an idea of what I was looking for when we came to look around and just loved one village. After I had seen it nothing else seemed right.
I was also dreading the move but I feel like I have been here for ages now. I find life alot less stressful and everyone has been so welcoming.

GRRR at all the slagging off of North Manchester!

We've just moved from London to Prestwich, and love it. Bury borough is at least as good as Stockport borough for schools, and I believe Bolton is the same.

DH is from Heaton Moor originally, and TBH for the inflated prices you'd pay to live there it's all a bit "meh". A branch of Krobar doth not an urban village make.

I find Didsbury a bit braying (think Fulham/Clapham).

Chorlton on the other had is lovely (more Stoke Newingtony) but is in Manchester City borough and the state schools there are not as good as in the outlying boroughs.

Stretford has some lovely bits if you want to do the grammar school gamble.

Traffic up here stinks though, even on the motorway at rush hour, so I wouldn't want to be too far out in terms of commuting.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 14:02:35

How long is his commute Lizzylou? DP doesn't mind commuting. He can do his current one in 40 minutes on a good day, over an hour on a bad. Its not even that far away. If its a decent run, I think it'll be fine.

Besides, he just wants me to be happy. Probably wink

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 14:07:43

I am SO pleased I started this thread! Now I feel I have something useful, something to actually work with.

Thank you everyone smile

Keep it coming!

the other thing I would add is that public transport here is not at good as London. If your DH is working within walking distance of Salford Crescent/Central stations then you might be able to get away with a public transport commute, but if not, it's likely that he'll have to endure the rush hour traffic with the rest of us.

I know people knock London transport, but I miss it now wink.

Lucewheel Sat 31-Jan-09 14:14:14

Ohfox I looked into good secondary schools because we found that most primaries are very good. It will give you a starting point to be able to compare areas.

I also used Up My Street to look at the social qualities (or lack of wink) for different areas to give me a more balanced view.


schneebly Sat 31-Jan-09 14:14:28

yes tradiotional seside town but has had lots of work done in recent years and has a nice, almost continental feel.

You should listen to WilfSell though - I have never attempted to commmute from here to Salford do wouldn't know how long it would take - 2 hours would be awful!

fox, do you mind me asking where in London you are, and what you like about it? Might help work out what areas of Manchester would correspond?

<puts money on Fulham now that I have been disparaging about it>

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 14:22:29

I would love to live in a seaside town. smile

I have found a 5 bedroomed house in Chorlton which looks sufficient wink

We have a 3 bedroom flat at the moment. It is a good size and accommodates the 6 of us just fine, but everything up there looks enormous, and very, well, grown-up!

I could have a loft! Somewhere for all DPs crap much loved stuff.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 14:23:08

LOL Paddingtonbore, erm, it was the other one actually! grin

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 14:28:29

But I'm not like that! Honest!

I like where we are because
it has a Common
The council's leisure facilities are good for the kids, we have great sports activities in the school holiday
it is walkable to decent shops and supermarkets
schools are good - Primaries are anyway. Secondaries are OK, or very good but hard to get into
It has a community, and feels like a neighbourhood.
I'm a SAHM, so all of this is important to me.

grin I knew it!
I'm only jealous - we lived in Peckham.

If you like Clapham, Didsbury does share many of it's good points: not too far from the centre of town, but quieter, a family feel, green space, good local shopping and bars.

The "braying" comment really only refers to the young professional types who colonise the main drag on a weekend evening. IMO West Didsbury is a bit more grown-up and family friendly (plus has better restaurants) than the centre of Didsbury.

If you've somewhere to sell in Clapham then Didsbury should be in budget. The schools aren't the greatest, but if you are planning on going independent, Manchester Girls High and Manchester Grammar are highly rated, though selective and therefore not easy to get into.

you might like Chorlton too though - shares most of Didsbury's good points, but has a more alternative home (aka The Muesli Belt). I'd live there in a flash if we could stretch to a 3 bed house there.

alternative home?

alternative fell, I meant.

noonki Sat 31-Jan-09 14:44:46

I would second Preswich if thinking up North.

We live in Stretford and it is fine. As a guardian reader Chorlton would be right up your street (probably the biggest distrubtion centre of the Guardian in the country!)

If I had the choice I would live on the stretford side of longford park - kenwood road area, lovely houses about £100 grand of chorlton proper prices, but near enough to walk into chorlton. But you get all the great trafford schools (even the non- grammar schools are good and all pretty much are 'better' than Manchester schools)

I go to Salford uni and it takes me about 20 minutes at rush hour.

Further out my DSS lives in Hebden Bridge (about an hour away in rush hour) - in west yorkshire; grammar system but he is decided to stay at the excellent local state (Calderdale high), v. guardian!, lots of lovely countryside. He and his mum love it there. He has so much mmore freedom than when he lived in manchester.

Lucycat Sat 31-Jan-09 16:17:18

I'm a South Manchester girl so I'm biased I'm afraid - I'd be tempted to head south into Cheshire - Wilmslow has a good selection of differently priced houses and the school is pretty good. Stockport schools are good (well with a couple of exceptions) and academically do much better than the south Manchester secondaries.

Bramhall might suit you?
not as trendy as Chorlton maybe but more 'old money' iykwim and more suburban.

Something like this house? or would you want more traditional?

TheThoughtPolice Sat 31-Jan-09 16:33:15

I grew up in East Manchester, Droylsden to be exact. Don't move there, it used to be nice when I were a lass but now it is grim. Mucho violent crime and deprivation sad

Have also lived in Salford, in a fairly grim bit. Eccles (just outside of Salford on the Swinton side) used to be nice, as did Patricroft (although there was a power station there, I remember going to it on school trips!). Don't know what the areas are like these days though.

If I were to move back that way with your budget I'd be looking at Worsley and further out to Cheshire. FWIW, Congleton is much more affordable than the real footballer belt of Alderley Edge etc but is still only a mere hop skip and jump away. Also agree with the person/people who mentioned Knutsford.

Ramsbottom is lovely too

When I lived in Manchester Chorlton was not posh and Whalley Grange was full of hookers grin. Such a shame as it is full of enormous, beautiful Victorian properties which in those days were mainly carved up into horrid bedsits for the dealers and addicts sad. I'm always faintly amazed to hear/read about the gentrification of it and the high prices given how I remember it not that long ago.

NorthernOne Sat 31-Jan-09 16:37:01

I would avoid chorlton tbh. we moved after a gang broke into our house whilst we were in! I know people who have been mugged outside their houses, lots of serious crime basically on our doorstep. The shops etc are great but we didn't feel safe. Council services are poor.

I would look at Bramhall, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Poynton etc. Nice parks, local services - leisure, library etc are very good. Nice communities, more family oriented than Chorlton or Didsbury.

NorthernOne Sat 31-Jan-09 16:38:13

Whalley Range still has hookers, they hang out outside the local primary school shock

TheThoughtPolice Sat 31-Jan-09 16:38:37

Now that sounds more like the Chorlton I knew, NorthenOne. How scary for you

TheThoughtPolice Sat 31-Jan-09 16:39:59

shock @ hookers. Waiting for all the Guardianista SAHD's perhaps grin ?!

NorthernOne Sat 31-Jan-09 16:43:50

was scary yes
If you happen to be Catholic, cheadle has a Catholic primary rated outstanding

Tinker Sat 31-Jan-09 16:54:12

Agree with NorthernOne. I'm always surprised how much people recommend Chorlton.

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 17:03:05

Been at work, sorry.
It takes DH between 40mins-1hr, but he drives into the centre of town.
YOu do get a lot for your money in Ramsbottom/Rossendale. Very villlagey, but rather rainy! Tendency to get snowed in.
I'm not really a city type though, so I personally wouldn't look at Chorlton/Didsbury.
South Manchester Lymm just south of Altrincham is lovely as is Knutsford.

Bet get yourselves a weekend up here to get a feel for the place!

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 17:04:42

Hebden Bridge is fab.
Some fab properties there, lovely restaurants, cafes and a nice arty feel, we're going there for a day out tomorrow.
There is a train into Manchester there.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 17:39:11

You lot are great grin

And finding me properties too!

Don't want to live where there are hookers, given DP reads the Guardian ... wink grin

Lucewheel Sat 31-Jan-09 18:08:35

I didn't like Congleton

I am 40 mins south of Salford not Manchester blush if you have any questions about this area OhForFoxsake.

minxofmancunia Sat 31-Jan-09 18:09:40

I think Didsbury is your new home, Chorlton is lovely too very "boho luxe" though.

We live in Didsbury, v family friendly, similar to Clapham, both Chorlton and Didsbury retain a bit of a city vibe and are less provincila than heaton Moor/Bramhall Poynton/Cheadle etc.

Worked in Prestwich for 5 years but as a South Manchester girl would never be tempted to move there, it's v "local" as opposed to South manchester which has a lot more diversity i.e. people from all different areas of the country have decided to settle here after leaving University (like us!).

As another poster has mentioned Didsbury and Chorlton are v near to lovely Mersey valley for counrtyside.

For £400k you could get a lovely house too!

Khara Sat 31-Jan-09 18:11:23

I'm from Trafford originally and my parents still live there - in Flixton/ Davyhulme where there are some good primary schools. Urmston is nearby & Urmston grammar is the local secondary if you pass the 11+. My Nan used to live in Chorlton & moved away (to Flixton) when it went downhill.

If you're rich look at Hale/Knutsford/Alderley Edge - that's where the footballers live!

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 18:50:53

I am back armed with a shiny new Pukka Pad, and I feel a spreadsheet may be necessary grin

This is all so helpful. Thank you.

And for giving me some hope that it could actually, possibly, perhaps just might, be OK. smile

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 18:55:38

Mobberley. Coupla nice gastropubs there. Though I suspect they're all into wife-swapping grin

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 19:15:20

Pampas grass on the front lawn? grin

troutpout Sat 31-Jan-09 19:21:23

not macclesfield

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 19:22:34

Still with Noonki...that is exactly where I meant. Bramhall is lovely though, and not far at all from Manchester....very very green. If you want the country though, Hebden Bridge however is not such a ridiculous idea, so many of my friends move out there, including one who commutes to Salford and it is so so nice there.

I have lived in Manchester and South London over the last decade and couldn't really bear to be too far out of the city, but then I don't drive.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 19:31:31

I drive, but would rather not. I want to live somewhere where I don't have to get in the car to get a pint of milk, or take the kids to school for that matter!

So how do South London/Manchester compare? Did you stick with what you knew and find a comparable area, or go for something different?

I need a map. And some coloured pins.

flourybaps Sat 31-Jan-09 19:32:55

Chorlton has big arty, studenty population, trendy bars and shops only 15 mins from city centre and easy journey to salford, problem though is that whole area, chorlton, didsbury, stretford is very congested, traffic is generally terrible and there is just no space. Or thats how I find it. Sale, altrincham, hale very nice, good schools and links to m60, still have 11 plus system in trafford.

If I were you id check out poynton, lovely village feel but still lots of open space, bars, cafes, good schools etc.

flourybaps Sat 31-Jan-09 19:37:07

oh check out timperley village as well, this is inbetween sale and altrincham, lovely vilage, quite big, still in trafford for schools

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 19:59:41

Now you've mentioned it, flourybaps, I recognise Timperley from my property searches. Seems that Altrincham as a whole isn't too bad, although Trafford LEA have told me its most unlikely the children would get into the same school, which put me off. I will definately have a look at it when we visit though.

I don't need trendy bars, as we don't go out much and I will have no mates <sob> wink

LobstersLass Sat 31-Jan-09 20:09:21

Lymm is gorgeous. It's a big village with excellent schools, the secondary school has a very good reputation Lymm High website here. It's 5 minutes from the motorway network, but you get no feeling of being so close to the motorway in the village.

It has a fabulous village centre with lots of shops and good eating and drinking.

You can easily drive into Salford in an hour.

It's a leafy village and is overall gorgeous. There is also Lymm Dam which is a beautiful spot for walking and picnics.

The village also has it's own forum where you could ask any questions Lymmnet

We used to live there, I can't recommend it highly enough.

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 20:13:22

I can't believe I forgot Sale! I was settled in Wimbledon by the time I left London and Sale does remind me of it, ie. a proper mini town centre IYKWIM. Would really like to live there. But if Trafford LEA aren't optimistic it probably isn't for you. I live in Stretford as we've been priced out of Chorlton, but hope to move back in the summer as rents seem to be plummeting along with house prices but TBH, if I drove and was starting over anyway, I would do the village/ small town (Cheadle, Bramhall etc) rather than the suburbs thing. I wouldn't want to have Stockport as my default local shops though.

noonki Sat 31-Jan-09 20:15:35

it depends what you like Sale etc is pretty suburban, we are in stretford but looked in Sale and found it quite small minded (read 'racist')

(as is stretford tbh)

Altringham is pretty posh/money kind of like posher footballers wifes.

chorlton is full of teachers/social worker types (little beards and beanie hats...)has great shops/pubs if you like that type of thing, (I have to confess to have only been out in city centre about twice last year, as always go to chorlton now)

what sort of area do you live in now?

noonki Sat 31-Jan-09 20:17:55

oh agree with accidentalmum about stockport - some of it is lovely but the shops are vile and some of the areas are truely depressing.

