Has anyone insulated under their original floorboards?

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MinimalistMommi Thu 14-Feb-13 08:13:42

We've bought a victorian property with all the original suspended timber floorboards intact, we would like to rip up the carpet and strip and wax the floorboards.

I realise they will not feel particularly warm underfoot and will be breezy, has anyone insulated them underneath?

I've read that timber floors can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool insulation supported by netting between the joists.

Is this expensive to get done?

Is this the best thing to do?

Or should we have the floorboar taken up and then repositioned closer together so they are not so 'gappy', using reclaimed boards to make up an shortfall?

We've just had extra airbricks added front and back so I think the ventilation should be OK underneath the floorboards to prevent rotting.

I know in terms of warmth we would be better of with thick carpet and underlay but I basically want the pretty look of floorboards throughout the house with cosy rugs on top.

I'm aware floorboards will make the house 'noisier' too.

Any advice?

We insulated under our floorboards at our last house (coming up from the cellar) and it was ok, but still pretty drafty. We have recently moved and this time we had the gaps filled whilst they were being sanded back and there is no breeze or drafts at all. I'd say this is by far the best option.

norkmonster Thu 14-Feb-13 08:28:27

I'm in the process of sorting out one of our floors - I've gone for pine slivers from the Old Pine Company that you glue up and knock into the gaps between the floorboards. I haven't actually done it yet, but....

I did look into having the underfloor insulated, but as we don't have a cellar it would have involved taking up the whole floor and then netting out and laying insulation between the joists. The chances were that we would have to replace a substantial number of floorboards (our builder reckoned maybe up to 70%) that would be damaged when they were taken up. As a guide, I think we were quoted about £1,400 for one room. Gulp.

From experience, the important bits are the gaps between the boards and the gaps between the boards and the skirting. If you fill these in as best you can, the drafts should be reduced. No where near as much as if you had it insulated, but £1,400 pays a lot of the additional heating costs...

We did this and used that insulation stuff that comes in rolls in silver packaging (sorry don't know technical term). OH fide it himself but he was able to get under the floor. Its made a massive difference

MinimalistMommi Thu 14-Feb-13 14:38:56

Prince we are planning of doing the sanding/waxing ourselves, not feeling so confident on the filling myself, I wonder if there is someone I can get in to do that particular job or not? Any clues?

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