Where can I buy this ceiling bracket thingy?

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Thistledew Sun 14-Feb-16 10:56:26

Part of the problem is that I don't know exactly what it is called, and it seems to have different descriptions on different sites, so searching the web is proving frustrating.

Basically, it is a bracket for attaching the end of a rail to a sloping wall or ceiling.

Ideally, I would like one in brass.

I have found a picture of just about the exact thing on this site here, but have had no luck in finding a UK retailer. Any suggestions most welcome!

NobodyNose Sun 14-Feb-16 12:29:49

Is it to hang a hanging rail/wardrobe rail from. Try rail bracket or wardrobe bracket. Some here: www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk/products?parameter=fh_refpath=c4bd7ea2-2c86-421d-8184-a4bda8788721%26fh_refview=lister%26fh_reffacet=finish_2%26fh_location=%2f%2fcatalog01%2fen_GB%2fcategories%3C%7bcatalog01_cabinet_furniture_and_hardware%7d%2fcategories%3C%7bcatalog01_cabinet_furniture_and_hardware_hanging_rails_and_systems%7d%2ffinish_2%3E%7bbrass%7d%26fh_start_index=0

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