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 20:20:32

Not a massive fan of Sale tbh, always left me cold, likewise Stockport.
I am such a bumpkin though, Lymm is lovely (my friend lives near there and have had some great nights out there)would love to live there.

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 20:24:05

Should probably clarify that I have only been to Sale twice, but I thought it seemed nice and had lots on for kids smile

NorthernOne Sat 31-Jan-09 20:24:17

It's very easy to get to Manchester from Cheadle/Bramhall though, only 10 mins. Actually though, we now prefer going to Stockport - it has all the main shops you would expect (M&S, Waterstones, Monsoon, Topshop etc etc) but is much more relaxed than Mcr if you are shopping with young children. You also have the John Lewis/Sainsbury's in Cheadle and the M&S and Tesco's in Handforth

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 20:24:40

Oh and when buying, have a map of the proposed tram extension handy wink

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 20:25:28

Agree with comments about Sale. Daily Mail territory.

Cheadle/Bramhall 10 mins to Central Mcr?

By Lear jet would that be wink?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 20:42:26

I will put that about Sale on my list and note it. I need highlighter pens now for such info grin

I have been off looking at property in Lymm. Found a nice 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom place shock in budget.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 20:45:25

Sorry Noonki, I thought I had answered your question, got sidetracked househunting. We are basically in Nappy Valley, as Paddingtonbore said, it is a bit 'braying', or it can be in places. Lots of young children (so good schools oversubscribed), lots of activities and playcentres run by the local Council. Has a good neighbourhood and community.

minxofmancunia Sat 31-Jan-09 20:49:37

Sale is a souless suburban palce, ditto Altrincham Timperley village is ok I suppose though all a bit Daily Mail imo.

The shops in Stockport are ok(ish) but the merseyway shopping centre is horrendous! Burberry baseball caps and BNP territory. Avoid.

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 20:50:41

Fuck off minx I live in Timperley. Daily Mail my arse!

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 20:52:51

So Timperley is OK then?

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 20:53:29

Yes we have a wonderful vocabulary in Timperley.

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 20:55:05

Sorry minx - haven't seen you before.

It's all a matter of personal fit though, isn't it?

I think your basic choices are the urban villages (sorry that sounds wanky) of Chorlton and Didsbury, which really are most like Clapham; pleasant suburbia like Bramhall, or a proper Cheshire village.

I would take lots of the times people give for commuting with a pinch of salt though, as people seem to be giving the fasted time The Stig could drive from their village to town given a clear rode and an Aston Martin. I only have to travel 4 miles across town, but that can take 45mins-1hour on a bad day at rush hour. Think London traffic, only without a viable public transport alternative.

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 20:57:44

"rode" - arf. ROAD. ignore other typos. I have a darling macon villages on the go.

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 20:59:03

Quite Wilf - I was going to link to him as well. You can go on Frank Sidebottom's magical mystery Timperley tour in an open top bus you know.

WilfSell Sat 31-Jan-09 21:00:16

<books bus tour for DH's next birthday>

Lizzylou Sat 31-Jan-09 21:02:03

Or even North Manchester/Lancashire

Not as overrated nor as expensive as the predictable south manchester areas(though do hanker after Lymm meself!) grin

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 21:02:19

I could make commission on this. Where's Frank's number?

minxofmancunia Sat 31-Jan-09 21:06:46

The trafford bit of M'Cr is nice just not to my taste that's all, I did say imo, not fact, and I think I'm allowed my opinion!

Obviously if I had a choice between Timperley and Harpurhey I'd go for Timperley (ducks and runs for cover from Harpurhey residents)

Manchester traffic is a nightmare, the rush hour runs from about to 7pm in the eve, 6 miles from Didsbury to town takes about 45 mins in the morning.

Cheadle and Bramhall 10 mins, on a flying carpet!!

merseyway-bnp territory??????

[hhm] x 100

must be a different shopping centre to the one i go to

ladycornyofsilke Sat 31-Jan-09 21:11:11

(Hides behind MMJ)

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 21:17:47

<swoons at Timperley's sleb status>

NorthernOne Sat 31-Jan-09 21:19:18

lol at BNP in the Merseyway!
ok so it's not all that pretty, but really it is no worse than walking down Market Street in Manchester (actually, it is much much less crowded)
has a fabulous shoe shop for kids as well

LobstersLass Sat 31-Jan-09 21:22:21

Ohforfoxsake, look at Lymm!
All info on previous page. I don't know if you missed it or it doesn't float your boat!

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 21:24:31

Oh no Lobsterlass, I've been looking at it on Primelocation grin Its on my list.

Next thing I'll do is look at schools in each area (1.5 pages of A4 Pad wink) and then try to shortlist.

I do so like a project.

ragd0ll Sat 31-Jan-09 21:27:01

I moved from east London/Essex borders to Sale 18 months ago. I haven't found it racist (DP is asian,2 mixed race kids)
The town centre isn't great compared to what we had in London but I always feel 'safe'. My dc are only little (2.4 and 10 mo) so don't know a lot about schools but from what I hear at toddler groups (loads of stuff for kiddies here) the schools are pretty good. The worst thing is that everything is closed on a sunday, we tried to get a fry up when we first moved here and couldn't shock grin

Ohforfoxsake Sat 31-Jan-09 21:32:22

What? Closed? On a Sunday? shock

LobstersLass Sat 31-Jan-09 21:36:07

Oh good! I can't tell you how friendly we found it. We lived there for about four years and loved it. Made lots of good friends in the short time we were there.

Judd Sat 31-Jan-09 21:36:58

I'm in Bramhall. We've been here seven years - moved up from Oxford. I think you need to book yourselves a Travel Lodge-type thing and come up for a weekend and travel round a bit and see what suits.
About 12 mins into Piccadilly on the train and 7 into Stockport. Primary schools all very good indeed, not up to speed on secondaries as yet.
We went walking around Bakewell today (Debyshire) took 45 mins mins to drive there. Peak District 30 mins away. Trafford Centre 20 mins.

ragd0ll Sat 31-Jan-09 21:41:20

Seriously it was a shock to my London born and bred system. I had to cook my own fry up shock

Lucycat Sat 31-Jan-09 21:45:22

Hello Judd, I'm also in Stockport, but the Heatons. Bramhall is lovely i've been recommending it!

AccidentalMum Sat 31-Jan-09 21:45:43

hehe, had the same thing in Didsbury once, wandered in to get breakfast, even a coffee....nowhere open until 9:30am and had to wait for the machine to warn up. I went through a period of boycotting eateries left, right and centre for various reasons but I am over it now blush.

I don't why I love this thread so much but I do smile

hotpotmama Sat 31-Jan-09 21:48:23

I second Ramsbottom/ Holcombe Brook area. Its fab! Very close to Manchester, lovely village feel, schools are great and best of all its in the countryside surrounded by hills so loads of walks/ bike rides and you feel like you are in the lakes or somewhere!

here it is

Judd Sat 31-Jan-09 22:38:52

Hi Lucycat, I've seen you before on the camping threads but I didn't know you were so close though! I had a read through the thread carefully to see if Bramhall was getting a good name or not - yay!

selby Sat 31-Jan-09 23:12:28

Well, I moved from the SW to Hale last year after copious research plus a few weekends of scouting SW Manchester from Wilmslow, Knutsford, Lymm, Appleton and finally settling in the borders of Bowden/Hale (sampling a particularly fine Italian lunch in Danilo's helped to make up my mind). I have 2 children, the eldest started reception last Sept and I made sure that our house was in catchment of our 1st choice state primary - especially since we made a late application for a place. The trouble with Trafford is that the excellent state schools are oversubscribed (no surprise there) so classes are usually maxed out so can't help you on that score. Hale is really quite cosmopolitan and dare I say it - has a West London feel to it. Also a major factor for why it's fairly pricey but having relocated for DH's job - I decided that our priority was schooling. I really like the area and we've lived all over including the SE(Surrey & Berkshire), Midlands & Warwickshire plus Gloucs & Somerset. HTH.

selby Sat 31-Jan-09 23:30:48

If it helps, I'm aware that if your child passes the 11+ in Trafford, the next criteria is distance from your 1st choice school - consequently, it's pretty expensive to live near the top state grammars in Trafford - looks as if there are plenty of people hedging their bets in Trafford to me! And yes, Hale/Bowden/Altrincham must be full of champagne socialists (no offence intended).

villagelife Sun 01-Feb-09 00:50:53

Rossendale is nice - good local schools and grammar school (Bacup), might be too far. Helmshore is a lovley village, excellent schools and you would get a great house for your money.

I would defintley recommend Rossendale over Whitefield, Prestwhich, although transport links better. smile

AccidentalMum Sun 01-Feb-09 12:15:25

Re. getting into a Grammar, there is no 11+ as such now. The schools all set their own examination and have different admissions systems. Some let the top 20 scoring applicants in regardless of distance, then go to anyone who passed in order of distance.

Ohforfoxsake Sun 01-Feb-09 19:05:55

Thanks everyone smile

MN rocks! It really does, honest opinions and good advice. You've all given me so much to think about - it really is very much appreciated.

I am happy with good state schools or grammer schools. As long as the children have the opportunity of a good education, I'll be happy.

Ramsbottom looks amazing - thanks for the photo Hotpotmama - I can't believe that I could actually live somewhere like that.

Yes, we've got a few trips up to do I think, and I will take all your good advice about the schools.

Thank you everyone smile I can't tell you how much more positive I feel about it.

Last week I cried walking down the street just thinking about it blush You've made a difference.

Will stop with the gushy-mushy stuff now grin

hotpotmama Sun 01-Feb-09 21:13:29

You are welcome, glad to have helped. It really is great here, everyone is so friendly, we love everything about it.

We can walk from our house and be in the woods or up Holcombe Hill (where the tower is on the picture) in ten minutes. Fab for us as we just love being outdoors!

Ok thats my sales pitch for Ramsbottom over! smile

hotpotmama Sun 01-Feb-09 21:27:27

Just reread the thread and i'm sorry but it doesn't rain all the time in Ramsbottom. See my picture above! The sun is shining.

In the 5 years I have lived here we have been snowed in about twice. My boys loved it when we did get snowed in cos all the kids on our close spent all day sledging and building snowmen!

Good luck with wherever you decide, am sure it will be lovely. Let us know where you end up. smile

Lizzylou Sun 01-Feb-09 21:31:40

I thought it rained a lot in Ramsbottom, until I moved to Rossendale, we've been snowed in twice this year alreadygrin

It is beautiful here (that's Ramsbottom/Rossendale area) and I do feel at home.

Gosh Ohforfoxsake, you've lots to think about, but it must be nice to know that there are viable options for you.

noonki Sun 01-Feb-09 21:36:28

Hotpot - how long does it take to get to manchester city centre (not a rush hour) from Ramsbottom?

This thread is making me want to move (again!)

are there niceish pubs?

Lizzylou Sun 01-Feb-09 21:38:31

Noonki nice restaurants, some bars and some nice pubs in Ramsbottom (we lived there up until 4 years ago and loved it)
Takes about 40/45mins to Manchester I guess, depends on traffic

hotpotmama Sun 01-Feb-09 21:54:32

About 20 - 30 minutes or you could go by tram from Bury.

Pubs, there's lots of good ones dotted all around, a good one just down from the tower, Shoulder of Mutton, lovely food after a walk up the hill. In Ramsbottom there are lots of pubs and some great restaurants, . There's a new place just opened called The Lounge which is good for a drink.

Where are you noonki?

Lizzylou, I grew up in Rossendale, moved away to Uni then Leeds but leapt at the chance to move back 5 years ago. So glad we did, have made great friends here.

hotpotmama Sun 01-Feb-09 21:56:15

Lizzylou we can get there in 20-30 minutes on a weekend, but suppose the traffic is good then.

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 07:23:28

Hotpot, I loved living in Rammy, pre-kids we ate out about 3 times a week, just walked down to the centre of Ramsbottom and there was a choice of loads of nice places.
The swimming pool/gym has a great and v cheap creche. And of course the steam train!
We still go to Ramsbottom a lot.
We moved to Rossendale as we couldn't sell our house and bought a new one (part ex), have to say I love it here too.
Ramsbottom/Rossendale is a really pretty part of the world, friendly people and gorgeous countryside. And not far from Manchester/Bury/Bolton and motorway links.

we live outside preston. takes about 45 mins to get to salford. lovely village, 15 mins from coast, schools great.if dh is in salford, u really need to be looking north manchester or further faield north.

noonki Mon 02-Feb-09 09:37:33

Thanks for the info. Hotpot! smile

Do you know anything about the local primary schools? We want to go and have a look around any inside info?!

