can you do anything about nosey neighbours legally?

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FioFio Sun 03-Jun-07 20:00:40

Message deleted

talcy0 Sun 03-Jun-07 20:03:10

Did you let her know you saw her Fio?

Might put her off if you shout 'can i help you?'

edam Sun 03-Jun-07 20:04:22

Sounds like you need a thicker fence, tbh, so the nosey mare can't snoop.

talcy0 Sun 03-Jun-07 20:05:06

ps......your poor dog

Can you grow stuff up there to block her view?

FioFio Sun 03-Jun-07 20:08:17

Message deleted

Wotz Sun 03-Jun-07 20:10:52

oh FF so sorry about your dog. Nasty spying bint.

Can you sunbath topless? That put my neighbours off having a peek!

talcy0 Sun 03-Jun-07 20:11:43



quadrophenia Sun 03-Jun-07 20:12:44

some rough old bloke over the back did the same to us recently, we have a big tree that now provides complete cover but earlier in the yaer it was quite open. he leaned right in and had a good look, it made me so furious i wanted to punch him, then dp told me he's a known hardnut so glad i didn't.

FioFio Sun 03-Jun-07 20:13:29

Message deleted

Wotz Sun 03-Jun-07 20:14:18

maybe she thinks she is looking into her shed? How old is she?

talcy0 Sun 03-Jun-07 20:14:32

Maybe a confrontation is unavoidable in order to get her to understand
personally i hate confontation
but i spose if you approach her...and she's awful you could then go to environmental health dept??? for advice???

talcy0 Sun 03-Jun-07 20:15:04

@ wotz!!!

NikkiBFG Sun 03-Jun-07 20:16:35 need to shock her senseless for when she next looks!

Say in a loud voice oh I'm going to trim my lady garden and what a shock she will get when she looks through, thinking you are doing a spot of horticulture, only to find fanjo topiary going on!!!

Or....oooh...shake itchy powder on the fence!!!

What about a fun game of knock down ginger?

Next time she's spying through the fence, run out front and ring her doorbell.

Repeat as neccesary.

NikkiBFG Sun 03-Jun-07 20:22:13

Oooh Wandering trolley! Am pmsl at image of her shuffling backwards and fowards in carpet slippers answering the door and shuffling back out to be nosey.....


scatterbrain Sun 03-Jun-07 20:24:14

Water pistol !!! Get a super squirter and squirt her next time she peers at you - then when she shrieks you say "Oh Tarquin darling do be careful - the lady next door must be close to the fence !!" and to her "Oh I'm terribly sorry - I had no idea you were there !!"

Guaranteed to work !

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 08:34:07

Message deleted

eidsvold Mon 04-Jun-07 08:39:46

pmsl at the knock down ginger idea.

can you not grow some sort of creeping plant or a fab bouganvillea - vine like with stonking great thorns - might stop her trying to peek through.

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 08:43:23

Message deleted

harman Mon 04-Jun-07 08:56:25

Message withdrawn

gonnaneedabiggerboat Mon 04-Jun-07 08:59:38

Seriously just say hi is there something I can help you with? Why should you feel embarassed. If you;re nice about it she can;t have a go, then if she starts being a neighbour from hell you can do something about it, even private owners can get fined and lose their homes now (OK in serious cases!)

Mrbatters Mon 04-Jun-07 09:00:40

She's quite obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic, fiofio . I know you've posted about her before .

I'd yell out "can I help you?" every time you see her like talcy says - no confrontation, but letting her know that you are watching her watching you.

Hope your dog is okay too. Epsom salts is apparantly very good for washing pets' cuts with.

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:01:59

Message deleted

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:02:53

Message deleted

Mrbatters Mon 04-Jun-07 09:07:37

oh dear .

Maybe then a loud "hello" as opposed to "can I help you?"?

Do you think she has been nasty enough to kill your plants off?

Sounds to me as though she is annoyed at your kids playing. But realises that to say so would be unreasonable so is being passive aggressive with you?

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:11:26

Message deleted

bran Mon 04-Jun-07 09:23:12

You should walk right up to the fence, put your face right up to hers and say "Hello, Mrs X" in a weird voice, then tilt your head to one side as though considering exactly how big a hole you'll have to dig to bury her in.

