Slide and Swing doors on extension - any experiences with New Wave/Decenuninck/Panoramic?

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9GreenBottles Sun 16-Oct-16 13:01:30

On our extension, we are planning on having 3-4m of glazing on the south facing wall to overlook the garden. We have UPVC french doors on the same wall in the existing building and have a running battle to try to get them to close because the sun makes them warp.

We've looked at, and discounted bifold doors. However, we have come across the Magnaline product being used in Slide and Swing (or Slide and Stack) doors from New Wave Doors, Deceuninck, Panoramic doors, and other suppliers - although at this point, I'm not sure if it's the same product just licensed to different suppliers.

Does anybody have any experience of these Slide and Swing doors, and particularly on a south facing wall (did the UPVC ones warp)?

sacbina Mon 17-Oct-16 09:13:26

We have slide and pivot style, assume its the same kind of thing? 3m of Aluminium thin frames, south east facing, absolutely love the versatility of them. Think they were from sunseekers. Had them in 2 years now and no problems. Easily installed, great comms from company. We discounted bifolds because of the bulkiness when opened, didn't have enough room
Highly recommend that style of door

9GreenBottles Mon 17-Oct-16 12:01:47

Thanks Sacbina - another supplier to add to the list! I've had a look at their website and it looks like they are the same kind of idea. Great to know you've had no problems.

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