We live in Stretford (near Chorlton but v dull and a bit depressing imo), I really don't want the kids growing up in the city - I grew up in Oxford and my DH in Morecambe/lancaster. so feels odd this big place for them.

We looked at Ramsbottom before kids (about 6 years ago) and nearly bought a house on a whim then but chickened out at the last minute (far from friends /nightlife) now we have no nightlife and lots fo friends but seems like it easily close enough to see people, and make new friends.

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 10:09:40

Noonki, I know that Greenmount Primary is supposed to be fab. Not sure on the others.
The High School is good as well.

hotpotmama Mon 02-Feb-09 12:08:16

Noonki there are lots of excellent ones, Greenmount, Hollymount, St Joseph's, St Andrew's, St Mary's Hawkshaw,

There's one in Stubbins (just on the outskirts of Ramsbottom) that was in the Sunday Times top 50 Primary Schools list, can't remember its name.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 02-Feb-09 14:11:41

That's something else I thought of last night- I want to bring the kids up outside the city, but want the city to be accessible because one day, they'll want to go out, and go clubbing and shopping and up to no good <sob>

This morning the common outside our house is under at least 6 inches of snow and school is closed. Everyone is out there, there's a great vibe and lots of fun. Now that's what I need to find!

WorkInProgress Mon 02-Feb-09 14:22:42

This is really interesting because we are moving out of Manchester, way into the country ( for work reasons).I do want to bring my children up in the country, but any move is very scary.
Ohforfoxsake, where ever you choose in Manchester, the best thing about it, is the people are very friendly and welcoming. No one seems to care if you are from the south or north or went to school in the area.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 02-Feb-09 14:40:19
Ohforfoxsake Mon 02-Feb-09 14:41:27

Thanks Workinprogress smile

change is scary, isn't it?

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 15:48:35

Lovely house, not sure about Haslingden, there are some really nice parts, but not sure enough to be able to advise.
I think that there are nicer areas, hence the price (what a bargain though!).

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 15:53:32

this one is near me

This is in a nice area

Doesn't seem much on Rightmove for Ramsbottom

WorkInProgress Mon 02-Feb-09 16:06:21

If you want somewhere more countryfied, you need to go further out, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall or Knutsford, or some of the north Manchester places mentioned. Chorlton and Didsbury are very nice, but quite young and urban. Spend as much time as possible mooching round the areas, I think you'll get a feel for them quite quickly.

Then you've just got to find somewhere to live, get a school place, rent or sell existing house and then move - just like we are. This isn't scary, it's completely insane.

Grammaticus Mon 02-Feb-09 16:20:34

With £400k to spend, a desire for state schooling and a commute to Salford, you want to be looking at Sale and Timperley. You can't really afford Altrincham (not the nice nits anyway) or Hale or Bowdon.

Trafford schools are excellent. Grammar if you pass, if not you want to be within a mile of either Wellington Road or Ashton on Mersey Schools. Youu can afford that and the Salford commute will be fine.

WilfSell Mon 02-Feb-09 16:24:14

Yeah, they only have expensive nice nits in Altrincham, Hale and Bowdon winkgrin

Grammaticus Mon 02-Feb-09 16:26:27

Bits. Not nits.

hotpotmama Mon 02-Feb-09 16:44:43

No, not Haslingden, the house is very close to the town centre. Not really the countryside you want.

Helmshore in Rossendale is far nicer, don't you think Lizzylou?

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 17:08:17

Hotpot, agree Haslingden. When we were pre-DC we almost bought a huge Victorian house in Haslingden for peanuts (in todays prices), the house was fab, but the area not so much. Although Haslingden High is a fab school.
Yes, Helmshore is lovely
As is Greenmount, Holcombe Brook and Hawkshaw ( Hawkshaw)

Lilyloo Mon 02-Feb-09 20:06:06

ooh definately Helmshore over Haslingden.
Holcombe Brook is lovely!

Lilyloo Mon 02-Feb-09 20:12:09

This development is lovely and well sought after

As is this

We are roughly 10 min from main motorway to Manchester

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 20:18:33

Go with Lilyloo's 1st choice, that's where I live, we could be neighbours wink

<<Realises that she is now scaring OP>>

Berries Mon 02-Feb-09 20:55:10

Ok, travelling time from Wilmslow/Alderley Edge to far side of Manchester (Victoria Station area) is 40 mins at 7am, 45 mins at 7:40am and 65 mins at 8:05 so really does depend what time he leaves (I go early & eat breakfast at work when dh is at home). Coming home is anything between 40 and 60 mins, this is via Princess Parkway & M56.
Knutsford, Failibrome, Wilmslow are all good secondaries but you have to make sure you live close to whichever one you want. NB - in this area you have no choice, you are very unlikely to be able to pick anything other than your 'catchment' schools.
Most primaries good and tend to have a number within fairly small distance so you could check them out to get a feel for them.
Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall about 10 mins closer to Manchester, but down A34. Poynton - I don't know the commuting times but think you'll need to go down the A6 which is awful (but haven't done it as regular commute though). Poynton High School also highly thought of.
Re: Grammar school - Altrincham gets best results but is also the hardest to get into. You can get into it from Wilmslow but commute is deadly so you'll need to drive.
Not sure how old your children are yet but consider living somewhere they can walk into the 'centre', makes a massive difference when they start getting old enough to go out by themselves. being able to walk to leisure centre/swimming pool is a big plus (esp in the holidays)

Lilyloo Mon 02-Feb-09 21:01:16

Lizzy thought you were further away from me!
Sick of this snow yet ???

jojosmaman Mon 02-Feb-09 21:15:22

Ooh I love a Manchester where to live thread! I have lived in a few places, central, south and east and for me its a no-brainer. Altrincham/ Hale/ Bowden/ Timperley would be top of my list simply because all are approx 25mins into Manchester city centre (non rush hour, about 40 mins if in rush hour), they have excellent local schools, convenient tram system (25mins from Alti to city centre) and great restaurants/ cafes/ bars (you would def get a fry up on a sunday morning!).

I work in Stretford and wouldnt touch it with a barge pole, went to school in Whalley Range-(ditto re barge pole)and not a huge fan of North Manchester, its not as green as south but if that's not as important to you.

Have lived in Chorlton and would do again if I was either aged 18-25, Polish or gay, to say it has an eclectic mix of people is an understatement! It is an "M" postcode too so I found insurance to be higher on house and car as higher crime rate, same with Sale.

Didsbury is nice and convenient for city but I think it is over priced and slighty poncey and you are basically paying for the "Cold Feet" style lifestyle.

Knutsford/ Wilmslow/ Alderley Edge also all nice but I think a bit too far out for a commute by car.

Can't really comment on Poynton, Bramhall, Cheadle etc as havent lived there but had plenty of friends who have and they seem pleasant places!

Good luck and keep us updated!

jojosmaman Mon 02-Feb-09 21:27:00

Oh and Altrincham/Hale/Bowdon/timperley are only 10mns from Manchester Airport and M60 ring road and about 15-20mins to M6 for South so good transport links

myredcardigan Mon 02-Feb-09 22:17:41

Doesn't seem like 5mins ago that DH told me we were moving to Manchester. After about 12 w/e of coming up to look around we settled on Wilmslow. I love it up here! Park/heath literally at the bottom of my back garden. Great schools both state and independent. We have a fab town centre with coffee bars and resturants. DH commute is just under 1h into Manchester depending on the A34.

Friends live up the road in Bramhall. That's nice too and they have a lovely park with tudor house. They also have excellent schools and a nice village centre with coffee bars and gastro pubs. We ate in one last night, it was yummy! I try to stay away from Bramhall village though as they have a chocolate shop!

I work in Cheadle Hulme which has nice houses,good schools but not much of a centre.

Didsbury is nice with a trendy village feel. Primary schools good, secondary not great. Personally, I wouldn't live in Cholton with school age children. It's hip but a bit scummy IYKWIM.

Sale/Alt/Hale all nice with grammar system schools. Hale has a nice village centre. You get more for your money in Sale or Timperley though less buzz. What I would say is make sure you know your school catchment when buying there. Maybe a better commute to Salford than my end.

Look at Worsley too. IMHO it's the only place in Salford worth looking at. Nice houses, easy commute but you may find it dull after Clapham.

The Heatons are nice too and not too far from hip Didsbury but benefitting from good Stockport schools.

I love the greenery where I am and the short walk into town for good bars etc so obv I recommend Wilmslow but it may not be to your taste or the commute may not be right. Def check us out though!

Stay South though! Oh and I did loads of research and checked out almost everywhere so any other questions,feel free!

Ohforfoxsake Mon 02-Feb-09 22:22:46

I need to sit with my notepad and go through all your great posts.

I am so, so glad you have all replied.

Thanks everyone. I am noting it all down, highlighting it, sticking pins in maps and making spreadsheets of schools and OFSTED reports grin

My lot have been off school today, so have not been able to apply myself as I would have liked (or, obsession wink)

myredcardigan Mon 02-Feb-09 22:36:41

Just for your notes

We have 3 primaries graded outstanding in Wilmslow. The others are good. My catchment school is Gorsey bank if you want any particular info on that.

In Bramhall all the primary schools are graded outstanding. Friends children are at Pownall Green and she is very happy with it. their OFSTED was apparently amazing.

In Cheadle Hulme there is at least 2 graded outstanding,one is ranked in the top 5 primary schools nationally. Look at Hursthead OFSTED.

Trafford schools in general have a very good reputaion but the pressure for grammar entrance is intense.

BTW, if you need a postcode for your OFSTED searches, google the train station for most of these places or the council offices and use that on a wide distance search.

Oh and both Stockport and Cheshire (unsure about Trafford) produce booklets showing catchment areas which we used when looking at houses. Very useful.

hotpotmama Mon 02-Feb-09 22:56:35

Didn't realise there was a north/south divide to Manchester too! wink.

There are lovely places South and North.

Lizzylou Mon 02-Feb-09 23:28:10

OOh Lily, are you near me then?

Hotpot, yes, have to say when we moved up we chose North Manchester/Lancashire as that's where PIL's are from. Did investigate South Mcr but the only place I've ever been "down there" where I'd want to live is Lymm.

In all honesty Wilmslow is all fur coat and no knickers, tbh, Kerry Katona lives there grin

Tortington Mon 02-Feb-09 23:29:55

chorley fm comming in your ears.

machester is just a bit shit really, you should look towards saddleworth

Ohforfoxsake Tue 03-Feb-09 10:19:26

Aw, don't say that Custardo! I'm struggling with it as it is wink

Lilymaid Tue 03-Feb-09 10:31:03

Lived in Wilmslow for 5 years when relocated from the south. I would agree in part with the "all fur and no knickers" comment - and I come from Surrey! However, would agree about the excellence of local primary schools (DSs were at Gorsey Bank)and we found that the vast majority of people were pretty normal.
I loved watching the blonde bimbos filling the boots of their Bentleys outside Sainsbury's and a South African friend of mine once commented that she had never seen so much gold outside Jo'burg.

myredcardigan Tue 03-Feb-09 11:23:51

Yes, I agree there is a bit of that in Wilmslow but they've usually popped up the road from Alderley. grin

Hi, Lilymaid, it was your comments that made me look at Wilmslow in the first place.
I'm from Surrey too!

Yes, there is a bit of a north/south divide and those south of the city are way too snobby about it even by my own admission.

As I said, Wilmslow may not be for you but do look at it. Also Bramhall, Didsbury and Hale. Disbury certainly the most urban but way too busy for me and although further in it was a worse commute due to local traffic.

Horses for courses really but don't be putoff by Custy. South Manchester is nothing like Oldham! wink grin

Tinker Tue 03-Feb-09 13:54:58

There's definitely a north/south divide in Manchester. With a good budget I'd go Bramhall, Hale or Wilmslow. Cheadle Hulme covers a huge are, can never work out where the centre of it is.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 03-Feb-09 13:59:07

Fur coat and no knickers!?! shock

what's the problem with that then? wink grin

am off to primelocation to check out Wilmslow and Bramhall.

Thanks everyone smile

ladycornyofsilke Tue 03-Feb-09 14:00:54

Custy is right though- saddleworth has some gorgeous parts.

Sounds like you have a lot to go on now foxsake!

I currently live in Chorlton which is generally pretty nice, especially the area near Chorlton Green/Beech Road. Lots of stuff for kids to do, close to the city centre, Mersey Valley Water Park for walks, some good primary schools and Stretford Grammar on the doorstep for when the kids get older. I echo what NorthernOne says about crime though - there has been a spate of break ins on my road over the last few weeks.