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:25:32

Message deleted

suzywong Mon 04-Jun-07 09:33:00

pomegranite has big bastar thorns,but then that's not good around kids.... I know she has nothing better to do than monitor you, as she's quite obsesse with you isn't she?

What about getting your dh to be charming and go and see her an warn her that you are being distressed?

dunno really, well I do know, the old dog poo in flaming envelope put through the letter box trick. you've got a steady source of poo so you're half way there really

jalopy Mon 04-Jun-07 09:37:28

FioFio, grow Russian ivy on your side of the trellis. It's rampant, literally grows several inches a day, and will obliterate her climber and her view of you.

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:39:12

Message deleted

Freckle Mon 04-Jun-07 09:40:37

Can't you put a thicker fence there? I.e. one with no gaps/holes. Obviously no good planting anything as she'd just kill it off, but a wooden fence would help. If she moans, just say that you were aware how much the children bothered her, so you were just trying to ensure she has maximum privacy.

harman Mon 04-Jun-07 09:41:10

Message withdrawn

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:46:00

Message deleted

Carmenere Mon 04-Jun-07 09:49:23

Freckle is right on this one. Just put up a bigger solid fence.
Alternatively how about telling her very politely to fuck off, I'm sure no one she would tell would believe that of you.

Freckle Mon 04-Jun-07 09:53:18

Then unmount her trellis! Do it at the same time as putting up your own solid fence. What can she say??

Carmenere Mon 04-Jun-07 09:55:03

I agree, why should you be considering her trellis? rip it down and if her creeper dies well so be it.

NikkiBFG Mon 04-Jun-07 09:55:27

When we were looking at houses and I was worried about boundries etc, fences not being high enough etc, the estate agent said well, if neighbours don't want to sort fence out, you can always put a fence up of your choice on your side of the garden right next to their fence - it will be on your land and so they can't do anything about it iyswim?

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 09:55:53

Message deleted

harman Mon 04-Jun-07 10:04:01

Message withdrawn

Earlybird Mon 04-Jun-07 10:08:25

How could she have mounted the trellis on your side without trespassing?

She sounds nutty and dreadful, but I think any standing up to her could escalate matters, which would be even more unpleasant. I'd ignore as much as possible and just get on with your life regardless. And if you know she's looking through, walk straight up and say breezily 'oh hello Mrs X' and walk away. You're being pleasant, not challenging her, but letting her know you're aware of her nosiness.

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 10:08:26

Message deleted

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 10:09:53

Message deleted

FioFio Mon 04-Jun-07 10:10:29

Message deleted

liz5573 Tue 28-Aug-07 12:31:33

No way send her the bill I would.
I have the same problem. I moved into my house 3 years ago and my neighbour were alright at first but the more we got to know them the more they began to irritate me. (we just chatted on the front nothing more) She used to make comment on my husband not doing any gardening or the kids misbehaving. I like doing the garden, he didn't so if I was outside in the garden, he was doing the house work. In may this year things came to a head. We had our drive made bigger because next door was always complaining about the parking (they have to cross our land to get to their garage) It cost us £1000
the parking should have been easier but they then started having work done on their house transit vans were parked right infront of my living room window blocking my car on the drive. So I put a note through their door asking them not to park in front of my house I wasn't rude and I explained I couldn't get my car off the drive. The Mrs from next door came round wafting this piece of paper in my face telling me they had every right to park there, I told her it was our land and they only had access and not to park there. In the end I told her where to get off and shut the door.
The following week we had friends round for a drink and the Mrs from next door reported me to the police saying we had been up drinking til 2am and I was taking my kids to school. I left the house in the morning only to find the police waiting for me and I got breathlised. What a bitch! things are so bad now I have had to report next door for spying on us. I have put nets up to stop them looking in my house the kids don't want to play out because next door watches them from the window. This man is in his 50's and I don't care what anyone says but watching other peoples kids playing is not normal behaviour from a man his age also they have got no kids. I have planted conifers in my front garden now that grow really high hopfully to stop this knob looking in our house.

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