I'd also like to live in Hale, West Didsbury or Lymm, but can't afford to move at the moment.

hotpotmama Tue 03-Feb-09 14:34:25

Lots of knickers worn up here in Ramsbottom (at least I think there is!)!

Am very happy for everyone to carry on believing its grim up north of Manchester cos then we can keep our lovely hills/countryside and coffee bars free of bling and air-kissing footballers wives! grin
(Although a few of the wise ones do live around here).

Iklboo Tue 03-Feb-09 14:45:02

"sn't Salford a bit, umm, shit? I mean there are apparently gated residences (I believe they call them), then boarded up squats next door. I may be stereotyping here, I read an article in the Guardian about Salford once"

Ahem.. I LIVE in Salford, excuse me!!

It's is EXACTLY how you describe it wink

It used to be a much nicer area.......

Gated residences are where we've had to close off the alleys between the terraced houses to stop undesirables congregating

There are a lot of houses boarded up (no squats - no-one is THAT desperate) but that is mainly because the local council compulsorily purchased loads & load of houses to make way for 'community' spaces, sold them for f*ck loads of money to Urban Splash to redevelop and sell to out-of-towners for way, way more than the local people could afford. Urban Splash didn't want all the properties and so they remain empty. The council got a HUGE grant to redevelop and refurbish these houses and no-one knows where it's gone.
The Council are still repossessing (sorry, purchasing at well below market value) houses then knocking them down and turfing over the area.
They're building a HUGE church (2 have recently closed for non-attendance)
They are closing 3 schools and amalgamating them all into a new-build one they've not built yet.......
We are saving up to move this year if we can

Lizzylou Tue 03-Feb-09 16:15:37

grin Hotpot, if Ohforfox does goes to the "darkside" and get all WAG with a tangoed face and air kissing, we should still invite her up t'north and show her a good time Rammy/Rossendale style.

Am thinking hotpot, real ale and pies?

We could then show her our ferrets, pigeons and whippets!
grin wink

hotpotmama Tue 03-Feb-09 20:30:42

Darkside, he he, funny grin.

When we moved over we considered Altrincham blush cos we do have friends on the darkside but it was either a cardboard box in Altrincham or lovely detatched in Grimsbottom, oops I mean Ramsbottom. I've saved a fortune on spray tans too.

It was the hills that swayed me, and the fact my mum is 10 minutes away to babysit!!

Sorry ohforfox, hope you aren't getting stressed by this thread, we are only messing about smile

p.s I do go for days out to tatton park etc cos there are lovely places too down south (make sure am wearing my best clobber)!!

Lizzylou Tue 03-Feb-09 20:57:07

We have National Trust membership and go to Tatton, Dunham Massey, Styal Mill and one park near Stockport...near Disley, can't remember what it's called.
All very nice, I was only joking about the "darkside".

<<But it's nicer up here.....runs off....>>

Lilyloo Tue 03-Feb-09 21:00:40

Lizzy less than 5 min from you!!

Lizzylou Tue 03-Feb-09 21:10:24

We may have met and never knew our mutual dirty MN secret grin

jojosmaman Tue 03-Feb-09 21:12:31

Just avoid Glossop unless you are a huge fan of The League of Gentlemen <<runs away quick style>>

ladycornyofsilke Tue 03-Feb-09 21:13:48

norty jojo

jojosmaman Tue 03-Feb-09 21:18:11

Sorry, couldn't help myself!

ladycornyofsilke Tue 03-Feb-09 21:20:44


Lilyloo Tue 03-Feb-09 21:27:35

i thinking now you could be a mum on the school run grin

Lizzylou Tue 03-Feb-09 21:34:59

DS1 isn't at Crawshawbooth, he's catholic.

Lizzylou Tue 03-Feb-09 21:43:50

Just looked at your profile pics.
Preschool last year, our DS's are called the same name? YOur DS is a couple of years older than my DS1.
Jeez, will stop posting on sex threads now!

Lilyloo Tue 03-Feb-09 21:59:03

ooh lol glad i haven't any secrets on here grin
promise not to look for yours!
how weird!!

Ohforfoxsake Wed 04-Feb-09 12:12:58

LOL! grin

No,this hasn't stressed me out. Other things have, like booking a train ticket. God knows how I'm going to arrange and co-ordinate a house move to another part of the country when I can't shagging well book a train ticket!

noonki Wed 04-Feb-09 21:07:55

hotpot - don't call it grimsbottom angry

I am getting dh to read this thread to persuade him to move there!

Ohforfoxsake Wed 04-Feb-09 21:30:07

Wilmslow has some interesting house!

Berries Wed 04-Feb-09 21:44:26

If there is any particular area of Wilmslow you are interested in let us know as we may have insider info. They are building an extension to the bypass to go round Alderley Edge so there may be some houses v near there that are priced competitively (for a reason!). Most of the areas are lovely BTW

myredcardigan Wed 04-Feb-09 22:31:48

Pownall Park and South Wilmslow are nice, popular areas which have good schools. Be careful with Handsforth and the area north of Styal Road.

hotpotmama Thu 05-Feb-09 08:13:43

Sorry Noonki!

Noonki's DH if you are reading this:

5 great reasons to move to Ramsbottom:

1) It ahould really be called best kept secretbottom

2) The gorgeous hills

3) The people are lovely and down to earth

4) Great schools, good pubs, restaurants

5) Its fab!!!

( It has steam trains too, the kids love it!)

There, does that help? grin

Lizzylou Thu 05-Feb-09 09:14:31

Agree with Hotpot Noonki,also:

Lovely park, also lots of green hills and walks (I suspect they're white at the moment!)

Great centre, very pretty and nice shops

Good transport links

Agree with good pubs and restaurants, you can have your choice of Italian/Thai/Indian/Chinese and good pub grub

Good swimming pool/gym with cheap creche facilities

Great nurseries (if you have littlies)

Why did I move from Rammy??? grin

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 10:46:43

DP has said he'd rather not live north of Manchester hmm but I am still insisting we look.

Berries, yes please smile

I am very grateful to you all. If anyone would like to share any info/tips/ or just tell me how to go about relocating, my email is laineyjbe at hotmail dot com. I wouldn't normally put my email on here but this is the one I use solely for MN purposes.

Our first trip up is in April, and we are looking to move next Summer if we get the go ahead from DPs work. If not, it'll be the following year, although I think the best time to go is when DS1 can have a couple of years of Primary school.

Do you think there is a better or good time to move children?

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 10:46:43

DP has said he'd rather not live north of Manchester hmm but I am still insisting we look.

Berries, yes please smile

I am very grateful to you all. If anyone would like to share any info/tips/ or just tell me how to go about relocating, my email is laineyjbe at hotmail dot com. I wouldn't normally put my email on here but this is the one I use solely for MN purposes.

Our first trip up is in April, and we are looking to move next Summer if we get the go ahead from DPs work. If not, it'll be the following year, although I think the best time to go is when DS1 can have a couple of years of Primary school.

Do you think there is a better or good time to move children?

myredcardigan Thu 05-Feb-09 11:16:29

I would def move whilst the DCs are still at primary school if at all possible. They'll settle in so much better and it'll give you a chance to meet other local mums. Check out the local secondaries though as you may want to be in in a particular catchment and therefore choose a feeder primary.

I was talking about this thread to DH last night and he said he would say to anyone thinking of moving up here to look at Didsbury, Hale/Altrincham, Bramhall and Wilmslow. All nice but all offering something a bit different. He also said what looks a reasonable commute on paper can actually be horrendous such as the A6 or A34. So visit mid week if possible and try and check out the roads.

Oh and it's bloody cold up here but the water makes a lovely cup of tea! grin

myredcardigan Thu 05-Feb-09 11:18:24

Oh and don't move whilst heavily pregnant like I did! grin

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 11:21:00

Thanks Myredcardigan (and Mr Myredcardigan). smile

I was looking at Wilmslow last night and Cheadle Hulme school, but I don't think we could afford 4 lots of fees.

My email is dot co dot uk, not dot come BTW!

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Thu 05-Feb-09 11:28:19

The villages around saddleworth are nice and not too far to commute to Salford centre. It has a little prep school up to 11 years and they admit to all the main private secondarys,

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 11:58:36

Saddleworth comes up as 'Location unknown' on Primelocation hmm how odd! I'm looking at the website now. It does look lovely.

LackaDAISYcal Thu 05-Feb-09 12:15:27

foxy, we have friends in Saddleworth and also in Poynton. Both lovely.

Poynton schools are good but our friend didn't get his DD into their first choice school so competition is high.

and don't forget I'm only about an hour away for meet ups grin

LackaDAISYcal Thu 05-Feb-09 12:16:56

35 mins if you are in saddleworth gringrin

nannyogg Thu 05-Feb-09 12:23:57

Only skimmed thread but hijack to wave to all fellow Rossendalians.

Good luck with the search ohforfoxsake.

do you want some links to local estate agent sites?

Lizzylou Thu 05-Feb-09 12:25:18

Saddleworth and the villages (Diggle? Is that one?) around there are beautiful, really lovely.

I moved up pre DC, so no real advice, just to come up beforehand as mush as possible to get a feel of places, where you'll feel comfy.
I know I joked about Wilmslow, it is a nice place (just really not for me).
My friend who moved up from London (again pre-DC) lives in a small vilage/hamlet near Lymm (hence my love of that area) and loves it, she was very worried about leaving London but I don't think she'd ever move now.
Her DC are going to a prep school in Hale and then hopefully Altrincham Grammar.

Lizzylou Thu 05-Feb-09 12:26:02

HI Nanny!
Blimey, Rossendale and Ramsbottom are very well represented here!

nannyogg Thu 05-Feb-09 12:30:42

Hi Lizzy, think we've 'met' before ages ago - do you live near Clowbridge?

nannyogg Thu 05-Feb-09 12:49:48

Just reading thread properly ohfor....

re the house in Haslingden - I live in Haslingden and while there are some nicer areas, that house is not in one of them unfortunately.

It's ok here but you could do a lot better. Ramsbottom/Holcombe both lovely and really close to Manchester so easier commute.

Irwell Vale is also lovely, a really tiny village surrounded by hills, with steam train running through it. I've no idea about the schools there though.

Lizzylou Thu 05-Feb-09 13:00:26

Hi Nanny, yes in Loveclough, near Clowbridge.

Irwell Vale is lovely, very pretty. As is Summerseat, but it is a bugger to get in and out of.

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 13:50:56

Thanks Nannyogg, but I will hold off contacting Estate Agents for now, as I don't want to get bombarded by them! But thank you for your kind offer smile

Am looking at Poynton now. Very good schools!

got to say i agree with your husband.
south manchester much much nicer.

bramhall is really lovely, wilmslow , didsbury, the heatons are good-well chapel and moor anyway.Gately nice too.

do you wnt me to send you a copy of the local paper? well -the stockport local paper anyway which covers bramhall/gately/ etc?

myredcardigan Thu 05-Feb-09 14:39:42

Ah yes, Cheadle Hulme School is lovely with a great reputation. I have two at independent school (and one not there yet) and one of the reasons we didn't go for CHS was that they don't offer sibling discount and we have three.

This area is very lucky to have lots of excellent state and independent schools within reach.

Poynton is nice but was a bit twee for us <sorry!>

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 14:52:02

WHere are you Myredcardigan (don't worry if you don't want to say!)

I would be very interested to see that TMMJ, yes please! We aren't really house-hunting yet, so don't go to any trouble, but please do email me smile

Tinker Thu 05-Feb-09 15:02:01

Have you a budget for house? Just want an excuse to look on rightmove.

selby Thu 05-Feb-09 17:29:57

Come on over to the 'darkside' of Hale! It's fantastic for restaurants. I live very close to the village centre and I don't regret choosing it over Knutsford, Lymm or Wilmslow. I can walk another 10 mins to Altrincham town centre (even more choice of restaurants) where there is a tram (under 30 mins) to Manchester city centre - doesn't get better than that! I researched all the state primary schools in the area and they ALL have outstanding OFSTED reports. Admittedly, I was worried (after moving late in the year that DS might not get a school place) and had him on the reserve list of one of the local prep schools. I assume that's not an option with 4 DCS! I would suggest that you rent in the area and take your time to buy - that's what we're doing. I've rarely needed to drive my car (to my surprise). It's very close to the sirport and the M6 and if you live in Hale/Bowden, you miss the worst of the horrendous peak time traffic on the M56. We discounted Wilmslow as too far a commute time wise on this fact alone although there is more housing stock to choose from. Saying that, there's certainly more on the market this year than the same time last year (when we were looking on Rightmove). Good luck with your house hunting.

myredcardigan Thu 05-Feb-09 17:45:37

I'm in Wilmslow though I'm a Surrey girl.

Selby is right, Hale is lovely. We almost bought there. Great village with the tram into Manchester. It is very expensive (though so is this bit of Wilmslow) and the housing stock is mainly Victorian and Edwardian. Wilmslow more mixed though my end is predominately 1920's/1930's detached.
Hale,like Bramhall had all outstanding schools. Most of Wilmslow's are too (but see my post below about areas to stay clear of)

I now freely admit that I was one of those southerners who thought I'd get double the house for my money oop north! Not in South Manchester. Still, as I said, I love it up here.

Ohforfoxsake Thu 05-Feb-09 21:01:30

I've spent a couple of hours looking at Ofsted reports of secondary schools in Trafford/Stockport. Then where we are now. There is so much more on offer up there.

I'm getting a bit twitchy ... I'd kind of like to get going on this now I've started!

flaminhell Thu 05-Feb-09 21:22:13

I'm in altrincham, schools are top notch, the town is wonderful for the kids, cinema, ice skating, and all very child friendly, trafford centre 10 mins away, hale 5 mins away, its a great place. I wouldnt live any where else in manchester, although its strictly Cheshire, dont you know!!

myredcardigan Thu 05-Feb-09 21:58:35

Wilmslow high school is excellent. (bias alert wink)The Stockport high schools aren't as great. Trafford secondaries are mostly excellent too. Part of Stockport's problem is the lack of 6th forms. In Stockport, kids have to leave school at 16 and go to 6th form college. Hence a huge number of parents opt for the indie schools at 11.

Even in places like Bramhall which has excellent primaries, their secondary, Bramhall high I think it is if you want to look it up isn't great. My friends there are waiting to here back from Stockport Grammar (indie school)for their son who is in Y6.

Ohforfoxsake Sun 08-Feb-09 20:09:20
myredcardigan Mon 09-Feb-09 19:57:22

Lovely house but...As I said before, be careful with Handforth. That house is very near the bypass. You need to visit really.

IMHO, for Wilmslow, look south of the B5358. smile

Honeymum Mon 09-Feb-09 22:48:54

No one has mentioned Monton, Nice shops, some nice pubs and bars nearby, handy for city centre. My sister lives there. It's in Salford technically but that would make it v close to OP's DH's work. Ellesmere Park in Monton is home to Christopher Eccleston too!.
I should say, too, that we lived in Ramsbottom for a few month's last year. I agree it is a lovely place BUT IMO the commute will not be easy. I had friends who worked in Salford (Hope Hospital) and it was over an hour in rush hour. The journey into Manchester, even at a weekend, is not quick...I would have worried that the DC's were too far from the city, once they hit teenage years. And Bury is a dump. Sorry, it just is.

My home town is Wigan also worth a look (don't laugh). Quick rail links into Manchester and Salford and on the mainline to London Euston, v good schools, some lovely housing and well placed for the lakes, north Wales, shopping in Liverpool and Manchester.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 10-Feb-09 12:01:30

Christopher Eccleston <drool>

Ohforfoxsake Tue 10-Feb-09 12:10:32

Thanks Myredcardigan, I forgot that blush

I am getting quite frustrated with the whole thing now. Its too far off!

Wilmslow High School looks good on paper. Especially as its a Sports College and the boys in this house are big on sport.

Have sent for the details of that house as its just what I want. I can show it to DP and get his seal of approval. When it comes to the time I'm going to come up with a friend and do the viewings and shortlist a few for him to see. It honestly isn't an excuse for a few weekends away without the family wink

Lizzylou Tue 10-Feb-09 12:14:29

OOh, nice house Ohforfoxsake!

Honeymum, sorry, but LOL at Bury is a dump and then suggesting Wigan wink
Bury isn't great, but it does have a World famous market dontcha know wink

Ohforfoxsake Tue 10-Feb-09 14:11:48

Other than noise, what other downsides from living so close to the by-pass? I might be being a bit stoopid asking, but is there anything else?

We live just off a really busy road at the moment, which doesn't bother us too much. Obviously the kids don't go out on their own, so their safety I guess is another reason.

I saw another fantastic house right next to the by-pass too.

But I have to stop house-hunting! Its not the right time and incredibly frustrating!

peachface Tue 10-Feb-09 14:21:02

South Manchester great - lived round there for years and years when I had a job in Manchester some years back. Poynton v.nice but the trains aren't as regular into M'cr as they are from Hazel Grove (20mins rail journey to M'cr), Woodsmoor(Manchester-Buxton train line).
Marple and Marple Bridge nice and well served by rail (20 mins by train).
Bramhall and Wilmslow more expensive and IMO no nicer.
Heaton Mersey and Didsbury also good, although you're more of a drive to get out to the countryside from there.

myredcardigan Tue 10-Feb-09 16:30:17

Probably just the noise, but road noise is a thing with me. We're in a quieter bit of town with the heath/park behind our street. It takes 15min to walk into town.

That end is more difficult to get into Wilmslow town centre though you could still walk it,just need to cross busy roads.

You also need to check you're not under the flight path there, though I don't think so.

I don't know much about the schools that end. I think it's Oakdean or Oaklands or something like that. I'll try to find my AtoZ. Put the postcode of house into the Ofsted search and it will come up.

Where that house is isn't a rough area by any means. It's just not as desirable (mainly due to bypass) as some other parts so houses are cheaper take a little longer to sell etc. But you only find snootiness about Handforth from people in Wilmslow grin It's hardly Salford! And it is a nice house.

Oh and you could probably walk to big M&S/Tesco from there which is always handy.

Lilymaid Tue 10-Feb-09 16:40:20

Pownall Park, Wilmslow - des res area, Gorsey Bank catchment.

myredcardigan Tue 10-Feb-09 17:13:37

Yes, come up our end! You're 5min walk to an outstanding school or there's the prep at the bottom of my road. Then you can be snobby about people in Handforth! wink

<MRC waves to Lilymaid who convinced me to buy in that very area>

myredcardigan Tue 10-Feb-09 17:19:43

That looks quite a newish house though. Most houses up this end are 1930s.

You have Styal Country Park close by too! and Quarry Bank Mill.

Lizzylou Tue 10-Feb-09 20:31:39

And Tatton/Dunham Massey and Lyme Park smile
Spot the NT member!

Lizzylou Tue 10-Feb-09 20:31:42

And Tatton/Dunham Massey and Lyme Park smile
Spot the NT member!

Lizzylou Tue 10-Feb-09 20:32:56

Seriously Quarry Bank Mill is fab (DS's liked it, but DH loves it there)

Ohforfoxsake Wed 11-Feb-09 10:52:39

I like that house - a lot. I looked at it the other day (online).

I don't think I'm going to need Estate Agents, with you all on the case grin

So, have we decided then? Wilmslow is looking favourite.

<wonders if DP needs to be part of the decision making process as MN seems to have it all in hand> wink

Lilymaid Wed 11-Feb-09 12:21:36

You can walk to Quarry Bank Mill in less than an hour.
Thanks for the wave Myredcardigan - the houses to the west of Priory Road (?) are newer than the ones to the east, but the situation is still very nice.
Is the lovely little tennis club still there?

myredcardigan Wed 11-Feb-09 13:49:30

Where's the tennis club? Am I being thick? Is it near the rugby club? I'm curious now.

Fox, if you buy that house you must pop round for large amounts of welcoming red wine! (I'm about 4min walk from there)Just cause I feel like I know you already! grin

Lilymaid Wed 11-Feb-09 15:22:02

Pownall Park LTC- though this website doesn't seem to have been updated for 4 years! Fond memories of DS2 aged 3 (now 17) dressed in whites with mini racket, at summer tennis camp.

myredcardigan Wed 11-Feb-09 16:55:21

Doh, yes, it's still here. Think it's been eclipsed somewhat by the tennis stuff at the fitness place on A34. I have seen planning notices up for it for a clubhouse or something so maybe they're going to revive it.

paddingtonbear1 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:12:39

I work in Wilmslow
<waves to myredcardigan>
one of my colleagues lives in Handforth (near the centre). That house looks lovely Fox, I think it's near the big Tescos and not near Colshaw <pb hopes she hasn't offended anyone>
I live about 7 miles away. dh works in mcr and gets the train from Hazel Grove.

paddingtonbear1 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:14:34

Lilymaid's house is in a nicer part. I used to jog around there

paddingtonbear1 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:18:15

just read some more of thread and realise I live in the 'twee' area grin

myredcardigan Wed 11-Feb-09 17:42:49

<MRC whispers> Hi PB1! Was it me who said that? Probably. Sorry! wink grin

paddingtonbear1 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:57:14

er, yes it was don't worry I won't hold it against you grin
before we moved here we looked in Sale, Alti and Bramhall as well. Never thought of Wilmslow for some reason! We settled on here cos my dad lives the other side of the Peak District.
We have lived in Mcr before but much nearer the centre, near one of the student areas.

myredcardigan Wed 11-Feb-09 18:40:16

It is nice where you are. When we were househunting we had a lovely coffee and cake in a little deli on the high street where you could sit outside. I was just looking for something a bit more urban. Though I have to admit, Wilmslow is a bit up its own bum. As someone else said, fur coat, no knickers!

Ohforfoxsake Wed 11-Feb-09 21:47:27

Aww, that's nice Myredcardigan, thanks! grin

(oh, and you're on, by the way!)

Of course, finding the area is only the first step. Once I've been up and done a reccy, we can start house hunting - the fun part!

S'pose I'd better ask DP what he thinks ....

Honeymum Thu 12-Feb-09 13:36:38

Hello again
Lizzylou - Wigan is miles nicer than Bury,honest! But if OP can afford South Manchester, then I'd have to agree that would be her best bet.

Ohforfoxsake Thu 12-Feb-09 19:48:50

Honeymum, I would never have even considered Wigan if you hadn't mentioned it, but its on the list now. Will definately check it out. Its all good! Thank you smile

Lizzylou Thu 12-Feb-09 20:10:42

TBH I have only been to Wigan once and it wasn't a good experience, but I think that was more to do with the company I was with!
There are some posh parts, I know.
I like Bury, don't think it's a dump at all...but then our other large town close by is Burnley, so it's very favourable in comparison grin. Besides, DH is a Bury native so I expect it is more familiar to me. I wouldn't want to live actually in Bury though!
I have realised that I have managed to slate almost all Northern towns on this thread, but it is very tongue in cheek. I love living up North, far better than where I'm from.

<<Digs out of her hole>>

Hapy Househunting Ohforfoxsake

Honeymum Sun 15-Feb-09 18:16:08

Hi again
It's worth a look. It depends what you are after. It's not as swish as Wilmslow that's for sure but there are lots of interesting places close by to shop and eat and v good schools, good choice of housing in semi-rural locations (try Standish or Orrell for example) and good connections to everywhere else. Straight into Salford on the train too. I would also take a look at Monton/Ellesmere Park for proximity to Manchester and lots of bang for your buck. My sister loves it there - it's very neighbourly. Secondary schools might be an issue if you can't get into the catholic comp though.
Good luck!

serin Sun 15-Feb-09 19:22:06

Yikes, I am from Wigan originally, family still live there and they are desparate to get out. Would not advise you to move there but maybe visit Haigh Hall for half a day!!

DH works in Manchester and commutes each day from Mid-Cheshire, have a look at some proper villages like Great Budworth, Lower Peover, Plumley, Bunbury, Cotebrook, Lower Whitley, Church Minshull, Whitegate.

Or some towns further afield but easily commutable in less than an hour like; Tarporley, Holmes Chapel, Nantwich.

Other areas worth considering; Delamere, Cuddington, Sandiway, Hartford, Sandbach, Hale, Wistaston, Malpas.

DH is from Surrey and he is right at home here, loads for kids to do, excellent schools and even better sixth forms, low crime and lots of countryside.

You are going to love it!

Ohforfoxsake Sun 15-Feb-09 19:25:51

Thanks Honeymum and Serin! smile

Lots more to look at, they are going on the list.

What do you mean by a 'proper village'? Sorry, I am a city girl and only ever lived in cities. Its not a church, a pub and a post box is it? I'm not sure I could do that <sweats>

serin Sun 15-Feb-09 19:32:09

Er yes, better scratch off the proper villages then!! You would need wellies for most of them grin

Still check out the small towns Tarporley, Nantwich, Holmes Chapel!!

myredcardigan Sun 15-Feb-09 20:45:20

Come to Wilmslow, you know you want to! wink

myredcardigan Sun 15-Feb-09 20:55:06

All I will add is that there's a reason places like Wilmslow and Hale are so expensive.

In my opinion;
Wilmslow- Snooty but lovely. Great high street, excellent schools, lovely green spaces.

Hale- Beautiful housing stock, fab resturants, tram line into Manchester.


Bramhall- Excellent schools, nice park, good village centre and gastro type bars/cafes

Didsbury- Chic and hip. Where the graduates want to live when they leave uni. Nice but very busy high street. Housing stock very varied. Schools ok at primary. More trendy young professional than families though obviously families live there. Oh and it's Manchester CC so higher council tax and car insurance.

Ohforfoxsake Sun 15-Feb-09 21:01:24

am easily swayed by promises of copious amounts of red wine Myredcardigan wink

serin Mon 16-Feb-09 21:20:55

Red wine + Hale = Nearly getting run over by a tram! (IME) blush

Ohforfoxsake Mon 16-Feb-09 21:33:33

LOL! Perhaps a wee village is safer wink


Lizzylou Mon 16-Feb-09 21:36:00

I am going out in Hale on Saturday, will report back.
What I can remember, that is wink

Lizzylou Mon 16-Feb-09 21:36:24

Bit worried by Serin's post now though!

Ohforfoxsake Mon 16-Feb-09 21:38:40

Just avoid red wine.

Its all pints of mild up there innit? wink grin

Lizzylou Mon 16-Feb-09 21:44:05

You cheeky mare!

(Snakebite, natch)

Ohforfoxsake Mon 16-Feb-09 21:45:30

Ha! Its Snakebite and black here.

Far more sophisticated grin

Lizzylou Mon 16-Feb-09 21:48:01

Yep, stick to Sarf Manchester, you'll be a fish out of water with your poncey black, missus wink

Ohforfoxsake Mon 16-Feb-09 21:52:16

You watch out for those trams on Friday night.

And wear a coat. You northerners never wear coats on a night out. Or tights. I've seen you ....

Ohforfoxsake Mon 16-Feb-09 21:52:38

Saturday, even

Lizzylou Mon 16-Feb-09 21:58:26

I'll be fine in my neon pink boob tube, white stilettoes and ass skimming skirt.
Corned beef legs are the dogs round these parts dontcha know!

Ohforfoxsake Mon 16-Feb-09 22:11:47

Sounds lush. grin

LobstersLass Sun 01-Mar-09 20:28:51

How's the house-hunting going? Have you done your reccy yet?

Ohforfoxsake Mon 09-Mar-09 14:02:27

Sorry Lobsterlass, wasn't ignoring you, just checked this in my 'watched'.

No, not househunting yet. Reccy is in April, and I will most certainly resurrect this thread at the time.

I just want to get on with it!

Thanks for asking smile

MagNacarta Mon 16-Mar-09 10:29:13

Ohforfoxsake - are you interested in pooling info? We are thinking of moving to Manchester too! We have three dc's and our eldest will be off to secondary soon (in yr 5 now). My dh is from Manchester, we live in Surrey now and are lucky enough to have a great school and are almost crime free. So, it's going to be hard to find somewhere as idylic.

We are planning to go op and stay with PIL's at Easter and have a good look around.

Ohforfoxsake Thu 26-Mar-09 14:01:55

Hi Magnacarta - we are going up in Easter also grin

Certainly up for sharing knowledge and info. Have you got any idea of the areas where you might look to live or work?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 28-Mar-09 19:40:46

Bumping to get MagNaCartas attention!!

Ohforfoxsake Fri 10-Apr-09 22:03:48

First reccy next week! Will report back grin

A bit excited, a bit nervous.

Magnacarta - are you around?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 11-Apr-09 22:04:02

shamelessly bumping my own thread and attention seeking


LobstersLass Tue 14-Apr-09 20:46:04

How exciting! I really hope you find somewhere that fits the bill.
Have you got a shortlist?

GrendelsMum Fri 17-Apr-09 17:16:17

Has anyone recommended Heaton Moor yet? All the cafes and delicatessens you could want.
My parents are about to start selling their 6 bedroom detached house 5 mins walk from a station with a 10 minute journey into Manchester Picadilly if anyone's interested wink

Ohforfoxsake Sat 18-Apr-09 14:15:39

Thanks Lobsterlass and Grendlesmum smile Heaton Moor? What are the schools like?

We both really liked Didsbury and Chorlton, but I'm a bit unsure of the schools. The Ofsted reports aren't great. So perhaps Heaton Moor could be in the running? Would be interested in your thoughts Grendlesmum.

I am thinking Sale is a good compromise.

Altrincham is a bit in the middle, but not Timperley. From what we saw it was too suburbia.

Wilmslow is a definate fore-runner given you get more for your money in this suburbia. Very impressed with the school/

Bramhall caught my eye, and I liked it a lot. And Hale. I think they are my very top two, if we can find something in budget.

GrendelsMum Sat 18-Apr-09 14:31:31

Well, it's a very long time since I was at school in Heaton Moor :-)

In terms of primary schools, Tithe Barn always had a good reputation, and I went to St Thomas' which was good.

For secondary, I went on to Stockport Grammar (independent) - another of my classmates went to Priestnall (the local comp) and we found ourselves at Cambridge together, so the schools can't be too bad grin.

I don't know what kind of house you're looking for, but this one is in a quiet road 2 mins from station and 10 mins from primary school:

And I've always liked the houses in this street: LISTOC&ID=JSP00337

Ohforfoxsake Sat 18-Apr-09 14:43:49

That's a lovely house! But we aren't moving until next year sad

LobstersLass Sat 18-Apr-09 20:57:00

Noooooo! Lymm appears to have dropped off your radar.

The school there is brilliant!

Lizzylou Sat 18-Apr-09 20:59:49

Really, you liked Wilmslow and Hale???!
Oh well....
I'm with you Lobster, if you must do south Mcr, Lymm is where I'd go.

Seriously, good luck and have fun!

fuzzypeach Sat 18-Apr-09 21:02:57

Grendelsmum, what year did you leave SGS? I went there too...

BeehiveBaby Sat 18-Apr-09 21:04:40

I do think Sale is a good compromise too but my heart belongs to Chorlton. I would/ will miss the tram though if/ when I move back. What schools did you look at? I think I have all the reports committed to memory blush and have visited most.

fuzzypeach Sat 18-Apr-09 21:17:54

Has anyone mentioned Hazel Grove? really good for transport links and everything you need near by, plus there are some really lovely houses towards the outskirts Bramhall way

fuzzypeach Sat 18-Apr-09 21:18:15

And good schools as well

Lizzylou Sat 18-Apr-09 21:20:12

Hazel Grove is nice, also Disley type area, nr Lyme Park.
Can't warm to Sale /Altrincham. Can see attraction of Chorlton.
Think we are very different, but hey, we'd all be boring if we were the same smile

rebl Sat 18-Apr-09 21:35:58

Not read the whole thread (rather long!). But we live in Cheshire and if you live on the M56 corridor then its an easy commute to Manchester. You can go on the train easily. Stay south of M56 though.

LobstersLass Sun 19-Apr-09 09:30:20

Ohforfoxsake, link to Lymm High's Ofsted report...

GrendelsMum Sun 19-Apr-09 21:08:44

I left SGS in (I think?) 1995. I see the place just seems to get larger and larger - the old Kwikfix has gone...

Ohforfoxsake Sun 19-Apr-09 23:08:20

To be honest we didn't make it to Lymm, or Knutsford, but that's not to say we won't, it just wasn't on the radar this trip. I loved Ramsbottom, but the transport links to DPs work make it tricky.

I didn't really get to grips with Altrincham or Sale, but they do tick many of the boxes with regard to education and accessibility. With two sporty boys, Wilmslow High was impressive as was Altrinchan Grammer for boys.

DP liked Handforth because of the value for money of properties, but The Paddocks made me shudder.

Ohforfoxsake Sun 19-Apr-09 23:11:33

And I do have to say a very big THANK YOU to you all. I went very well equipped for this trip and everything on here was really useful.

Any further advice is very much appreciated smile

fuzzypeach Mon 20-Apr-09 11:27:21

Grendals I started in 94 and left in 2001 so will have been there for one year whilst you were, think my cousin was in your year though.. They have done loads of work on it sine I left, dont think I would recognise it now. Would love to send my DCs there, but not at those prices!

Lizzylou Mon 20-Apr-09 12:45:47

OH! I love you for loving Ramsbottom grin
See, there are nice places North of Manchester!
Best of luck for wherever you choose smile

Ohforfoxsake Mon 20-Apr-09 20:59:18


Gosh Lizzylou, we've only just met!


Lizzylou Mon 20-Apr-09 22:09:23

We're very forward oop north, you'll get used to it grin

selby Mon 20-Apr-09 23:59:36

You probably drove past my house - I live a short walk away from Altrincham Boys' Grammar which is actually in Hale/Bowden and not in Altrincham. Being biased, I vote for Hale over Handforth - remember, it's location, location, location! Hale has its own train station and is only a 10/15 min walk away from the Altrincham tram/train station. All the state primaries are outstanding (due to grammar system). My children are reception and preschool age now so schooling was a priority for us when we moved just over a year ago from the SW. It wasn't a hard choice - there wasn't enough housing stock in Lymm/Knutsford (you would definitely need to drive from those places)at the time and Wilmslow was just that bit too far for a commute. A lot of people I've met who live in Lymm/Knutsford drive to Hale daily for schools and playgroups as well as coffee mornings, etc. I walk everywhere since it's such a convenient location (much to my surprise). It's expensive for a reason - people are attracted to the area because all the schools are good (not just one or two).

Lizzylou Tue 21-Apr-09 07:42:46

Piccolinos in Hale is nice too grin

Ohforfoxsake Tue 21-Apr-09 20:32:49

Would you be my friend Selby? <needy emoticon>


Piffy Tue 21-Apr-09 21:55:51

Haven't read the whole thread but glad you like it up here in't north! I grew up in Southport then moved to London for University and ended up staying 15 years. Moved back up here about 5 years ago, and after doing pretty much what you did (driving round and lots of web searching) we drove through Lymm on a sunny Sunday and fell in love with the place!

It is nowhere near as urban or 'hip' as Hale or Wilmslow, it's a village, with villagey things, surrounded by fields and bike tracks. The restaurants are good, and the bus links to Altrincham and Warrington good but TBH I can't see that there is much going on for teenagers in the village itself. The schools all have great reputations though and lots of after school activities. It's the kind of place where you know your neighbours and say hello to people in the street, but then a lot of us Northerners are weird like that!

You'd have to drive to Salford but I know loads of other people from here that drive and if he is prepared to think about it, car sharing would probably be an option. If you need train links elsewhere, Warrington is ten minutes away and is 2 hours to London etc. Plus you can be on the beach within an hour from this side of Manchester... bliss!

I felt bereaved of London for the first few years I was here - there are so many choices in London and there just aren't as many here. Also I was bemused that most of my colleagues did not go out after work, just scooted off home to family and friends. But now I wouldn't ever go back. I am sure you'll feel the same!

Ohforfoxsake Tue 21-Apr-09 22:02:30

The beach Piffy? Where's that then? Where are you (roundabouts, don't be specific if you don't want to) smile

I'm now wondering if we could live near the beach ....

mogwai Wed 22-Apr-09 20:46:18

I don't like Lymm. It's true it has a villagey feel but there always seems to be trouble there with gangs of teeneagers coming on the bus from Partington and those places.

The high school is excellent, however.

Anywhere along the M56 is good. For Salford I'd go as far as south Warrington but not as far as Chester.

Poynton is lovely.

mogwai Wed 22-Apr-09 20:47:25

Oh and so is Bramhall and Knutsford.

I'd live in Hale above all other places

Ohforfoxsake Wed 22-Apr-09 21:46:14

That's interesting Mogwai,about the teenagers. Another thing I have been considering is that the children will want to go into the City and I want them to be able to come home at the end of a night out. Although that is another 10 or so years away (I hope!)

I liked Bramhall but I think that was swayed by seeing mums and toddlers and coffee shops. And nice houses.

How the bloody hell anyone makes these decisions I just don't know!!!

Am going to log onto rightmove and check out more Hale houses!

GrendelsMum Wed 22-Apr-09 21:49:19

Coming home after a teenage night out is one good thing about the Heatons - it was a fairly short (i.e. cheap) taxi ride home from the city centre, and my friends always stayed over at mine because of it.

mogwai Fri 24-Apr-09 15:39:41

Hale is very pricey.

You can get more for your money towards Hale Barns but some of the houses suffer from traffic noise with being close to the M56.

Have you looked at Stockton Heath? It's an area of South Warrington but very close to the M6/M56 interchange. It's handy for Chester and for the Cheshire countryside (oh how I long to live in Tarporley or Nanatwich!!).

It has loads of restaurants ranging from Piccolino's (Italian) to Loch Fyne (fish) and Pizza Express, small branches of Boots and Sainsbury's, pubs, banks etc.

I don't personally like Warrington itself but this south side is quite nice.

I can advise on schools in that area if you were interested. We don't live there but I know people who do and I have a reasonable grasp of the schools.

I always think about my DD growing up and wanting to go on a night out. I wouldn't like her to be going out in Warrington at all. Manchester seems so large for teenagers too. Lymm is a compromise. Drove through Lymm today and still can't make my mind up how I feel about it. I was with a friend who immadiately mentioned the problems with the teenagers coming in from nearby Partington (and said "Scatter" in the manner of Frank Gallagher!).

Ohforfoxsake Sat 25-Apr-09 10:47:49

Where do you live Mogwai?

Thanks for the offer of research, we really need to make another trip up and get more of an idea. Will look at Hale Barns. smile

Hello fox smile

I am Poor and I live North of the City Centre shock wink, in Prestwich. I really like it here - nice architecture, tram into town, big park, good schools. We just need a Waitrose now. Although there are some lovely big houses around here if you still have a London budget grin.

BUT if I had the money I would be either in Altrincham, or the Heatons. I really like Chorlton and Didsbury, but am not sure about the state secondary school options in these areas.

Further south than that feels a bit too suburban for my personal taste, and a bit less diverse. Also, if you are thinking of commuting by car, I don't think I would want to be further out than that. Traffic here is awful, even by London standards and it takes me 40mins to travel about 7 miles, even though I leave a bit early to avoid the very worst of the rush. I notice loads of posters on this thread claiming very short commutes from Cheshire, but I really would want to do a dry run in the rush hour before committing to being that far out.

Anyway, wherever you end up, I'm sure you'll love it up here, once you get used to the rain.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 02-Jun-09 20:31:43

OH the rain!

Thanks Martha, that's really helpful.

How did you find out where you wanted to be? I mean, there's such a massive choice of good areas up there. I think I have a shortlist, but then it changes. How many times did you visit before you moved? Do you have friends and family up there beforehand? In short, how is relocating done?!

Sorry, so many questions!

We are going up to have another look in August and view some properties. I will be looking in Sale/Hale/Chorlton/Didsbury/Bramhall/Cheadle/Lymm.

I loved Ramsbottom, but commute too tricky.

I also love this thread. It has been a huge help, and I am very grateful to everyone smile

For us a big deciding factor was the journey into town. moving from London, we didn't want to be too far out, as cheshire/lancashire proper seems more suburban than London fringe IMVHO. I suppose your first decision would be whether to move to Manchester (sale, didsbury, chorlton) or Cheshire proper (wilmslow, bramhall, lymm), as the two really do have a different feel.

We really wanted to continue living in the city. We didn't have a London budget wink, so our choice of areas was much more limited.

I guess if you are to be a SAHM, and your partner doesn't mind a long commute, then the world is your oyster.

Schools up here are much, much less of an issue than in London in terms of oversubscription. I would avoid Manchester LEA, but all of the outlying boroughs seem to have plenty of good options. I'm sure you already know about the Trafford Grammars, if that's your thing.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 02-Jun-09 21:47:59

Schools are the deciding factor for us I think, and DPs commute - seems that he could be home from work in 20 minutes if we live in Didsbury <shock>.

Interesting you said you moved from Peckham, I lived around those parts (Camberwell, East Dulwich) for a fair while, and know it well smile

Home in 20mins? off-peak, maybe, but the rush hour traffic must be endured to be believed. even the motorways clog up here. I am more up to date on current affairs than I thought possible due to lengthy exposure to the Today programme (no CD player in car).

I don't know detailed information about Didsbury schools, but Manchester LEA is generally a bit hmm. But if you like Didsbury, then Heaton Moor is just a few minutes down the road, but over the border into Stockport borough, where the schools are better. Priestnall in particular is very good, and sends plenty of students to Oxbridge (DH being one of them many moons ago). Heaton Moor has a nice village feel, and if you liked East Dulwich, I'm sure you'd like Heaton Moor. There's also a train station there taking you into Piccadilly in about 15mins.

Ohforfoxsake Wed 03-Jun-09 18:17:12

That's interesting Martha. Have been looking at houses and you get a lot for the money there.

There are a few 'Heatons' are they all much the same, or do they differ at all? Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey - much of a muchness?

Tinker Wed 03-Jun-09 19:19:06

No, the Heatons are not all the same. Avoid Heaton Norris on the "wrong" side of the A6. Heaton Moor = the nicest

Ohforfoxsake Wed 03-Jun-09 19:46:34

Thanks Tinker, I suspected as much.

Its a minefield!!!

Tinker Wed 03-Jun-09 19:48:06

Confusingly, some of Heaton Norris is nice (the bit on Heaton Moor border)

Ohforfoxsake Wed 03-Jun-09 20:58:49

I KNOW!!! grin grin grin

AND the OFSTED reports of the local schools look good.

[excited emoticon]


GrendelsMum Thu 04-Jun-09 22:17:23

Ooh, no - the house on Tatton Road North is facing the railway.

Surely you need this one: DE^2369&minBedrooms=4&maxPrice=700000&displayPropertyType=houses&oldDisplayPropertyType=houses&inclu deSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on&pageNumber=1&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationId entifier%3DOUTCODE%255E2369%26minBedrooms%3D4%26maxPrice%3D700000%26displayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26o ldDisplayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26includeSSTC%3Dtrue%26_includeSSTC%3Don

Anifrangapani Thu 04-Jun-09 22:21:04

Hayfield in the Peak District is about 45 minutes from Manchester City Centre. Nice little village out in the sticks if you are looking for a more rural area - good primary school, but secondary schools are a bit hit and miss.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 05-Jun-09 14:23:02

Aww, that link didn't work!

SmallerClanger Fri 05-Jun-09 23:16:46

hello - we are also considering relocating to Manchester. But still worrying about the decision - not yet got as far as houses! Stayed with friends outside Didsbury in Stockport recently which was a great location. Walked to Didsbury high st & a large park with river & cycle tracks. All idylic & sunny - but the reality of leaving here tough. How long did you take to make your decision?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 06-Jun-09 15:52:09

It was really made for us, Smallerclanger, with DPs work. The turning point for me was studying the OFSTED reports for here and there. There's a lot more choice up there. Then, when I started to look for what we would get for our money after selling our flat, it started to look like a really attractive proposition!

There's been a lot of really good advice on this thread Smallerclanger. My email is down there somewhere, do feel free to get in touch if you want to.

serin Mon 08-Jun-09 00:01:44

Hello again, you still looking?
Haven't been tempted towards a proper village yet?grin

The schools around Northwich are very good;
The Grange and Cransley are independent and the sixth form, Sir John Deanes is excellent.

LobstersLass Mon 08-Jun-09 08:15:43

There's no way one can get from Northwich to Salford in an hour in the mornings. Not after 7am anyway.

LackaDAISYcal Mon 08-Jun-09 08:19:29

foxy, I know a lovely MNer in Didsbury who I'm sure would love to show you around smile

When are you moving?

Ohforfoxsake Mon 08-Jun-09 10:03:55

oh yes we are still in London and waiting, waiting, waiting for DPs work to confirm a date. In the meantime, I continue to go round in circles... wink

MagNacarta Mon 08-Jun-09 10:12:08

Hi Ohforfoxsake - I posted a while ago saying that we were also looking to move to Manchester and then couldn't find the thread again. We went up to have a look around and I liked Hale best of the places we looked at. However things have changed for dh's job and I don't think we'll go now, certainly not in the near future anyway. Good luck.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 08-Jun-09 10:21:38

Hi Magnacarta, yes I saw your post and stalked you for a while, but couldn't find you grin I liked Hale too. Hope all goes well with you.

Daisy, I would love to talk to her! Yes please!

GrendelsMum Mon 08-Jun-09 12:18:13

Just to let you know, if you are looking at the Heatons and Disbury area, my parents put their house on the market last weekend, had 5 viewings in the first weekend, and have now had an offer in from one of those. So it does seem that in popular parts of Manchester, good houses are going quite fast. (The interesting thing was that three out of the families viewing were Heaton Moor dwellers who didn't want to move out of Heaton Moor, and one family was from Didsbury).

selby Tue 09-Jun-09 01:06:01

Ohforfoxsake - you've got a friend in Hale now! I'm still voting for Hale, Bowden or Altrincham which all border each other anyway. I think that you need to shortlist the schools in the area and then househunt for properties within catchment of your 1st choice. Academic standards are high and if this is a priority (certainly so in my case), then you need to be in Trafford which has excellent/numerous state grammars. Good Luck.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 09-Jun-09 12:36:06

Is it lovely, Selby?

Oh please come and talk to me in RL!

laineyjbe at hotmail dot co dot uk

I would love to hear all about your move and what you think about it


2HotCrossBunsAnd1InTheOven Wed 10-Jun-09 13:51:48

I too have found this thread a fascinating read. I am from South Cheshire originally (farming) and now live in London. DH was made redundant mid Jan and we are beginning to wonder why we are in London at all - maybe we should release some cash and move to Manchester/Cheshire?!?!! School fees will be so much less - or even free grin - and general cost of living will be so much lower.

I'm not that familiar with North Cheshire, wouldn't want to be in Manchester city and don't fancy a long commute either. Hence I am very interested in/nosey about everyone's opinions!

Good luck to those who are a stage ahead of us and actually this space with us...

myredcardigan Thu 25-Jun-09 17:16:30

Hi all! Just noticed this thread had been updated! How is the hunt going Fox?

I see you've narrowed down to Hale and Bramhall. Both good choices and we considered both quite seriously. Both feel urban but villagy though be careful of the chocolate shop in Bramhall! wink Did you see on the BBC news a few months ago that Bramhall was voted the friendliest place to live in the UK? grin It does have a fantastic reputation for it's primary schools but then Hale schools are good too.

I have to admit that in Wilmslow we're a bit too far out for some people whereas Hale and Bramhall both feel like the outer edge of Manchester IYKWIM.

When are you next up? Hope you're now looking forward to it rather than dreading it. smile

myredcardigan Fri 26-Jun-09 13:56:46

Just bumping in case you're about! smile

Ohforfoxsake Sat 27-Jun-09 18:41:02

Aw, thanks Myredcardigan smile

Yes, I am feeling very positive about it now, and chomping at the bit to go. Hale/Bramhall/Heaton Moor/Altrincham/Sale/Lymm are on our reccy in August, when we go and hopefully look at some properties. I'm hoping it will be a defining trip for us and we will be able to focus on one or two areas.

Its still up to DPs work when we go, but sooner the better as far as I'm concerned!

puffling Sat 27-Jun-09 19:01:23

Someone previously mentioned Monton/Ellesmere park. We live here. The commute to work is a doddle compared to South Manchester/ Cheshire which is a nightmarish crawl. There are beautiful houses, canals, green space, footballers, Christopher Eccleston, Corrie and Shameless stars!! nice primaries. Secondaries a bit dodgy but not all bad. Bright kids can enter the Trafford Grammar exams and there are school busses from here taking kids there, to Manchester Grammar and to Bolton School. Will add some property links later if you're interested.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 27-Jun-09 20:27:13

Christoper Eccleston <drool>

I'm off to have a look! grin

Ledodgy Sat 27-Jun-09 20:29:49

Puffling, I agree if I was going to move that side of Manchester it would be Monton or Worsley. Dp used to work in Monton and at one point we looked at houses round there. smile

Ohforfoxsake Sat 27-Jun-09 20:54:50

You get a lot of house for your money, that's for sure. smile Blimey! 7 bedrooms!

puffling Sat 27-Jun-09 21:29:00

There are a few houses around at the mo that are absolutely gorgeous. Ellesmere Park is quite unusual. Beautiful avenues with huge individual houses. You whizz straight into Manchester on deserted m'way or train 2 mins away. If you need Chorlton/Didsbury for the Bohemianism, it's only a drive away.

puffling Sat 27-Jun-09 21:30:34

If you do end up in South Manc./ Cheshire it is a nice bridge between London and north. You're more likely to hear southern accents there. But you will pay a premium.

puffling Sat 27-Jun-09 21:34:17
puffling Sat 27-Jun-09 21:34:53

My friend wants to put in an offer on this:

myredcardigan Sat 27-Jun-09 23:51:43

Hiya, glad you're looking forward to coming now. All those areas are good. If we weren't in Wilmslow, I'd go Bramhall or Hale esp with primary aged kids as the schools are all outstanding. Let us know how it goes. smile

Ohforfoxsake Fri 18-Dec-09 16:42:40

Hello, I'm resurrecting this thread as we are on the market and looking at properties in Sale, Altrincham and Hale primarily. We're also looking in Bramhall and keeping an eye open for Heaton Moor.

So far we've done one day of viewings, and going up again in the new year.

What I would like to know about now is if there are any primary schools in the Trafford area which should be avoided? I'm taking the approach that you can't go too far wrong in that area, so we can look at our housing needs rather than catchment, but would really appreciate any other advice.

Thanks grin

InThisSequinBraYesYouOlaJordan Fri 18-Dec-09 18:02:25

I might be able to help re: Trafford schools. What do you want to know?

Ohforfoxsake Fri 18-Dec-09 20:17:36

Hello smile

Really just want to know if there's any to be avoided. I get the impression that they all seem to be decent. We have four children to get in by next summer.

I'm not too worried about secondary at this stage (although that has been the driving factor for choosing Trafford at the start of this process) so I'd like any opinions/experience of primary schools in the area.

Of course, any opinions on Secondary would be useful!

Interesting on what was said about Bramhall High further down, it really gave me something to go on, and seems that it has turned around again.

myredcardigan Sat 19-Dec-09 00:01:22

Hi fox, glad you're finally on the move!

I can't help you with the Trafford schools in detail though I remember most of them were good. Altrincham and Hale both good choices to live. Personally, I wasn't keen on Sale as it seemed not to have a designated village centre.

My favourite village centre was Bramhall and I remember being amazed that all the Bramhall primary schools were outstanding but we chose Wilmslow because of the house and the fact that we have beautiful parkland out the back yet it's 10min walk into the town centre.

You asked about Bramhall High School; I don't know that much about it but I know it's not as good as the primaries. I also know that they have no 6th forms in Stockport and that quite a few Bramhall kids come over our way. Wilmslow high school is excellent and as we're Cheshire LEA, we have 6th forms.

Obviously in Trafford you have a choice of going for a grammar school place or opting for the comp. It's a Y5 thing rather than a Y6 thing like the 11+ for the indie schools so bear that in mind with the age of your kids.

Keep us posted! grin

Ohforfoxsake Sat 19-Dec-09 11:38:21

Hi MRC! Nice to 'see' you. grin

I know exactly what you mean about Sale and its town centre. It seems to straddle a main road I don't really feel as though I've got a handle on it, and I think that's why. We're spending the day there soon so I hope I'll get a better feel for it, and Altrincham and Hale. Does Brooklands have a main central area?

Bramhall was lovely but if I'm brutally honest, almost too smart for me. I worry I feel a bit 'fish out of water'. We said that's somewhere we might move to in the future. I wouldn't rule Wilmslow or Bramhall out, but if we live in Trafford it would take DP 20 minutes to get home, and we're on the right side of town of his family who live a bit further West.

Do Altrincham/Timperley/Hale have town centres?

everlong Sat 19-Dec-09 20:24:42

Get thee to Saddleworth.

Villages are Greenfield,Diggle,Dobcross,Delph,Upermill and Denshaw.

Lovely countryside, good schools and some very nice property.

everlong Sat 19-Dec-09 20:25:20


myredcardigan Sat 19-Dec-09 21:33:42

Timperley is very like Sale, IMO. Both nice areas but I wasn't keen. I just didn't get any sort of feeling for them but then I'm a sucker for villages with 'centres'. Timperley is almost like an addition of housing stock on the edge of Altrincham if that makes sense.

Altrincham has quite a nice, well stocked town centre. Good housing stock too although some areas much cheaper than others. I seem to remember being told not to look beyond (I think) Navigation Rd. Not sure why that has stuck in my head.

Hale has a lovely village centre and some beautiful houses just behind the village. Obviously, both Altrincham and Hale have the Metrolink which is a big plus.
I preferred Hale to Altrincham but both are very nice, affluent, family areas with good schools. Though a couple of the Sale schools also have a very good rep. One in particular (maybe brooklands?)

If you have family that way and the commute is much shorter then I'd say go for Trafford. Bramhall/Wilmslow are much further round/out so longer commute. Not necessarily nicer either; depends what you're looking for. Hale housing stock often older whereas here in Wilmslow the majority is 1930's which I like. Lots of people would always choose H/A over B/W so you're not alone.

Don't forget to check which schools can take all your kids and that in Trafford, Y5 is crucial! smile

Ohforfoxsake Sun 20-Dec-09 10:52:11

What you say about Timperley rings true - we drove around and hated it, but I think that's exactly why - the housing stock. Closer to Manchester Road seems better than closer to Stockport Road (please feel free to correct me, its an assumption, every chance I'm talking out of my arse).

Ashton-on-Mersey School is possibly the high school in Brooklands? I think its one of those schools which attracts people to move specifically to that catchment. (Again, assumption).

Can you tell me more about the Year 5 thing? Is it that you apply when they are year 5, or move schools then?

I'm tempted to hedge my bets about schools because I'm quite prepared to home-school and bide my time. Saying that, if the LEA doesn't have a sibling policy, I will be stuffed.

Everlong - I will have a look, thank you.


Ohforfoxsake Sun 20-Dec-09 10:54:16

When I say 'hated it', I should say the particular streets we saw didn't, I believe now, give us a fair representation. I can see that some of it is very densley populated and gave me a sense of 'suburbia' which I think scared me. Definately our own pre-conceptions, and very probably not fair. Which is why we are re-visiting.

myredcardigan Sun 20-Dec-09 22:51:30

Year 5 thing is just that in Trafford, the 11+ exam is held in the first couple of weeks of Y6 so all prep needs to happen the year before. I think the results are out end of Oct or beginning of Nov so all done and dusted in that first half term.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 21-Dec-09 17:24:11

Thanks Myredcardican. That reinforces my view that now is definately the right time for us to go.

Mumsnet is great. I'd have never known about that. Thank you so much.

This thread has really helped us. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute, we have found it invaluable and have taken everything everyone said on board. I'd welcome any more advice/opinions/help if anyone would like to.

Merry Christmas smile

TIVVY Thu 24-Dec-09 08:46:52

I've only just picked up this's been a while since I've 'clocked in'.
Mid Cheshire's the place to be wink. Have you considered Hartford (near Northwich) has a choice of private school (the Grange) or comprehensive which my eldest 2 attend.
Good luck!!

ChloeHandbag Mon 28-Dec-09 19:05:17

Offs - we are in a similar position. We are moving in the next couple of months and need to be close to Altrincham grammar school as dc1 has passed the exam and we hope that she'll get a place for next year. Also moving from 'down south'.

I think we'll end up in Hale/Bowdon although tbh it's a bit our of our price range and we have concerns about being surrounded by people with porsches.

Anyway I'll probably go up in early Jan to look at houses (renting, not buying).

Ohforfoxsake Mon 04-Jan-10 14:51:40

I've spoken to Trafford LEA.

Seems there's no school places.

Arse, arse and thrice. Arse.

Ohforfoxsake Wed 06-Jan-10 14:49:55


Any views, opinions or experience?

Seems to have some interesting period properties, good schools. Bit closer to the city than I thought we wanted, but worth a look? Or not?

Mid-cheshire to far away from DPs work I'm afraid, but thank you Tivvy!

I know nothing of Urmston - neither I nor anyone I know has ever found reason to go there, which might be a warning sign wink.

have you tapped up stockport re: priestnall yet?

Khara Wed 06-Jan-10 16:22:56

My parents live in Flixton, next door to Urmston. It was where I grew up. AFAIK it's still a nice area, but not at all posh. They've just done up the centre of Urmston with a new Sainsburys. It was previously a bit run down. Transport-wise it's close to the M60 and there's a very regular bus service into Manchester. It's very close to the trafford centre - perhaps too close sometimes. On the plus side it's also only 5 miles from Old Trafford! There are loads of good primary schools and it's trafford so there are selective grammar schools - Urmston Grammar has a good reputation. Trafford General (formerly Park) Hospital is very close. (It was where the NHS was born or so they claim.)
Urmston has a market that used to be huge, although it's not anything like as good as it used to be (according to my mum.) When the Trafford Centre opened, Urmston town centre really suffered, but as I said before, they've spent a lot of money regenerating it and it's become a lot busier than it was, (again according to my mum.)

Ohforfoxsake Tue 19-Jan-10 16:12:50

Well, we're heading up for a few hours tomorrow to do some searching. 8 hours driving (please no snow!) for 3 hours viewings. hmm

If only we could sell our place. sad

Ohforfoxsake Thu 21-Jan-10 20:31:16

There's nothing new about, but we have two we really like. One is quite near the centre of sale, the other is near Sale Moor.

We like the houses, I'm not sure of the area, but I think it will be OK. I'm taking comfort from the Hale/Wimbledon Village analogy, and hoping that follows Sale/Wandsworth?

Or not?

Montifer Thu 21-Jan-10 21:06:20

I've been lurking following your threads for a while Fox, as we have our house in Sale Moor on the market and I was looking for reasons to stay local.

All the advice you have received about Trafford schools has been backed up by colleagues with DC in school locally and we have decided to stay in Trafford if we ever manage to sell our house.

Now that you are looking at properties in Sale, I thought I should come out of the lurky shadows and offer my opinion about the area having grown up here, escaped several times and now seemingly back to stay with DP (also born and bred in Sale) and DS.

Sale town centre leaves quite a lot to be desired IMHO, the fact that quite a few episodes of Shameless were filmed there for the last series says it all for me grin
It does have all the basic shops you need but nowhere to go for a good coffee or meal (again IMHO)

We currently live 5 mins walk from Sale Moor village and whilst it's not very stylish or exciting I love the fact that it has an excellent butcher, 2 bakeries, a chemist and a Spar shop which is open 'til 10pm everyday and has most of the store cupboard essentials you need.

Chorlton / Didsbury / Hale and Altrincham are all less than 10 min drive away for decent coffee shops and restaurants and Brooklands and Sale tram stations will get you into Manchester city centre in 30 mins or so.

Not sure if that helps or not but reading your threads has been one of the things that helped me to decide that whilst Sale / Sale Moor may not be the most exotic place to live; convenience, schools, house prices and TBH the fact my wonderful parents live on the other side of town means we'll probably choose to stay here if we ever manage to sell our house.

I have focussed on what I consider to be the honest truths about Sale town centre but if you want to know more about the good things Sale has to offer (libraries/ sports clubs/ gardens etc) please feel free to ask smile

Ohforfoxsake Thu 21-Jan-10 21:32:03

That's really interesting Montifer, thank you. And thanks for de-lurking and taking the time!

Sale Moor is (apparently) less desirable than Sale centre, so I was told (by an estate agent trying to sell me a house). Is that true?

I agree with what you say about it being 10 minutes away from somewhere decent.

Today I learnt that apparently there are plans to develop the carpark in Sale Moor into a supermarket or something. And there are a lot of old people there.

But shock about Shameless being filmed there!

Would you mind contacting me by email (laineyjbe at hotmail dot co dot uk). I would really value the opinion of a local!

cornsilk Thu 21-Jan-10 21:37:44

ohforfoxsake I know of all the places of which you speak. Urmston I don't like but people who live there tend to like it very much - some good primaries and some dodgy ones. Sale is a nice place to live but it's true that the town centre is a bit rough at night. Some nice restaurants there though. Primaries v.good. Sale Moor is a bit rough generally but it depends whereabouts in Sale Moor - if on border of Sale Moor/Sale some lovely houses and some excellent primaries there also.

suwoo Thu 21-Jan-10 21:51:42

I have contributed a small amount to this thread in the past, the small amount is mainly because I am not familiar with all the posh areas and am better aquainted with the areas I would advise you to stay away from grin.

On that note, I am shock that you are looking at Sale Moor, I remember you focusing on Hale and Bowden and places of that ilk.

Are you back down south now?

Ohforfoxsake Thu 21-Jan-10 22:00:52

Yes Cornsilk, it is indeed the boundry.

I like Hale, but we'd have to seriously compromise on space. I have an ongoing vision in my head of hulking great teenage boys and girls which I can't shake off. The houses we've seen are great, but would cost heaps more. DP isn't keen on Hale, and is obsessed by being near the metro (this will change when he has done 3 consecutive evenings of getting home in time for tea/bath and bed. He will wish for the hour long traffic jam he currently endures).

There's not much in the way of property there, more movement in Sale. I suspect there is a reason for that though. Unfortunatly.

Having spoken to the LEA its all a bit of a gamble anyway. You could buy in a fantastic area, next to an outstanding school and still have to send the children to a less desirable school miles away.

There is only one thing which I remain consistently sure about:

its a nightmare.


Ohforfoxsake Thu 21-Jan-10 22:01:46

interesting spelling of unfortunately. tired fox.

cornsilk Thu 21-Jan-10 22:03:28

I think both of your choices sound promising then. It'll be fine!

thesecondcoming Thu 21-Jan-10 23:20:04

go for norwood road/kenwood road on stret/chorlton borders.M32 is postcode-ish.
in trafford for schools 5 min walk from metrolink and chorlton-longford park on your doorstep-and i'll take you for a pint.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 22-Jan-10 10:32:44

Is it near Old Trafford?

You'd never get DP near Old Trafford he says.

But I'll take you up on that pint!

cornsilk Fri 22-Jan-10 12:38:37

Er what about my pint?(pouts)

thesecondcoming Fri 22-Jan-10 13:25:47

my dp holds his nose as we pass's about a mile away..maybe a mile and a half...
i didn't realise how many manc mums there were-do they ever all get together or indeed are there splinter groups that do?
FWIW i had tea with Vivcliquot last week and will be attending lulabelladramas wedding in may-but i knew them before they recognised me on here!oh,and i used to work with Suwoo...